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HarmonizingFingers▶ Finger Tips: Jin Shin Jyutsu – YouTube.

I am sharing here about The Finger Holds an energy and emotion balancing technique that is safe, simple and effective.  This is from the Jin Shen Jyutsu Practice developed in Japan and it is a kin to Reiki in that it is subtle, safe and uses the hands, [there are a few different spellings of the practice].  It is related to yoga in that it is an energy balancing technique that uses breathing, nadis (energy channels) similar to mudras.  I came to learn about this practice due to friends who keep leading me to more wonderful enriching experiences and I might add all quite innocently.  However, there is an Isha connection….when at an Isha Pooja (at Judit’s home) I met a meditator friend (Anu) who let me know of another friend who was going to hold a Memorial Service for her Mother (Anju).  I attended the Memorial for selfish and friendship reasons; selfish in that it was almost the one year anniversary of my own Sister’s Mahasamadhi and that I wanted to get to know and give tribute to my new friend’s Mother.  While there I met Anju’s sister Hema who is an Acupuncturist and Healer.  Around the same time someone who I know was experiencing serious health issues and not responding to any advice given.  I suddenly remembered meeting Hema who instantly revealed herself to be a quite powerful, dynamic, well-informed and graceful Healer, just with a glance and conversation.  So……I was able to bring the friend to receive treatment from Hema who I thought would administer acupuncture but instead she applied Jin Shen Jyutsu! I was unaware of this Practice, but felt it would be safe as I had complete trust in Hema, but within about twenty minutes I witnessed with my own eyes a transformation within my friend’s entire physical and emotional being that was nothing less than remarkable! It was a different type of therapy wherein I was able to sit in the treatment area and witness the process, Hema had given me some Jin Shen literature to review and I did start to review but while it was a dark evening somehow the room was lit up when the transformation occurred and I was agog with wonder.  I have since this first encounter had a couple of meetings with Hema for more specific personal orientation and information.  I have also spent a bit of time reading the recommended elementary books that Hema made reference to and I have shared this with several groups:  different Senior Citizens chair yoga sessions, a Girls Teen Club, Yoga friends and students.  Every group had a positive and immediate noticeable experience.  I might add that this is a very safe practice that everyone and anyone can apply and share with others.  There is of course training courses and workshops with certifications, [The Finger Holds are just one of many Jin Shen Jyutsu practices] but I find it such a gift that there are safe, basic and easy practices we can all share.  So please do watch the video and try it out for yourself, you can practice while going to sleep, (do know,  not mentioned in the video, if you cannot sleep, try holding your left thumb while breathing) or any time, just don’t try it while driving or operating equipment!  Also, parents can apply for their young children/babies (use opposite hands) and CareGivers too!  Thanks again for Youtube and Pam Doremus of Peaceful Spirit for making this Video.  Thanks to Binita for hosting last summer’s Party that got these friendship connections incubating.  I do feel quite rich in that I have been fortunate to have a circle of wonderful, knowledgeable, caring people who share not only good times, good vibrations, but ways to live well, some say “have long life” but is it not better to live with optimal wellness? In Gratitude, OM

n.b. I shared here the network of friends and instances that occurred to share that one of the blessings of a yogic culture is to form friendships that are rewarding and how these informal and formal satsangs benefit all aspects of our lives….your family members may not practice or care about your yoga, but as you deepen your practice and cultivate a wider circle of dedicated Yoginis and Yogis everyone who is in your life may also benefit from the knowledge and energy you harvest.  I also, always try to give a nod of thanks to All who I learn from out of respect for their teachings and to acknowledge what they share with me is valued, Namaste. 

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  1. Namaste beloved, I just stumbled across this as well and I started from YouTube with a man from Germany and my mind was wide open I can’t stop playing with my hands as well as Rh-Top of head.and so forth I began learning about the feet as well reiki just Don’t cut it for me.As I am trying to find anyone that can certify me here in Atlanta,Ga.I may have to travel for th his training but it’s worth it to get results in 5-20 mins.

    • Hello, yes there are trainings given in Arizona at the Jin Shen headquarters throughout the year, as well different sites across the USA, the host site must have a long term certified person to sponsor. Try to find a Practitioner in your area from the website and they can clue you into when workshops are given locally and when they may attend distant trainings. There are a few good books that have lots of info for self-help and my favorite is: “Health is in your Hands” by Waltraud Riegger-Krause, it has an info packed little book but cards that describe all the points and so much info, my favorite Practitioner loves this set and now I have come to value it as well, best wishes, Namaste OM

  2. We did the finger tip jin shin jyutsu in class and I enjoyed it a lot. I could feel the pulse of my hands and really felt like I was connecting with the emotions. During this time around and before in class I felt I had the most focus towards my ring finger for sadness and grief.
    Internally I have been very good at expressing my emotions. I don’t have denial or try to hide things from myself. But sadness and grief is an emotion commonly shown externally and physically. So if I am in front of people, I would stifle my sadness. Even at funerals I refuse to cry in the presence of others and I hate to seem weak. Clearing through this emotion was a relief to know that it is ok to cry and talk about your feeling especially if front of people who love and want to help you.

  3. Madeline Bodendorf

    From the beginning of the video, I was surprised at how many people probably use Jin Shin Jyutsu without even knowing it, even children. As embarrassing as it is, I sucked my thumb for a very long time and I as a child really believed it helped me sleep most nights. I thought that the saying “wild flowers ask silly things” was kind of too silly, so I like remembering it by get rid of Worry F.A.S.T.

    When we were first going over this hand chart, I was extremely skeptical. I didn’t understand how holding a finger would get rid of worry or even sadness. This just seemed too good to be true to me. However, as we’ve been discussing mindfulness and self-awareness, I believe it is worth the try to practice this as it can’t hurt anyway. I’d like to share this video with my mother who also enjoys practicing yoga twice a week. She’s 42 years old and last year decided to go back to school to study nutrition and physical therapy as well as personal training. I think she would benefit from this video because her as a mother already goes through enough emotions and along with her stress at school I think this video would help her a lot.

    This week, so far (it is Wednesday) I have done IK twice but I plan to do it tonight as well as every day for the rest of the week. I enjoy this cooler weather because I can get cozy for IK and get deeper into the relaxation.

