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  1. This video was informative and fascinating to view. I sometimes forget how everyone can stress in their own way and how each person controls their stress. It was also fascinating to learn about different examples of stress which some of them I did not realize I have experienced myself. I’d like to say that I am a stress free person. Sometimes I question myself if I am too stress free! “I seem to have no worries in the world” as my mom would say. I do believe positive stress is needed to help keep you aware and motivated and a wake up call at times. What I really enjoy about this video is how they explain the most truthful way of handling stress. This video is spot on when he says that its up to YOU to handle the situation. Most of the times people feel very stressed because they start to overthink in their head and create situations that probably will most likely not happen. That is why self control and a healthy mind is so important to help live a healthy positive and less stressful life. Another big thing for me that I believe has helped me to be as stress free as I can be is a healthy diet! It has changed my views in life more positively and I instantly felt more of a desire in life. I feel more driven and excited to live life each and everyday.

    -Melanie Ramos

  2. This short video very adorable as well as informative. Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but the ways in which we deal with it are as unique as ourselves. But that is also the source of most of our problems.
    I deal with the occasional bout of depression as well as social anxiety. Things got especially bad when I had a string of bad luck a few years back. The lack of control was making my head spin and stress of the situation was taking me to a dark place. Because of this, I was reluctant to use different substances to cope and was unwilling to seek outside help from a professional. After a little internal homework, and things finally going my way, I was back on track. Since then I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to deal with things better than I had at any other time in my life. I learned to respond to situations better and deal with circumstances in a healthier way. I’ve still had a few depressed spells, but I’ve also noticed that those spells are shorter in length and lessened in severity. Without noticing, I had actually been self-treating in the best possible way.

  3. Stress is a very powerful thing that can physically affect people and do more harm than we realize. I often find myself stressed and can tell especially because my skin reacts when I get anxious and stressed out. I like the idea of having the thought process be the cure for stress. The brain is a very powerful organ and because we are able to change our thinking, it is possible to change our ways. I have heard about CBT and do believe it is effective. We don’t need prescription drugs for everything. Mindfulness is also very important to practice and I find it helps me reduce stress because it slows everything down so I can handle things easier. Very informative video!

    – Lilah Tsudome

  4. In the past 4-5 years of my life, I’ve noticed that my stress management has gotten much better. As mention in the video above, it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t being stressed, I was more so embracing stressful situations as a means of building character in order to grow stronger as an individual. Wherever it was academic or personal, I began to look a “stressful” situations and was able to step back and analyze them more rationally in order to have a more healthy reaction. The mindfulness technique that was also mentioned in the vide is something that I find myself using more now with the new importance that I place on actions such as breathing.

    -Sebastian Jean

  5. Leah Ashton-Facin
    The video really provoked something that I have considered a lot which is perspective. I think that the main point to take away is that the perspective or way that one considers and interprets the events and occurrences around them. Mindfulness offers a way to shift in perspective. It is possible to live in the moment and realize that one does have control of perspective and therefore the amount of stress that they feel. This is exactly stated in the video as the space between stimulus and response. Therefore this can delineate and alter the way that we respond to the stresses in our lives. I have been working on this in my own life. It is difficult to take time to live in the moment especially in college. The schedules and work load and day to day issues that occur can be difficult. The ability to understand that my own mind can be altered and that I can have agency over my thoughts and view of my environment helps me to do be much less stressed.

  6. For someone who has suffered from severe OCD most of my life, I have had to address many of my stresses and compulsions in therapy. Although I still have mild compulsions, compared to what I experience throughout much of my secondary education years, it is nothing. One example was learning that washing my hands was not healthy for me and it actually mad me stressed an anxious. It was to the point where my hands were damaged, and when addressing this issue it was hard for me to grasp that it was all in my head, and it was causing me an unhealthy amount of stress. It’s a big pill to swallow when it comes to self-control within your own thoughts and deciphering what is worth spending your energy on. It is easy to get caught up in stress and anxiety when you disconnect yourself from the causes of these things and make things that don’t really matter, significant.

