The Significance of 108 – Why Is It So Important?


IMG_0588The Significance of 108 – Why Is It So Important?.

Do click the link above to read and listen to Sadhguru explain all the science behind number 108 and its connection to you, the planet, the universe and your yoga.  Thanks to Sadhguru for keeping us informed about the Ancient Science of Classical Indian Hatha Yoga. Namaste


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  1. Time is a very interesting thing. Sometimes it feels like time is speeding by while others it drags on forever. In the article when it talks about the significance of 108 and how the distance between the sun and earth and the moon and earth all have some relation back to the number 108 and how they have 108 beads because of it. It is weird to think that things in the universe can relate so much to each other like that. I don’t really think that anyone truly understands how time works because it is such a complex idea.

    My IK practice the last two weeks has definitely improved. I have done it four times this week so far soI will probably be able to do it more then five times this week. It has helped me relax after a long stressful day of class, work and homework. With the end of the semester coming up there is a lot to get done so having time to myself to just relax and think about nothing really helps me be able to fall asleep and not worry about everything that is going on. I am really starting to see improvements each week while practicing IK.

  2. With the inclusion of science in the teachings of Sadhguru, it is refreshing to see spirituality and science working together. In fact they are a perfect fit for one another. We usually don’t see science and math being recognized in spirituality. The inclusion of controlling ones breath to synchronize with the universe is quite interesting. We never realize that we intake the universe with every breath and that our breath creates a rhythm within our bodies. I have been noticing this week that I have not been consistently keeping up with the Isha Kriya, and because of it my concentration is not focused. However I noticed that I without thinking, I don’t take as many breaths as before and if i concentrate on it i begin to calm down. Regardless, the energy I used to have is not as prominent as before, but when I do the Isha Kriya I feel more alert.

    • This is a great start to recognize the benefits missing when you don’t do your IK practice, now to find a way to keep yourself on the Path? How about a chime on your phone to awake your 20mins early each day for IK practice and then you have the gifts of IK to take you through your day successfully? OM

  3. It’s nice to see how this practice can affect people in different ways, as I saw some people dancing and cheering, and others were crying and had a solemn expression on their faces. But yes time is a VERY complicated thing. I know that I don’t have as much of an understanding of time like Sadhguru, but I would like to think that I’m at least aware of the impact and concept of time. Everything is spoken of as a reference to time; when were you born, what time will we get there, that it’s so often looked past. Also, the understanding of the five elements is something that I think everyone should know of and understand their significance to our existence.

    Due to midterms I haven’t been practicing as much as I’d hoped, but as of today I have two practices down. There’s always time on the weekend that I can continue with my practices.

  4. I was actually more interested in the article’s concept and explanation of the value and significance of time before continuing to the video of the importance of 108. I particularly found the statement, “Either you ride this time and live a beautiful life, or you get bludgeoned by this relentless wheel of time..” very interesting. I thought it spoke of great volume, especially with life’s arduous and challenging adversities that people face. The two are related in that life is not always fair, so we can either waste time burrowing ourselves in a hole of anger, depression, sorrow or despair or we can rise from that and realize the good and the fortune (though maybe little) we do have, despite our struggles. I always heard the saying ‘time heals all’ and never truly grasped the concept until I really need time to heal; essentially what this says is to literally give time some time. The article said that time is the most significant dimension of creation and I absolutely agree. I am a Christian and I believe that God is the Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end), and one of the most important and non-obtainable sources he created was time. You will never get back that which was lost, whether literal as in the seconds, minutes, hours or even days that passed, or just a moment in itself; once that time has passed it can never be replicated.
    Watching the video video and learning about the number 108 and how oddly but interestingly it is relates to the body and the universe. Sadhguru talked about our body having 108 Chakras, which I am not entirely sure what that is – but he explained that in order for a person to achieve cosmic knowledge their bodies have to be aligned with the cosmos. So with that, he explained that the diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth and the diameter of the moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. So reading this I understand Sadghuru’s point by saying that in order to achieve the knowledge one’s body has to be aligned with the cosmos, hence the sun, moon, and earth. I also see a correlation with the practice of Yoga particularly the Isha Kriya which utters the chant, ‘I am not the mind, I am not even this body,’ signifying the alignment with our body and the universe.

  5. I agree with what was said about time, and I think everyone believes this (but perhaps with less eloquence). Everyone says, in some form or another, that we should “live in the now” and leave the past behind us. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. And I agree that it is something far beyond a human concept. We try to manipulate time to our liking with leap years and Daylight Savings Time, but it’s so silly to think we have some sort of control over the way time passes. The only thing we can control is the way we use our time, and those who understand this significance will prosper. There are some elements of life in which we should be conscious of the future: saving money to live peacefully in retirement, eating well now to have a healthy body when metabolism will be less kind to you. This reminds us to abandon the other things: wasting a beautiful day inside watching television, playing on your phone instead of learning something new. Wasting time is just a matter of doing something that has no benefit to who you are as a person when you could be growing to heights you never knew you could achieve.

    I did the Isha Kriya five times this week. Having done it for over a month now, I’ve found that it feels more routine and the benefits of it seem very natural instead of surprising at this point. I have no advancement or regression to share. However, I read an article that said consistent meditation can help you dream lucidly because it increases your body awareness and spatial awareness, which can translate to spatial awareness while asleep because the two states have similar properties like deep breathing and a relaxed body. I usually remember my dreams very well, but I never dream lucidly. I think I will do more research into this to try and do so! I might as well look for added benefits of the Isha Kriya now that it is part of my weekly routine.