  4. I thought this video was very informative on the very interesting topic of Jin Shin Jyutsu. It does seem like a strange concept when one first hears of it because of its simplicity, but I think it definitely does come with benefits if you are open to them. I think Pam does a good job in explaining this concept. One particular strategy that stood out to me was comparing our body’s energies through this practice with turning lights on and off in a house. This enabled me to imagine the process better. She also included her personal experiences with this method while she was teaching her son how to drive.
    I have tried this a couple times before and I can say it has helped me. However, I was never quite positive about what finger helps what. I know now which finger to focus on in different situations. I have done these steps in times of anxiety and/or fear. I think this is a very convenient way of healing energy because it can be done anywhere at any time you have your two hands available.

  5. When we completed the Finger Holds practice in class last week, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was immersed in it. I did feel calmer due to our sitting in silence and physically embracing ourselves, but I did not feel a connection between the individual fingers and the energies they were associated with. That might be because it was my first time being introduced to this exercise and I was consistently awaiting your instructions on the matter. After having been exposed to it, I’m sure if I were to go ahead and practice the Finger Holds again, I would be more prone to its benefits.
    Prior to this, I had no idea each of our fingers represented the energies of our negative traits. Even though these negative traits aren’t the most pleasing experiences to have, they balance us out as human beings. The art and practice of yoga is a manifestation of this balance. Channeling these energies entails comprehending the source of them at a particular time and balancing out the good and bad. By creating this balance within yourself, one would be able to go about their day in a more stress free manner. Balance results in positivity.
    Not only does yoga harness this balance, but utilizes it to your benefit by spreading the positivity throughout your whole body. Although, with Finger Holds specifically you are able to practice it anywhere. All you need is concentration and your hands. It’s an exercise that is quick, simple, and effective. I find that some gravitate towards finger holding automatically without knowing its ties to yoga. Retaining peace throughout your own body is detrimental to living a healthy and happy life which nowadays seems to be much harder to achieve than one would like. With a simple practice like Finger Holds, obtaining this contentment within yourself seems so much easier and to me, that feels very comforting.

    This week I was only able to complete the Isha Kriya four times because I will be attending New York Comic Con over the weekend. Being there for the entirety of the weekend, I have a tendency every year to get so caught up in the excitement that I was only able to complete the IK during the school week while I was on campus (prior to Thursday). But when I did do it, I found myself continuing to do it right before bed in order to go to sleep refreshed even though I had gone through a whole day.

  6. Wow, this video gave a very good description of what each finger was to understand the process better. I watched another video by someone who showed it being done but did not explain what energy of emotion was which. I thought this video made it so much easier to grasp the concepts of the finger tips. When I used these tips in stressful situations, it helped with my anxiety immensley. This was very useful and I could feel the pulse and control my emotions so much better than I could have ever imagined. I was holding my thumb for about two minutes to stop me from worrying and I was trying to worry but couldn’t, even if I tried to my mind wouldn’t let me. I will definately incorporate this into my daily relaxation and am going to tell every one about this!

    Over the past few weeks I have grown to practice the Isha Kriya at least five times a week. I have recognized more and more all the benefits such as sleeping easier at night and focusing more when I’m in class and do homework. After I started doing the Isha Kriya on almsot daily I have also become more conscious of how I am breathing durring my daily tasks. I have noticed that sometimes I find myself not breathing properly when I am anxious, nervous or stressed. When this happens I usually try to take deep breathings to regulate my energy and body and mind. This has definitley helped me relax more and keep my mind more at ease.

  7. I found this article to be incredibly helpful. Ever since we learned about this in class I have been using it ever since. I use it especially when I get nervous or when I need to focus. I have been given advice of other ways to overcome anxiety but none compare to this. By holding your finger and nose breathing you can really overcome a lot.

    • Wonderful you are using the finger holds regularly and achieving balance….this should give you tons to share and write about…please invest more time on your essays…

  8. This week’s journals really spoke to me, as I have taken part in two out of three articles before. As I had mentioned on the last article, I have used apple cider vinegar to assist in strengthening and lengthening my hair, and I have gotten rid of worry fast, as this article suggests. I reached out toward my professor one day after class concerning my anxiety, and she suggested that I use this practice whenever I am feeling overwhelmed. The following morning, I was experiencing some anxiety over going to class, and so I took a seat on the floor and began the practice. I can support that which is mentioned in the article about the plausible reaction, as I have experienced it myself. My breathing came easier and the butterflies left my stomach, and I felt lighter overall. I have continued this practice for a couple of weeks now, and I have noticed a physical and emotional difference in my everyday life.
    I feel this practice is similar to the Isha Kriya in the sense that you are focusing on the in breath and the out breath for set amounts of time. I find it hard to stay within myself for long periods of time because I dislike the person I am, and these processes have helped me stay focused without being alone with my thoughts. I am interested in learning more about these practices by reading the elementary books mentioned in the article, because I feel such a level will help me understand easier and progress faster. I am curious, however, if the light mentioned in the article was a legitimate light, or more of an emotional “ah-ha.” I do admit that I believe in higher powers and the supernatural, and so both occurrences seem plausible. I feel that this occurrence could be whatever you desire it to be, however, just as these practices suggest. We as people are all different, and these practices move along the same line as the effects are different for everyone.
    As I mentioned above, I see the resemblance and the tie between the fingertips practice and the Isha Kriya. I have completed the Isha Kriya eight times this week, more than I often have because I have a wedding at the end of the week that is bringing me stress. I used to complete the practice at night because it would help me sleep, but I found that the rest of the day was difficult for me to sit through. With that being said, I partook in the practice one morning and noticed a difference in my anxiety levels throughout my classes. I then proceeded to continue the practice in the morning, occasionally completing it at night when I found it particularly difficult to fall asleep. This week, I began completing the Isha Kriya in the morning before my early classes, and then after my latest class, because I feel that the two different parts of the day are very different in regard to having or not having classes. I have noticed a severe decline with my anxiety and stress levels, and believe that I have begun testing better because I focus on my breath instead of the negative thoughts swirling around in my head. I am interested to see of the long term effects the Isha Kriya and the fingertip practice have on my emotional being, even after the yoga class has ended.

    • So wonderful that you have seriously applied your Ik and finger holds and have had such remarkable success in a short time…if you keep up your practices you will be so much further along the Path, happily…OM

  9. In watching this video, I found it interesting that even children can pick up on the calming benefits of holding fingers in Jin Shin Jyutsu. It helps to have a healing technique that you can take on the go with you and that is pretty undetectable by others. I have high levels of anxiety, so I often find myself holding onto my thumb or my index finger. I do this in class often and it has calmed me before or after an exam. In practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu, I have found peace in my mind while sitting and focusing on my breathing. By feeling the pulses in my fingers I am assured that I am calm and safe and that the energies in my body and flowing to the places that are beneficial to my own peace. I have found this practice very helpful in finding peace anywhere that I am feeling anxious.

