Instructions for Isha Kriya – Thanks to The Isha Foundation


meditation-flowerInstructions for Isha Kriya | Omlinkyoga.

“Your mind is not your own.  It is a complex amalgamation of all kinds of influences.  The more you are identified with it, the further away you are from your True Being…..”  Sadhguru

Please do click the link below the picture to see the chart of instructions to practice The Isha Kriya.  This practice combines pranayama, meditation, chanting and it is a cumulative practice that adds and builds benefits as one continues the practice.  Do check the archives to see the post with the video of Sadhguru explaining the benefits, as he gives true inspiration for one to embark upon the journey for Self-Realization.  Please feel free to share this with family, friends and especially foes!  Feel free to leave your comments here.  Here’s to the Best You!  Thank You Sadhguru and The Isha Volunteers!  Namaste OM


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  1. Aria Brownell — My Isha Kriya experience in class was a little confusing. I found it very hard to become what I was supposed to in meditation. Sitting up straight definitely hurt my back a little, so I need to work on my back strength so that I can sit for 12 minutes or longer to be able to successfully do my IK. I will try to work up to doing the IK 5 times a week, probably every day during the week and take the break on Saturday and Sunday. It’s very hard for me to let go of everything and try to leave my mind blank. I will continue to work on this, but I know it will take a very long time for me to be able to successfully practice IK. I also wonder how other people feel about this exercise and how long it took other students to be able to successfully do this, or if they still have not yet been able to do it even after weeks or months.

    • we all are different…use a chair if need be or a cushion…find your own way…if you need suggestions lets talk….remember I always tell you to give yourself permission to use the wall in class for support…it will get better as for everyone with continued regular practice…be patient…OM

  2. Isha Kriya is a hard concept to wrap one’s head around. It is the questioning of what has been developed in the mind as among life’s essential truths. The practice itself feels fairly simple, but can be hard when trying to understand the concepts presented. The “I am not the body, I am not even the mind” mantra drones on in one’s head, but to really try to understand it is another thing altogether. We may only be the perception of the world that our mind gives us, but then would it not seem we are nothing but the mind? This rejection of what feels to be the apparent truth is difficult, and I wonder going forward how much this feeling will change.
    I have done the practice three times this past week, not including the initial session in class-time.

  3. This technique had a really interesting effect on me afterwards. I didn’t really feel much as we were meditating, other than a general removal of a concept of time. Afterwards I felt kind of tired- not as in sleepy, but not as in exhausted. It’s hard to describe. It was a kind of relaxation that I haven’t exactly felt before. Almost a removal from myself.

  4. I have never done any form of meditation before. I am very involved in yoga practice but have never found a system of meditation that works for me. The system of Isha Kriya was a very deep meditation that I had not been exposed to before. I could feel the space between my body and my mind while doing the meditation with the class. I have done it once since after the class and have been trying to work it into my schedule to get up to 5x a week. This form of meditation is much deeper than I thought it would be. The seven “Ah” at the end of the first portion of the meditation definitely taps into a deep part of your body. I enjoy very much the OM at the end of a yoga session but this form of Ah was a new sensation for me. I felt a lot lighter in my body and in my mind after doing the Isha Kriya process. I was able to let go of most of my inner thoughts and bodily stresses when practicing this meditation. This was a surprise to me because letting go doesn’t come easily to me even during the practice of yoga. I have to practice many times a week before I can fully let go of a week of stress but I felt the stress ease instantly during the class in which we practiced Isha Kriya. I look forward to making the Isha Kriya meditation a daily routine.

  5. When I did the Isha Kriya for the first time in class, I felt a little uptight at some times. I was wondering if I was really doing it right, but having my eyes closed and not being able to see other people around me helped ease the process. After a couple minutes, I began to relax a bit more but I was understanding the separation of the mind and body. I didn’t seem to connect with the meditation as much as I thought I should have been. Since class, I have done Isha Kriya only once on my own. I practiced it in my room with the door closed so no one else was around me. Still not able to separate my mind and body, I was having trouble understanding the meditation still. However, being completely alone, not hearing people moving, or coughing helped to relax my mind a lot more. Hopefully with more practice of the Isha Kriya I will be able to understand and let myself feel the meditation in a spiritual way.

  6. As a person who has not tried anything like this before I found it very difficult to separate myself, or rather my thoughts, from my body and enter a truly meditative state. I have not tried this since the class so I can only comment on my experience of it then. When I was able to lose myself for the moment that I was I did feel very much at ease, and free of the worry that I am strangled by on a daily basis which I really appreciated.

