The Significance of 108 – Why Is It So Important?


IMG_0588The Significance of 108 – Why Is It So Important?.

Do click the link above to read and listen to Sadhguru explain all the science behind number 108 and its connection to you, the planet, the universe and your yoga.  Thanks to Sadhguru for keeping us informed about the Ancient Science of Classical Indian Hatha Yoga. Namaste


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  1. The significance of time is blinding and crucial. The time span of a human being is meant to exist and die in a certain amount of time. This concept is very hard to conceptualize because the present moment seems to be always apparent. However, most/all of our time existing is thinking about the past or planning for the future. An individual can always be aware of time within themselves however, how one perceives time can change. For example, time can be moving incredibly slow when I am doing my homework and the incredibly fast when I take a break. Being aware of time makes existing a story, not history. The video continues to state that in the present immediate time, you are connected on a deep level to the planets, solar system and universe. The process of life is a distraction from time which is ever moving.

    In regards to the number 108, I was unaware the significant. After reading, I am now aware that the diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 is the distance from the sun to the earth. Another example includes the diameter of the moon multiplied by 108 is the distance from the earth to the moon. I find that incredibly fascinating. I have a couple numbers that surround my life and impact the things I do in too much of a coincidental way. This was a very interesting read and I loved increasing my knowledge on this subject. Namaste.

  2. I found this video and the article very interesting. I remembered someone at the Ayurvedic restaurant I worked at asking me about mala beads. I knew little at the time of their significance to the yoga practice so I am appreciative the light shed on the concept.

    I thought Sadhguru’s talk of the concept of time to be thought-provoking. It really is interesting, our time on the earth seems long and vast but in the grand scheme of things, it is merely a ‘blip on the radar screen’ as it were. I have always found it very sobering that our time on earth means little as once the moment we pass comes, everything will only pause of a second before moving on. The sun will continue to rise and set and the earth will continue its orbit. What matters is not how long we live but what we do with that time that is important. Sadhguru encouraged his listeners not to spend time casting judgement upon the ‘ancient ones’ but rather to keep looking forward and improve the future. This is another way of saying ‘Carpe Diem’ and I think it is a concept well worth the consideration and implementation.

  3. Both the article and the video stress the importance of time. It explains why as humans we need to focus close to time. That if we do not understand the significance of time it will only hurt us. It claims that time creates a connection from ourselves to the universe when we understand it. Also, the article talks about that our brain and body are made for “riding time”.

    I do have to agree with this source because time helps us a appreciate life. It helps us not waste our lives away when we do appreciate it. It helps keep our bodies healthy so our time is not put on a limit. Moving past our limits and using the time to our advantage is such a huge part of living. Though certain people take time to realize this or do when it is too late, it does help to know this for a happy life.

  4. I understand that there is time and that time is a structure, but I am not sure I view it in the way Sadhguru would like me to. I believe time exists, but I don’t know if it matters. I believe it is good for a person to recognize time just to understand that is all relative and essentially meaningless. People can do what they want when they want we use time to give meaningless structure to things. I also believe that perhaps time is not as linear as we perceive it as humans. perhaps time is a plane or a wiggly squiggle, but we simply experience it linearly. Time is good to understand, but simply to know it doesn’t matter. To recognize time as not a time limit but an opportunity to grow and effect the spirituality of life and the existence of life.

  5. I think it’s really interesting that there is this astronomical system in place that people study and connect to spirituality. And the number 108, which although seemed a random number to me at first, is really significant to the universe in which we all exist in. What all this made me think of overall is how we are all very much a part of something huge.

    I found this information really amazing. I have always believed that we are a small part of something much greater. And it’s really cool that the Universe has organized itself so precisely. And everything in this Universe, including hatha yoga and other mediation practices also have a specific organization and structure to them.

  6. This article is similar to one we read at the beginning of the semester that talked about all the health benefits of practicing yoga. Even though this one doesn’t get too deep into health benefits, it covers the science behind yoga. One of the points that stood out to me the most was the fact all the calculations had been figured out thousands of years ago and without the use of modern technology. One is used to thinking that people during those times weren’t capable of handling complicated concept due to the lack of technology but this article once again proves how methods used in the past also gave correct results. This article also touches upon the concept of time and that without time there would be no creation. The notion of time being the most significant dimension of creation as it was stated in the article is something I had never thought about it before but now it makes sense. Before this, I would have never considered the time to have such a significant meaning, without time there would be no beginning and no end. While I don’t know much about the number 108 and the beads in rudraksha I had to admit that it is impressive how the numbers coincide with the distance between Sun and the Earth. It is interesting that health is also connected to some sort of calculation, the number of breaths taken per minute gives one current health status.

  7. The number 108 is pretty interesting. It apparently applies to time and distance like the distance between the sun and the earth as well as the earth and the moon. It has so many uses from what I can gather by reading this.