  10. As a way to balance energy, I find the Jin Shin Jyutsu to be an incredible technique. Like the Isha Kriya, the practice is a way of connected physical self with the metaphysical self. We often forget that the mind and body are connected very intricately. If, for whatever reason, we lose sight of that, the effects are difficult to bounce back from. I know that if I do not remind myself to perform the Isha Kriya, for instance, I experience a floating sensation, an unpleasant disconnect from my body. I am listless, and impatient, and cannot perform everyday tasks as efficiently as I would like. I have since practiced the Jin Shin Jyutsu since we learned about it in Yoga class, and find that the re-circulation of energy I get afterwards to be incredibly. As the women in the video explains, energy is like blood in the way it runs through the body. I find this to be a way of purifying my own energy, refocusing myself, and becoming a better me.

    I plan to share this video/information with my mother. She is an all together very put-together woman. She does not often let things get her down, and is very active both mentally and physically, now more than ever. However, her job can sometimes cause her unnecessary stress. She is a civil servant, working now for nearly 20 years at a job I know she is over-qualified for. The petty, little things that she is confronted with on a daily basis wear her down. I know she is a strong person, but I do not think she always knows how to process her feelings, especially when stress can flare them up. I believe that practicing the Jin Shin Jyutsu will be a welcome addition during her work day. I am sure that when times get tough, and she feels flustered and impatient, as I know she sometimes does, this practice will be a safe and healthy way to process those feelings.

    As for my IK, I have practice four times so far this week. Though I have not noticed much change in my practice–for instance, I still find my mind wondering–I have found several more latent effects taking shape when I am not performing the IK. Particularly, I feel my breathing patterns changing. I am a runner–not for a team, but just for exercise outdoors– and I have often had trouble controlling my breathe if I haven’t been keeping up with my normal regiment of going out at least every other day. As I have been busy these last few weeks, I have had to skip a few days at the gym, and runs have been more sporadic.However, when I was able to get out there on the road this week, I found that my breathing was infinitely more controlled than I could have expected had I not been practicing this IK. Having a deep, strong lung capacity is very important for me, as I am trying to push my distance each time I run. Therefore, I am happy to be witnessing the benefits of such an all-around great practice.

  11. I am extremely interested in expanding my knowledge on energy and emotion balancing techniques. Techniques which make use of the fingers are of particular interest as they are an easy “go to” in testing situations. The narrator speaks of the fascinating ways in which energy flows throughout the body and pursue life & our asanas, and compares the body to a home with electricity running throughout.

    Truthfully I have never considered my fingers as sources of comfort or healing. After learning the benefits of grasping individuals fingers in a previous classroom lesson, I began grasping individual fingers in hopes in would benefit the body parts discussed in class- I am both grateful & enlightened to learn the benefits to consciousness that these simple practices can have. I look forward to contemplating the emotional benefits of grasping my fingers following my practice, and considering how else it may help me.

    I am curious to do further research and wonder if these are valid sources?



    It is interesting to consider how much power we have to heal ourselves- As mentioned in a previous comment, we are so frequently told that we “need” unnecessary products when in fact we have access to optimum health within ourselves and our body. I found the most relieving thing I could do during sickness was yoga- class was so helpful in relieving any aches and centering my mind. Thank you!

  12. I am extremely interested in expanding my knowledge on energy and emotion balancing techniques. Techniques which make use of the fingers are of particular interest as they are an easy “go to” in testing situations. The narrator speaks of the fascinating ways in which energy flows throughout the body and pursue life & our asanas, and compares the body to a home with electricity running throughout.

    Truthfully I have never considered my fingers as sources of comfort or healing. After learning the benefits of grasping individuals fingers in a previous classroom lesson, I began grasping individual fingers in hopes in would benefit the body parts discussed in class- I am both grateful & enlightened to learn the benefits to consciousness that these simple practices can have. I look forward to contemplating the emotional benefits of grasping my fingers following my practice, and considering how else it may help me.

    I am curious to do further research and wonder if these are valid sources?



    It is interesting to consider how much power we have to heal ourselves- As mentioned in a previous comment, we are so frequently told that we “need” unnecessary products when in fact we have access to optimum health within ourselves and our body. I found the most relieving thing I could do during sickness was yoga- class was so helpful in relieving any aches and centering my mind. Thank you! This week I practiced the Isha Kriya every day. The Isha Kriya removed me temporarily from my cold and helped me focus/clear my mind. The Isha Kriya helps me at the end of the day as it can be a moment of reflection and respect for myself.

  13. Aliena Ali

    I think these Jin Shin Jyutsu fingertips techniques are quite similar to the power pose techniques. I find them to be similar because just as energy runs through the body when in a presumed ‘power pose,’ energy also runs from the fingertips to a specific organ system. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I often do these power poses that help me immensely. Therefore, I had a lot of faith that these fingertip techniques would also do a great deal for my anxiety. I tried on two separate occasions gripping my thumb and ring finger, on those days when I was anxious and sad. I found a bit of relief in doing both of these. My body’s overall response to doing both of these was relaxation. Although my thoughts were with my problems, my body felt a bit more at ease. Of course, I feel as though I would need a lot more practice in doing these fingertip techniques before I can reap its benefits.

    Also, I found it so interesting the comment about babies finding comfort in sucking their thumbs being linked to soothing their worries. I had absolutely no idea that all babies instinctively use this technique for soothing themselves, nor would I have even thought to question why this is.

  14. The Jin Shin Jyutsu video inspired me to focus on my energy. I always believed energy was a like aura, but the video made a comparison that energy in our bodies are like a house. You have to maintain it and nourish it. There needs to be balance and flow of energy running through our bodies. She mentions that these energies can get down or open and we need to recharge it.

    There are five energies in our hands that matches our feelings. The thumb symbolizes worry. Index represents fear. As for our ring, it means grief or guilt. Lastly, our pink finger signifies low self-esteem. Whenever you are experiencing this feeling, you choose a finger. You hold it gingerly and breathe. By holding onto your fingers, it restores energy healing and completes the circuit.