    • Amaris, do keep your IK going at least 5 times weekly and part of your responsibility is to record and document in your weekly journals…don’t you deserve to be at your best….surely you can find 15minutes each day? OM

  7. The first time we practiced the Isha Kriya in class I found it hard to keep my mind from wandering at times. I know this will subside with increased practice. Despite my distractions, there was a new feeling of connectedness and harmony throughout me and the rest of the room. This feeling made me curious as to how practicing the Isha Kriya will help this feeling blossom within me and affect my every day life in a positive manner. I have regrettably only found time to practice Isha Kriya once since class as I struggle with a stressful and busy schedule. However, this schedule is precisely why I know I need to practice Isha Krya more and from now on I will make sure to make time to practice it and document the changes and affects it has on my life.

  8. My experience with Isha Kriya exercise during last class was very spiritual and relaxing to me. Saying “I am not in the body” and “I am not even in the mind” seven times does make difference by using your body and energy to just releasing out without thinking can be inspirational to yourself and what is surrounding you. Even breathing inhale and exhale by saying “A” could make you ignore the outter sounds and surroundings by just doing it for only certain amount of time. Unfortantely, I haven’t done the exercise by myself yet, but I know it out be helpful to me with my body and mind.

    • Thanks for your honest comments…do know you will not progress in your yoga unless you keep the thread weaving throughout with at least five times….it will show externally but more importantly you will miss the full process. OM

  9. At first, my Isha Kriya was an awkward experience in class. I felt as if I was not able to really accomplish separating myself from my body but this changed when I tried this at home. This week has been hectic but I was able to do it three times, and it has been a very good experience. Whenever I did the Isha Kriya, my mind did not feel as hectic as it usually does and I was able to approach certain situations with a better and a calmer understanding. I also feel more relaxed as I go about my day. Although Isha Kriya is about separating your mind and your body, which I felt I accomplished and will continue to accomplish; at the same time I felt as my body and my mind became one. Before my body and mind would seem to clash, but by separating them I am able to learn about the two and I am able to merge them. I am excited to see myself grow throughout this experience.

    I rather enjoyed the Isha Kriya experience. In class when I first did it, I immediately noticed the energy flowing especially around my third eye center. I think that slightly tilting the head moves the energy in that direction, and helps to activate/cleanse that chakra. I have been practicing meditation daily for over a year now so the Isha Kriya was similar to other meditations i’ve tried and gave a similar experience. I incorporated the kriya into my daily practice numerous times over the week. When I meditated I noticed how things started to slow down and I became more in tune with my breath and body. I became more aware of my inner energy system and could feel my heart more. I became more aware of the thoughts coming in and out of my mind while chanting the mantra in my head. At times I began to feel my body rotate, like energy was lifting up into my crown. I look forward to continuing this kriya practice.

  11. In class i had a difficult time at first focusing on the Isha Kriya. I had a lot on my mind and it being my first time doing any type of meditation it was not easy for me to just let go of my thoughts. The very last 5 minutes roughly i started to become more focused on the meditation and was able to let go of my thoughts. It was interesting and very calming. I have a very busy school and work schedule so i really enjoyed just being able to sit and let myself not have to focus on anything but who i was in that very moment. The idea of the meditation was difficult for me to grasp at first because as a science major the idea of separating myself from my thoughts and from my identity seemed kind of odd and not what i am used to. I have since tried doing the Isha Kriya twice by myself at home. The first time i did it i did not speak out loud but in my head. I was not focused and really did not let myself get into the moment. I also did it at night, so i was very tired and focused more on all the stuff i still had to do rather then on the meditation. The second time i did it i spoke the words out loud and it seemed to drown out my thoughts in a way. It was much more successful and i was able to separate myself from my thoughts i found it to be very therapeutic. I did it in the morning this time and it made me feel a lot more relaxed for my entire day. I was still a little rushed but i did not have the same stress that i often have or the burden off al my thoughts. It was a very refreshing experience.
    Erica Noreika

    • Thanks for a thorough journal entry that is fresh and honest. Remember your assignment is at least five times and you decide which time gives you the most benefits. I promise it gets better! OM

  12. My Isha Kriya experience was one that I’ll remember for a while when the word mediation comes up because it made me relaxed and not worried about what was going on around me. I felt a certain unification about the process because it felt as if everyone’s tempo and vibe was the same. When closing my eyes, constantly breathing correctly and telling myself that I am not the mind, I am not the body, I became in tuned with my normal state of mind which is at peace, calm and clear.

  13. The experience we had in class was much more fulfilling than the experience I had trying to practice alone at home. I feel that while we were in class I could truly zone out, and let go of the mind and body during meditation. This past week had been a terrible one for myself, and trying to meditate alone wasn’t giving me the drive that I needed. I meditated a total of 3 times during the week, but there were way too many distractions. The first time was completely unsuccessful as I was having an off day and it just kept getting worse. The second and third times meditating were successful in clearing my mental state, but I honestly prefer the group experience.