  6. Thats interesting. So how do utilize this information? Time, for me, is something that I can either experience or fight. For example, I have a fear of my dog dying. Of course, he is going to die, but I will too and so will you. That being said, sometimes this fear will set in when I am walking with him or laying with him on my bed. In a sense, I begin a fight against the inevitability that is time. This friction takes me outside of the moment. Instead of enjoying myself with my dog, I worry about what time will eventually do to him.

    I did not understand everything about the number.

    As far as my Isha Kriya goes, I have not had as much patience with it for the past few days. I have found that in general my anxiety has been higher. I think that it is a bit of a vicious cycle. Not meditating equates higher anxiety, higher anxiety equates harder to sit and meditate. Repeat.

    • Remember you have tools to change things like anxiety and only you can put them to work for you…when you are ready you can find methods to keep yourself regular with the practice to build up benefits to shift and change your energies to a brighter perspective. Fears dominant when we are not in the present moment….the more you allow yourself the time to practice the more you will find the patience and courage to be able to face the realities that exist for us all. Namaste

  7. Ideas of our own temporality and the constant flux of impermanence defines human existence, even if those thoughts that are not always present in our minds. It is interesting to think that different cultures have different experiences and conceptions of how to measure time. Although I do agree that time is a deep rooted system, I don’t believe that time is innate to the human being. There are certain groups of humans that remain untouched by civilization and have a very rudimentary experience of time. Perhaps time is more of a social construction, than innate to the way we were made. I think that the conception of nature or existence as a movement from nothingness to creation rather than existence as what has always been is very interesting and requires much thought. In our modern times, time feels like a constant shortage, a constant wanting more. I think increasingly more so than in the past, one is constantly divided between different thoughts or acts. Limiting a full engagement in the world by not being fully present, modern society is structured around mechanizing time.

  8. Yoga connects our body to the energies of the universe, and this is explained by Sadhguru and the significance of the number 108. We have many important chakras (114 total) to work on and to develop, which interest me to learn more about when connecting ourselves to the power of the universe. Of these 114 chakras, 2 are outside the body, resulting in 112 of which are not as useful, leaving the important number of 108.
    This number is related to the diameter and distance of the sun, the diameter of the sun is about 108 times the diameter of the earth. And the distance from earth to the sun is 108 times the sun’s diameter. It is also related to moon’s distance from earth, which is 108 times the moon’s diameter. This is an interesting geometric connection of yoga, the body, and the universe. I like how Sadhguru touched briefly on the significance of the number 108, leaving out the complex background of the chakras and the actual math/ distance of the sun and moon. It is also interesting how math is also related to the yoga practices, which I would never expect. I have also seen the connection with science/ anatomy and physiology, as well as psychology, which are subjects that truly interests me.

    Isha Kriya- this past week I practiced 6 times, 4 of which I did at night before going to sleep. The other two, I tried something different. I sat outside with the YouTube instructions on my headphones and enjoyed the weather, while practicing my breaths. I was focused on deepening the breaths and enjoying every single one. I had a great outdoor experience, right after sunset, which was also calming and soothing. I felt relaxed for the rest of the evening and was able to get some of my senior project done. The other 4 days I kept it as the usual, right before bed for about 20 minutes. This is when I see the most benefit because I feel well rested the next morning and worried free. As the days get longer, and the weather gets nicer, I am looking forward to practice it very early in the morning (6 AM) to have a head start on a beautiful day. I am also looking forward to practice the Isha Kriya twice a day, as I am starting to notice the positive changes on my behavior and attitude.

  9. The force of time is an unstoppable one. If we allow ourselves to be caught up in the human construct of time, we will be imprisoned by age and deadlines and timelines. If we disregard this construction of time and rather travel with time as a natural force, we can be freed from such negativities, expectations, and anxieties.

    I practiced my Isha Kriya five times this week and have started incorporating some stretching before the practicing. I have found this helps my blood to flow more freely during the practice and provides richer and deeper breathing. I frequently deal with heart palpitations as well, and I have found that adding stretches to the practice and aiding my blood flow has reduced their occurrences and help me to feel more generally peaceful.

  10. The capability of being this accurate several thousand years ago on the speed of light is impressive. I do wonder if other ancient and not-so-ancient civilizations had gotten close to this number as well. While I do understand the significance of the number 108 as it relates to the distances between the sun, moon, and earth respective to each other (as well as their diameters), I am curious to whether this number is significant in other ways in yoga and meditation, as well as whether it is used in practice. Your insight would be appreciated.

    • Yes Veronica, #108 is very much a part of yoga due to the maths and sciences behind the numbers we want to keep these vibrational connections within ourselves and the planets and galaxies, so we have 108 beads on our Mala neckelace to use for japa/chanting (and interesting that traditional Catholic rosaries also had 108 beads as do Islamic prayer beads) when doing spiritual journeys we circumnavigate the mountain pathways and to temples which often have steps leading up to main temple areas in increments of 108 or 1008. Hope this helps a little more, OM

  11. This article was really eye opening. It has led me to so many new ways of thinking. I had no idea that so many things led to the number 108 and I had no idea of that numbers significance. I found the section of the article about time to be really interesting. The idea that you ride with it is something that I will carry with me from now on.

