Instructions for Isha Kriya – Thanks to The Isha Foundation


meditation-flowerInstructions for Isha Kriya | Omlinkyoga.

“Your mind is not your own.  It is a complex amalgamation of all kinds of influences.  The more you are identified with it, the further away you are from your True Being…..”  Sadhguru

Please do click the link below the picture to see the chart of instructions to practice The Isha Kriya.  This practice combines pranayama, meditation, chanting and it is a cumulative practice that adds and builds benefits as one continues the practice.  Do check the archives to see the post with the video of Sadhguru explaining the benefits, as he gives true inspiration for one to embark upon the journey for Self-Realization.  Please feel free to share this with family, friends and especially foes!  Feel free to leave your comments here.  Here’s to the Best You!  Thank You Sadhguru and The Isha Volunteers!  Namaste OM


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  1. After practicing the Isha Kriya in my room at home and reciting the mantra, I definitely feel that it helps my creative longevity and puts my mind at ease. The first time we peformed the Kriya in class, it left my body feeling tingly and all around relaxed. Practicing the IK has seemingly improved my posture, specifically with my back. I also initially experienced difficulty letting go of thoughts and giving into to the mantra fully. However, it seems that with the more practice I get the less difficulty I have focusing on the Kriya. Looking forward to developing my skills further.

  2. I found that adding the IK practice to my day was a much needed pause for stillness and reflection. The structure of following along with the video made it easier to fully engage with breathing and meditation. The only issue I had trying to practice the IK is that when chanting the mantra I find myself meeting a lot of inner resistance to the words. The idea that I am neither my body nor my mind, which I believe are one, is antithetical to my perception of reality and provokes a lot of internal conflict. I wonder if it is possible to achieve the transcendental state of mind IK encourages without entirely redefining my world view?

    • Let’s see if you can find a way to embrace the notion of being greater than and more than merely the physicality of your body and mind. We seek in yoga union with All of Nature in all dimensions and we still are just a small speck of this vast nature. I hoping that you will feel apart of the cosmos beyond just your world view during this semester. Shambo OM Namo Shivaya, Happy MahaShivratri to you and yours.

  3. Giving some of my time to do this practice has really taught me how to relax my mind and just focus on my breathing and really try to be one. I still have to get used to it but after practicing more I should be able to do the practice with no problem. I noticed that I have to deepen my breathing inhalations to make the most of the practice instead of taking slight short inhalations and then longer exhalations. When I do IK I have to also use a wall to keep my posture because that is what I lack. I really enjoy this practice and I am looking forward to getting better at it.

  4. I have done the isha kriya almost regularly now. The trouble I have at the start is just with concentration and trying to have not my mind wander to things I easily get distracted with. Although when I finally get in the right place I instantly feel a wave of relief. I only follow the instructions rather than the video because I’ve noticed with the video it blocks my mind in a way to not stay focused and feel like I am not really into it. I even got my boyfriend to try and do it with me and he was into it and said he’ll definitely try again. I love the energy I feel when I finish and my mood changes to happiness in simply going for a walk after and getting coffee. I feel so motivated to do anything once I finished than I had before doing the Isha Kriya. It has helped with my anxiety as well and I’ve noticed a difference ever since I started and now after reading the 8-limbs chart earlier that will help me even more in the future.

  5. I personally felt this time around when doing the Isha Kriya and following the steps/instructions that were given, the experience had a greater impact on me. As I was going through the Isha Kriya for the second time, my posture and comfortability was much more at ease, while last time I felt loose but still carrying around a sense of stress or tension. Once again, I’m going to continue practicing it in-order to get my mind and body into a tranquil/peaceful state.

  6. Doing the practices of IK was a really different and relaxing experience for me. As someone who deals with anxiety, it helped to have that moment of calm and quiet where I could be outside of my mind and body. Despite this, I continue to struggle with keeping my mind from wandering and just focusing in the moment while meditating with IK. I hope that I can improve through more practices. I also struggled with finding time to fit in at least five practices of IK but I managed to complete three. In the future, I am going to try to plan out more chunks of time so that I can properly experience the benefits of IK. I also suggested the IK to my mom, who works very hard and has a lot of stress, and I sent her the chart for her to start her own practice so I am hoping it can begin to benefit her too.

