Here’s a Darshan by Ashwin Mohan about one of the secrets of Nath Yoga


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There are several types of Classical Yoga and Nath Yoga is one that still keeps to the traditional ways.  Thanks to the Graces of Ashwin Mohan who shares with us a Prescription for Inner Strength and Vital Living via activating Naga Vayu.  Naga Yama is a powerful visualization in which we begin to plant the seeds for our future growth, well being and successes.  These seeds are our thoughts which become our activities and actions that play out our Vision.  We come to understand that these seeds are our valuable energy source for expansion and fuels our goals and Vision, moving forward in our real life timeline.  By re-visiting our Vision often as Affirmation we continue to project ourselves positively within our Vision in space in time as a protective shield for inner and outer benefits.  I love when he shares that just by sitting back and accepting the status quo and being numb is for rats!  We can choose to just maintain or grow!  Checking in with our Vision and supporting it with Affirmations helps us to know where we are which determines where we can go. Thanks to Ashwin Mohan in Bangalore, India for sharing these secrets with us, he has given permission for All to share….so please spread this post with all who you care about, especially children and young adults….and most importantly do give him a “thumbs UP” on the Youtube link….of course he would love to hear your comments too!  Adesa Adesa…..Namaskaram OM!


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  1. I thought his introduction to the topic was a great way to make the topic approachable. A topic discussed here is the concept of staying true to one’s self. As I listened I found the lecture to be thought provoking as I have recently struggled with wanting to give up on something that I have loved all my life. Nagayama encourages one to let their thoughts dwell on who they really are and where they are headed in the future.

    I came to Purchase as a music major and all through freshman year loved every minute of it. This year however, I have noticed a significant change in my excitement for music. I often find myself complaining about not liking the music or not wanting to attend rehearsals. When I sit and allow myself to reflect deeply I try to pinpoint the onset of such a negative attitude. I remember when there was a time that I was often told by people that they loved how excited I was about music. ‘So how/when/why did this person who is just the opposite surface?’ I would think myself. Is it the uncertain future when it comes to job prospects? Is it a consequence of the significantly heavier course load I am taking this year? Is is depression? I still haven’t found a cause. I do know however that deep down the person I was and would like to be again is still there. I would like to incorporate Nagayama into my own practice because finding the self that I lost and staying true to that self is something I so desperately need.

  2. Nagayama is a way of life that adds meaning and concentration to ones own life timeline. The manifestation of goals and aspirations can start small, week by week, or large, years by years. This practice is the fuel to progress and achieve. Increasing energy to move forward and gain strength to become a better person. Additionally, this practice gets rid of emptiness, the struggle of the feeling of worthlessness and no self-confidence.

    I use this in my daily life without being aware of this. For example, I set long term goals but most of my concentration is directed on week by week goals, maybe even goals set for the day. This gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives me energy and hope to continue making my life positive and successful. Thank you for the lovely video and enlightening me on this practice.

  3. I love this video and topic. I love the simplicity of the words and the idea ‘shit happens move on’. It sounds silly, but it really is that simple. It’s an idea we hear everywhere like in movies with slogans like ‘keep moving forwards’, ‘just keep swimming’, and ‘never give up’. This concept really helped me succeed in high school. Sure I was stressed about a test, but once I realized my stress now won’t help me later or now then why stress and then I stopped stressing. Once I got the grade back, if I didn’t do well I wouldn’t stress because it didn’t hurt me I could still go on live and do well. This also helped me recently during a break up. I was obviously sad, but it wasn’t the first time they had hurt me and I was no longer interested in being sad. I made a plan, I was going to be happy and do me and discover me and this plan made me happy and helped me move on incredibly fast. Too many people cling to the bad that has happened and that’s no way to get better. The only way to get better is to move on.

  4. At the end of the day, we are the only ones in charge of our own destiny. We alone make all of the decisions that lead us to the future. As someone who is currently facing a large leap into adult life, I often find myself picturing what my life could possibly be like. The multitude of possible outcomes is both terrifying and exhilarating. However, the process of picturing my future is what drives me to pursue my passions and brush off any minute things or current tribulations.

    I still do find myself getting caught up overthinking about unimportant things (sweating the small stuff, as they say), but doing yoga has started to help remedy such toxic thinking. Having the mindset to look past trivial moments that only serve to do you harm is so important. To have the foresight to continue pursuing what you want most in life — or rather the life you want most — is paramount.

  5. The concept of Nagayama is centered around visualizing the future and thinking far beyond the present moment. It’s sole purpose is to promote individuals to focus towards their own personal growth and goals in life. If you would follow the practice and train your brain to only perceive a future filled with success and happiness, then you can shape your future. Mohan discusses how as humans, we often have long term goals or long term visions of what our future should be like. But we often experience blockages, that can thwart our efforts and deter us from our goals we’ve set for ourselves.

    There is metaphor used to compare our lives to seeds. Awaiting germination, and the tender love and care that we need to grow, blossom, and develop into the best versions of ourselves. If you stay true to yourself and your personal values and beliefs, you can get closer to achieving your visions and goals. So you must water your seed, to prepare for the future you want. We all have pasts, and things we are not so proud of, things we want to escape and leave in the past. It may be time to clean out your closet and stop letting those skeletons hold you back from future success. I personally use my mistakes as lessons on what not to do, so things can go better in the future. You can’t harbor over the past, just put things in place to insure a better future. But must also not let self doubt or fear of the future slow you down, because if you visualize it and paint that mental picture it shall come to fruition.

  6. I believed this listening to be very intriguing. The whole thought of mapping out your life in one cohesive timeline is quite daunting, to be honest with you but, it does make sense. Someone with no direction will definitely struggle but, at the end of the day who doesn’t struggle. I think the message is more directed to at least having a plan and having backup plans when a step falls through because chances are everything won’t go as planned. But as he says ” Shit happens, move on,” I think this statement confirms exactly what I’m trying to get at. Everything happens for a reason and whether it’s failure or success you have to be ready to handle that success or rebound from failure and a plan or timeline will definitely see what he’s saying. And to that notion, I agree 100% , there’s nothing wrong with mapping your life out just don’t expect to go exactly as planned and you’ll be alright.

    • Please do bring in your previous journals from Assignments #1-5 to catch up, or if you haven’t done them yet do them here online for a final grade that will be satisfactory.

  7. Have a vision or you’ll be week. Without a vision of what your life could be, it is very likely that in the big picture you actually have no goals. While you may see individual tasks at hand as goals, unless the action is in prosecute of your grander vision it might be a set back to your lifes true potential. In the long run Naga Vayu is really a mental guide to optimizing your potential in life by limiting distractions and concentrating on relative actions related to your vision.

    As a studio painter, the whole idea of Naga Vayu is very much inline with what is basically “life” for an artist. When Ashwin Mohan says “Shoot Fare” with your vision, beyond the status quo”, Every artist wakes up and peruses this idea within their work. Most times within art there is not even a roof to envision contacting. In fact that’s one of the most seductive things about art. Every minute, day, week, mouth, year, decade, and lifetime is connected and self evident in growth that once truly experienced it defines life itself.

  8. What he is saying is to basically set a main goal in mind and follow that goal. He also talks about how easy it is to get distracted by everyday life and how it can overwhelm us. I wanted to go to Purchase as my college after high school and I followed through on it and now here I am. I put everything into my goal and it came true. I also want to go into animation, so I am taking a lot of art courses to achieve that goal, even though I can get distracted.