  12. In my complete and utter love for sacred geometry and numbers in terms of spirituality, I greatly enjoyed this article and video. While I will admit that I was quite confused by the entirety of the math work that came with the conclusion that the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second, I was astounded by the fact that ancients were able to understand this just by observing the sky. The concept of 108 and 432 being completely relevant and reoccurring numbers in nature and space has always been a small proof to myself in the divine. Of course this is a matter of opinion but it greatly influences me.

    This reminds me of the concept of the golden ratio “Phi”, which is the number 1.618. Phi is defined as the Golden ratio, a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. It is often symbolized using phi, after the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s been referenced in art as the “Fibonacci spiral” and books like “The Davinchi Code.” The concept of 108 reminds me of the golden ratio in the sense that both are primarily found in nature and in some cases the human body. Just as we reach the solution of 108 by division, so does the number phi.

    An update on my Isha Kriya consisted of participating in the practice four times this week. Now that I have my new mantra “let go” thanks to the dosha quiz, I am able to have a clear and focused goal during my breathing period. My roommates and I found that the Isha Kriya practice was more helpful this week than most weeks because we are studying for midterms and needed a practice that would relax and clear our minds. Missing many sessions due to being ill was not a fantastic idea and made me feel worse frankly. Next time I will make sure I practice no madder how fatigued I’m feeling.

  13. The author of this article explains the self care through ideas of space, I found this to be clever and instrumental to my understanding. A memorable quote includes: “I could go on with all kinds of fabulous figures, but the most important thing is the deep connection between the making of time and the making of the human body.” Most humans forget to put themselves first when it comes to care, forcing yourself to make time is just as important as doing it. When discussing time and how one must understand our connection to it will allow us to make the most out of it rather then get crushed by it. This struck me as a universal issue, humans blame others for their lack of time directly and indirectly. Mindfulness of not only our time, but others time is necessary to create compassion and how it affects any kind of relationship. Presents can introduce you to humans in all walks of life with all different roles, one must embrace not judge. Although in writing this theory is easier understood than in practices, I must redirect my thoughts that project love and compassion into the world not what I am be feeling. Projecting your drama onto people becomes an easy habit of dealing with our own emotions but this leads to over dwelling and lacks self awareness. By looking outwards at humans and their experiences we can observe characteristics we admire, love and surprise us. The way we treat time and what we do with is creates the tone for the rest of our life’s meaning.

    Isha Kriya for this week:
    Saturday, October 9 10:30-10:50pm
    Tonight’s meditation helped relieve stress and refocused me. Mindfulness is something that is hard for me to employ into my everyday tasks, such as homework. I tend to jump from one thing to the next rather then completing one task at a time. After tonight’s Isha Kriya my brain wasn’t thinking about the next thing that needed to be completed, but to exactly the single task that I took on.
    Monday October 10: 10:10-10:30am
    This meditation was crucial to my overall state of mind today. I had a lot of assignments that required patiences, when I became distracted I reminded myself that one task must be completed at a time. This helped me stay calm and concentrated during the duration of editing images.
    Tuesday October 11 8:00-8:30am & 10:15-10:40
    Today’s meditation went fairly well, beginning was the easiest it has been in a while. During the day my mood was very positive and I felt alert. My nighttime meditation was a complete blissful moment of pure concentration. After my Isha Kriya I found myself falling asleep easier without running a list of things I have to complete in my head.
    Wednesday October 12 9:20-10pm
    Tonights Isha Kriya was smooth but I still felt a little distraction due to stress and time management. My ability to let go of my thoughts came from freeing myself into a realm of existence. Continuing my practice has allowed me to put myself first for a moment in order to be more mindful when in real life.
    Thursday October 13 8:30-9am
    My morning meditation consist of purity and awakening. The Isha Kriya lifted so much weight off my shoulders and made me recognize the importance of the practice. Following the practice I worked on my a project I have been working on without a doubt of anxiety, but rather hope and endless possibilities. When it comes to art it is so important to separate your own self from the work which can be extremely difficult at times. Instead of allowing my ego to be affected during critic I have been redirecting myself to think of alternate ideas accumulated by others and how beautiful my opportunity is to hear it truly is.