  8. I think the most important and valuable information i took way from the video was to either take the time you are given and live your life to the fullest or you take advantage of the time you are given and never realize thing to their fullest potential. I believe that time is a concept created by humans. If you take everyday and live it to the best you can and enjoy every single moment that you can your life will be full and you will have made the most of the time you are given. For me personally I try to always keep my mind on the present and always live int he moment, while sometimes it is necessary to think about the future I keep my thoughts still close to the present, and certainly never in the past. I don’t think dwelling on things that happened in the past is healthy and you should always find a way to learn and grow from any experience.

  9. This piece basically highlights the importance of the number 108. As it relates to humans and the world. As we are of the earth, we experience directly and indirectly. We share a relationship with the sun, and the moon as does the earth. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth, and if you multiply the Sun’s diameter by 108 it is claimed to be equivalent to the distance between Sun and Earth. I found this to be fascinating, how it all ties in and fits so perfectly. It makes you think there was have been a great architect or creator at work. It goes further than that as the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. Everything in the world is so interconnected, it’s incredible think that our separate organ systems could some how connect to factors in the solar system. To think that something as small as a humming bird and as large as a elephant can have an equivalent amount of heart beats throughout their lifetimes, This world really must have be been planned and created with care for all these intricacies to occur. Namaste.

  10. The power and significance of time has a direct relation to creation, life and death. Those who aren’t in tune with the essence of time, will fall out of sync with lifes natural order. Kala (time) is one of the most important elements of creation and without it there would be no beginning and end, nor way for creation. Our understanding of time is connected to the solar system around us. According to Surya Siddhanta, the distances between the sun, earth and moon impact one another. The number 108 is reflective of the distance between the earth and moon, the diameter of the sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth, which reflect the 108 beads in mala.

    The power of numerology also allows us to calculate the amount of heartbeats and breaths per minute/hour. The practice of Yoga empowers us to be in sync with time and promote our bodies to function at their highest levels. Training the body to be attune with time will grant access to living an extraordinary life. It’s extremely powerful to consider that these discoveries were made thousands of years ago without modern technology and proves the power of how being in tune spiritually with space and time, can bring about positive advancements in life. Sadhguru advised that Maharbat is classified as “the story of the human being”, and in order for us to live our best lives we must see time as my story/your story instead of history.

  11. I know time is important in order to get through our daily tasks but I am not sure I view it in the way Sadhguru does. I often don’t see why we as humans give time so much importance. our bodies don’t live forever however or spirts do and we pass on a part of us every time we interact and impact another life. I’m learning how to better manage my time, but honestly its hard. it was and interesting read, personally if we stop measuring life using time think we could be happier. As humans we compare each other using time. weather or not we are where we need to me or where we should be. Instead we should focus on the present time and enjoy it.

    The power of numerology allows us to calculate the amount of heartbeats and breaths per minute/hour. I thought that was interesting and opened my mind a little to these ideas. The relations we have with the earth, the sun and the moon is explained and calculated bringing us to number 108 which is very important in explaining the distances and relations between us and the world. After reading this I think we should all appreciate the things around us weather or not we interact directly or indirectly.

  12. This blog has everything to do with time. Life and death all correlate, like the sun and the moon. You must take what you’re given and live your life to the fullest. You shouldn’t take anything for granted. And the fact that such a random number such as 108 as so many meanings and correlations to everything in the universe. It’s extremely intriguing and thought-provoking. It’s an incredible thing to ponder in and think about. It is insanely strange but, also mind blowing at the same time.

  13. This video/article was interesting but I also feel like it wasn’t disclosing any new information. I feel like there’s a strong correlation between success and time. Those who truly value and make the most of their time tend to be the most successful. I once read an article on the importance of never being busy and the importance of never saying that phrase. Essentially the article states saying your busy conveys lack of time management skills and poor use of your time. I believe Sadhguru was in a way conveying the same concepts that those who understand the importance of time use it to its best ability.

  14. In my personal perspective, humans are obsessive over time. Almost every invention has been created in order to save time. We desperately do everything in order to save time for ourselves but in the end most of us end up wasting it in order to do that. I found this very interesting but it is mentioned that how you spend and value your time is important. There are moments in life where it is much more important to appreciate and savor your time with what you want to do versus rushing through it just to get a small piece of it.

    – Samantha Diaz

  15. Through these teachings we learn that yoga has roots in scientific thought as well as spiritual and physical. Numerology is introduced in this section as it relates to the distance between the sun and the earth. The diameter of the sun multiplied by 108 is the distance between each entity. This is the same distance as the moon’s diameter when multiplied by 108. Ancient civilizations made these calculations long ago but their significance is still appreciated today in a world so focused on time and numbers.

    What’s interesting is that time is relative to our own experiences. For instance, ten minutes can seem like an awfully long time when sitting and staring at the clock, but for someone who is busy they might consider an extra ten minutes a godsend. A lot can be accomplished in those ten minutes, and it’s how we use our time that determines the kind of life we live. If we can really learn to appreciate each minute we are here on this planet we will live a fuller life.

    In the beginning of the semester, taking fifteen minutes out of my schedule to practice the IK seemed frustrating. I often would not remember to do it. Now, two or so months later of weekly practice (and I mean practice), I can sit and really value those minutes that I am in meditation. Doing the practice before bed is helping my sleep and digestion and I wake up feeling rested.

    Catherine Halstead

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