  9. I found it interesting that the video talked about planning helps the body. The more that you plan, the more you help the body prepare for the things that you want to do. Keeping the momentum in your life is what helps getting through life easier.

    Focusing your timeline and creating it into your own way is helping you through life. He uses the 100 years timeline to help with their strength by doing this. I am coming to terms with what I want to do with my own life and I believe that this will help mentally and psychically. Preparing my body this way will help me with my own future and my own psyche.

  10. This video discussed the importance of creating a timeline for yourself and setting long-term goals, for example 5 years. He states that having these clear goals in mind will allow your body to create the energy and momentum needed to achieve it; while I find that a little difficult to believe, it is very motivational. I have always been someone who believes that in order to make something happen, you have to do it yourself, without reliance on anyone else. Planning will always help with this; I have found that when I plan for a goal and look for attainable ways to achieve it, and invest my energy into making it happen, the results will be fruitful. Likewise, a lack of energy or dedication will not get satisfactory results. It is easy to say you want a good grade, for example, but will you really study for two weeks before it or blow it off? You are in control of your own resources, as you are your own greatest asset.
    When you concentrate all the energy within your body towards one goal, you will get it done the way you want. It was very motivational for him to discuss putting your entire being into the simple things first; for example paying close attention when making a coffee or doing your mundane everyday chores will set both your mind and body up for more mindfulness, more thoughtfulness, and will give you an easier time with both seeing your vision and bringing it to life.
    I find it difficult to map out my life for the next five years, which I will work on and contemplate more. It is easy to say “I want to be this” or “I want to do this” in the future, but when it comes to the details and what it takes to get there, it may be hard to narrow down or specify. It is definitely not easy to plan out the next five years of your life but by keeping your vision/goal in mind and thinking about it everyday, you are making it manageable and making it more real.
    I will definitely be applying this to my life in weekly increments, and hopefully increasing it to monthly, then yearly, etc. Planning tends to bring me peace of mind, so taking away this information will help me to really solidify my goals and figure out what I am going to do to get there.

  11. This video discussing Nagayama, Nath Parampara Adhikari Pashupatinath brought up the phrase “Shit happens but immediately move on” and mentioned that there will be some things that will draw your attention and derail your thinking and stop your progress forward in the waking, dreaming and sleeping world. The comparison to these statements is to show that life will be full of ups and downs and that some downs will change the course of your life and that you don’t have to “get over it”, that it is ok to acknowledge the things that have impacted you in different aspects of your mind and spirit. He mentioned that one must add meaning to your years and fill yourself with at least 5 years of vitality to move forward healthily. That it will help you be awake internally to give you momentum towards the future. I fully believe in living a life with meaning and to plan for future successes and happiness. I have been thinking a lot about this lately because as a senior, I feel that it is a huge transitional period in a young life. I have been looking at it with fear and anxiety of the unknown but after watching this video, I should be feeding this moment of my life with vitality and strength in order to set myself up for a bright and beneficial future. Nath Parampara Adhikari Pashupatinath stated that living according to Nagayama will give you the ability to concentrate your resources on one particular goal which I hope to be able to incorporate into my life.

  12. Having long term goals is something that I have always struggled with. In regards to where I want to be I know, my career goals are clear to me. However I sometimes lose sight of them because of the fluctuation with my motivation. I am so easily overwhelmed that I feel like when I am on a good path it is only temporary, that I can only have a few good days before I have a bad one, and that completely throws me off and makes it harder and I feel like I am constantly restarting. However I am getting better at this. I have recently starting writing out to-do lists for myself and so even if I do have a bad day I can start where I left off as opposed to restarting and that has made things easier for me. I have also tried to remind myself that it is okay to have bad days and that can happen but it’s just learning to navigate them better that will truly help to have less of them or at least not let them hinder me so much. I also feel very strongly that I wouldn’t be anywhere I didn’t want to be and I know that about myself so I try to just accept that I can run away from my feeling of being unmotivated but I can push myself to just handle it and get through it better.

  13. This video has forced me to acknowledge a number of predicaments that I find myself typically facing, especially with setting goals and possessing the ability to fulfill them. In terms of long-term goals, I know what I want to pursue in my life. However, I have a nasty ad unhealthy habit of overworking myself to the point my body can no longer keep up and everything appears to crumble and fall apart before me, both physically and emotionally. This behavior is what usually triggered the panic attacks I struggled with throughout my life. I agree with his saying to set goals on a timeline and follow them step by step because this is such useful advice that people usually ignore. Although I’m aware of my goals, I currently lack the ability to take things step by step. I tend to overwhelm myself willing without considering the consequences. This is due mostly because I lack the organization skills in order to healthily reach and complete my goal. However, recently I have found that because of the IK practice, I find myself clearing my head and focusing much quicker. My stress also seems to be decreasing despite of all the activities I find myself doing. Overall, I agree with much of what he was discussing throughout the video.

    – Samantha Diaz

    • Try seeking a counselor at PC for advise to help you achieve your goals, they can offer tips and skills to help you sharpen yours. How about today reaching out and setting up and appointment it may make all the difference in your grades this semester and next, Namaste

  14. I think that his thoughts on planning the future out 50 years ahead was insightful. I wasn’t aware that I had been doing this since I was a little girl. I have one inner conflict and that is the quote ‘if you want to see God laugh tell him your plans’ planning is a good thing but often life doesn’t go as we planning so then what? Do we start from the beginning or what? I agreed and enjoyed all that he said, I found it comforting and also confusing. When things don’t go a planned how should we deal with it, if we really wanted that one thing. I’m unsure yet, recently I’ve been changing my external surround and this has lead to changing my 5 year and even 10 year plan on life. It is making anxious. I’m left in the air and I see how little control I have for certain things it’s scary.

    • Plans can be re-written, revised and scraped, go with the flow, prepare yourself to be able to withstand change, it is the one thing we can be assured of….things always are changing and so are we, keep doing your finger holds and IK and be well, OM

  15. I enjoyed this especially because I am a big planner. I believe in having things in a structured way because structure has a better end result in my opinion. Sometimes I hit rough patches like anyone else would and realized that sometimes these bumps can deter me from my original goals. It can be a struggle to constantly find things that keeps you going when it feels like there are so many obstacles and barriers to life. I think I am doing okay in life but it took much practice and I am still molding and shifting into a person that I overall want to be proud of. I have started a website that I invested my money in and hoping that at the end of this project, it will lead into something greater. All achievements matter to me.

  16. For me, my timeline and my long term goals are almost all I can think about constantly. The path that I have chosen, and the journey that I am currently embarking on gives me so much motivation in my day that at times I often find myself daydreaming about the future. The problem I have is stressing over whether or not things I am doing right now, or things that I have done in the past will negatively affect my future or halt my journey. I need to learn, as the video said, how to move on and leave these negative feelings behind. When you carry these feelings of negativity around with you, it is apparent to everyone around you. Not only will you not possess the strength necessary to continue on, but others will not be drawn to your negative energy, and as a result will not seek you out to aid you in your path to enlightenment and ultimately success.

    It is so important to have a timeline and goals, but it is just as important that these goals be attainable, and the journey that surrounds them to be as wholesome and stress-free as possible. Also it is extremely important to moderate time devoted to this timeline, both mentally and physically, so that we don’t become burnt out with our set of goals. This would cause us to become burdened with the uncertainty and anxiety of not knowing where our path leads, or if it even leads somewhere meaningful.

