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  1. The IK practice requires us to utter the words for vibrational benefits. There are different significance to the words for different people, and we each come to change our own ideas with continued practice. It’s fine to use the instructions instead of the video. Your description is a good beginning!

  2. This was the first time I practiced this method of mediation and I found it very hypnotic. It helped to let go of seemingly immediate stresses and to not need to think, without putting any internal pressure on myself to let go, as I’ve experienced in some guided meditations I’ve tried. I found myself nervous about the process of timing each step at first, but the guided audio really helped in letting go of that anxiety. I will probably revisit this video for a while when practicing this exercise.

  3. The Isha Kriya seems to be a lot more involved that many other modern meditation practices but it helped my mind stop wandering excessively. The phrases and the chant specifically helped my mind softly focus on something in order to become more mindful and to let my intrusive thoughts go. Looking forward to continuing this practice and developing my skills further. Namaste.

  4. I’ve repeated the Isha Kriya a few times now over the last few days and I think I am getting a little better at it. I find that I am not yet able to fully immerse myself for a full 12-15 minutes. My head sinks down as I relax (rather than looking slighty upward as stated in the video) so I find myself thinking about whether or not my head is in the right position. My mind wanders after 2 or 3 minutes during the first section and I find the teacher’s repetitions distracting. I seem to have a harder time silencing my mind during this section than I do with the total silence in the third section. I also found that my breathing pattern did not match up with the teacher’s recitation of the Aaaahhhh’s, so that was also a little distracting. Question, do we do short, shallow breaths here or are they meant to be full, cleansing breaths? This morning I was able to perform Isha Kriya without the video but found I do need some sort of timer, so no matter how distracting I felt his voice was while listening to the video, I do find it beneficial from a timing sense. I have tried different types of meditation before, but I could never calm my mind enough to benefit and usually gave up pretty quickly. I am looking forward to this practice and hoping that I will be able to allow myself to enjoy it and find inner peace and relaxation.

    • Wonderful that you have already practiced a few times! With everything New it takes time for it to settle upon and within us. Continue practicing and along with our group experience in class I can promise it will get better, easier and noticeable benefits will surface soon. Your questions are spot on, some use a timer, also a chair or pillow might help support you until your yoga makes you stronger. We will be doing a collective check in together in about a week. Keep up your progress Namaste

  5. To be completely honest, I found it really difficult not to get in my own head during this exercise and just let my body’s movements and thoughts “just sit there” as instructed. It was particularly difficult during the third section when there was no chanting or instruction to focus on and music was the only stimuli…looking to see how this experience changes over the semester. Namaste.

    • Glad you have begun to explore the Isha Kriya and know many have this initial experience and with continued practice along with our class experiences you will soon embrace your Isha Kriya practice, OM

  6. This is my first time using this form of meditation, and I found it very easy to focus on the chanting and ignore my wavering thoughts. This is something that I usually struggle with especially in guided meditation. Usually through guided meditations I find it very easy to wonder off, and it becomes very hard for me to focus. Though it wasn’t necessarily guided, the mans voice chanting helped me fall deeper into a meditative state, as it gave me something small to focus on. I enjoyed this practice, and I am excited to continue to practice it.

  7. I had never taken a yoga class before, and I didn’t really know what it was about before. Isha Kriya is such a new thing for me. I practiced it this week and I did not think it was that easy to stay in the same position for that long and the inhaling and exhaling with the chanting was a little hard at the beginning but somehow I felt so relaxed and energetic, my thoughts were so positive and I felt great.

  8. I found myself beginning to lose focus after continuously hearing and chanting “I am not the body, I am not even the mind.” I also found myself worrying about how I might be perceived by others should anyone see me. My attention kept drifting, thinking about so many things that I began to forget about the meditation all together. I became impatient, so I’m hoping to enhance my ability to focus and be still.

  9. At first I found it really difficult to follow my breath and sit in the same posture for an extended period of time. Though as the time went by I found my head started to be less concerned with invading thoughts and became clearer. The guides voice was very calming and eased some of the anxiety I felt during the beginning of this process. By the end I had more energy than I felt before Idid this practice. I look forward to seeing how other techniques will offer different benefits for the body and mind.

  10. This was the first time that I have done a kind of yoga like this. At first I found the body position and the vocal parts kind of uncomfortable. The more I continued to practice the more comfortable I became and the more relaxed I felt. I found that throughout the day I felt better about things and less anxious. I also found myself repeating that “I am not the body” “I am not even the mind” when I felt myself start becoming overwhelmed. I have found that I enjoy to do it most in the morning and it makes for a great way to start my day.

  11. I was able to slowly drift into relaxation for the first few minutes. It was difficult for me to keep my mind wiped clean for much more than that, and certainly not for 18 minutes, but I think I can get better at this with some practice. I stopped focusing on my back pain for a decent amount of time after I was done, so I do see a benefit. It’s going to become very difficult to practice this in a small apartment with a newborn, though.