  14. I have always been very fascinated by time, because it is not on this earth for your benefit. It cannot be explained as to why it exists, and yet we put so much weight on it in regards to how quickly we complete homework, or how quickly we reach our life goals. With that being said, I never thought of time in terms of numbers. 432 never stuck out in my mind as a magical number, but it makes sense that everything on the earth comes back to one solid point, whether it be the amount of heartbeats in a minute, or the amount of breaths one takes in a day. I have never exactly felt like I am listening and closely partaking in the beats of the world, because I often find myself sick or exhausted, but when I am participating in the yoga practice, I feel more in tune with the universe. I am more likely to pay more attention to my breath and how the vibrations are moving throughout my body. I believe I am actually riding the time instead of trying to move against it, and I feel happier and healthier because of it.
    Numbers have always played a big role in how the world works, and very often people use the example of “42.” I am guilty of providing this answer whenever someone asks me what the meaning of life is, and the explanation is very long and intricate. With the number 432, the answer seems rather simple; everything comes back to the connection between the human body and the world. Our connection with the world is very important in regards to our mental and physical well being, because we are at the mercy of the way the earth spins. As it travels and as it spins, it is forming a circle, that which we as people are always going to be a part of. We form connections with our parents at birth, our friends throughout our lifetime, our children, and the story goes on. As time goes on, as well, we can say that everyone is connected to everyone, whether it be by blood, or by the way we are connected to the earth. It is so complex and intricate, yet so simple and enlightening at the same time.
    I find myself more in tune with these connections as my time participating in the yoga practice continues, mostly after completing the Isha Kriya. I have completed the Isha Kriya eight times this week, twice on two different days because I have been extremely sick and breathing has been very difficult for me. I haven’t been sleeping very well because of my sickness, and so I swapped back to completing the Isha Kriya at night because I found that it soothed my breathing and allowed me to fall asleep quicker than I was. I am no longer using the video or the instructions because it has become a part of my daily routine, sometimes more than once. I have noticed that, because it has become so easy for me to do, I am slowly allowing myself to fall into a relaxed state, and my shoulders instantly fall down my back without any resistance. I naturally stand straighter and find that it is easier for me to breathe now in comparison to when I was first sick. I am hoping that I find myself getting sicker less in the future, and if I do become sick, it does not last as long as it is now.

  15. ‘It is in time that we exist’. We live and die in a span of time. We use it in our daily lives to schedule everything. Before reading the article I was confused but interested that the number 108 had significance. The only number I knew that were considered symbolic was 11 for making wishes at the time of 11:11. Friday the 13th was considered a cursed day with the number 13 being a cursed number. 666 is supposedly the sign of the devil but I never heard of the number 108 being important.

    The diameter of the sun times by 108 equals the distance between the Earth and the Moon. This lead to the 108 beads that we have on the mala. This was the most interesting fact in the article for me because it was so surprising. This article shows how human being are connected to the earth through the use of math and numbers to prove it.

  16. In this article, Sadhguru explains how creation “chose to find expression in the form of time, energy, and gravity” and by labeling itself through these things, it inherently became limited within itself. Time is another entity that is larger than life, but I believe that time is more open to consideration. Time is constant even when it feels too fast or too slow. Our experience plays into time, time doesn’t revolve around us. Sadhguru even says that “our idea of time” helps explain creation and how humans connect to the planet and the solar system. “Our idea of time” plays into the question: are we relevant outside of ourselves?
    Before reading this article, I was tempted to google what “108” meant in regards to yoga but I resisted because I felt that in this article, Sadhguru would be able to explain it with all the sources necessary to effectively explain. 108 is a number that seems to fit in perfectly with the Sun, Earth, and Moon. As stated in the article, “the diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth… diameter of the moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon, and the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth”. The 3 are connected in uncanny ways. The balance of the world around you is key in the practice of yoga.
    Another connection that is equally as relevant is the bond between “the making of time and the making of the human body”. Time allows us to grow within it. The world is within time too. We, as humans, obey time naturally even when being formed in our mothers stomachs and throughout life as you age and experience more. We were made to experience so why not take advantage of that? Our time is made up of our experiences that is “what a human being and the human brain are designed for”. Sadhguru emphasizes the idea that time is out of our control so it is important to work with it and experience life instead of trying to force its hand.

    This week I practiced the Isha Kriya 5 times. I had 3 big midterms this week, so after studying for and completing each exam, I went back to my room and completed the Isha Kriya. The fourth time was on a night I couldn’t sleep and the fifth, I wanted to try the IK in a new environment. That environment was my friends dorm room, because we usually all do work together, but occasionally I found myself engaging with them and breaking from the concentration. I will stick to being alone when practicing again.

  17. “Time is the most significant dimension of creation…If there was no time, there would be no beginning and no end. If there was no beginning and no end, there would be no creation.” Some people say science, others say religion. But what I say is both. In the reading “The Significance of 108-2hy is it it so important?” the writer talks about how Yoga has always been deeply involved with the phenomenal and profound science. In this brief essay i will discuss what I learn from the reading and the short video.
    “The diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth, and the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. That is why we have 108 beads in a mala” After reading thus paragraph,I slowly begin to realize the significance of 108. We as humans are connected to the earth and time.
    Through the use of science we become more knowledgeable on how religion in one sense plays in the development of time and humans. The reading end by saying “If you are not riding the time, you will live a mediocre life – probably a suffering life. Only if you are riding the time, you will live an extraordinary life, which is what a human being and the human brain are designed for.” What I get from this is: I should let things be what they are meant to be, flow through and with time, will bring great outcomes. I must ride with time.

    This was an extraordinary reading, especially for someone like me who didn’t have much interest in science.

    I did the IK 4 times this week. I was sick on Monday so I was unable to attend class, but while at home I attempted the IK which help me revitalize. I’ve noticed that I am a bit more relaxed and at ease. I’m not rushing on thinking about too many things at once. I also noticed the pace of my walk has decreased in tempo. Instead of breezing through unnecessarily, I am now able to take the time to breathe and get where I’m going.