    I did not realize I have been doing the Jin Shin Jyutsu all this time. When I was a kid, I used to hold onto my father’s index finger. I remember I was in Disneyland, it was just a habit to linger onto his finger as we are walking but I remember feeling secure. It felt a circuit with a father and daughter. I even see babies hold onto their parent’s index finger as well. It comes very naturally. I experienced calmness and togetherness with oneself and others.

    I practiced the Isha Kriya 5 times. I shared the Isha Kriya with my friend who seemed to be stressed out all the times, figured this would help. All five in the morning due to my sinuses and light-headiness. Just breathing in deeply in silence makes me feel hopeful. I feel confident in myself, along with patience. I think about how to plan my day and it can become stressful sometimes, so doing the Isha Kriya helped me channel my emotions and energies.

  15. Therapy has become a huge part of our culture. It comes in many forms: art therapy, traditional mental/emotional therapy, etc. The one I’d like to focus on however, is physical therapy and its forms. In this post we are reintroduced to the concept of finger holds, and their benefits on the body. It reminded me of another form of physical holistic therapy: Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, or EFT Tapping. The two forms are very similar; they have the individual carry out an action that has the body react in a relaxed and soothing manner. They help to put the body in a different state and put our minds at ease.
    One of the main points that Jin Shin Jyutsu speaks about is the concept of energy. In the video, Pam Doremus states, “Energy runs through your body, just like blood.” With the practice, we are attempting to pull our energy away from the negative aspects of what we may be feeling, through physicality. The thumb, index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers represent these five emotions respectively: Worry, fear, anger, sadness, and “trying to…” or low self-esteem. By holding onto each finger for roughly two to five minutes until you feel the pulse of energy in each finger, we help to center ourselves and relieve our stress. (Don’t forget to breathe!)
    As previously stated, EFT Tapping is rather similar in its aim. However, EFT takes on a more verbal approach, with you tapping on certain pressure points while you voice what is ailing you. The pressure points are: the top of the head, the eyebrow, the side of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, your chin, and your collarbone. You do light taps on those areas, while repeating a phrase of your choice. For example, you find that you are anxious about a final you have. Beginning with the top of your head, you would lightly tap there while repeating the phrase, “I am anxious about my test,” or some variation of that phrase. Repeating this phrase while going to the other pressure points, it is recommended that you cycle through at least one more time. Lastly, you will do a more affirmative cycle, wherein you would say something along the lines of, “I will pass this test tomorrow,” while cycling. After you’re done with this cycle, you gauge your feeling. Depending on how you feel, you may decide to do it again.
    Both these methods can be said to be highly beneficial. They help one feel more in control of their bodies and how they choose to respond to stimuli. Whether it is the time taken to actively relax, the practices themselves, or a combination of both, both are truly something to experience at least once during a rough time. I plan to share this video with a family friend Keisha specifically, as she was the one to introduce me to EFT. My IK practice has seen a notable change, as I am able to relax and focus more. I feel myself going into myself, and keeping outside distractions at bay. I feel better in my body.

  16. The Jin Shin Jyutsu began in Japan. Basically connecting every finger on your hands is connected to some sort of worrying feeling in your mind affecting your body. It basically says in the blog that the process/treatment isn’t long and hard,but something to calm the mind. The video talks about how each and every finger connects to the worry it is connected to in the picture above. Thus technique can be taught to anyone. Some people do it without knowing. It says that the finger connection is due to certain energies in a person’s body.
    I will share this video with my friend Emmanuel and some family members. I’m going to share it with my friend Emmanuel because he has a lot going on at the moment. With some of my family members because of work issues or how some of them want to sort their life together and I think this would be a great video and blog for them to see and read.
    I did the IK 6 times this week. Once between classes on Monday. Twice on Tuesday so I could focus on my work. Twice on Thursday between and after classes because I felt like I needed to so I could calm myself down a bit. Once on Friday around 6:00 pm just to do it since it feels like it’s starting to become a routine.

  17. This video very concisely delivers the instructions on how to do the finger holds, as well as real life applications. I also watched her follow up video in which she answered questions people had about the finger holds, and a bit at the end of that video illustrates the web of shared information, similar to your experience of hearing about it from a friend of a friend and sharing it with someone who you thought might find it useful. This concept of a community of shared information inspired me to think about how I could be passing on this technique to any number of people who might find it useful. For instance, every Monday after yoga class I call my mom to tell her a bot about my day and hear the latest family shenanigans. I tend to give her a very brief overview of the class and how im feeling afterwards compared to how I was feeling before, but i mostly tell her about myself because that’s what shes interested in. After watching the videos and reading the blog post, I think it might be beneficial to share this and other yogic practices with her. Anxiety runs in my family and affects the entire line of women on my mother’s side of the family tree. I’ve been using the finger holds to minimize some of my anxiety, and just like the same medications have been effective, perhaps the same practices will.

    I did my Isha Kriya 4 times this week so far, still alone in my room, and I’ve noticed that i’ve become more mindful of my breathing throughout the day.

    • Thank you for sharing your yoga and this video with others in your family. When we find something of value and share it with others in our lives it helps to reinforce, and keep it going….and remember every time we practice any of the tools it creates memory and builds on what we have already placed in our memory banks….best wishes…OM

  18. Reading & watching the video about the “Finger Tip” practice inspired me to share the finger tip practice with people I knew could benefit from it. The first person I shared this link with was my professor Joshua Lutz who is practicing Buddhist. Joshua has been a mentor to me in more ways then what he is required to teach me about photography. He pushed me to look inwards through self reflection and how photography can assist on my life’s journey. While babysitting his children this week I shared with this practice that he wasn’t aware of and I am looking forward to seeing how he has implemented it in his spiritual journey. Another person I knew would benefit from this practice is my best friend Alix. Alix struggles with depression and anxiety like myself. Although she exercises and meditates she is still struggling to find her inner peace much like the rest of us. I sent her this link in order to enlighten her to different practices that can be easily done in everyday life. Sharing practices such as the finger tip practices, that can be accessible to anyone as well as a rational method of growth and prosperity is just as important as implementing them in our own journey.

    The video explains the finger tip practice through the symbol of your body being a house & the fingers as the light switches. Depending on what finger tip you hold, produces a benefit whether or not you feel a pulse. On Thursday I had a difficult exam, following my morning meditation I began to hold my thumb (worry) and pointer finger (fear). Although, I could not feel a pulse through my hands the entire duration of time I had been holding the fingers my approach to my exam was calm and mindful. This benefited the state of mind I had while walking toward the exam room, rather than worried with thoughts of doubt I began to think about how well I was going to do. The confidence I held during the exam allowed me to concentrate on the exam itself rather than the stress of completing the test on time.