  17. I like the idea of a slightly humorous mantra. It’s good to be able to be in good spirits and to have a mantra that will conjure that. I’ve never heard the actual representations behind OM, and although brief I think it was explained very clearly!

    In terms of goals and planning, I like to map everything out. It’s a way for me to prevent anxiety in situations. I think it definitely presents me with a timeline, but as I am still so young and none of the timelines I’ve come up with so far have planned out more than 5 years. I like the way he presents visualization as a technique for planning things. I think this is a good video for college students to watch. It’s something I’ve been using naturally to map out time in my head since I was very young. It’s extended now to not just that visualization, but also drawing and writing out what my goals are. Even though my timeline is not as long as he has stated a strong person’s may be, I do think I have a good foundation so far, and I am working on it.

  18. “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Although a lot people think John Lennon is responsible for this quote, it was actually originally a man by the name of Allen Saunders. This quote has always spoken to me, being that we are animals of control and living in the chaotic world we do tends to stir up anxiety. From a young age, I was always interested and extremely intimidated by the butterfly effect which basically states that every action, no matter how small, creates a chain of other events or reactions that can alter one’s path or destiny. I’ve never been much of a planner — I’ve always just made things happen as I went along. I tend to say yes to opportunities I’m not prepared for and figure out how to achieve them later on. This works for me and I think it probably feels more efficient and comfortable due to the fact that I don’t ever sit and make a list of goals I want to achieve. This actually gives me just as much, if not more anxiety than uncertainty about the future.

    This year my workload got pretty crazy between being an RA, trying to graduate early, and trying to finish up my music as soon as possible. I had to actually keep my calendar(s) updated, manage my band’s rehearsal schedule, make appointments for countless events, and still find time to eat and sleep, etc. I was actually thinking about this idea of planning today. I’d been meaning to create a vision board for a while and I finally got the poster board for it yesterday, so today I spent hours combing the internet for the things that inspire me, as I’m trying to alter my approach to finding success and happiness. I’m now focusing more on the power of manifestation, so a vision board would be helpful. Interestingly enough, this forced me to get somewhat more specific about the abstract goals I had set for myself further down the line. I think there is a difference between things I eventually want in my life and things I’ve concretely set out to do, and as of today, I am exploring what that difference means to me.

    I hope that this adjustment in being more of a non-planner to getting more acclimated with the reality of my objectives brings me closer to my purpose in life. This article resonates with me because it is about striking a balance in life, just like anything else

  19. this is good, the idea of giving your self-momentum. That we are building our own path into the future that allows us to move forward. that we have an idea and move towards it. we are should be constantly bettering our selves. making our selves stronger. we are constantly building a foundation for our selves to stand on. we have to be motivated to and find our own motivation, and we can achieve stability. “You are the god that makes the next 50 years”
    I love the Idea that you are your own god. I have always thought that we as our selves are our own gods.

  20. This was an interesting short paragraph and video. In the video, Ashwin Mohan, says that “shit happens but immediately we move on”. And he goes on to talk about if you don’t have plans for the next year or 5 yers or 10 years of your life, your body and mind won’t know how to just move on and this is so true. If you don’t have any goals or inspirations for your future, the only thing you are going to know how to do is dwell on the “bad” things that happen to you. Now if you have goals for example, I want graduate college after my 4 years are over with the knowledge of how to work well with people. In the next years after that, I want to work on my Masters in Education so I can work in a public school as a counselor or social worker. So when something in opposition to my goals comes my way, I tell myself “that’s not what’s important” and ask myself where do I see myself in the next 5+ years and immediately my focus changes.

    This type of mindset though is only if we want to allow ourselves to maintain or grow, as the post says above. We decide where we want to go and what pace we want to take in order to reach where we want to get to. I especially liked when it says, “These seeds are our thoughts which become our activities and actions that play out our Vision. We come to understand that these seeds are our valuable energy source for expansion and fuels our goals and Vision, moving forward in our real life timeline.” This is what the video was also further explaining. The seeds (thoughts) that we plant in our mind is what keeps us going. it’s what gives us the energy to keep following our vision. I’ve heard that if you have goals, write them down and revisit them often to surround yourself with positive thoughts whether you’re having a bad day or a good day. It reminds you of where you want to go and essentially where you need to be.

    I am not a planner of life. I know where I want to go and I do the necessary steps that I can right now to get me just a little closer, but I often set a goal for myself on a daily or weekly basis. I start with small goals like do these amount of assignments by this day or week because I know getting through school is my first goal. I don’t like to plan my day or or my life. I let life do its thing and I adjust as I have to because that’s how I learn best. Not saying planning isn’t a good thing because it works for people, but life is unpredictable and I like to be on my feet to know where I’m going next. It forces me to think quick. Sometimes our minds change because we don’t like the path we’re going in so to have that spontaneity is good.

  21. Ashwin Mohan explains how to cultivate Naga Vayu. For him, his personal mantra is “things happen, immediately move on.” Mohan goes on to discuss many abstract principles, but the two takeaway points that stuck with me are that strength comes from directing your resources towards one object or goal, and that although depression eventually becomes an illness by removing serotonin from the brain, it originates in not having a timeline for oneself. He urges us to ask ourselves, “where are you, and where can you go?” The principles discussed are among the most relatable for me in the course thus far, as the simple tenets of his discussed philosophy align with healthier parts of western culture that I experienced growing up. It is empowering and liberating to forget the past, move on, and have a timeline for the future. This ties back to readings on the Yamas that urge us to exist in the present, discussing the various ailments of the mind that can arise from pondering the past or fearing the future in lieu of enjoying our present as we go along our paths.

  22. As I was watching the video, in the beginning he was talking about moving forward. If we plan ahead, it’s almost as if our body does the same. He used the example of and wave and if a wave comes while sailing, the ship just rides right over it because it was prepared. We must have momentum. We must have a sort of control over our life, we can guide ourselves to greatness.

    To keep moving, our whole selves must be invested not leaving any parts out. Often I find my self starting a lot of projects and not finishing them. I think this is because I looose my interest in them, I loose my excitement, but as a result I have trouble finishing things that I was really excited to start. So I have been working on my own momentum to push myself to keep going to find interest in the things that I am doing.

  23. The ideas presented in this video seem a bit contradictory to other teachings discussed previously in this class, but are none the less interesting. The fist concept he talks about is a mantra which literally translates to “shit happens, and then you move on”. I enjoy this concept both because it is humorous and because its something I’ve been trying to apply to my own life as of late.

    To move on once something seemingly disastrous happens is not an easy feat, but as the video says, when you have a plan then it is easier. I don’t ever make concrete plans for the future, however, I always know what I want to happen. There is always something in my life I am looking forward to, so there is always a reason to keep moving forward. Even when I am in a period that seems exceedingly tumultuous there is plans for the future.

    I also think that this vague planning allows for growth. I never feel stuck or stagnant in my life, and I think the consistent forward motion is the reason for this.

  24. This video talks about how when things go wrong, you need to pick up and keep going. It talks about how if you make plans to be alive in the future, then you will be able to manifest and create the energy needed to propel yourself into that future. The video also talks about how having a plan makes it easier to be able to pick up and keep going when things go wrong. It says that by manifesting your destiny, you will find that your plans will come to fruition. This is because when you focus on your plan you will work day in and day out towards these plans and goals.