  7. I think a lot about stress, I try not to stress about it though. And not because I think I am frequently stressed but because it’s something I hear spoken about all the time. Stress seems so illogical to me. When I am not stressed, I simply can’t understand why anyone ever would be or is. It’s almost idiotic. Does worrying about something help you? Does stressing that you wont get your homework done help you get your homework done? No, all it does is make you angry and annoyed and then you don’t do your work, or not well at least. And half the time stress comes from a glass of milk that has already been spilled. People will stress because they forgot to do their work and now it’s late but then they just continue to not to do it and only stress about it instead of being proactive.
    This mindset has kept me from feeling stress quite successfully. It’s exactly what the doctor is talking about, changing your way of thinking. I begin to experience stress and think “hold oh philly, this is useless forget it and do something about it.” And this sounds all nice, but occasionally stress does hit me like a ton of bricks and it becomes harder to think logically. I then know that I’m stressed and knowing that I’m stressed makes me even more stressed. And when that happens I plummet. Hopefully mindfulness thinking can be another asset to my arsenal against stress for when my first wall breaks down. I have yet to be hit with a lot of stress, but I’m hoping the little amount of training I’ve gotten so far will help me out.

    -Phillip Laskaris

  8. That last point he made “ten percent of how we do in life is based on what happens to us and the other ninety is how we respond to it” is universally important and its a relief seeing someone finally put it into words. There are all these different beats of the same drum saying “make your own chances” or “something will come around” constantly contradicting each other, just like love and violence. They are both true, but no matter what situation you find yourself in it is not the circumstances that result in doing a good job but how you calmly and efficiently respond to those circumstances. Being able to organize your inner thoughts will help you to be more productive when it is necessary and allow you to relax when it proves beneficial.

  9. Something that stood out was this quote: “Between stimulus and response there is a space- mindfulness teaches us awareness of that space and that we have a power of choice.” This space and the negotiation with that happens in this space is very important. I have found in my personal experience that this is the locus for a lot of tension if there is no focus. We do have control over what we understand. We essentially create the stress in our brain. However, I differentiate between stress and excitement (positive and negative) that happens in response to a stimulus. We have immediate reactions to events, losing your wallet, dropping a valuable item, hearing bad news, hearing good news etc.. These things excite and can cause stress. But I’ve found that an immediate uncontrolled reaction is necessary. I find a lot of peace in vocalizing, either an OM or going for a jog to release energy, and then regulating my own response, as to not let it “stress” me. As the narrator said, it’s about where you decide to place your attention. However, to control immediately, and that’s how I see it; control and fighting the urge to participate in non productive solutions, can be harmful to the entire process of stress management. You can chose one thought over another.


  10. I found this video very helpful because I spend so much of my time feeling stressed or anxious about something other than what I am currently doing. If I am at work, I am thinking about my school obligations, and vice versa. I have heard of mindfulness as a tool for battling depression, but never considered its implications for stress, which seems dumb now. Fully immersing myself in the present moment and only focusing on what I am currently engaged in can help me alleviate some of my stress because I won’t be thinking about other obligations that are not immediately relevant. It likely will make me more effective when fulfilling those obligations, because I will be more focused and committed.

    The three qualities that were prevalent among people who coped well with the break up of a major company seem like qualities that would likely be found in many people who possess overall mental and emotional well-being. Being committed to valued relationships, interests, and engagements helps people create an identity, integrate themselves into their community, and prevent one aspect of their lives from overwhelming them. These benefits are all crucial for mental health. Understanding what you can and cannot control, and accepting that so you can adapt accordingly helps to keep the inevitable surprises and obstacles that we encounter from doing more damage than they must. And accepting change and looking for ways that change can help us grow or find more happiness is so vital for emotional well-being, because change is constant and unavoidable, so we need to make the best of it. I think this video presented very effective tools for alleviating stress, and seeing how many illnesses are linked to stress, it makes sense that these tools would appear to be beneficial for overall mental well-being as well.