    My practice of Isha Kriya this week was not as implemented as it usually is. This week I practiced only four times at night time which led to not positive results. Morning meditation really sets the tone for my entire day, in a positive manner. Although I did sleep better I didn’t feel myself coming to higher self reflections but rather going back to destructive behaviors. Also I did not spend enough time with the Isha Kriya like I usually do. Only spending ten minutes before bed was not allowing my conscious to have enough time to truly indulge in the process. To change this I have made sure my alarms are early enough to allow at least thirty minutes of meditation without having to rush in order to get to class and start my day.

    • Thanks for sharing the Finger Tips video with others! Your serious and honest approach to your IK practice will take you safely ahead, continue to listen to your inner self and follow, OM

  19. I really enjoyed this practice when we did it in class a few weeks ago, and I found it very beneficial very quickly at the time. I am glad to have watched this video so I can more clearly understand the representations and connections my fingers have to each emotion. I find this just as relieving and therapeutic as the Isha Kriya, as it gives me a similar feeling of restored energy and focus.

    I would love to share this with my mother and father, as I think they would both benefit from the easy almost immediate gratification that these finger exercises can bring. My mother and I both feel and handle our emotions very similiarly and I feel that she could benefit from this as much as I have when I have used it. So far I’ve found myself doing it in class and even at work, just taking a moment to focus on myself.

    Hands are a very important part of the body and they have so many connections to other aspects of the mind and body. Just once someone relieved my headache by rubbing a specific part of my thumb pad and inner palm. I have always paid a lot of care and attention to my hands, which is why I feel this exercise seems to come more naturally to me.

    This week I was able to do Isha Kriya 6 times, the most i’ve managed so far in a week. It has been very very pleasant to feel so accomplished but also to reap the benefits of better focus, posture and energy.

  20. “Energy runs through your body like blood.” That line which I took from the video resonates with me. Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Energy flows, and contagious. Bad/mixed energy can be transgressed negatively, so therefore I always try to surround myself with positive energy. I took the time to elaborate what energy means to me and why it’s important to always maintain a good/healthy energy.
    In this video I learned more about fingertips. We practice it in class once and at first I wasn’t getting the purpose or objective of it. After trying it a few more times and again with the video, I begin to feel the physical impact it has. The acronym WFAST or WorryFAST (Worry, Fear, Sadness, Trying-To), represents each finger, from thumb to pinky.
    As a theatre major and a leader on campus, I have many meetings, auditions, proposals etc.. I always find my self worrying or fearing the unknown even when I know in myself that I have did the work completely or that I know my monologue well enough not to worry, yet I still do.
    I mainly focused on my thumb, trying to lessen my worries/anxiety, which I occasionally have. When I first attempted it, I didn’t feel any effect physically overall. I found a quiet place where I was able able to focus more and breathe easy, and the outcome was good. I felt a pulse in my finger and a warmth feeling took over my body, which I interpreted as “being relaxed”
    It amazes me how simple things such as holding a finger can have tremendous effect on the body. or For just two-five minutes whenever I feel sad, angry, fearful or worry, I now know a way to help decrease that.

  21. Thank you for sharing this insight into the Jin Shin Jyutsu. To be honest, I was slightly skeptical of this practice and was unsure if it was going to have the intended effects. I think I was skeptical because into todays technological and media landscape we rarely hear about ways to meditate or tame our emotional side. Perhaps we don’t hear about practices like this very often because its not something that a great deal of money can be made from. Therefore our business centric society does not put a whole lot of focus on this kind of thing. I think I was unwittingly playing into that trope as I didn’t really think this type of thing could work for me.

    After trying the finger holding technique we learned early in the semester to help clam myself before a class presentation I realized it could work. We learned to hold certain fingers to help calm our nerves during a meeting in the gym classroom and I used it a few days after to help myself relax. I am continuing to focus on being more open minded about some of these alternative practices.

  22. After following the video, I felt like I was able to release a lot of the tension I hadn’t realized I’d been holding, especially in my arms and shoulders, and as a result I felt more physically relaxed afterwords. Even though I wasn’t feeling worried, sad, angry or afraid at the time I was watching the video, it still made me feel more relaxed and I hope I will be able to remember it and use it next time I am feeling one of the negative emotions.

    I have been trying to practice the IK almost every morning before my classes because I’ve found that it helps me to feel more focused throughout the day to have that moment to meditate in the morning. I also want to start doing the IK at night as well to see what the differences are and becuase I think that it might help me sleep better.

  23. So I have heard of acupuncture and I believe this practice to be fairly similar in its practice. Even acupuncture, from what I understand, can also involve the simple contact of fingers to pressure points instead of the body full of needles that everyone usually thinks of. Even so, I find some difficulty in realizing how much pressure is good. It makes me think of getting blood pressure taken at the doctor’s office, which I’ve had anxiety about (and yes I know this an extreme comparison).
    Upon doing this exercise for about ten minutes on Saturday, I have to say I did not feel much of a difference. Then again perhaps my judgment is clouded because I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday; my entire body is weak and it’s been impairing my regular workflow because it seems that everything is taking twice as long. I am trying to be open to this practice as it is very different from other forms of well-being that I usually practice.
    So after a decent rest, I tried the exercise again and I actually did have a change in mood (maybe it was also because I drank some detoxing tea beforehand?). I did succeed in banishing all of the worrying thoughts that usually swirl in my head every Sunday night and for the most part, this was effective. I think this could work in conjunction with the Kriya in balancing the mind to create a proper way of thinking for the upcoming week.
    In regards to the Kriya, the first time this week that I practiced was Saturday morning. This helped considerably with a headache I woke up with that morning (why do I always wake up with a headache on Saturdays?). It focused me for working during the day, which helped because later in the day I began realizing that a cold was developing in my system. I did not get to practice on Sunday because I was feeling under the weather and it took twice as long as it usually does to complete my homework for the weekend. I did manage however to complete the Kriya on this night before bed, even though the sore throat was a bit distracting.
    The second time I practiced was Monday evening. Horribly tragic day and I also woke to discover that my cold was worsening! Wonderful. So this particular practice was important because of all of the stress build-up. I did not get to practice the Kriya as often this week as I would’ve liked because the sickness I am now managing made a lot of normal tasks difficult, and on top of this I was very exhausted by the end of each day and only wished to go to bed and sleep it off. I will try to do it again tomorrow night depending on if my health improves. In the meantime, I have been drinking a lot of fluids and consuming a lot of homemade soup and tea.