    This video lines up very well with my ideas, in terms of planning in life. I plan meticulously, day in and day out, and when my plan is messed up I get very anxious. I find that by having a plan, I can cover any and all issues that may arise throughout the process towards the goal I am trying to reach. For example, I have three calendars. One calendar for my events, one for my classes, and one that breaks down all of my plans and goals for the day, week, and month. I do this so that I can clearly see what I am trying to accomplished, and am less likely to forget to do things. However, nobody is perfect. “Shit happens, and then you move on.” I find that by doing this I want to keep striving and keep reaching further and further in my goals and my life plans.

  25. This is a late submission for Journal Entry 8

    The idea presented in the video was about the concepts of moving forward ad planning for the future. Having a basic layout for a plan is a good idea, but there are times when nothing seems to go right, a plan or schedule falls through, or last-minute changes need to be made. There is a part of us that thinks of those events, wanting to go back in time somehow and find out what went wrong and how to prevent it from ever happening. But as stated in the video “Shit happens, and then you move on”. While it may be good to look back at the past – maybe even learn from the mistakes made – it is not good to dwell too much on the past. What has happened in the past has happened and there is nothing you could do to change that. You can only remember what happen, but then go back to living in the present and looking forward to the future.

    When it comes to having a plan for the future, not many people should have an exact plan for their futures. Having that basic plan for the future certainly makes life easier, but having too much of a concrete plan and expecting it to go exactly as it is leaves more room for things to go wrong. Some people have more of plan for the future than others. There are people who barely have a plan for next week, or even tomorrow. But maybe there is part of the that plan for the future involves things there are out of your control, but you have the plan to adapt yourself to it once the time comes.

  26. Nagayama is the concentration of all resources toward one goal, doing something with the entirety of one’s being. To begin developing true strength, one must develop a plan of 50+ years. One finds themselves weaker the shorter their projected timeline is. This timeline acts as the “base,” and a strong one at that, as opposed to a thin, poorly-developed base, much like a clay structure. Those who maintain the status quo have no identity, take no opportunities, have no true conception of what lies ahead. This projected week can always be a strong foundation from which the next will grow. This then extends to the next week, and the next month, the next six months, and the next 10 years. Those with a 50-year timeline are near-invincible, and cannot be disrupted nor harmed. See yourself in this moment as the seed of the next 50 years. Concentration, respect and determination are key. Without the meaning we learn from ourselves, we will be confused and contorted as we move forward, never sure of what to expect. To not even have a plan for the next week is to be carried forward only by external forces and not by one’s own determination.

  27. “The person without a plan for next week is going to be like a dried leaf in the wind.” While the overall principle of the video may not have been reflecting this line, it spoke volumes to me. I am the type of individual that as my mother says, “flies by the seat of my pants!”
    Everything I do is last minuet and unplanned. While this may concern some, it does not do such for me- which could be concerning in its self! Honestly though, I find it allows me to live much more freely and happily. When there is no consistency, planned schedule, etc. I am left to my own devices.
    I leave MY life in MY hands and I am able to live as stated, a dried leaf in the wind. I float to new places, experience new foods, beverages, friendships, etc. I live life as a free, glorified, being.


    Ohm – represents the waking, dreaming, & sleeping world
    Shit happens but immediately move on
    There will be somethings that draw your attention & derailing your thinking, in all 3 of your worlds
    If you have created a long life line, having planned out (say the next month) // if you’ve added meaning to the next month/year/5yrs; you fill yourself with enough vitality to last at least 5 yrs
    People who don’t do this will become very sick.
    The body must prepare the energy for this amount of time, creating a certain type of velocity/momentum
    The body is a vehicle and it is in motion. If there is no momentum in the vehicle there’s no life force, there’s only the force of death.
    This drag which comes down continuously slows us, then theres a lull (temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity), and then theres emptiness, after this it just sinks.
    You can’t let small storms that are in the path of your
    destination stop you from reaching your destination.

    When you tell one to reach for something and BEYOND, your whole body fortifies this movement trying to touch beyond, stretching his body in such away is supporting this reach.
    Strength comes from when you concentrate all your resources towards one objective
    If your resources are going away in scattered directions then you won’t have strength.
    => this pattern in the body is called NAGA VAYU;
    when you can concentrate all your resources toward
    one singular goal.
    When exercises physical in natural are translated into an attitude
    Attitude is when you do something with your whole being… it starts with simple things (opening a jar, stirring a drink) then it goes further into life goals which are on a timeline.
    (This is why it’s important to practice putting your entire being into small things so it becomes something like a habit.)
    So having a timeline is essential if you want to drawout another way. This is what naga vayu is meant to do, draw out a timeline of about 100 years.
    Have a vision of minimum of 50 years.
    If you don’t you will be weak, you’ll have no strength at all, you won’t even know what strength is bc two or three forces align against you you’ll be come off course and you will give in and say that it wasn’t with there consent.
    Only someone with a timeline can have consent

    in the development of naga vayu or what is called nagayama
    (YAMA means to develop / to cultivate & NAGA means to have a timeline 50 yrs or more no matter what stage you are at in life.)
    If your timeline is shorter the weaker you are
    If your timeline extends only one year, you both physically and within your capabilities become weak

    Steps in Naga vayu
    Start building a picture in your mind of (lets start with the next one week)
    Begin daydreaming of what will happen in this week, before next sunday what is going to happen?
    What are the things you would want done & why?

    If there’s a stronger base at the bottom then it will hold the structure
    Where you sit right now is the base & what you are going to build is going to be built on this base
    So you should have clarity of one week at least properly
    Does any of it build, How much does it build into something that will happen in the next week/month/year?
    Form one week we can take it to a month.
    How much of what I’m doing in one week is going to build and pave a path for next month?
    How much of what I do in this month will build and pave a path for the next 3 months?

    When these questions are posed, a lot of ppl become overwhelmed and run out of steam, they are busy maintaining the status quo there for why they have no vitality
    When people have this as wish, to maintain the status quo they are preparing for death, which comes very fast
    Can you build your timeline in such a way that for the next month it’s going to pave way for something exciting to come, then for the next 3 months, then for the rest of the year, and so by this time next year can what you do in this week be a foundation for something awesome?
    And can what you do this week be a foundation for which something grows and grows and grows
    And what you do next year can that be a foundation for the next five years?
    And for what you do for the next five years can that be a foundation for the next ten years?
    For 10 can it be for the next 20?
    Can 20 be a foundation for the next 50 years?
    The mind is boggled by this, ppl don’t usually have such a big timeline. You don’t think that what you did this week is going to effect the next 50 years but thats how things work and move.
    Can you fill this up with so much vitality that it carries you forward for that many years?