  11. Stress could be something positive or negative. Everyone have gone through the negative effect of stress. It could lead to many problems not only mentally, but also physically. Perhaps we could change our way of thinking to deal with stress. one of the example will be failing. People feel depress when they fail something. If you took the stress positively, it could be a motivation of standing up and trying it again. I often think of my stress as the boss in the video game. Therefore, I feel my victory as I defeat them one by one. The way of changing our thinking while dealing with stress have formed in my mind for several years now after reading a book that talk about it. This video is a really good animation for people to understand more easily. I will definitely share it to others!

  12. Cara Collins

    Stress seems to be a very prevalent feeling throughout human lives. It is almost humorous to me that I tend to feel more stressed when I have less tasks to complete over an extended period of time, than when I have multiple tasks within a shorter time frame. This video brought to my attention the way that I personally handle my time and stress. I believe that with more task at hand I am not able to even concentrate on the negative because I have to respond at that very moment and get things done in order to move forward. Without even realizing it, I believe I use the 90/10 rule when I have multiple tasks at hand. The problem with me is the extended free time and how my thoughts wonder and create unneeded stress.

    What struck me most about the video was that we create our own stress. Once I heard that statement I realized how true it was. While I was watching the video I was worrying about preparing my recital that is two months away. The video made me realize that I full control of my response to stress. Instead of worrying about something I am not even doing at the moment, it is better to be present with the task at hand and keep a simple task list of things I need to accomplish. Once I realized that I was creating my own stress, I was able to calm myself with resolutions to my stress and a more positive attitude.

    I am looking forward to using the 90/10 rule in daily life. The drastic number difference puts my mind at ease and makes me realize I have so much more control over my thoughts. This mindfulness is truly a blessing and I am so glad that I watched this video. It really helped me take a step back and look at the way I was processing my tasks at hand.

  13. Stress management has been a big part of my life, especially since I primarily am focusing on Stage Management as a career. Being a SM calls for managing and controlling not only your stress, but everyone’s stress around you who is panicking and having melt downs.
    I believe as long as you find ways to relax and understand that stress is temporary and in some cases necessary for further success, stress can be controlled and calmed.
    This video directly follows my beliefs on stress and I really enjoyed the artistic style of drawing throughout it. Animation has a way of enticing viewers and I was definitely enjoying the video all the way through. t was very informative!

  14. I think this video was very helpful and informative. I definitely get stressed a lot if not daily, especially being a senior and trying to finish school and figure what else I want to do and will do. It’s helpful to know that stress is very complex but also common and everyone gets stressed from a variety of things. I like the idea of relaxation to help me to calm down and to think of positive things to help me to de-stress.

    • Please invest more time in writing your essays….I’m glad you are finding the material easy to relate to but if you take the time to validate these points you will etch them deeper in your memory and earn a good grade to boot! OM

  15. First and foremost, the statistical fact that 70% of primary care visits are stress related is much higher than I could’ve imagined. This being said, it’s far higher than it should be, yet the video’s solutions for such stress-related issues all leading back to personal mental control makes complete sense. It is unfortunate that stress can lead to more harmful conditions like drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety, and a worsened quality of life. But understanding that some people, like athletes, have the ability to manage such stress in ways that optimize performance, finding the ability to raise their level of stress such that it is high, but not unmanageable.

    The idea that the mind is the most powerful muscle/tool/resource in the world is entirely supported in this video. The video’s critical point regarding the ability to change one’s style of thinking is highlighted by the fact that you are your own worst enemy. Understanding that work and the various other external influences around us are not the primary causes of stress is something that not many people can truly wrap their head around. In some cases, I myself fall victim to this reaction, knowing that it is not bettering my situation. Quoted in the video, Dr. William James said that “our biggest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another,” only furthering the truth that controlled thought is the best remedy to the stress we put ourselves through.