  24. Apparently my moods have been fluctuating due to increasing levels of stress. I have noticed that I often grab my middle and ring finger in order to calm myself down. This increase in awareness helps with my inner peace because when I’m more aware of how I feel I become less afraid of it and therefore I am able to watch as it settles. My Isha Kryia practice has also been going well.
    Both practices will help me throughout the day. If I feel stressed, without making it noticeable, I can do the finger practice in order to not “go over the edge.” As for Isha Kryia I will also keep up with the daily practice. Both these practices are beneficial.
    Aside from initially meditating twenty minutes twice a day, the Isha Kriya and this finger practice are very important additions for working on “inner peace.” I’m glad I learned about both techniques.

    • Wonderful you are employing these practices. If you choose to use the Finger Holds daily, instead of when you feel stressed, then you will be balancing your energies and organ flows in such a way that you will find the negative emotions will subside greatly. Namaste

  25. It’s kind of crazy to feel the power of your body through pulses in such a small part like your fingers (the body is such a magical thing!). I tried this on all fingers but but thumb and ring finger were definitely the hardest to work through. I wasn’t feeling the pulse as strong and it was getting me down, but after a little bit I started to feel them! I took my mind off trying to figure out why I couldn’t feel the pulse and just let my mind wander to happier things. Soon enough it was there and I was really excited over it. I will continue it each day this week and keep track of the results an how easily/uneasily the pulses come.
    The IK has been going well! I’ve gotten back into my groove of doing it once a day again. It feels wonderful to be able to start the day with such a clean slate each time. I’ve been bogged down with stress and anxiety about school recently, however, so my mind hasn’t always been there. I’m trying my best each day though. My goal is to build it up to twice a day; I think that would be wonderful.

  26. I’ve actually been seeing this a lot lately. One of my facebook friends is a massage therapist and posts about it often. It seems fascinating. Especially the ones for headaches and low self esteem. To me headaches are cured by meds and low self esteem by time and waiting for a better day. I love the idea of a more natural and effective way to remedy these problems. Right now as I tried them I didn’t feel much effect because I feel good and very calm already having just left yoga class, but in the future I’m excited to try it when I’m more in need. I would also love to try these practices in class if possible.

    As for the Isha Kriya I’m not sure if it’s working too well for me. I haven’t felt much wild change except my breathing is stronger. I’ve actually been feeling particularly stiff, but that could be from my running which occasionally leaves me sore and maybe less flexible. I also don’t have many people to share this with since most of my friends have zero interest. I do however have one friend in your Monday class and perhaps I could practice with her or talk to her about it.

    • Remember the best way to put something to good practice is to do it regularly and not wait for a time when pain or illness has set in. When done regularly, one will find less incidence of illness and some find with regular overall practice that they can eradicate many conditions completely. Having stronger breathwork is a powerful benefit, it means your lungs are stronger and able to hold oxygen longer, some people have to use an oxygen tank to get this result. I hope you may re-visit your decision and find it to be major. There is a sauna in the locker room that may help your sore muscles. Anytime you choose to practice with another the benefits multiple, so go for it, OM

  27. I quite enjoyed this practice when we were given an introduction to it in class last week. Initially when you had mentioned that a man (who I regret I cannot recall the name of) healed himself of an ailment through this practice, I must admit I found myself a little doubtful. However, I found I actually felt much better physically and mentally afterwards. I decided the next day to give it a try on my own before beginning a practice session with my instrument as I have a lot of issues with shoulder tension a stiff elbow that inhibit me from having a relaxed and smooth bow arm (I play a string instrument) that I should have. This is an issue my instructor and I have been trying to work out for quite some time. Who would have thought that a non-musical practice could have solved so many of my problems? I tried the finger holds and found myself so relaxed and my bow arm was exactly how it should be! I had a lesson the a few days later with my instructor and he noticed the drastic and positive change that had taken place. Perhaps at my next lesson I will share this practice with him as I have found to be a valuable tool to better my craft.


    • Wonderful! I can show you some more specific holds to free and release shoulder tension, just ask before or after class, and yes keep sharing these practices with your teachers and fellow musicians! Why should anyone suffer needlessly? OM

  28. The 5 finger hold is something I think can be affective to everyone. I think it’s most affective when you’re not trying to focus on what’s really worrying you or upsetting you. Also, if you’re not thinking about if it’s working or not.
    When we did it in class last week, I was in such a bothered state that I was just doing it because my instructor was telling us to do it. But as I watched in the YouTube video and as our instructor told us, we usually hold our fingers when we’re anxious or worried or mad. When I get worried I don’t hold my fingers but I wiggle them or play with them.
    Now that I know this technique, I will learn what each finger means and how holding each finger can help you. I will use this to my advantage next time I am stressed out or upset about something.

    • The better way to employ your Finger Holds practice is to do it daily and it will help you use your energy in a positive way instead of choosing to respond to situation emotionally, which in turn will balance the energy flow to your organs.

  29. I like that this practice is something very simple and easy. I am able to do it anywhere and anytime without standing out and looking weird. I am looking forward to using this technique quite often and possibly daily. This is also something I can tell family and friends to try when they are constantly busy. Something that won’t take anybody out their comfort zone and would make them easily become interested in the practice of yoga. I am interested to see how my energy changes while doing the Jin Shin Jyutsu practice. To see how I progress in dealing with certain situations and how I am able to control and deal with my emotions. When we tried this practice in Yoga class I did notice most of my fingers gave an immediate pulse on my left hand, but on my right hand my pulse was very slight or I wasn’t able to feel it. If we did try it for its full time I might have felt something. Is there a difference when you can feel the pulse better in one hand than the other? When I am not able to feel the pulse does that mean I need to work on that emotion, or does it mean that emotion is what I am currently feeling?

    • It suggests that your energy may be stagnant, or reversed, but it’s a great sign that your left fingers pulse could be detected. With all new things we need to apply regularly so that we can get the energy moving, just keep doing the practice and try to allow at least five minutes for each finger until all ten fingers register a pulse, then you may drop back to 3 minutes. Remember to breathe while doing your Finger Holds practice.