    Can the one seed for tomorrow, seed the next 50 yrs?
    You can’t defeat someone who has a 50 year timeline, try to upset them, you can’t; they don’t have time for it. => it’s absolute psychological stability

    The visual photograph is always floating off into the distance
    what you see now is growing and growing more and more
    You see yourself and this moment as the seed.
    How you conduct yourself in this moment is the seed for the next 50 years.
    Can you take this much ownership for your life?
    This is the visual part of it, also the FEELING part of it; can you see now how suddenly a lot of seriousness and meaningfulness in every action. You can’t walk around being frivolous about everything and disrespectful about everything, or the person who sits and smokes saying “what’s the point of it all?”
    THE POINT IS… YOU MAKE THE POINT if you don’t make the point then your life is going to be left without meaning, the meaning is invested by you.
    You are the God that creates your next 50 years at this point.
    Understand this is not going to be controlled by karma, fate, the stars…you take on the ownership and start live with consent and saying yes to this massive dream, whatever it is.
    Then all the problems become puny by comparison.
    The universe has a timescale of infinity.
    Everything grows from a single moment, it is a single seed that grows into the next 50yrs of your life.
    Whatever you do, you do with awareness.
    There’s a seriousness that comes in and its not that you will be unhappy or that you can’t joke, it’s a certain depth, graveness, or charisma around you, that a slim amount of people will understand that there is a type of frivilous way of them bc the value they hold for life, being grateful for the opportunity of life, and investing so much meaning into it, creating bliss at the end of the day.
    Even with one week, if it growing well, at the end we feel happy.
    First get in the this mindset, back down to this tiny seed. Rather than a tree or forest. Understand what you are planting. Then we listen to the sound, the feeling and visual effect of expansiveness beyond the horizon of the limit we set, we find our influence. This creates an influence and energy that connects all the muscles and. Third is the mantra, that we associate with this growth. As you visualize you rest your entire being with the sound. Your being is nothing left out, it is vibrating with the sound, expanding on it. Smell of incense is associated with this. The taste associated with this is sweetness.
    With Naga Value there is a movement associated, if you have generated a vision of at least 50 years your whole body is charged up. Second you hear the matra inside. 3rd you smell incense, 4th you taste sweetness.
    Maintaining these five modalities of thinking, eyes focused 50 years away the body becomes mobilized. You will your hands to go up, your entire body invests energy, your will into this,. Will it to return and come down. Only have to do it once.
    Ask, am I going to do any activity that seems “growth” in the next one month, is something going to come out of this?
    Toss useless things that aren’t going to grow, and focus on things that are going to grow.
    Think, what will these things be in the next month? And what will those grow into for the next year. Next you have an exciting feeling in your body. This is Nagayama.
    Behave like it, know that you are the seed at this moment that’s going to grow for the next 50 years.
    Next you can talk about consent and happiness, how do you accept that? You will be at the mercy of so many forces, How do you accept that?
    Should do this meditation atleast 3 times a day like a medicine, cream at the end of exhale.
    It is the ultimate power of execution.
    These are not just day dreams, these are a sacred creation of the future according to your own consent and will. Otherwise you are going to start creating a future that everyone is struggling to maintain what they have. They aren’t going to expand out. This is the problem, the good people are going to sit and say this is the good you are capable of and this is what you are going to do. And the evil people are the ones really expanding.
    Am I know going to do something in this next week that will seed the growth of these, or am I just going to maintain massive or am I going to grow?
    When you think about this sincerely you realize you havent given it much thought, so you give yourself this little sacred space for you to create in your mind your next week and the activities that will lead into something.
    No time for petty problems, or feeling sorry for yourself. No time for depression.
    Depression is only a lack of a timeline.
    Nobody has asked someone who is depressed, what do you see this behavior seeding? Nothing.
    Unless you are growing you are sapping life force. Boredom will kill you.
    The soul is no one that sits around and wines, it is a spirit of expansion of creativity.
    You must consider your station in life. But as you grow older you realize there is more than just me and my family. There is society, and maybe you can do something for more than your family.
    A lot of philosophy beats you into a place where you are put in a place to please some big thing. This is a lot of religions. Yoga doesn’t say this.
    Yoga is an anchor that is a station in your life that allows you to be aware of who you are and your capabilities and what is possible right now. Second you are seeing where it could go
    You may draw several paths depending on where you can go.. Where you are will determine where you can go. If you are on a straight road, you will go straight. If you are on a road that goes, left, right, and straight you send energies in all these directions.
    You don’t have to do anything alone.
    When someone who has vision trades it to a bunch of ppl who have no vision they align themselves right away. Can I come along with you?
    The moments when human beings have come together to achieve something has been because a few of them have had the vision and the others thought that it was a great idea and they just come along.

    (This video excited me and took me sometime to get through. I felt so much energy just to begin planning my life and I have been trying this now sense I’ve seen the video, each week I plan and ask myself what I am building on. It’s hard to keep myself out of my feelings and keep going but I keep going and pick myself up over and over again. They said that depression is not having a timeline and I think this is true, but theres something about convincing yourself that that timeline is real, and possible.)

  29. I found this video a little contradicting to some things that we have learned before in class. One of the things that were contradicting was that he said that we have to plan in life to have a longer lifespan and more energy and strength. But we have also been taught that to live a happier life we do not have to plan and live day by day, spontaneously and enjoying the now, getting better at who I am becoming now.
    The “shit happens but immediately move on” part I think have more to do with what we have been learning. We are humans, we make mistakes but we can live thinking about these and punish ourselves for it, we just have to learn from it and move on. I try to do this most of the time and I believe it is a good motto to live by, obviously with some moderation and to some extent (like everything in life)

  30. This video was one that I resonated with me the most. There are a lot of things that are out of our control. It is important to realize that sometimes, things happen, but we must always move forward and not stay in the past. In his words, “shit just happens.” If you are attached to the past, you will never be able to enjoy the current moment and move forward. Holding onto things from the past, is something I suffer from. Change is constant and inevitable, and finding the beauty in that is something I am on the path of doing. A way people can stay on track and continue to move forward, is to create a plan or a schedule for yourself. I know this is definitely something that I try to do for myself, especially when I get overwhelmed with school and other responsibilities. He also talks about making sure you put your all into whatever you choose to do. It is important to always check in with yourself and make sure you are doing everything you can to succeed. He tells us that meditating and setting goals for yourself will allow growth in your life, and I agree!

  31. My father likes to say “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” It simply means that if you do not prepare adequately, you are preparing to be inadequate and uncomfortable. We procrastinate for a number of reasons, and one of them is that we did not plan ahead enough to be able to properly approach and address a situation.
    We can teach ourselves how to plan by simply doing it, starting from small things and then moving up to medium then larger things. Soon, we will be able to calmly and mindfully tackle obstacles and process more accurately. Small things can be planning and keeping to breaks between work, when to eat or cook a meal, and when to go to sleep.
    Planning basically has to do with being disciplined and yes, discipline is tough because it means holding oneself accountable, but once we are able to navigate ourselves, it will translate into our relationships and awareness with others. When we are able to set boundaries with ourselves and also respect those boundaries, it will be easier for us to set boundaries with others as well.
    People should respect our boundaries (and we, theirs) regardless, but learning what you like/dislike, are comfortable with and not and so forth is vital for our learning about ourselves. You will be able to move from goals by the minute to by the hour, and then days, weeks, years, and for the rest of our lives. Planning assists us in proper decision making and produces long-term benefits that we will enjoy.

    – M. A. Audu

  32. The idea of Nagayama is basically planing for your future and moving on. In this video, Ashwin Mohan talkes about the importance of having a outline and goal for the future. I agree very much to planning a head and having a goal. Sometimes when I don’t have a timeline for the future, or even the next few days, I find myself caught up in many things and is rushing to finish work, which made the quality of the finished work unsatisfying. Also, when I didn’t follow my plan and procrastinate, I found myself having more stress as the due dates come up. It is very important to plan ahead so that we finish the work on time or in advance, because we never know when something unexpected is going to come up, and if we finished work in advance, we will have spare time to take care of the unexpected matter.

    I also agree with what he said about moving on. There are times in our lives where thing don’t go the way we want. For example, if I didn’t get the grade I want for an exam, first I think about if I have tried hard enough to study for my exam, if yes, that means I shouldn’t be regretting or giving myself a hard time, I should just move on. If no, then I know that i have to study harder for my future exams. Of course there will be negative feelings, but I tried to make them not linger for too long. Moving on or letting go is actually harder than it sounds, it takes a lot of effort to let ourselves be free from the past, however, it is also a very important ability that we should have.

