Video from: “Sadhguru Online | Yogasana – Not Just An Exercise”


take-what-you-need-editSadhguru Online | Yogasana – Not Just An Exercise.

Please click the link above to see the video from The Isha Foundation with Sadhguru explaining about Yogasana.  Thank you Sadhguru for sharing your Pearls of Wisdom and the whole Isha Foundation Family.  Namaskaram OM

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  1. Our biggest barriers are our bodies and our minds. Wow. One would have been conditioned to believe that barriers lie in others and are inherent in universal hostility and in the nature of man. Yet we so clearly refuse to learn the source of any problem. We often accept problems as the cause themselves and look for a solution when we should be looking at the root of the problem itself, which Sadhguru convincingly argues is our inability to explore the body and be in harmony with it. I am inspired every moment to take my yoga practice more seriously and more wholly. Thank you. Namaste

  2. In class we were slowly understanding the fact that yoga is not just exercise so much as it’s a method of achieving harmony. But this video explained all of it very well for me. I wish I could’ve seen the video earlier on in the semester to help me understand just why this experience is happening!

    What he was saying about why yoga works on the body rather than the mind, ‘because the mind is unpredictable,’ actually made a lot of sense to me. He’s right in the fact that the mind can be anywhere and focus on anything, meanwhile the body is more straightforward. It either hurts or it doesn’t hurt, in the end. The mind is much more complex, and it’s much harder to calm through practice.

  3. As i read these articles i realize more and more how much dimension there really is to the art of “yoga” or the category i thought everything fell under. It really is about more then just your body. I always thought it to be about strength and realization but in a very physical sense, just like any other exercise. However it is all about ones energy and finding a balance between mental and physical states. I does not have to do as much with strength physically but strength mentally and strengthening the energy inside of us. Very enlightening.
    Erica Noreika

  4. I found much of this article very in line with a humanistic point of view, the one thing that troubles me is the idea of selfcare (in all of its different fashions) but I feel as thought our yogi that we have been told that the true way to find peace is to let go of everything. So I was slightly confused.

  5. I find this rather interesting because it really opens our minds on how we pay attention and recognize how your posture can relate to your mood. My ability to concentrate has grown as well and when i notice I’m not concentrating as I should, I take notice of my breathing and it really helps. I have noticed also that I have been getting closer to touch my toes. It is really unbelievable how yoga works with the mind and body.

  6. after watching this video now i really should look into asana! lately ive been having some back pains, not severe but i feel like if i do the asana i would feel so much better. Im actually thinking of doing more research about this as soon as possible.Also i agree that the body and mind are different. Sometimes the mind controls its self but most of the time you can control your body. Its hard to let your mind be at ease, it wonders off a lot, the body stays still, the body relaxes because of you.

  7. I found this video to be very interesting, educational, and beneficial. I got into a car accident in high school and ever since then I have reoccurring lower back pain. I really feel like yogasana is something that could be extremely beneficial for me to help regain lower back strength.
    -Alyssa Mercadante

  8. Hearing the stories of how this has helped them in every aspect of their lives, makes me want to keep practicing every day. I believe making it a way of life, instead of a routine will help me reach even deeper.

    Lauren Burroughs

  9. I found this video rather inspiring in that it let us in on some personal accounts of peoples experiences with hatha yoga and that the benefits aren’t just limited to physical ones. Mainly the fact that many people found an improved focus, productivity, and energy within themselves after practicing hatha yoga. It was also helpful to hear Sadhguru explain that physical asanas are more practical to perfect and learn from than mental practices, as you can always adjust and visually learn from a physical position or pose. Meanwhile it can be a tad confusing or too intense at first to work solely with mental practices before fully understanding the benefits of asanas. And while all of the non physical benefits of hatha yoga are majorly important, it was also lovely to hear about the physical benefits and quick improvements that some of the personal accounts explained. I think it is equally as important to keep our physical bodies in the best condition we can as it helps keep our spirits up mentally and nourish our souls.