  18. This article was extremely interesting to me. I had no idea that the number 108 held such a significant meaning in the universe and had such a correlation to the sun and the moon. The significance of it is also apparent in the Wala necklace and the number of beads is an important part of the necklace. The significance of time is demonstrated and discussed here. Understanding of time is an important way to live your life, if you let time consume you your life will be hectic. However if you allow yourself to not worry so much about time you will find that your life becomes more peaceful and you do not have to constantly concern yourself with the issues of time. The article says ” It is in time that we exist. It is in time that we were born. It is in time that we will die. If one understands the significance of time, the laws of time, the dharma of time and is in tune with the dharma of time, one is not just a jaya – one is a vijaya. One makes it here and one makes it elsewhere. Conversely, one who is not in tune with the dharma of time will get crushed and crumbled by the process of life. Life is just a play of time.” I found this extremely interesting. When one is tune with themselves and have better capabilities with managing time and not letting it control them, it becomes much easier to live and to achieve in other fields.

  19. This article was particularly fascinating to read. In addition to the rich text, the video shared of Sadhguru was enlightening and captivating. To lear the significance of 108 and how vast its possibilities are was inreible. As the article explains,: The diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth, and the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. That is why we have 108 beads in a mala.

    The inclusion of maths and sciences to my practice makes me further appreciate the content that is being shared with me and again reminds me that Hatha yoga is a science.

    This week, I am happy to say that I have done my Isha Kriya every day. The practice is primarily done in my bedroom, especially now that the weather no longer permits a comfortable practice in nature. Benefits of Isha Kriya continually appear; I feel much more awaken and my experience is more thorough, I am more contemplative, and even feel an improvement physically- which I relate to my breathing getting better.


  20. It was nice to read about the ideas behind time in a context like this class and practice. That being said, I found this article difficult to read. I have trouble wrapping my head around numbers so it’s hard for me to put evidence together and follow the author.
    I did enjoy the author making interesting connections between different numbers. I’m a skeptic and my first thought was that anyone can put numbers together and say they mean something. But I wanted to keep an open mind and really try to understand the concept. I found it cool to see another culture’s perception of time and math, and how numbers are perfectly in sync in the universe, even if there is the possibility of coincidence.

  21. I feel that, in this day and age, everyone is obsessed with time. I am not excluded from this. Whether its as simple as checking one’s watch or phone, worrying about being late for work or being diluted enough to think you have all the time in the world and that yours will never end. Everyone is ruled in their day to day lives by time.

    What is interesting about Sadhguru’s video and post is that he explains that it is impossible to get away from time. Without it, we never would have had a beginning nor an end. What we can do, is try to understand time. What is more, is that we can understand how we are connected with the concept of time, the Earth, and Space. As for the significance of the number 108, it comes from hundreds and hundreds of years of studying the Earth and humans and how each are connected to one another as well as to the idea of measuring time.

    In addition, I have completed the Isha Kriya 4 times so far this week. I occasionally I do reference the chart in order to make sure I am maintaining my posture and gestures. I want to practice the IK correctly, more than anything. Also, I have been practicing outdoors more often the last few weeks. Even though the weather is getting colder, I find that being outdoors not only allows for quieter and more secluded areas, but it also creates for a better overall experiences. I go outside for a jog several times a week, and before i begin, I find it very beneficial to to practice the IK. My breathing is steadier, I am more focused, and, most importantly, I am more motivated to complete my run. I feel I am getting the most out of my exercise when I pair it every so often with the IK.

  22. As evidenced by the article and video, 108 is no regular number. In an October 8, 2013 article Astro-Numerologist Tania Gabrielle describes 108 as a “magical mystery number.” While “magical” and “mystery” are rather flouncy words, it does give one an idea of how highly regarded this number is number is across different spiritual disciplines. One of the major themes across both Gabrielle article and “The Significance of 108” is its relationship to us, the Sun, and the Moon.
    To reuse the words used by Tania Gabrielle in her article, when looking at the number 108 from a different lens, it does indeed feel magical. When looking at it with the perspective of its predominance in time and space, we can understand how important this number really is.
    Sahguru says it best, “It is in time that we exist. It is in time that we were born. It is in time that we will die. If a human being understands the significance of time, the rules of time, the laws of time, the dharma of time and is in tune with the dharma one is not just a jaya – one is a vijaya.”
    Despite being sick this week, I continued to practice the IK to the best of my ability. I had some difficulty breathing, but I would utilize mouth breathing more than I typically would. When practicing, I like to use the original Sahguru video, as a big challenge for me is staying concentrated, and the video helps me to stay focused for the entire 18 minutes.

  23. I feel as if this concept is contemplated quick often with many people. Time is constant and never seizing and we exist in it, more questions arise from this than answers. I do agree that we are connected with the earth and that makes the number of breaths equal to the number of nautical miles. What I do not agree with is there are a lot of comparisons between mathematical numbers, and we created these measurements and mathematical numbers based off of a distance we decided on. Which means the measurements and numbers could technically be equal to anything and the similarities seem like a coincidence.
    This video and article did remind me of the many physical similarities we have with not only earth, but also the universe. Such as a nebula looks very similar to an eye, or that are veins are run like tree roots or river paths. We have a connection with nature and as I may not agree that the connection is based on time (because it is our only constant), I do believe there is a connection.
    I do find it insanely cool that peoples from hundreds of years ago were able to estimate the speed of light without modern technology through observation. Our technological evolution has increased dramatically every year, but the philosophical evolution has remained quite stagnant as time progressed.