    Conveniently, the video discusses several practices that one can do to help avoid stress. These methods include attentiveness to breathing, muscle relaxation, meditation, and increasing one’s self-awareness. All of these are crucial components of yoga and things that we are practicing this semester. Understanding the placement of our attention at any given moment, and living in that moment via the power of choice is a belief that can certainly help one to strive towards a better lifestyle.

    • Just an excellent essay! When someone reviews the subject matter it is a way of placing the information in the memory/mindset, when using references it adds another layer of understanding the subject matter and when adding your viewpoints it solidifies this in your memory….so I am certain you really got the message….excellent…OM

  16. As a science minded guy it’s nice to see simple and ancient cures validated. Writing and exercising and practicing meditation and yoga only validate themselves as cures for stress and anxiety the longer they are studied. I found it interesting that stress is not often studied as a phenomena of its own but rather as a corollary to a disease or illness. The video stresses that stress is a reactionary process and an interpretative process in which our brain, and to a certain degree our conscious thought, parse the world around us. People often think of stress as simply force from without but I found it interesting to focus instead on stress from within.

    Stress is just a state of mind as often as it’s the state of events! When it comes to health or mental well being it may be internal stress is more to blame for illness that external stress. How we deal with things, how we react and how we cope, how our bodies and minds react and therefore determine how ill we actually become. Simple things such as writing or exercising or even simply chnging the way we think, consciously and actively changing our thinking, can improve our physical well being.

    Perhaps most saluently what I took away from the video is that stress is a choice. We can choose how much we wish to stress things,how we react to stresses we can’t choose and how long we let past stresses linger. In this way stress is baggage. Some of it we need but most of it we carry around unknowingly.

  17. I really appreciated the matter-of-fact tone of this video. As a personal who actually underwent some CBT as treatment for anxiety and a pile of related health issues, I’ve spent several years working on coming to grips with the reality that most of how you experience life and how you feel comes from inside your head, rather than from the environment. Several of the mental health professionals I worked with initially tiptoed around the issue, and I found their input less than helpful. When someone finally told me that I needed to change how I thought about my life, that almost seemed like a slap in the face; my anxiety felt like something that happened to me, not something I’d done to myself. As time passed, I came to realize that it’s neither; anxiety remains, but by choosing to interact with it differently, I can prevent it from causing my life and my health irreparable damage. Still, to this day I can find it frustrating when medical professionals speak too aspirationally about this kind of change. Frequently they might not address the day-to-day hardness of changing your thinking, glossing over that and skipping straight to the benefits. When they discuss keeping it simple, that was a valuable reminder to me that even the smallest acts of self-care are a start.
    – Harper Stevenson

    • Thanks for your honest essay and for sharing about your own experiences which are the most valid….yes it is always easy to say how to fix something rather than the work and the stuff that gets in the way….I wish you all the best with this semester and I do think you will find some new successes in these matters….Namaste

  18. This video was a very educational experience on the sometimes overwhelming pastiche of emotions that is stress, as well as coping methods. By showing stress from the points of view of various types of people, from psychologist to athlete, it illustrates a picture of the varying and subjective nature of stress. Stress is a constant cloud tethering you to your responsibilities, but we have a tendency to exacerbate this cloud and make it larger than it needs to be. We are each of us in a constant cycle of stress that comes mostly from our perception of time in relation to responsibilities and obligations we have. When we deem an obligation important in a time-sensitive manner, we create stress around said obligation because of it’s perceived importance. Because of this, we all experience stress, but in a unique and special way depending on who we are, and what we’ve experienced throughout our lives. Beautifully illustrated by this video was the power we all have over our minds, and how we feel and experience life. In an inconsistent society so obsessed with perfection in ways that do not exist, it’s easy to lose sight of the power each of us hold, and what is truly important in our lives. What is important for dealing with stress is the power of your control over the choices you make. The more we exercise this control over our choices, the more we will find our stress more manageable. While it is not inherently bad to experience stress, its completely natural, this does not mean we must completely succumb to it, and forfeit all control we have over our life and choices.

