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We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this....

We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic Practices…read and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this….

Thanks to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for sharing this wisdom….please click the link below to read the text and also watch the video…..and remember to share…..Namaskaram…OM


Sadhguru reminds us that far beyond merely bending the body, the science of yoga provides the ultimate tool for enhancing human capabilities and functioning at the highest peak of body and mind.

Source: Yoga: Finding Ultimate Expression to Life – The Isha Blog


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  1. As we well know by now, yoga is not merely asanas. If we have begun a yoga practice simply to become more flexible or to make our bodies longer and stronger, we are missing most of what yoga has to offer us. I imagine that those of us who have stuck with the class have done some because we desire to have a more meaningful relationship with ourselves and with the universe that we are but a tiny fragment of. I love in Sadhguru’s video when he says that we have become our compulsions-if we feel that we are one” type” of person, a morning person, or an evening person, for instance, that it is our compulsion that allows us to have more energy in the early morning than in the late evening, but that’s not who we are. What we really are is energy, and yoga can help us to learn to activate our energy in different ways to manifest whatever change we have begun a yoga practice to bring about. I have trouble quieting my mind and I tend to not trust other people. I enjoy practicing yoga because it has a calming effect on me; the breathing and the deep stretching help to relax me, and the principles of the yamas remind me to stay in the moment and to realize why I judge people so harshly; whether it be fear, or jealousy etc. We can use yoga to change our way of viewing the world and for changing our own energies in order to function at a higher level of our many capabilities.

    • These are some of the core reasons that yoga was shared with people and remains the hope of all Yoginis and yogis that it shall be continued to be shared and is a gift to bring peace to earth one person at a time…..and that if each one can spark a light in another to find the yoga practice more peace will spread amongst humanity, Namaste

  2. The article was actually really fascinating to read. To begin, the ideas processed within the reading fall in suit of my own; something proven by science yet only experienced in a way that is not visual. The aspect of energy and our ability to understand that we are, in essence, energy that is being processed in the universe as the human that we manifest, we understand that energy is what it always has been. It is something that can never be destroyed, simply changed over time and processed through frames of constant steadiness or constant movement. As such, the article really made sense when reading it, and suggests an inspiring contemporary notion that the human can begin to understand such a notion outside of the physical realm in which they exist. Because of this, yoga would make sense as a practice. It does, really, create a realm of manifesting this energy and twisting and turning it, as many people think yoga truly is, allowing for a flow of this energy within the universe to be consistent. This energy moves through the future, as the future is constantly where we exist, and supersedes the past that is always behind us, yet constantly connected to us. As well, Sadhguru’s talk about the relationship of energy to the universe and yoga as such a tool really creates an intense and positive environment to view the ideas within. The entire reading was truly inspiring and greatly interesting to become invested in.

  3. To me, it was really important to end the semester readings and videos with this piece. As finals approach, and deadlines loom nearer, it is important to remember that yoga isn’t simply about how far you can stretch, or if you are in shape, and losing weight. It is about using your body’s energies to create the most functional person that you can be. Every body is full of energies, even modern science can attest to that, and in being able to use your energies in a way to perform to the best of their ability, yoga can help in so many different aspects of life. An example used was that we have built huge buildings in places where it was once thought that we could only build mud huts. This example was important to me, as limitations are usually self inflicted in the subconscious. It is not that I can’t do something, it’s that I am telling myself that I can’t do something. With the yoga practices of this semester however, I have found myself understanding all of the ways that I can do things and that nothing is out of reach if I can channel my energies appropriately. Being reminded of this as I step out into the larger world is important because I believe I can use the tools from yoga to redirect my fears into strength.

  4. This video was very helpful in teaching about stress reduction through various moving images, and demonstrations. There are many challenges in our path or journey to success. There needs to be challenges so we can become stronger, confident, and experienced. Stress is part of the factor of change in our lives but it does not hurt to take a break and breathe. William James mentioned, “The greatest weapon is the ability to choose one to another.” It is about how our decisions and attitude effects the outcome of our experience. I studied Buddhism and just being grateful about living and breathing is the greatest gift because a lot of people are misfortunate. Thinking positive through awful experiences would help people move forward and accept their failure or mistakes. Just letting go and changing our way of thinking would effective help individuals to think positive.

    As the video says, stress is complex. It increase heart rate, changes chemicals in the body and increases blood pressure. According to social workers, it is difficult for people to deal with their emotions and to socializing with others. Individuals with stress tend to visit the doctor often cause self-harm with drugs and alcohol. To me stress always seems to be the problem but what really matters is how to face it.

    I never looked at stress as a positive contribution. Apparently, stress can be altered depending on the person. A small problems occupies the mind, and it becomes overwhelming and worse due to our reaction and attitude. Being self-aware of these everyday moments of stress and decide how we want to react to something can help others channel their energy and emotion into something positive. It takes time and practice to have commitment, change, and control. In the video, he mentioned to write a letter, think about the basic, and think simple to have a care-free life. Painting will always be a stress-release for me; it’s about meditating and expressing one-self.

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