  24. I’ve heard a few things like this before, so although this is a new one for me, i cant say i’m surprised. I’m a very logical and scientifically minded person, so i tend not to believe things until i see data that confirms things. However, I fully acknowledge the fact that a lot of religious and cultural practices and studies dating back to the beginning of time are often scientifically correct and efficacious, although people didn’t use data to understand these phenomena back then. This had me thinking about human nature and the process of trial and error we’re always going through to figure things out. To comprehend this numerology on a smaller scale, I like to compare it to the “life hacks” meme in internet culture. The term “life hacks” is incredibly simplistic, and everyone knows one when they see one, but they don’t really go into why a thing works. More specifically, we call putting our phones in cups to make the sound louder a “life hack,” but what’s happening is explainable through the science of sound, and we call it amplification. Much like a lot of old practices, it’s not so important how it works, just that it does. There’s no way anyone could have known some of the things the numbers they attributed greater importance to correspond with, but they were right about it before science “proved” it.

    I practiced the Isha Kriya three times this week. It was complicated because I was sick, so there were bumps in the breathing and I couldn’t vocalize the ahs because of my throat, I’m feeling mostly better now, so it should be easier to do another two times this weekend.

  25. “If you become aware of how many living beings are giving their lives to sustain yours, you will eat with enormous gratitude.”
    Forgiveness and love are qualities that everyone needs in life. It’s hard to forgive when someone caused harm to one another but this is a way to move forward. It’s really about forgiving yourself before allowing people to your life. Sometimes trust can be a challenge but I learned from eat, pray, and love that you need to learn, love, forgive, hurt, and love again; it is a cycle of life.
    Also, in the article it indications “If you are healthy, you take about 15 breaths per minute.” This information provided in the article is inaccurate. When I studied nursing in the summer, I learned about taking vital signs. What is normal?
    Body temperature-98.7
    Pulse rate- 100–120 times per minute
    Respiration rate 12-20 breaths per minute means you are healthy.
    Blood pressure- A normal blood pressure would be 120 being the systolic over 80, the diastolic.
    Having this information is helpful because if you go over or go below means you need be cautious about our health and visit a doctor. For example when your blood pressure is hypo-tension, it can cause a heart attack. Its good be aware of our vital signs.
    In the video, he talks about the significance of time and how we are connected with the immediately creation. Everything goes back to nothingness, to dust and ashes. In many religions, we are told not to be attached to material things or the world itself because things don’t ever last forever. Many people has told me, time is an illusion and we don’t really exist. Our time on earth is only temporary. We have to make the best of it by showing the act of kindness and love. In the video, he mentions there is no end and no beginning which becomes the result of no creation.
    What he is about philosophy, whose focus is resolving the existential questions about the human condition. Lastly, He raise questions about time and life that only exists in our conscious. Life is an enigma.,P00866/

    Isha Kyra
    Three in the morning, one at noon, one at night-all together I accomplished five Isha kyra this week. It takes me about 10-15 minutes. I noticed when I do the isha kyra, it helped me breathe better. For example, I had a hard time breathing because I did not feel so well. So when I did the Isha Kyra, I felt so relief. It immediately made me feel so amazing, I could feel the weight of burden lifted off of me. I think it’s also because I think so much when I completed the Isha Kyra it made me mediate on myself.

  26. Its interesting to see another way in which we are all connected to the universe. There are so many commonalities between humans and the earth and the universe, it makes sense that we would find a connection between time and our relation to the universe. However, I feel like it is a created concept. Yes, time passes but we have gone and created these rules and guidelines to go by in order to justify what “time” is. I personally feel as though “time” is something that obviously exists, and I found a deep connection with the phrase that “Either you ride this time and live a beautiful life, or you get bludgeoned by this relentless wheel of time..”
    Whether or not time passes in the exact way that we have learned to measure it, we all experience life, aging and inevitable death. We must all do our best to live in the moment, appreciate the connections we have with others and the world around us, and not dwell on the time that has passed, because then we are wasting the gift that is our short lives on this earth. I have to honestly say that I don’t exactly see how this number or information really does anything for me, or what it is supposed to mean that 108 is in fact significant. However, I do find the connections made interesting.
    I do usually try to keep myself focused on the future, and the present. I definitely find a lot of meaning in my connections with the universe, and it has made all the difference in my appreciation of my life.

  27. Something that I really enjoyed reading about in this article was the concept of the value and significance of time. I interpreted this as advice stating that you can either live your life to the fullest with the precious time you are given, or you can get sucked into just going through the motions of life without more inner self realization. This really caught my attention because life tends to throw many time consuming obstacles and responsibilites at us that demand a lot from us mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is deffinitely really important to occasionally take a step back and think about ourselves as more than just a tiny piece of the moving parts of society.

    I can relate this to my Isha Kriya practice a lot from the last two weeks. This week I have practiced 7 times so far and it has become a lot more of something I look foward to rather than a responsibility because it has increasingly reduced my stress, expecially lately. This week and last week I have had many midterms and also have taken on more babysitting hours that sometimes overwelm me daily. But when I practice Isha Kriya typically at the end of my day, my mind becomes so much more clear of what I need to do to succeed while also having a healthy mind and body. When I practice daily I have also become more aware of my breathing during the day which has helped me calm myself when I become worried and anxious.

  28. Aliena Ali

    I was very surprised by the contents of this video. Normally I would not assume a the link between science, math, and spirituality but it was very eye opening to hear Sadhu speak on this. I think the most interesting Sadhu said was towards the end of the video about how unfair it is to judge those that lived five thousand years ago. This immediately brought me back to my history classes throughout elementary and high school. I think often time we are taught in school how to judge others based on very little information. We may have textbooks and primary sources but we did not live in the times or circumstances that those we are judging lived. This stood out to me because I do not like judging others – especially prematurely so this is nice to keep in mind.