  19. This video on stress was thought provoking and really interesting for me. It makes me wonder about the line between needing medicine to rebalance the chemicals in your brain versus going on walks, practicing mindfulness, yoga etc. How do we know when the chemical in our brain need rebalancing with medicine or fresh air? If we can recognize that we are thinking in a cyclical way that is unhelpful to productivity of any kind and are actively working to get not feel those ways or think those things anymore how do we propel ourselves into action? This is something I go through a lot where I can completely recognize that I am thinking in an unproductive way and go to find out what I need to nurture myself by taking a hot shower or exercising or doing deep breathing, I sometimes lack the motivation to do anything at all because I have already perpetuated these rhythms of sadness inside of me.

    This is something I constantly work on and being mindful of your thinking and the way that you are acting is the first step. I think this is where I am, where I can see other people engaging in unhelpful or damaging thoughts or patterns of behavior and I can see it in myself, but it is working to get out of the cycles that is the step that I am on at the moment. Getting a good night sleep every night, not staying up late, eating well, drinking less alcohol on the weekends to set myself up to have good weeks is so important to me. Finding routine and balance amongst the stress is the best part of having this class this semester. It is helping me, even with these videos, to remind myself to be balanced and stay on a healthy track. Thank you.

    Raechel Teitelbaum

  20. This video was super informative. I’m now more aware of what causes stress and the many different factors of it. Whether it’s due to chemical changes, vulnerability, or health, stress can be so overwhelming that It can even control your life. However, there are people who are better at controlling that stress. The main cause of my stress is all the work I have to do. If I am stressed out about work is because I procrastinated and ended up with a heavy load of work and little time to complete it. I’ve definitely gotten better at time managing which has reduced my stress levels. I think changing bad habits and changing your thinking style is really effective in living a healthy lifestyle. Practicing the Isha Kriya has also been effective in reducing my stress levels. During my commute on the metro north I practiced the Isha Kriya by repeating “I am not the body, I am not even the mind” in my head. I was really stressed out about somethings, and though I was nervous about practicing in public, I felt stress free after I did it. This week I’ve increased practicing the Isha Kriya to 5 times.

  21. I found this video and animation to be incredibly important and relevant to my life. Often the word stress receives a negative connotation, but often stress can be important to you completing a task or sometimes even just dealing with particular situations. As someone with a lot of anxiety, I know firsthand how debilitating stressful things can be. Often small things overwhelm me or upset me more than larger things that probably should, and this is just an example of how complex our psyche manages different situations. As the animation says, a great attribute we have is the ability to control our thoughts and emotions (to an extent, I believe) and learning how to manage and filter out the stress that debilitates you rather than moves you forward should be an integral practice for any person. This video seemed to help solidify many things I already had floating through my mind and I am thankful for seeing it.

  22. I generally understand how much stress can affect physical health. The first case in the video is a perfect example of this. A 50% increase in risk of heart attack after a tense soccer game, is a perfect example of how stress can really harm us. Like the narrator says, the best way to take care of stress is to change your outlook on life. If you expect to be stressed, and you let yourself get overwhelmed, you will be stressed. There is no way to avoid this, unless you employ techniques to control the way you view situations and control your stress levels.