  10. There seem to be unlimited amounts of asanas that ones body can form. However, the 84 yoga asanas are formed because your body isn’t just “sitting as a hurdle in front of you but acting as a channel”. If one were to do these 84 asanas throughout the day, would they seem to be more at peace with their body and mind? This forces me to think about how people sit in every day life and how people carry their own bodies, how people sit, walk, their posture, and so on. These little movements that people don’t pay any attention to could be asanas that have a negative effect on peoples lives. Also, people carry themselves certain ways based on the emotions they have, so if they kept a common asana throughout their change of emotions, it could possibly shift the way they are feeling. I believe that people need to be aware of the way they carry themselves and allow themselves to take on better forms of asana to create a more positive body and mind. It is so important because as Sadhguru said, the physical way of carrying yourself is easier to work with than working with your mind.

  11. Looking at the mind as an obstacle is something that makes a lot of sense to me. Throughout practicing yoga this semester, my biggest problem has been keeping my mind on track, especially in relaxation. I find it much easier to get into a meditative state while in a pose that in a relaxation exercise, perhaps because of what Sadghuru is saying. We use the body to help channel our energy, instead of our minds which may deceive us, We also get immediate feedback with our asanas, as it is easy to see or feel if we are doing it wrong. Every yoga class both the yogasanas and the meditation get better and easier to accomplish. -Joseph Mineo

  12. It is definitely rue that your body will react certain ways to how you are feeling. I have been feeling very stressed lately and my body is even more tense then it usually is. Yoga helps relieve this tension and makes the energy flow again. I think it is interesting that many people don’t realize the benefits until they try yoga as a form of exercise. This is how I first began yoga when I was 17, I was trying it because it was a form of exercise. However, now that I am 21, yoga has become a bigger part of my life than just exercise, it aligns my body the way it should be and relieves me of stress and discomfort within my body. Asanas can be anything that the person practicing wants them to be, the asanas are what the practicing person feels helps them and makes them comfortable.

  13. Very interesting 85 Yogasana, for some reason I would think there would be more, but that could be because I may not understand the concept of Yogasana.I do understand and yoga should be opening into a new life/person.I do feel much different after doing yoga most likely I’m very calm and settle with my surroundings.

  14. Thinking of these postures as forms that my body is absolutely capable of is a powerful toolset for yoga encouragement. I often find that when I am straining if I relax and just visualize the form, I can get closer to the proper posture. I still have physical and mental barriers that make some postures extremely difficult, but thinking of these forms as an inherent possibility that only require peacefulness, and warmth. The way that I interact with my physical body is often altered by the tricks of my mind but this video helped me to remember that I can always affect change on my body.

  15. I really like how this video explores the physical benefits of hata yoga, since we’ve been reading a lot about the spiritual benefits. I had not known what asana exactly meant before, and was surprised to find out that it just meant “positions.” I think Sadhguru did a good job of explaining the physical benefits of yoga while also differentiating it from just a form of physical exercise. The idea of having the body as a concrete method of knowing that you are performing the practice correctly is very interesting, especially since I can definitely see how working to shape only the mind will end up futile and confusing. Once you start thinking about it, you can see how just changing the body can change your attitude and emotion, and I’m definitely going to start paying attention now to how my body positions change based on my mental state and see if I can change them to make me feel better.

  16. I found the Celestial Geometry/alignment aspects of this video to be fascinating. It really helps to shed light on the scientific properties of yoga – that the 84 postures (or rather, possibilities) act to align you, quite literally, with the heavens.

    Early in the video, Sadhguru says: “What has been a stepping stone has turned into an obstacle, simply because we have not explored it.” He then goes on to describe how posture and states of conscienceless are related. How the way your physical consciousnesses can be alerted simply based on how you sit!

  17. I never understood what exactly asana meant. This video not only clarified the meaning but also opened up new possibilities as to what an asana can be and how it could benefit the body. These asanas can help to overcome the barriers within the body and mind and turn the barriers into passages. This helps us to grow and better ourselves mentally and physically for overall health. Becoming more conscious of our posture is a physical factor that we can easily manipulate. However, changing our postures or asana consciously unlocks a higher consciousness within ourselves mentally as well. I am now going to try and become more conscious of my posture and breathing in daily life.

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