    I was able to complete the Isha Kriya three times this week using the video as a guide. They were particularly helpful this week because this week was a bit difficult for me. I was able to sit for around ten minutes to fifteen in the evening in my dorm room. What I noticed in our last class is my posture. I am not very happy with the way I sit while I’m doing these meditations. When I sit upright, my back tends to hurt, which is strange because I know that that is the correct way to sit. I’ve used a pillow in the past since I’ve had this issue before but I would like to eventually be able to sit upright without the use of any aids.

  29. This article rung with a lot of truth. Theres a saying where “theres a time for everything” which I have interpreted and adapted to my everyday life. Time is important and many people do not understand very little of the concept, what to do with it, how to spend it and how precious it is. Many people die on their death beds full of regret from all the things that they did not do. Time tends to be filled with time consuming activities that distract us from the goals that really matter. I do believe that with time their has to be a balance. Inward work and outward work, energies that you put into activities that benefit you, and energies that you put into inward activity that completes the circle of your needs spiritually, mentally, and physically.
    With the inclusion of science in the teachings of Sadhguru, it is refreshing to see spirituality and science working together, but there Im a little skittish about something having all the answers or close enough that it becomes factual. I like IK because the practice itself opens awareness. How everything is connected and you find that out through the action itself. People forget how connected we are to one another, if people were aware of how much time of peoples lives go into the survival of your own, people would act and live differently, unless one really cant take compassion into their hearts. The inclusion of controlling ones breath to synchronize with the universe is quite interesting. We never realize that we intake the universe with every breath and that our breath creates a rhythm within our bodies. I never thought about this or how the two would correlate. It makes sense to me because the feeling that arises after I have been mindful and focused on my breathing, feels bigger than it should. Its like Iam apart of something bigger and Iam small and big at the same time in the importance of that. I practice IK several times a day maybe skipping a day or two to also focus on other activities, but the practice has allowed me to focus, heal, and be much more productive throughout my day.

  30. I always enjoy hearing about some of these exciting and odd intricacies of our world and lives. Sometimes when things are broken down into facts and math it allows us to see the connections between ourselves and world and its almost impossible to question. Although I would not consider myself and mathematician I think i was able to follow along with some of the equations and calculations. I also really enjoyed the historical elements of this reading, its so exciting to hear about the ways past civilizations have been able to calculate such complex figures as the speed of light. The more philosophical parts of the reading were also enthralling, thinking about the idea of riding time and not fighting it or ignoring it. I think its crucially important to stay grounded as a person and remember some of these overarching powerful forces that we have to account for are. Sometimes its too easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives we don’t take time to contemplate some of these immense concepts as time or space. As Sadhguru said, we should find context within ourselves and use that to help use understand and account for this unstoppable time.

    My Isha kriya practices have become more stable and consistent throughout the semester. I no longer need the video to keep up and I have been able to find myself in a more contemplative space which has allowed for deep and stronger meditation. Like I said earlier in the semester, I found the best time to practice for me is in the morning. This has given me more focus in the early hours of the day and I believe has improved cognition when I’m tired.Thanks again for sharing this with us.

  31. What I like the most about this is the connection between the Earth and the body. I think this ties into a few things that are easy to forget. We are a product of this planet, we are therefore eternally linked to it. I think this where a lot these numerical connections come about. This is also why we need to take of our home/creator. We were designed for it, not it for us. We need the Earth a lot more than it needs us. I think this just once again proves how urgent of a matter this is.
    I practiced the Kriya five times this week, i believe. The blizzard made me change me schedule. I think I’m about ready to try without the voice support. I’ve got the timing close to memorized. I think I’ll actually do better without the video. It’s making me less attentive to my breathing because I get into too much of rhythm and am not thinking about it as much as need to. I’m excited to where this next step with my meditation will take me!

  32. I recently had a conversation with my roommate about time because day light saving time had just happened. We both agreed that time was so funny. The idea that the government, our government could just decide to push us back an hour or forward is bizarre. Because time always seemed bigger than us and what we have created time to be. It’s like the earth just took an hour back on it’s life or ours. We just took man made and pushed it back.

    It’s a funny thought to think that fighting time is a waste of time. Of course it is. It’s like talking to a brick wall. It’s not gonna get you anywhere. TIme is always moving why wouldn’t you want to ride that. People who fight time are often stuck in one place. People who think they are younger than they are, or “should have been born in a different generation.” Riding time, and taking it for what it is, is the only way to progress in life.

    I have practiced my IK 2 times so far and I plan on practicing it 2 more times before class. I have started to leave my window open while doing my IK because of what you said in terms of having a connection to nature. I am not quite brave enough to sit outside but I like to hear the wind and birds outside. I have also noticed that I think when I do it at the beginning of the day I find it harder to get into a state of peace, I am thinking about everything I had to do that day whereas at the end of the day, it’s a little easier because all I’m thinking about it the meditation or sleep depending on how tired I am.

