Special Limited Time Offer on Inner Engineering Online


Special Limited Time Offer on Inner Engineering Online meditation-flower

This is a great Offer for the Online Inner Engineering Program, along with a great package: Award Winning Book and a discount coupon for a friend or family member to take the course! Just click the link to review the offer. It’s like an early Christmas from The Isha Foundation! Best Wishes…OM

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  1. I found several challenges with doing the Isha Kriya. Being a full time student and working a full work week makes it extremely challenging to find the time to sit down and do the Isha Kriya. It’s also difficult to focus your energy into something as peaceful as this when I work in a faced paced environment and am constantly dealing with engines running at loud volumes. However, I did find with more practice I was able to let all these factors fade away and really jump right into the Isha Kriya.
    I practice my Isha Kriya in different places. If only my son is home I will practice in the living room because he doesn’t make noise and lets me focus on my breathing. If the house is filled with people I will do it in my shop where I can shut myself away from the world. To keep track of the time I have my son set a timer and come let me know when it goes off as I don’t particularly like hearing the timer on my phone go off.

    Boris Yanez Monday Class

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