    Jenny Tsang

  33. This is my first time hearing about Nagayama extensively, and I can say I haven’t quite thought about in this way. Sectioning parts of your future into different increments is something I have thought in isolated incidents, but have never thought to let it reach 40, even 50 years, and beyond. To me, Nagayama can be perceived as our way of measuring the immeasurable; our projections of goals and aspirations into the future is our away of conceiving something that is quite intangible. In fact, the quote “People who don’t have a timeline of 5 years are going to be sick” resonated heavily with me. I think of all suffering I have endured in this existence, and then wonder if having a plan for five years would have changed this. I was brought back to all of the times I was at what I thought was rock bottom, and questioned it with this new logic. I plan to go forth with Nagayama and I see it as something that could hugely impact my life for the better.

  34. “People are busy maintaining the status quo, that’s why they don’t have vitality.” Though perhaps a peculiar but otherwise understandable reference to the overall conditioning of how we live our lives, this is one quote from this video that resonated with me. We prepare to embody an image of who we want to become, but that also begs the question as to what else in life we are preparing for. The state of our lives is such that we maintain this status quo until we reach the most certain thing life has to offer: death. One would realize then, however, that this would more or less expose the futility of life’s path. On one hand, you could try anything in life or do absolutely nothing. This would inevitably bring the listener to further contemplate the notion that life is what one makes of it.

    With this constant in mind, what we deem to be our highest quality of life would be dependent on how much is planned and/or invested in making that a reality. That planning would would definitely be time-consuming, but deemed worthy as a multitude of good things do take time to nurture. This is also a valid point which the speaker brings up, as noon is more responsible for one’s grand life scheme than the person in question (ourselves).

    Admittedly, I do not consider myself the best planner. This is usually due to the way in which I eventually overthink my methods before they come to fruition. The merits of this revelation may be a good or a bad thing, though in some cases it does tend to hold me back. What I have decided to build upon recently is the notion of simple planning. As over-contemplating a plan tends to be much more time consuming than carrying out said scheme, carrying out the baseline of such a thing allows my mind to move forward and fully develop my formula as I go.

  35. College is a great example to explain this video. Planning is absolutely essential for a college student, or a senior planning on attending college. It is important to look ahead to figure out what is on your plate for the future. You need to plan ahead to know what one wants to accomplish in their future. What you want to study, how is it that you’ll make it to this spot, where is the nest option for yourself where you’ll be the most content? Questions and plans one will make and ask to better their future.

    I agree with the paragraph underneath the video’s link. I think this is a great video or even lesson to try and teach younger children. Planning will result in a positive outcomes for themselves. Teaching children and even starting off as an adult to plan for the week ahead will be beneficial, and will stick if you keep practicing this. Starting at a younger age will teach oneself the idea of discipline in future endeavors and benefit future plans.

    Taking ideas from this, I will try and start to plan my following weeks better than i have been. Maybe i will be more efficient with my time and learn from this video, relieving myself of stress and worries about my own future.

  36. The concept of planning your life for three next 50 years seemed like a crazy idea. As I kept listening I started to understand the process. A lot of the time i like to plan things out but sometimes get to stuck on the “planning” that I don’t leave enough time for the “doing”. I had an adviser at the college I went to before Purchase. During freshman year she had me plan my schedule for the next two years to show what I would need to take in each semester in order to graduate. At the time I thought it was a crazy idea and didn’t know why I needed to. Regardless of the fact that I didn’t understand, I showed up to her office every semester with a sheet showing what classes I needed to take and we looked over it together. When I transferred to purchase, I knew how to check for my classes and plan out what I would need. I stayed on top of my schedule and had a back up plan if classes were closed. I was even able to point out to the head of department that I would be graduating sooner than they said. Her strategy taught me how to plan, prepare, and pay attention to things that change. This makes me interested in making a 50 year life plan. I think it would make me see what is necessary for me to continue and what’s blocking me from certain goals.
    I’ve had conversations about “what is the point of life”. Not in the “we should end it all” way but like actually thinking about life’s purpose. I found myself thinking too much about this subject and felt like there wasn’t any point. I realized that if I feel like there is not point and we are just existing, then I need to make my life have a point and enjoy what life gives. I think planning what your life could be like is interesting but I don’t think people should depend on the list. Like if things change in life, or don’t go the way you planned, you should still be able to go on without relying on the first plan you made.

  37. I think we often get so caught up with the things we can’t do that we often forget how powerful we are. We are extremely strong beings when we focus and put our mind towards something. Im beginning to understand the power my mind alone has and why that is a common theme when practicing yoga. It is important to exercise your mind, strengthen your mind and your body will follow. In the video, he mentions that when you don’t have a plan you are weak. At this point I felt overwhelmed because I’ve found in my ever evolving journey of life, I don’t always know where I want to end up. But what Im taking from this is that that’s okay as long as you keep moving forward. When you allow yourself to become stuck or wander aimlessly you are susceptible to multiple distractions and you are in turn, weak.

    In practicing Naga Vayu, a timeline is required. You have to create a timeline that every day you are moving toward something greater than you. I find that on this journey of finding myself and practicing yoga, I don’t have the time for small inconveniences. Instead of letting small petty things upset me and get under my skin, I find myself just bored with the entire ordeal. Most things seem so miniscule and of little importance when placed next to my goals. If I find it doesnt fit into my timeline, I immediately decide me wasting time on it is unnecessary.

    Taking ownership of your life and cultivating naga vayu is realizing what you want to spend your time and energy on. Asking yourself, will this matter in fifty years? Will this propel me further on my timeline? If and when the answer to these questions are no, you will find you’re way calmer. Your mind is stronger and you are in control of what you allow to distract you or help you. A person practicing naga vayu knows they are constantly growing and wants to continue expanding. They aren’t distracted easily because they are focused on their timeline.

  38. Wow. I really enjoyed this video, thank you and Ashwin Mohan for sharing these mindful ideas with us! Ashwin talks about how strength comes from when you concentrate all of your resources on one thing, this, for example could be something as simple as opening a jar, and something so complex as (focusing your energy on) fulfilling life goals. Firstly, you must draw out a timeline, because in order to align yourself you must have a vision, at least 50 years worth. To develop and cultivate is Ama and Naga is to have this 50 year timeline. To create this you must first build a picture in your mind and think about what you will do in the next week, what do you want to be done and why? You are the base right now for your future, you are the seed growing right now for the rest of your life. What you do right now will pave your path for the next week, to the next month, the next 3 months, the next year, the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and eventually 50 years. This to me is something I have heard before, but the slow and conscious way that Ashwin talks about these things is very beautiful and optimistic because he is genuine about it. I like how he personalizes this comparison, by telling us he is a sculptor, telling us how a strong base is necessary for creating- which is true, a strong base is key and can be related to anything in life, whether its building a sculpture, a house, a relationship or yourself! I also loved when he states we are happy when a plant grows- think about how happy you will be when you grow. This helps visualize change and development and to allow us to relate to the beauty of a plant growing. I find this funny as well because right before I watched this video I was admiring my bamboo that I have growing out of a glass bottle, it is so tall now and was glowing in the morning sun and I was so proud of it and hope that it continues to thrive. (I also keep encountering repeating numbers, I am not sure if the universe is trying to tell me something!) Lastly I relate to the part (at 14 minutes) where he states there is meaningfulness in every action of ours and if we ever find ourselves questioning what is the point of it all?? That you in fact create the point. You are your own god, you create the next 50 years at this point starting now. You must live with ownership and consent to this massive dream and all the problems that you live with will become so small in comparison. Do not be a part of the status quo, for it is all an act and do not be at the mercy of a big thing. I also would like to note that I liked when he talked about a person with a vision at the end, and how we are like a river, our energy splits and joins again. If the person with a vision gives a percentage to people with no vision that they can all align themselves, the people with no vision may like your vision and want to come along with you and bind together, which is a great thing. I find this part relatable because I have made friends with people because they have old me that I have a good energy and they enjoy the presence of it, and if that isn’t the best compliment than I do not know what is. Joining forces with like minded humans and helping others is what brings me happiness and allows for this expansion that Ashwin talked about, you do become full of energy and you feel it flow deep within you. I wish to for myself and the people around me to continue to grow and think about what we can do to make us better people for tomorrow and eventually our next 50 years. Consistent work will get you far and we can become entirely new people by the beginning of 2019, it all comes with time and small steps in the right direction. – Rachel Bevacqua