    -Phillip Laskaris

    • You have raised some good points here about how some people use their power to try to change things like daylight savings time….hopefully the weather will get warmer soon and you can venture outside for many fun and wonderful things including IK….I enjoyed seeing you on Youtube….keep up your good work….Namaste

  33. This article had an interesting perspective on time and instead of trying to control time it suggested letting the stronger energies have more power over you. This idea makes me think of an ocean. The currents and waves of the ocean are strong and are impossible to fight, if you try to fight them you grow tired quickly. If you let the ocean move you and don’t resist its natural movement you will be able to stay in the ocean for a more extended period of time. Life is like the ocean, you never know what it has in store for you, but as long as you move with current and don’t try to fight it you will be able to float successfully for a much longer time.

    In this article Sadhguru speaks about the distance between the sun, moon, and earth and how they are so equally balanced to an exact distance of 108. The universe is made so exactly and one has to believe that the time that we have every day on earth must be wonderfully planned as well.
    I find it very easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of time I have to complete a task rather than making the most of the time that I have. This weekend I am giving a concert and had to learn a lot of music right after the spring opera. I spent so much time thinking about how much time it would take to memorize the music. Once I sat down and began memorizing, I realized that my task wasn’t as difficult as I had initially thought. I was able to completely memorize my music within two days with plenty of time to spare. This quote “Either one is destroyed by the process of time, or one is delivered by the process of time.” is a great example of my experience this week while I have been preparing my music for my Sunday program.

    Lastly, I appreciated that Sadhguru inferred that time is positive and beneficial for humans.
    It has been ingrained into my brain by society that there is never enough time to complete the task that we need to complete. After reading this weeks articles it is clear to me that the universe is perfectly made to function and time is a crucial part of our universe. This means that the time we are given everyday is sufficient enough and it is our jobs as humans to make the most of it and not succumb to the anxiety of what we believe time is.

    Since I am catching up on homework I have only done the IK once so far this week, but I plan on practicing more through the week.

  34. I found the opening of this article, where the author talks about either riding time and benefitting from it or being run over by time as a result of being out of sync with it very moving. In a metaphorical sense, riding time sounds like an effortless, enjoyable experience, whereas fighting this all-powerful, unstoppable force seems impossible. Then, when the article delves deeper into the connection between our bodily system and the solar system, this concept of being in tune with the movement of our solar system, this inert connection between a healthy human and the natural rotation of the sun takes on a more literal meaning.

    I was really blown away by the factual connections between not only the diameters of the sun and moon, and their distance from earth, but between the axial procession and a healthy heart rate, as well as between the circumference of the earth at the equator and our breaths per minute. It is astonishing that people were able to calculate the speed of light thousands of years ago that is so close to the number that modern technology comes up with. The fact that this was done using only the connection between our body systems and the solar system is even more impressive. The actual data presented was hard to disentangle at first, but once I took another look and slowly traced the connection, it really is eery to think about. Seeing that, with good health, we can actually bring ourselves to function in sync with how the earth is rotating makes a very strong argument for focusing on maintaining optimal health. It was also interesting to see that the number 432 (1 axial procession divided by the number of heart beats/minute for a healthy person) is significant in several other cultures. The fact that other civilizations also found a special meaning for this number supports the information in this article. Admittedly, I did not really know what the difference between a nautical mile and a regular mile was, so having this explained to me was very helpful. There is something very soothing about having our breath align with the earth’s circumference. It evokes a feeling of one’s day really coming full circle. This helps solidify the notion that focusing on our breath and noticing whatever we can about our bodies has real significance for how we function.

    My Isha Kriya has really become a part of my daily routine, and the days that I do not practice are becoming more and more infrequent. It has not only helped me relax and prioritize my daily tasks, but serves as a consistent starting point for my day which I did not have before. I certainly have a more regular sleeping pattern, and find the many unexpected events I experience less disorienting having this consistency to ground myself in. I still have not been able to consistently practice before bed, as I hope to do, but can continue to improve upon that.

    • So powerful how you have embraced the science of yoga and our relationship to the universe, we are that, OM TAT SAT. You may like to see a movie called “The Man Who Knew Infinity” a true story. So wonderful that you have made your IK practice a part of your daily life and can see how valuable it is for your daily successes, you have become an Awesome Young Yogi! Namaste

  35. The number 108 has a significance that deeply connects the making of time and the making of the human body. This number, just like other holy numbers are perfect, a precious multiple of three with its components adding up to nine, which is three threes. Three represents supreme balance I don’t believe that this is coincidence, there is a perfect order and way to all that is. 108 is represented on the japa mala, which has a 109th bead to pause and absorb ones mediation and thank your teachers. So now i will pause and thank you, this video, this blog, my teacher, all for the knowledge I have just received.
    The Isha Kriya practice continues to bring me peace as well as peace of mind. Meditation is an activity I plan on doing for the rest of my life, the frequency at which I do the meditations may vary although I know in my heart that if I can commit to meditation at least once everyday I will feel much better.

  36. Googling this topic after reading about it, I found some yogis online attempting 108 sun salutations in a row. Just the thought of this began to make my calves hurt. “The diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth, and the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. That is why we have 108 beads in a mala” After reading thus paragraph,I slowly begin to realize the significance of 108. We as humans are connected to the earth and time. While it being slightly paradoxical, and almost hypnotizing, I find this connection between yoga and the number 108 to be highly fascinating. The inclusion of maths and sciences to my practice makes me further appreciate the content that is being shared with me and again reminds me that Hatha yoga can be broken down into a measured science.

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