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  1. I feel as if the Isha Kriya does not do what it is intended for myself. It may just be a matter of time such as the distraction of holding the straight back pose for 12+ mins, but the chanting of ” I am not the body” & ” I am not even the mind” tends to drive my mind crazy. The repetition of anything phrase for that amount of time would tend to throw me off. It not only feels distracting from where I want to go but also feels as if im being boxed into a certain action and function like a predictable instrument. Off course with may dissipate with the improvement on controlling breathing and posture but only time would tell that.

  2. At first I found it very difficult to keep my eyes closed and maintain the same position for such a long period of time.
    After the third time practicing it got immensely easier, the 12 minutes seemingly flew by.
    I chose to follow the chart rather than the video, being able to go at my own pace without the distraction from the video helped a lot.
    The breathing portion of this is really key, you can feel the energy disperse through the body as you exhale thinking “I am not even the mind”.

  3. I have practiced the Isha Kriya pose once a day for 10 minutes since we learned it in last week’s class. When I first discovered it in class, I found it very uncomfortable to keep repeating the chant, especially with so many people all in synchronization. What really bothered me about doing it in class was having to sing it in a strange non-melodic chant. After I gave it another chance, I found that practicing the Isha Kriya alone was much more peaceful for me. I also discovered from watching the video that the chant doesn’t have to be sung. I much enjoyed the hypnotic repetition of speaking the words and they began to take on a new form and meaning as I spoke them. I was able to clear my mind by focusing on the movement of my chest as I breathed and the sounds of the words coming from my mouth. I have seen the benefits and will certainly be including the Isha Kriya into my daily schedule.

    Noah Schmitz

  4. The best quality that I find in the Isha Kriya is that it is your own experience. It is a good way to center one’s self while creating such a strong amount of energy throughout your body. You are what you make of it if you are not sitting up properly or fully tuned to the Isha Kriya it will not work to your advantage. With each day I feel the difference throughout my body, there is a strong reflection of practicing this at home then going to class. Each week I feel more comfortable an intuned during class and I believe the Isha Kriya has a big role with that.

  5. After doing the Isha Kriya consecutively this past week, I am able to understand how one can gain further understanding of his/hers own body. In the beginning of my practice of the Isha Kriya, I found it difficult to remain in the same position for such an extended period of time without opening my eyes, especially in a public setting. One would think that doing such a practice in a larger group would encourage someone such as myself to do it more, but I feel a true appreciation didn’t grow until I did alone. Being home, and allowing myself to do the isha kriya within my own time frame really allowed me to absorb the overall lesson. Since doing the lesson, I have been feeling more center within my physical and spiritual body.

  6. Initially, I was a bit unsure if the Isha Kriya would be an effective relaxation tool for me becuase in the past I preferred quiet meditation and I thought that the words would be a distraction. However, a few minutes into the practice when I had found the rhythm of the chant, I found the repetition and rhythm to be more calming. After the first couple of times I practiced the Isha Kriya I found I felt more in tune with my own breath in connection the the rest of my body. As I continue to practice the Isha Kriya, I hope to develop a better understanding of the meaning of the chant and how I can apply it to my own belief systems.

  7. I was very uncomfortable with doing the Isha Kriya pose this past week but perhaps it’s mostly because of the chanting I had to do and the period of time I had to hold my pose. However, during the end of the week, it did get a lot easier. I feel much more comfortable with holding the pose. Although I also grew more comfortable with the chanting, it feels pointless for me to do it considering it only makes my mind wander elsewhere. Overall, after doing this I feel slightly better. I still feel that I could do without the chanting.
    -Samantha Diaz

  8. I was unaware there was a video and have been using the paper prior and it worked fine, but now doing it with the video I think I prefer doing it in class with real people. There is something about the vibration and presence or vibes of others that really envelopes a practicer in the meditative mindset. I really feel something surrounded by others reciting and the vibrations can almost literally be felt and I’m not sure why but it’s an incredible feeling. So while on my own I will probably stick to paper the video is nice if i get confused since it’s the easiest to follow.

    There is however one thing that confuses me. In the steps it says to mentally tell yourself I am not the body and I am not even the mind however in both your practice and the video practice it is very much out loud and not mentally. Would you happen to know why? Additionally how important is this phrase and what is it’s significance. To me it seems to state that we focus too much on the physical and aught to separate ourselves and become more spiritual and energy focused.

    • The IK practice requires us to utter the words for vibrational benefits. There are different significance to the words for different people, and we each come to change our own ideas with continued practice. It’s fine to use the instructions instead of the video. Your description is a good beginning!

  9. I did all four of the Isha Kriya’s for one hour each. I figured that we do it for an hour each class. But now I know that it is just for twelve minutes. I do feel more relaxed after doing it, although my legs do feel a little funny after doing it. Probably because I have been sitting cross-legged for that long, but it helps make me more relaxed afterwards.

  10. The Isha Kriya is an everyday practice in which you sit cross-legged, with palms open and upturned, to promote a flow of energy and circulation for approximately 15 minutes. With so much going on during the day it can be very difficult to devote time to just sit and be still, so I have found it most effective when I incorporate the practice into my morning or nighttime routines. I have found success doing a combination of both throughout the week. Otherwise, once the day gets going, my mind becomes preoccupied with everything else. That is also why it is important to remind yourself during the Kriya that “I am not this body, I am not even this mind.” My mind can get carried away and will end up dominating my entire day. For this reason, a daily reminder that I am so much more than just my mind or my body is crucial. So what does this mean? If I am something other than a mind or a body, what am I? We are our spirits, the energy that moves our bodies and minds day-in and day-out. Our spirit is a culmination of our goodness, thoughtfulness, and purpose. It is so important to nurture your spirit so as not to let it become tangled up in the mundane or even damaged by negativity and darkness. To constantly remind yourself that your spirit is valuable fosters a greater community thought that we should all work together to be our best selves and live in a world full of good, not evil. I will continue my Kriya practice going forward and hope to learn to quiet my mind in time.

    Catherine Halstead

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