  39. This discussion is about one being in charge of their own life. This can be realized through visualization, and an emphasis on growth in ones life. This also involves setting goals and being confident. You have so much control over your trajectory in life. While there is so much not in our control, there still exists a lot that we can control. We will always experience setbacks and there will alway be things that will get in the way of our goals. It is important for us to keep moving forward, because these things will happen. Recently I have been trying to set a lot of goals for myself, both short term, and long term goals. In particular, I have made the decision to pursue a career in the medical field. This has been a big change in direction for me, but one that I am very interested in pursuing. I am starting to understand that there will always be things that will get in my way but if I want to change something/do something, I am in control and I can do it. I definitely always try to look forward and not dwell on the past. I am doing my best to embrace the challenge of pursuing my goals.

    Matthew Alioto
    wednesday 8:30 am class

  40. In this video, Ashwin Mohan talks about Natha yoga. Mohan describes Natha yoga or Nagayama as a type of yoga in which keeps to the traditional ways of classic yoga. Nagayama is described to be a yoga practice in which the person is looking towards their future. He explains how Naga means having a timeline of 50 years or more. Mohan says that having a short timeline makes a person weaker than someone with a longer timeline planned out.

    I thought this video was interesting, yet kind of hard for me to concentrate on. I think I had some troubles concentrating on this video honestly because it was really long, and I got some what bored half way through. Even though I may have had some trouble concentrating in some parts, I did learn some valuable information about Nagayama. I had never heard of Nagayama previous to this video, and I didn’t even know there were so many different forms of yoga. Through the course of taking this class, I am finding the practice of yoga to be much more complex then I had thought it to be in the past.

    I think the many concepts of Nagayama are very important. I have always been a strong believer in looking toward your future and doing things in order to benefit my future. I think it’s a smart idea to map out a plan of your future and where you would want to be in years to come and figure out the steps you need to take in order to get to that goal.
    -Ashley Pagan

  41. “Shit Happens, but immediately move on.” Despite this sentence’s seemingly lackadaisical attitude, its actually full of meaning. The personality of life can be characterized as an ebb and flow of events. Things happen and then they pass. Our universe is a dynamic one in which energy is always flowing, nothing is static. The cliché, “time heals all wounds” is valid because the low vibration energy that is causing pain will eventually pass. Conversely, positive things in life and beauty are incredible, but also temporary. This is why adopting a philosophy of non-attachment is the best way to align with the nature of the universe. You can’t hold on to something that will inevitably escape your desperate grasp. Letting go is the best way to allow the ebbs and flows to run its course without resistance from the ego.
    I love how Ashwin Mohan talks about the value of visualization for fulfilling your desires and using tools such as vision boards to help catalyze their manifestation. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, which is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can attract positive or negative experiences into their life. We can go even further to say that whatever you unwaveringly focus on and believe will manifest in your life. Many people will disregard its validity but fail to recognize that this phenomenon is supported by quantum physics and biology. I watched a presentation given by an American Biologist by the name of Dr. Bruce Lipton. He was a major contributor to the shift in paradigm from genetic predisposition to epigenetics. In other words, he was one of the first scientists to discover that changes in organisms were caused by a modification of gene expression from the environment, rather than a change in the genetic code itself. It is essentially a nurture over nature argument. He talks about how atoms are actually energetic frequencies that act like magnets. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency and attracts energy vibrating at the same frequency. Constructive interference is when two energies converge and strengthen each other, which is felt as “good vibes.” Conversely, destructive interference is when two frequencies cancel each other out and repel each other, which is known as “bad vibes.” Nikola Tesla once said, “if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Thus the biggest take away from this information, is that you attract the energy that you feel. This is associated with epigenetics because people can change the expression of their genes by changing the way they feel. Dr. Lipton has a book called, The HoneyMoon Effect which is about the science of how when people feel really good, this changes their gene expression positively, which changes the energetic frequency of the atoms, which ultimately attracts people and circumstances that match this positive frequency. From this we can deduce that you can’t attract positive things like love and health when you are feeling negative. This also explains why the placebo effect works. It is the belief that changes the gene expression and causes healing. I love how an esoteric idea like this can be validated by scientific backing and understood by one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Nikola Tesla.

  42. This video talks about things being out of our control and that sometimes there’s nothing at all we can do to prevent that. When you only focus on the past and what was wrong with it and what you couldn’t change you’re going to be stuck there. And that isn’t healthy for you or for anyone who’s around you.
    Learning not to wallow over things that went wrong that I couldn’t control was something that took me a while to learn. When I was 14 my family got a pet dog, a year later she had babies and we kept 3 of them. One of them, Sonny was sick and couldn’t eat a lot. He lived to be about a year old and one morning my brother found him dead. Our family took him to the vet all while he was alive trying to help him doing everything we could to make sure he was going to be ok. When he died it felt like I had gotten punched in the stomach.
    I had always felt like taking care of the dogs was my responsibility, since I was the one who asked my dad for a dog the longest. When Sonny died I blamed myself for months and months, my grades slipped and I stopped talking to my friends. It wasn’t healthy for me to blame myself when there was nothing that I could have done, we took him to the vet and he lived longer than anyone thought he would, but it was out of our control. And me beating myself up for not stopping the inevitable wasn’t helping anyone. When I realized that I think it helped my outlook on life.

  43. “Shit happens, move on” is a saying that I live by. I am a very go with the flow kind of person. And I don’t mean that in the way that if everyone was doing something, I would do it. I mean that I am okay with how everyone lives their life and I appreciate all the different ways to live. I have my beliefs and others have theirs and that is something that i think is super cool. Although, my mom always told me that you need momentum in life. You can’t just stroll through life without any goals. I think that I am the most organized, laid back, go with the flow kind of person.

    But this video talks about how you need to have meaning in your life. I don’t have a written out plan of what I want to do with my life. Of course, I have goals and aspirations but, like I said earlier, I will go with the flow that is life. See where it takes me and what jobs I find and so on. Recently, in one of my classes, we had to write a paper about where we see ourselves in the next year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. This was the first time I really thought about where in my life I would like to be at these ages. It was a crazy thing to think about. Even thinking about how graduation is only about a semester away freaks me out.