  30. It’s interesting that a simple exercise such as focusing pressure point and using the five finger hold can affect a person substantially. I think it was surprisingly very effective and I did feel a sense of calm in a different way with each finger. I think that because we did this in class as well it gave me a better understanding as how it can be used, what each finger represents and how we can learn to reduce our anxieties and stressors for ourselves. I honestly didn’t think I would really feel anything or an immediate difference at all, but the truth is that I did and I am definitely going to take this on into my own life and use it. I myself struggle with a lot of anxiety and I do feel a sudden calm ounce using the five finger exercise. I really enjoyed this because it shows the type of powerful natural ways your body can heal, ways that we are not even aware of in our societies. We are certainly taught of medicated options or other options that may affect us negatively in the long run, but overall this is the better route because this is an exercise that anyone could take anywhere. I’m happy to learn about this technique because it will be used in my daily life now, I appreciate how much this helps me.

  31. “Energy runs through your body, just like blood.” I find this video to be fascinating. Each finger is connected to a specific organ system in your body as well as to an emotion. It was interesting to learn what each finger does. By just applying pressure or simply just touching a finger, you can not only relieve tension in the body, but ease a certain emotion you have been feeling. We often see how a simple touch, like rubbing your temples with your finger can improve or cure a headache. When I used this technique while I was in a stressful situation, it helped me immensely. Initially I didn’t see any results but after a little while, my stress slowly started to melt away. I will definitely be incorporating this into my practice. People often forget that the mind and body are connected. So much can be cured right in the palm of our hands! I plan to share this video with a friend of mine, who deals with a lot of stress on a daily basis. I know that this practice will be a healthy way for her to process her feelings and be able to relax.

  32. The video details a yoga practice known as Jin Shin Jyutsu, that involves the energy in one’s fingers. Essentially, the practice asserts the idea that each finger works as an energy center for five central feelings; worry, fear, anger, sadness, and trying to, meaning difficulty in putting effort into something. By holding each of these fingers individually and breathing for two to five minutes, one will eventually be able to feel the energy pulsating in that finger. The practice is meant to aid in the regulation of these feelings throughout the body.

    I thought the video and essay were really simple, easy to understand, and did a great job in convincing me that the exercise should be tried. The Wild Flowers Ask Silly Things anagram, for example, is a smart and easy way to remember the energy meaning of each finger. I think the inclusion of your personal experience with Jin Shin Jyutsu in the essay was also helpful, as it detailed the experience of performing the action, something the video didn’t do. Because of that, I had a better idea of what to expect going into the exercise.

    Much like the other practices and philosophies we have discussed in class, Jin Shin Jyutsu is only as effective as you are receptive to it. I am starting to find that if there is no desire to regulate and improve one’s own life and emotions on their own, these practices will have no results. There is a reason that the tutorials say that they “aid” in their goal, and are not a solution in and of itself. I myself haven’t noticed a stronger regulation over my worrying and complacency until a few days into performing the exercise, and now that I am considering it, it is clear that my own personal desire to improve is what fuels the change, and the Jin Shin Jyutsu is just a way to channel that fuel.

  33. Prior to our class Monday night, I had never heard of the Jin Shin Jyutsu fingertips technique. I once read somewhere online that blowing on your thumb when you’re anxious can reduce stress (maybe this has something to do with the pulse in our thumbs?). I’m not sure if this is true or just another misconception swirling around the internet but I thought of it when I learned that the thumb is connected to worry. 

    It was easy to feel my pulse in my thumb but I found feeling my pulse in my other fingers much more difficult. I imagine that with practice, feeling my pulse in my other fingers will become easier. I will also likely become more patient while waiting to feel it. The woman in the video mentioned holding her index finger while teaching her son to drive in order to keep calm. I’m very curious to see if holding certain fingers in moments of anxiety will help me to relax. It’s definitely a good alternative to one of my current coping mechanisms during anxious moments which is biting at the skin of my cuticles on my fingers. I look forward to seeing if the fingertips technique will help me to regulate my emotions. It would be a great added bonus if it also helped me unlearn a bad habit.

  34. The body is all connected. Blood pumps through our bodies to thrive, to live. I find this practice to be so fascinating because of this connection. I had never heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu before, but I like how simple and applicable this kind of natural healing could be to most people in the world. Humans are emotional creatures by nature, so it was interesting to see how this technique focuses and breaks down the idea of different factors of emotion, and how to treat each one individually as represented with the fingers.

    In the video Pam Doremus mentioned how natural this practice is for the human body. For example, a baby sucking their thumbs for comfort. I never thought about this or payed much attention to why a baby would do this, but it would make sense that this kind of external comfort would pass onto adult life, since plenty of other psychological habits and/or things are appreciated through adulthood. I’m curious to know other kinds of examples that this is shown subconsciously, particularly other fingers, just like how a baby soothes themselves through sucking their thumb.

    After trying it once I couldn’t feel a pulse except for my index finger and my thumb. On the blog is indicates that the thumb represents worry, and the index represents fear. The video stated usually that means that particular emotion didn’t have as many blockages, but I’m not so sure how accurate this was since I don’t usually think about emotions I may have in my everyday life broken down into categories. To me this sounds like at least partially a placebo effect. I can see the example with a baby who sucks their thumb could make sense for this practice, but I’m not so sure about the other fingers. And isn’t it implied that this would only help health issues stemming from emotional situations? I think it’s wonderful to find natural ways to cope and understand ourselves emotionally when our modern world has pushed so many unnatural “quick and easy cures,” but I have not witnessed this like you have when your friend’s sister Hema had treated the person you knew who was experiencing health issues. I’d love to know more, and open to learning new ways to become a healthier person inside and out.

    • Sabrina, feeling the pulse in a finger or not, especially when just beginning mostly is about getting the vibrations to tune up as they may have been just quieter. After practicing daily for about 7-10 days is a better indicator of where there may be regular energy flow, where stagnation exist or when energy flows are reversed. The good news is just with regular practice everything will be balanced. Namaste

    • Remember when you feel a pulse or not in the beginning should be accepted as where you are starting. After practicing daily for 7-10 days the vibrations will become more readable, louder and balanced. Namaste

  35. When I read the index cards about the Fingertips Method in class last week, I didn’t think think that it actually worked. The idea that holding your fingers could bring you calmness was a weird concept for me to wrap my head around. When we did it in class, I didn’t fully feel the effects of it. But I believe that is because it was my first time and I was surrounded by other people. I find that I focus more on mediating and practicing yoga when I’m on my own. I’t not sure why that is.