  7. Implementing the IK into my week has made a noticeable difference with my mood. Having done this only twice week one vs having done this throughout the second week has made the difference between a good day and a good week. The complete relaxation I feel during the IK carries on with me hours after my practice. physically however, I have been experiencing lower back pain at times during the practice and have begun using a mat. Overall I see improvement in both my body and mind with this practice.

  8. The addition of the Isha Kriya into my schedule has been very beneficial. I practice a little before I go to bed. It helps me wind down and to get in touch with my thoughts. I feel like it has also helped with my posture and with slowing down my thoughts therefore making me feel more self aware. The first few times practicing I had a hard time concentrating and not worrying about all the thoughts in my head but I find it very helpful to practice right before bed. After getting up from practicing I stretch and I feel so much more refreshed and relaxed.

  9. The first time that we practiced Isha Kriya (IK) in class, I did not have a hard time getting into the process. I am a person who lives a very fast paced life with all of the responsibilities I hold, so I found it refreshing to be able to get my thoughts to slow down and get quiet. Therefore, when I went into practicing IK at home this week, I expected to be able to relax as I had previously done. However, the first morning that I sat down to practice I was again met with the difficulty of escaping my thoughts. I noticed everything around me – from the light outside to the sound of life around my room. I completed the process, but I was still partially dissatisfied with the level I had reached. I decided it had to do with the environment, so I closed my blinds and wore headphones to listen along to the video the next time I practiced IK. This choice helped drown out the noise and focus on the process significantly. Yet, I was still distracted by the light, which prevented me from slowing my thoughts and fully relaxing. For my next round of IK, I believed that it could help if I were to practice once the sun had set. This time I finally began to relax further into the practice, even though my thoughts did not one hundred percent stop. I have found this approach has been the best way for me to practice IK, especially after I once again applied this tactic for the fourth time this week. I am hoping to find other ways to completely isolate myself so that my thoughts do not interrupt my practice of IK. If there are any suggestions on how to improve this part of the process, I would love to have them offered up. I am actually really enjoying IK in that it gives me the opportunity to take a break from my busy day and slow my mind. I am just hoping to find ways to deepen my practice and allow the relaxation to overtake me even further. I am also curious to find out if practicing IK before I go to sleep will help with my occasional insomnia. I plan to test this theory in the coming weeks and am looking forward to sharing my results.

    • Yes IK will definitely ease you insomnia! Everyone starts the sadhana wherein they notice a flurry of busy thoughts rushing in, this is a large part of your reality. With continued practice we gain mastery over stilling emotions and thoughts. Please continue and be patient the benefits will soon be present and grow, OM

  10. I’ve noticed that when the IK practice is included in my daily routine my stress level is lower. I feel that this pose is very helpful when you are having a tough day in school and you need to ease your mind. I just wonder how come it take a long time, (at least for me) to be able to at least clear my mind. Is it bad my mind wanders a little bit before calming down with the rest of my body? But, other than my mind taking a minute to calm down the IK pose is very helpful for my mind. Thank you.

    • Twelve minutes is not that long to be able to settle your thoughts and emotions. Consider the full 24 hours in a day cycle and all that keeps you busy and away from your peace. I think it’s quite revolutionary how the IK practice brings calm and balance especially for beginners who have racing thoughts. Namaste

  11. My first IK experience in the class was quite relaxing because I’ve never did something like that before. I’ve enjoyed doing it in my dorm room while listening to Sadhguru’s video, but my concentration hasn’t been on my mind but the tension in my body. I’ve practice IK, 4 times this week and the first two times my body was so stressed with all this tension because I wasn’t sitting up straight. The last two times, I had my back against the wall which helped me enjoy the practice more and create inner energy to my body. I hope to relax more and lose myself in thought and I only see benefits in the future.
    Melenie Warner

  12. each time I would “complete the IK, I found myself wanting more. It was nice to be able to stop my self from moving to fast. I often found myself drifting back home, I would sort of imagining my self in the living room of the house I grew up in. I would be very calm and love that I could just focus on being there at that moment. Feeling such a sense of safety and serenity is nice when it seems like the world around you is constantly asking so much. Being able to drift in the mind and not run in some crazy direction is a blissful feeling.

  13. After practicing the Isha Kriya throughout the week, I find that it helps me clear my mind and find focus. At first, I started to wander off to other thoughts as I was following the mantra, but after doing the Isha Kriya over time, my mind feels clearer. I prefer to follow the video over reciting the mantra myself, because I felt that I might lose count and that would disrupt the flow for me. I found it easy to get into a state of relaxation, but when the mantra comes to an end, I feel like I snap back to being alert and I have a light headache for a few minutes after.