  44. Jelan Winston
    SUNY Purchase
    Monday Session

    “Shit happens, immediately move on.” Nagayama, the ability for a person to move themselves for one specific goal, otherwise known as strength. Can one person over time set in place plans and actions that will come to fruition in the distant future? What can one do to maintain vitality, and to grow and evolve over the course of their lifetime? What do we do with your existence? The answer is whatever you choose, otherwise it will in fact be meaningless. But with no direction and no planning, you will always feel unfulfilled and be unfocused in life. How long can a person keep chugging along on the same boring, meaningless path before they either change their ways or kill themselves? So, to avoid self-destruction a person needs to formulate plans and goals that develop and progress in order to give themselves a sense of purpose and importance.

    In my opinion, his video seemed to be him repeating and reinforcing a certain point over the course of the whole thing, that a person needs to make a life plan that unfolds and progresses as they live, and focus on it each and every day, and that point is utterly meaningless and pointless. No one can plan out the rest of their life, and no one should. People should allow for spontaneity and freedom in their life. If you’re too entirely focused on the future, how could you possibly enjoy your present. Maybe a machine or an immortal being could make the time for this, but for the average person, they don’t think like that. It’s all about how do I minimize suffering and maximize positivity and improvement in the now, contrary to setting up a goal for your whole life. Because that simply wouldn’t make anyone happy, there exists no goal on Earth a person can formulate that would take a lifetime to achieve, and no goal that would present them satisfaction by the end of it. If you’re constantly planning ahead, then there is at no point your life will be at peace since there would be no end to the mayhem. It’s better to live in the now ost of the time, and in the past and future only visit occasionally. And the video was also contradictory to the mantra in the beginning of the video. “Shit happens, immediately move on.” Overall, the video seemed like a nice idea on the surface but his views were inherently flawed. I’m sure as hell if this guy had a life-plan, he wouldn’t be preaching to sickly people in a room where the walls are so thin that you can hear cars from outside. He seems a bit hypocritical in that sense.

  45. This video is about being in control of one’s own path. One is in charge of their own destiny, and the choices and decision one makes, leads them to their future. One should attempt to make conscious decisions and be aware that it could potentially largely negatively or positively impact their lives. Though, to me this is a very stressful way of thinking, and I try to make the best choices possible but sometimes I slip up, in which everyone does because we are human.

    Thinking about the future can be a very beautifully yet scary thing. There are so many possible outcomes, and for the most part, what my life will become is up to me. Though it doesn’t entirely feel like it yet, because I am still going to school, and still under the rules of my parents, I realistically have so much control over my life because I am the only person that can make what I want come true. However there is still so much not in my control. There’s always the potential of hurdles we must face that get in the way of our goals. Focusing on the bad that could happen is not the proper way to live life because then we will always be in fear when we could be experiencing the many beauties of life.

    The possibility of having a great future is what motivates me daily, because I am one day closer to doing what I wish with myself. It’s hard to stay optimistic at times and I admit that I often get into a negative mindset and begin to overthink. I believe if I stay positive, continue making good choices and setting goals for myself, I will be in control of my future, and it will be a bright one.
    Abby Collins

  46. People talk about living in the moment, enjoy the now because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But in the video, he is saying that we need to have a plan, to think about the future. That what we do now is just a seed we are planting towards Nagayama – one singular goal.

    Ashwin Mohan talks about life goals, having a clear plan for who and where you want to be, not just next week or next month, but in 50 years, 100 years. It is a little daunting to think that an action or decision made today is going to be a building block or foundation for the next 50 plus years. It is scary to believe that the choice you make today will affect your future. But that is me looking at it from a negative perspective.

    A long time ago I made the decision to go to college and get my degree. I knew it would take a long time. I had to take classes while working two full-time jobs. So that one decision, and with the end goal in mind, I have been able to visualize my timeline more than the next five years.

    I think this is about more than one thought seeding your future. It is about when you do something, do it with everything you have, invest your whole self, whether it is opening a jar of pickles or planning a significant life change. This idea of a timeline will also give you purpose, something to strive for. But looking 50 years into the future, you’re not going to know the exact path that will lead you there. Plans change, pathways get blocked, alternate trails open. We have to be flexible and forgiving of ourselves while continuing to keep our eye on the timeline.

    Pashupatinath, Nath Parampara Adhikari. “Nagayama.” YouTube, YouTube, 11 Feb. 2015,

    Polly Hunt
    Monday 6:30 PM Class

  47. I absolutely love Nath’s intro- the fact he said the mantra he sort of lives by and which helped him learn what he knows now is “shit happens, immediately move on”. Having a timeline of about five years, the longer the better, is needed for the body due to its creation of vitality; without knowing this, this could make the body sick. This is called having a vision, because without vision one is weak.

    Can everything you do during your time be one’s foundation for which something continually grows? Nath’s answers to this question is that one must be able to be carried forward with a vision that has the ability to be consistent and see the next fifty years, even more.

    Growth is another mantra that must be followed and understood due to the fact that you must be a seed; something which is always growing. Each moment is a seed for the next moment. Nath says depression is simply a lack of the individual not having a timeline. Not being able to see your future behavior or goals causes a lack of serotonin.

  48. Early on I was intrigued on a certain thing he had said. While discussing the mantra ‘Om shit happens, get over it quick.” He mentions that Om means the waking world, the sleeping world and the dreaming world. I never Knew this but thing it is interesting how much the phonetics of the words have meaning. Each sound that makes up Om is important.

    I like the idea of envisioning the future and the impact that it might have on the future. I think it is certainly very wise and true that we focus too much on little things that are pointless to worry about and stress over. This practice certainly focuses on the bigger picture which I agree is very important.

  49. This video is of Ashwin Mohan discussing the importance of creating a future plan for oneself and setting goals. He says that planning out the next five years of life is an key to being successful in life. He believes that having distinct goals to achieve helps the body to create energy, and that energy is used in conquering that goal. He opens the discussion with a quote; “shit happens, immediately move on.” This sets the stage for the ultimate point that he is making — that it is unhealthy to dwell on things, and that the best way to be productive and healthy is to look forward.

    While I mostly agree with the sentiment here, I can’t but also disagree. On one hand, I think that the core idea of looking forward and setting goals for oneself is very important. If one does not have ambitions or things to strive for, then it will be very difficult for them to grow as individuals and expand on their own abilities. The way that Mohan talks about energies, and the way that they form in the body to make it more capable when goals are made is very interesting, and I definitely believe that having those things to look ahead to brings motivation.

    On the other hand, however, I feel that one cannot always plan for the future. Often in life, things change rapidly, and very few things last for a long time. The lack of constants make planning for the future difficult, and even unhelpful. I think a big part of being happy and content in life is to be able to feel at peace in the moment, and if one is always striving to meet goals, that contentedness isn’t being met either. At the end of the day, there is a middle ground between looking ahead and being content in the present moment that can be reached, and I think that is the smartest course of action.

    -Josh Sandler, Monday 6:30 class.

  50. I enjoyed this video and his analogy to make it easier to understand but I had some questions regarding naga vayu. I understand that its a way to try and fortify yourself for the future. In by doing so you’re setting yourself up for any obstacles in which you might face. By focusing all your resources on one goal you’re much more likely to overcome it. My question for vitality and seeing it for the next 50 years as a base for what to come is, when do we use our vitality? Are we always supposed to look towards the future without living in the present? If we’re constantly looking forward, when do we appreciate the now.

    I loved his statement “You are the God that creates the next 50 years”. He is right, we create our own destiny, we choose in which way to live, in which way to love, and in which ways to be happy. Obviously there are outsides forces that try to change that for us but if we have planned for 50 years then these forces are so minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

    Boris Yanez

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