    • Thanks for your honest reflections….as we mature we then take responsibility for ourselves and so our personal development is linked to the time we put in… the single and lone practice is what gets us moving past our limitations. Please do continue remembering at least five times weekly is required…when we start it’s always a challenge to change what has been in place for years….but in a short time you will see big benefits. OM

  14. My first experience with Isha Kriya during class was extremely relaxing. I found it slightly difficult to sit in that position for an extended period of time because of medical reasons, but I have been doing the Isha Kriya every day since last class and I am slowly starting to get more comfortable with the position. This semester has been very hectic for me so I feel that doing this every day really helps me to unwind and to take a minute to just relax from everything that I have done that day.
    Alyssa Mercadante

  15. I have done the Isha Kriya twice since the last class, and I have found that with each time I have been able to focus more clearly on what is meant to be accomplished by the meditation. The first experience in class I found myself very fidgety and paying a lot of attention to my body and my comfort while sitting in the position for so long. As I do it more, I find that I can separate myself from my body more and start to not worry about how the sitting position affects me.

    -Amelia McNally

  16. Karissa Francis
    My Isha Kriya experience has been a positive one. This exercise makes you breathe deeply and slow down for a moment, which is something I often neglect during my busy week. By devoting just a small part of my day to doing this practice, I find that I am able to be more calm in situations I may have reacted too quickly to. I have practiced this meditation for a few days now and I find that I am less anxious or excitable.

  17. I had never thought about not identifying with my mind before experiencing Isha Kriya in class last week. Not identifying with the body was a more familiar concept to me. I’ve practiced Isha Kriya 3 times since our class last week to try to become more comfortable with identifying with my self rather than my mind. In class it felt like our session went by so quickly! I thought for sure it had only been ten minutes, not an hour! I think that is a step towards letting go of my mind and physical body to identify with my being. From practicing the Isha Kriya I feel like I am able to think more clearly and make more efficient use of my time. It definitely helps me focus on what’s important and not spend my time and energy on things that aren’t priorities in my life.
    –Miranda Hughes

  18. I thought that the Isha Kriya we practiced in class last week was extraordinarily calming and vibrating. It was quite lovely to have experienced it in a large group with everyones voices and energy involved. I have practiced it four times since and again found it to be very pleasant and calming. I definitely think that it’s benefits will continue to grow and become apparent if I keep up with practicing it every week. I’ve felt a small amount calmer over the last week and think practicing the Isha Kriya will only become more helpful and beneficial.

  19. Practicing Isha Krya last week has truly allowed for me to become aware of some of the synchronicity within me, which I may have been unconscious of. It has also allowed for me to let small things that normally would have a long term effect on me, go, which are of the past and may have prolonged suffering within me. Just being one with myself, having serenity, and identifying with the concept of detaching my mind from myself and my mind from myself, truly puts me at ease in understanding that all isn’t finite. Humbling and disciplined, Isha Kriya has introduced me to a way of being that truly lets me detach myself from the past, maybe mistakes or things that I can no longer change, and understand that these phenomenons have no connection other than what I allow. The physical plane and the intellectual plane are connected by the validity I provide from the self.

  20. So far my Isha Kriya experience has been great! Both in class and outside class. This is the first time that I’ve tried something like this and I’m loving every second of it. I find it very mind opening and very relaxing.

    • Wonderful that you are so open and receptive to the Isha Kriya! If you are in class I need to see you for your registration, etc….do print out your journals and bring to class for clarification, thanks

  21. My experience with practicing the Isha Kriya has been positive and well. I had the goal of practicing it at least once a day. At first it was a struggle because with the stresses of everyday, you tend to forget to take care of yourself. I would usually remember right before I went to bed which was actually perfect for preparing to sleep. Overall the experience has helped me to relax and gave me a chance to find myself for at least a few minutes per day.

  22. September 23th, 2016
    I practiced the Isha Kriya 4 times. Twice in the morning and twice at night. It takes about 10-15 minutes when I accomplish the Isha Kriya. I do not use the video anymore, at first I did but I prefer my own pace of breathing.
    When I practiced the Isha Kriya,I noticed my headache in the morning goes away.
    I start off my day great and energized. In the contrary, at night the Isha Kriya helps keeping my mind at ease. It becomes a different experience at night.

    September 30th, 2016
    I practiced the Isha Kriya 5 times. Three in the morning . Two at night. Once again it takes about 10-15 minutes.
    This experience in the morning felt different. I was able to feel comfortable and I noticed I was not moving a lot. I felt my shoulders weigh drafting-less tension.
    In the night, after doing the Isha Kriya I would stay in my favorite pose, which is the fishtail. It becomes a happy ending for me, My day ends well.

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