  14. This past week, practicing the Isha Kriya has been somewhat difficult, as it seems to be aggravating my joint pain. Maybe this could be due to the still nature of the practice. Aside from this I have found that practicing in the morning has increased my energy through through the day and has helped me maintain focus in a way that I normally struggle to maintain. I did not expect this. I’ve practiced meditation previously but its never affected me in this way. being only two weeks in, and already seeing benefits has made me eager to see where both this class and practice takes me.

  15. In the beginning of my Isha Kryia practice, I was experiencing intense moments of anxiety when I found myself going into a trance like state. This was not a new sensation for me, as I had quit meditating in high school after I started having similar experiences. It has surprised me, however, that after just two weeks of practicing on my own that these anxieties diminished greatly. I also have had a lot of positive things going on recently in life, so I don’t know if these feelings will return if things take a turn or something.
    I am really grateful for this practice because I truly feel at peace and in the presence of God in my own way during my meditation. I have always been naturally spiritually inclined, but was raised hardcore Catholic which was just not for me. As I got older, and became more aware of the horrors of Catholicism like the Magdelene Laundries, etc I became less inclined to pray, meditate or practice anything spiritual. This was painful for me because faith was such an important part of my younger life, and my Oma who I respect and love deeply, had always remained faithful even during so many hardships like growing up in Nazi Germany and immigrating to America by herself at twelve years old. I always felt confused, and like something was missing. After starting this practice I do not feel this way anymore.
    I’ve accepted now that I can be in the presence of God in my own way. I believe God is divine spiritual energy all around us, essentially what drives us to love one another and our passions. It sometimes is hard to keep this positive belief when there are so many troubling and awful things occuring, but all of these problems are society related, they do not speak for the goodness of people..and in a way I think all these horrors are the absence of God/that loving spiritual presence. I now look forward to the times I practice my Isha Kryia, and look forward to growing even more. The once anxieties have now shifted to a pulsating sensation all over my body, which I imagine is sort of like my energy collecting and recharging.
    – Anneliese Treitmeier-McCarthy

  16. The Isha Kriya has elevated me to a point in which I must ponder why exactly I stress about doing anything , as I do about most things. By placing myself in the meditative mental setting that the Isha Kriya’s practice provokes, I am able to cast aside my straining, reminding myself that my body, my vessel is only a menial presence of my consciousness, and to this fact I have become aware only through my practice of the Isha Kriya. Not only am I literally reminding myself that I am not the body nor the mind, but I am considering the role these entities play in my day-to-day life, my approach to my obligations and interactions with other people; knowing well that they exist in the same manner as I, full of thoughts, emotions both positive and negative, straining quietly just as I.

    Though I used to look at Yoga through the lens of one who exerts their body for superficial gain, the Isha Kriya has changed not only how I look at Yoga, but how I perceive the actions undertaken by my own vessel and the resonance those actions may have within my own consciousness,and by extension, how my consciousness exists in a collective such as the human race wholly.

  17. As it comes with the first time i did it it was done incorrectly. I took it as a breathing meditation. I only focused on the words as the were being said by sadhguru in the video. However, now that I have done it four times I have felt more at peace. infact it is almost like bliss. The first time i did it correctly I immediatly did homework for this course. I was focused and refreshed. The first time i did it four times a week it was a revelation. At first I was skeptical as to whether or not four times would make a diffrence but boy did it. I was relaxed the entire day

  18. I have done meditation in the past, but mostly with music or in silence. I do like the mantra added to it because it lessens the distraction around me. This is a very helpful practice for me because I tend to let my mind take over through the day which causes some anxious tendencies. This gives me a few moments in the day to rid myself of those thoughts and keeps me more focused throughout the day on the things that I need to get done. It definitely helps productivity when you have a clear mind through the day.

  19. The first few times I performed the Isha Kriya, I found a quiet place in the apartment late at night and turned everything off. Because there were no sounds in the house, no cars driving by, I didn’t have speak the mantra very loud at all in order to have a proper effect. I prefer speaking the mantra compared to singing it in class like we do. Initial benefits were reduction in stress, as I was under an extreme amount of stress at this point, but I hadn’t started performing the IK with my legs up on the wall yet in order to bring me energy; this helped a lot in subsequent weeks.

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