    I used to have really harsh anxiety issues in my early years of highschool, due to a move from a different state between the end of middle school and the start of highschool. I decided pretty quickly that I didn’t want to be stressed out, and I didn’t want to take medication, so I learned at a decently young age how to control my stress and anxiety. I think techniques that I used back then have helped me today at relieving stress much easier. I used to listen to relaxing music and just focus on something else, which helped me a lot at easing my mind. Now I just hold a more positive outlook on life, and I make sure to not fall behind on anything that I need to do. So long as I have some free time and time to relax, I rarely feel any stress. Maybe once a week for something small, but the feeling subsides pretty quickly when I think of a way to handle it.

    -Matthew Harris

  23. I found the ideas in this video to be extremely enlightening. One part I found particularly interesting was the section regarding the 3 major similarities amongst executive’s stress management; Commitment, awareness of their stressful situation within ‘the big picture’. Control, an understanding of ones place in life, and the avoidance of excessive control. And (arguably most importantly) an understanding that change can be something of a ‘stepping stone’ in life rather than purely an obstacle. I plan to employ some of these qualities and thought processes in my life from this point forward, I feel these ideals will greatly ease my transition from college and the world of eduction to the ‘real world’ and true independence.

    • A good beginning for your Yoga Journal essay…please do invest more time in your writing to include review of the subject/content, include other references to contrast and compare data along with your experiences, impressions, etc…..OM

  24. While this video is interesting and these studies helpful, I find this particular doctor to be somewhat condescending. Dr. Evans makes it clear that you should change your mindset without actually suggesting therapy. I agree that stress is in the mind, there are people who feel more or less stress, it is in human nature to question yourself or limit your own importance. Most people who are stressed and can’t control it are those who also suffer from depression or problems with anxiety. When you’re under the impression of your own human nature and can’t really understand how to get yourself out of a hole, it can be even harder to be in the moment or think about the big picture (these being two conflicting pieces of advice he gave) and it will be hard to maintain your stress.
    It is honestly not helpful to simply state that you should change your mindset. I associate this type of advice with telling an overweight person to just eat healthy without giving them any help into what they should do to try and be healthier. Another example would be telling someone who is depressed or antisocial to just get out there and try another time to be social. This type of advice never really works out because people with these mental diseases or simple insecurities are under the influence of their problems and therefore cannot seek out their own help. This is where one would suggest therapy. With the help of a therapist behind you, it is amazing what can be done.
    While all that can be said, there is a more personal side to the way one can seek help with stress that was addressed very well in the video; changing the way you schedule yourself and the people you surround yourself with. Personally, yoga has helped greatly with my stress levels. The fact that I do the Isha Kriya and can sleep all night because of it has helped greatly with my days. It is important to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself and can help you to get onto the road to recovery. I find that yoga has changed my mindset, a bit.
    This video’s intention was very good but I fail to see how the message was conveyed clearly without mentioning the viewers that personal therapy should be sought out.

    Talia (Rosie) Evans

  25. How much control you have in your life, social network, openness to change, self care (exercising), and optimism are all terms listed in the video that cause stress if not acknowledged. Change your thinking style in order to become less upset! Turn on the light in your mind! The law of attraction is at work too, if you put yourself into a box or define yourself you will become that which you say. You will manifest what you put out into the universe! It takes much practice, I believe. But, changing your thinking style can really benefit you to find inner peace. Being mindful in our lives, being in the moment, can free us from worries about the future or past, or negative aspect of life although some negative aspects should be understood in order to better our world.

  26. Very little do I consciously think of my stress as being positive, though this video organizes positive stress out in a way that could be useful in situations moving forward. Sometimes if I find myself to be busy or constantly active and the stress that comes with it naturally effects my mindset negatively. I find it crucial that this video puts the power of your mind above the stresser itself. So much stress, just like stated here, is a side-effect of trying to hold onto too much control in someway, shape, or form. I also appreciate what this piece had to say on embracing the overwhelming tasks and directions we’re pulled. I’ve always been appreciative to just be able to EXPERIENCE sadness, anger, and pain, but I’ve never fully stepped back to seen the benefits of stress. It can take you down an entire new path while also testing your mental.

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