▶ Sadhguru and Danny Hillis talk about the basis of suffering. – A Practical application for “I am not this body, I am not this mind…(basis of the Isha Kriya)


378367_142581702548410_1515403467_n▶ Sadhguru and Danny Hillis talk about the basis of suffering. – YouTube.

Please do click the link to view the video discussion that gives us a real understanding of why practicing The Isha Kriya is so valuable to us….to begin the end of suffering….to differentiate ourselves from limitations set by our own selves, family, society, religion….to be free to grow in all directions positively and progressively with clarity and peace.  If you are not familiar with The Isha Kriya please do find links on the index on this blog or do see the links on the bottom of my website http://www.omlinkyoga.net

Thanks to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for providing us with so many amazing formats to support us in understanding why our daily practices are so valuable….please do share and thanks for taking the time to read Omlinkblog……Namaste


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  1. Karissa Francis
    This video gave me a better understanding of what Sadhguru is saying when he says to separate the body and mind from you. The idea that we identify with things outside of ourselves as a means of self preservation is an interesting one that I had never considered.

  2. At the end of the video Sadhguru says “once there is a little distance or space, this is the end of suffering.” I agree with his statement that “you will only walk full stride when the fear of suffering is entirely removed from you.” When you finally learn to not fear, you will be able to achieve any goal.
    Alyssa Mercadante

  3. I feel that the more you practice the Isha Kriya it becomes more valuable. I remember after doing it the first time I didn’t feel like I got a lot out of it. After practicing it at home (about once a day for 15 minutes each time) I felt more at peace. I also feel that your surroundings make a difference while doing this. It helps to be in an environment that you know you won’t be distracted by anything around you so like that the experience is more effective. -Louis Spadaro

  4. After watching the video, I feel like I understand the concept of Isha Kriya a lot more than I did before. Repeating the mantra, helps you to let go of physical traits and identities, and connect directly with your spiritual being. The ideas of body and mind are incredibly limiting to your existence; logic being the bigger problem of the two. We as a people always feel the need to label everything and labels can create so much negative energy. When you can let go of those and find your mid ground, it makes sense as to why regularly practicing the Isha Kriya can be so helpful in discovering your inner peace.

  5. This video reminded me of A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. In the book, the author discusses separating one’s self from identifying with the mind, body or ego. This is similar to the Isha Kriya because it is focused on the idea of not being/identifying with the mind or the body. We often identify ourselves by our interests, our appearances, our environment-everything that is within and without us is not ourselves. But if we are not the mind or the body, what are we? How do we separate from identifying with these things that cause suffering?

  6. Sadhguru’s idea about separating the mind and the body is a very interesting one because many people find it difficult to accomplish this. As shown in the video, Danny Hillis also found it hard to grasp the concept of separating the mind and body and being neither of them. Sadhguru makes it easy to understand the process of how to accomplish this, in order to be neither the body or mind you don’t have to change anything in your lifestyle or yourself at all. You just have to sit down and feel the mind and body separating.
    Thalia Perez

  7. Personally this is still a bit confusing to me. I do feel as if in this world we tend to isolate ourselves and categorize ourselves among one another. We become so occupied on what others have materially or physically and in a constant competition. I may be wrong, but I feel as though there is a purpose to us having life but I’m not quite sure what it is. What I do know is that we feed off our energies as well as the universes energy. We spend so much time preserving the body and focusing on things we shouldn’t be. We should be focusing on our inner beings and finding our purpose, which to me is being blocked by societies, distractions on what life should be. We are not objects among other objects just simply co-existing; there is another purpose that I want to find out. I’ve tried the meditation but it seems I can’t get my mind or body to let go and be free. I am the type of person who needs to be in control and I hope that I will find an outer body experience.

  8. I think it’s interesting to think about the mind being able to wrap itself around an outside idea. I can’t help but think of brain plasticity. It’s amazing to experience what your mind is capable of convincing the rest of your body. The brain is a muscle and can be trained and conditioned to think in a different way. By identifying with a larger idea that exists outside the physical body, we are able to change our internal value system to better our understanding of that larger idea. Sadhguru talks about how people are only taking “half-steps” because they are afraid of what could happen to them. This is an opportunity to abandon fear and displace it from your mind’s eye. By choosing to not identify with fear, the mind’s attention is held by something else and is free to work towards a different solution to problems.
    –Miranda Hughes

  9. I learned a valuable concept that is very important for me to understand and is something I’ve struggled with in my lifetime. That is “sweating the small stuff” or getting upset over small things that eventually have no great impact in my life other than what significance I’d allow to give it. To separate the body and intellect allows a vantage point which reveals that body suffering is only temporary and mind suffering, too, is only temporary. “Identity” and “labels” can allow our minds to become fixed on something, letting go of the idea of an inevitable change and could pose as suffering. Sadhguru’s last point of, “always the question is, what will happen to me?” reveals how the minds way of connecting itself with the body can cause agony, stress, suffering and once that is let go, anyone can march into a new experience and objectively appreciate it.

  10. The Isha Kriya perpetuates the idea that you are separate from both the mind and the body, and the mind and the body are the only things capable of suffering. The reason that we suffer, therefore, is because we do not separate ourselves from the mind and the body, and fear the suffering that can be afflicted upon them. Once we can separate ourselves from the entities of the mind and the body, then we cannot suffer with them, and therefore never have to fear suffering. I think that Sadhguru presents this idea very well in this interview, and clearly states how we can benefit from Isha Kriya so that even someone unfamiliar with the idea of the self being separate from the body and the mind could understand.

    -Amelia McNally

  11. Sadhguru speaks about the restrictions of identifying oneself. When a person identifies with something physical, or intellectual they are setting up a series of rules and regulations. These rules can stop a person from fully experiencing life. Separating the body and the mind from the self can help cope with situations that would normally cause a person to suffer.

    • Please do write about your Isha Kriya experiences each week the amount of times you practice and your awarenesses…starting from your next entries…this is part of your responsibility and you are graded on your progress…OM

  12. This video discusses how one has to unidentify with their body and mind so that they may live without limitation. Sadhguru goes on to say that the isha Kria is a physical practice to unidentify with physical and mental limitations and helps to end the suffering of the limitations of identity. It will help people grow and live positively.

  13. I found it very interesting that the best way to dodge pain (physical/mental) is to literally separate yourself from them. Many of Sadhguru’s teachings are so practical and yet I cannot say I’ve thought of them before. I am without a doubt going to try to stay in touch with his teachings in the future.

  14. I can honestly I am struggling with just relaxing and letting go. I get so side tracked with things around pay and me way too much attention to my body. If I try to relax ill just feel an itch somewhere or randomly think of something. I’m assuming it’s the type of person that I am and always have to be in control of what’s going on with me. I have done it at least twice a day except on the weekend when I went home because I was with my family and got distracted. Even though I attempt to do it and may not be doing it to my fullest potential I still feel better about every situation in my day. I am a bit calmer and less aware of my stress.

    • Thanks for your fresh and honest comments. Do know all beginners find some struggle as it takes some effort to put a new method into place. As you continue it will become easier and you will have more benefits… Be patient and continue regularly….OM

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