    I remembered that you had mentioned that parents hold their children fingers to do the finger hold for them. I was babysitting my cousins this past weekend. One of them has really bad night terrors and he was having trouble falling asleep. We were sitting on his bed and I was reading him a book. I didn’t realize but I was holding his thumb. When I noticed, I decided to give this finger hold thing a try. I moved to his next finger, and continued through all ten fingers while reading. Half way through he had fallen asleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning. I’m not sure If it was just a coincidence, but I like to think that the finger hold helped. Later that week, I had a presentation that I was giving. I held my thumb because I was worried and nervous. I was able to focus more on my breathing and be more confident in myself.

    The Fingertips Method has become something that I do each night. I have always had trouble falling asleep because I will always have the tv on. I knew for a long time that I needed to stop watching tv when I go to bed. I’ve started to go to bed and doing the fingertip holds instead of watching tv. I have begun to fall asleep earlier and waking up with more energy.

  36. The finger holds have been VERY helpful in reducing stress. I’m typically the type of person who holds onto his hands normally, but by knowing holding them in specific ways can help me with what I’m feeling has made it so much easier to control stress, anxiety, and other things like that.
    This is definitely going to become apart of my daily life as, like I said, I tend to hold my hands in general, but now with the knowledge of how to specifically hold them I’m sure to be able to make even more improvements.

  37. It is very fascinating for me the idea that each finger on your hand represents a sort of emotion or anxiety and that by holding onto a finger we can release the feeling and let our energies flow, especially the fact that we start doing this with our thumbs as early as infantry. This is also very interesting to me because I am a musician and am constantly using my hands. I stretch everyday before and after I practice so moving the energy through my fingers isn’t a completely new experience for me. At the same time, having worry, fear, anger, sadness, and try-to are unfortunately a part of being a musician as well, so I am very excited to continue to test the Jin Shin Jyutsu whenever I have a break or am feeling incredibly anxious. The very first time I tried it in class I was very skeptical and didn’t really feel anything after holding my fingers for a couple of minutes, but as I kept incorporating it into my practice I started to really feel something. Whether it was peace of mind or my energies flowing I am still very excited to keep it up.

    -Matthew Peralta (Wed. 8:30)

  38. I want to incorporate finger holds more into my every day life. while watching the video and reading the post I was holding each finger. I also happen to be feeling a lot of stress and worry lately so this was super helpful with calming myself down and breathing. I felt this pulse in each finger while I was reading and watching the video. When we did this practice in class I didn’t feel the pulse as much-I think this was because I was thinking too much about the pulse and where to hold my finger and what I have to do later on. I wasn’t concentrating on my breathing and letting the pulse be natural. But while I was just watching the video and reading while doing the finger holds I was able to feel the pulse and really have my energy flow and calm myself down. I really liked the video and learned a great deal from it along with the post. I like how Pam Doremus talked about her son driving and how that made her nervous but when she did the finger holds she was able to relax and not overthink. I Feel she really put it in perspective on how real life stress and worry, like just her son starting a new chapter in his life of being on the road, can be solved with just relaxing and breathing. I also love how she spoke about how natural the finger hold exercises are. The pulse I found in each finger felt so natural and relaxing. I was able to be mindful of my body, my thoughts, and my emotions. After watching this video and reading up about the finger holds, I really want to incorporate this into my daily life. I want to learn how to relax my body and my mind by checking in with myself.

    Alexis Porcaro (Wed 8:30)

  39. It was very eye-opening thinking about why children suck their thumbs/fingers for comfort since it is still practiced as a comfort mechanism and de-stress mechanism in adults as well.
    Also, through trying my finger holds along with the video once again, I found that I was further comforted not only by the act of holding the fingers itself, but also just by being reminded that regardless of what stresses are in my life I am here and I am still able to work through those difficulties. While doing the finger holds on my own at home, I do feel a sense of connectedness with myself and reassurance which is very helpful when working through something mentally difficult, and especially when working through something stressful.
    I think that when doing my finger holds, it would be helpful to continue doing them before bed. I think this would be helpful for me specifically because I tend to be more restless and have trouble clearing my thoughts right before I go to sleep, and doing the finger holds may allow me to de-compress a bit before I go to sleep.
    I was definitely surprised to find my fingers pulsing so intensely, but it still had a calming and reassuring effect so I wasn’t concerned.

    -Daniel J. Tavares Zlock

  40. I agree with this article in that the finger holds have been a very positive experience for me. When we first did them in class, I actually had a bit of an emotional experience relating to what some of them represented. “Fear” and especially “anger” elicited a particular response from me that I traced back to own insecurities in my day-to-day life. Although not physically strenuous, finger holds are still an effective way to practice yoga. They help release tension throughout the whole body, but stemming from a place that is often neglected and overworked. Focus on each individual finger is something that we never would think to do in day to day life, despite our use of them for almost everything.

    I enjoy doing finger holds in times where I usually am at rest, such as while listening to music in bed, in the morning while waking up, or occasionally while watching TV. It is hard to do it other times, since I’m usually doing something with my hands, but I feel like it works the best when you can be at rest and focus solely on your breathing anyways. I am excited to incorporate it more into my daily routine, since it is such an easy thing to do.

  41. I absolutely love reading about the finger tips, Jin Shin Jyutsu, because when we had first practiced this in class with Professor, I immediately felt my finger tips pulsating after about one minute. I remember you also letting us know, that once we felt this, this meant that we are becoming more in tune with our body. With holding each finger for about three to five minutes, this gives us time to heal each part in our body in which is very soothing and calming. If one cannot sleep or is extremely restless or unfocused, this practice may be able to bring one closer to mind, body and soul.

    As per Balance Flow- each finger, beginning from the thumb, represents an attitude such as worry, fear, anger, sadness and pretense. I find this practice to put my mind at ease because I am quite frequently on edge, however, each time I do this exercise, I feel very relaxed. This is something that can be easily done anywhere, at any time, with yourself being the only one who is aware of this.

  42. These finger hold exercises are extremely helpful. I find myself doing them very often. I do them even if I’m not feeling worried or sad, but just to help my body. They’re not easily noticed by any one so you don’t have to worry about the shame of it if that’s something you’re thinking about. And if it is you shouldn’t be ashamed of trying to help yourself. I really liked the analogy of the house with the light switch. How our switches are off and when we hold of fingers we are completing the circuit. I’m familiar with electrical so this was pretty interesting and related to me, it in a way peaked my interest even more. I noticed when I first started doing my holds it took me a decent amount of time if I was to even feel my pulse, but now after practicing for a while I’m feeling the pulse in each finger a lot sooner.

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