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Do you know how to receive the Grace of Guru Pournima?



OM window at Omlink Yoga Studio, West Harrison, New York, USA

OM window at Omlink Yoga Studio, West Harrison, New York, USA

The Significance of Guru Purnima | Isha Celebrations.

Saturday, July 12th is Guru Pournima/Purnima, do you know the Significance? If you are benefitting and practicing Yoga/Meditation, this is one of the most important times to be aware of and do some special Pranams.  I usually go to Ganesha Temple and Sai Baba Temple in Queens with my Temple Buddy Nandini, and we will do so this year, (my favorite Isha Satsang Hosts are in India for this Special time and for the Inauguration of the AdiYogi Complex, ).  If you like to know more please do click the link below the image of OM.  This link offers an eleven minute video with Sadhguru, as well as some informative texts, and ways to sign up for the live webcast.

Once again thanks to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation Volunteers for they are hosting a huge Program, In India,  which is going to be a live webcast.  I do hope one day soon a huge transition occurs here in the USA when people who practice so-called “yoga” will turn up their sadhana a notch and seek to grow inwardly with humble acts leading to Gratitude and Grace.  I wish that each one of us may seek true Blessings from conscious actions we choose to practice.  Please share….OM