    • Did the Baby Arrive? I think you may find that newborns need a lot of sleep to continue to grow and transition being on the planet, at least the first 3 months anyway! Please sit in a chair or use a cushion or towel roll when sitting for your IK practice. Bring them to class to help support your back. If you want me to offer more suggestions please see me at the beginning of class. Namaste

  12. This is the first time I practiced this type of meditation and found it difficult to stay in tune with myself. I find it difficult to stay calm without wanting to start moving some part of my body. I was a little disappointed in myself because I was really excited to try this. I am confident that with practice, this will be second nature to me. I am definitely going to be returning to this video to practice some more in my free time.

    • Great that you have begun your home practice for the IK! Please don’t be disheartened about the initial experience with regular practice we all get better. What’s important is to notice your experiences and with time changes will come, Namaste

  13. This seems like something that could be useful to learn. I got kind of distracted a few times during it but hopefully I’ll get better at it if I practice a lot. I thought the video was helpful. The music at the end was pretty.

  14. It was the most interesting thing doing isha kriya. When I meditate, and I am in samadhi, i have a certain feeling. All along the video I had just focus. This may be due to the fact that this involved listening to someone. however, the end result was the same as jhana. I felt well rested and focused at the end

  15. After practicing Isha Kriya for the first time, it was so new and different! But it allowed me to breathe and chant aloud, and it was very relaxing. Usually, after resting with eyes closed for a while, I first thought I would feel tired, but I felt very awake, happy, and at peace. I can’t wait to perfect this and practice it often!

  16. This practice is something I feel like will put my mind in ease. Sitting down for at least 12 minutes a day practicing this is something I have to get used to because I have never taken a yoga class before. When I first watched it, I just listened to the instructions and wrote it down so when I do it I know the necessary steps to Isha Kryia. This is the way I learn. I’ve meditated before and I understand how to practice leaving your body and your mind to be peaceful.

  17. I have tried meditation several times and always found it extremely difficult. This particular practice was slightly easier for me because there was a concrete sentence for my mind to focus on, however I still caught myself wondering. Chanting always feels a bit odd to me and i think it will take a while to get used to. The feeling afterwards was very calming.

    • Thanks for sharing about your experiences and know that with continued practice everything will fall into place. Every class you will have ample opportunities to train your mind to become Stiller. Namaste

  18. The practice of Isha Kriya was difficult for me at first especially doing the practice on my own in comparison to probably doing it in class. I found it difficult to sit in the proper position because I feel as though my body would be very tense, and I couldn’t help but think about a whole bunch of other things that were constantly floating in my mind. Doing the chants was a little uncomfortable for me, I guess as I continue this practice more and more it will come much more naturally. But I think I did a good job for my first attempts and I did feel slightly relaxed because I was actually sitting and just focusing on my mind and body which helps me calm down after stressful days.

    • Thanks for your honesty about your initial IK practice, remember you can use a chair to help your body to be comfortable. After a few weeks of yoga you may find your spine stronger for your sitting practices. In class you may bring a small cushion or towel roll to support your body while sitting for our IK practice. Do let me know if you need further help. Namaste

  19. I’ve done yoga before in high school and I’ve done things that were similar to the Isha Kriya (IK). I joined a yoga class in college for the same reason I liked it in high school. It was fun, relaxing and chill overall. During the IK, I felt like my body rolled into a stage of numbness and my mind was completely clear. After this yoga exercise I came out feeling slightly sleepy and then rejuvenated.

  20. I have never taken a yoga class before, but was excited to learn. I was surprised on how relaxed my mind felt. My mind was focused on my breathing and nothing else. The positions helped relax and stretch my muscles causing me to unwind and destress. The calming atmosphere of the class helped me focus on my breathing and helped me do the positions to the best of my ability. After the class, I felt energized and loose.

  21. I found the Isha Kriya practice to be very soothing. The first time I practiced this technique I chose to sit upright (without the wall for support). I found this to be a bit tiring. The breathing technique at the end was immensely comforting from my lower back up to my neck. I felt like this second part of the sequence solidified the center and peace that the chanting cultivated. The vibration from deep breathing relieved the back and neck tension I had previously felt. Once I completed Isha Kriya, I laid in Shavasana for about five minutes. This practice gave me a feeling of rejuvenation – a new sense of energy and willingness to complete the work I had left to do.

  22. While doing the Ish Kriya, I have felt a vibration between my brows as a concentrate on breathing. With each breath, I feel my body (mainly the nape of the neck) relaxing even more. Near the end of this meditative like state, I also feel much more comfortable. After the Ish Kriya has ended, I feel a warmth circulate throughout my entire being and I feel balanced. The only thing about this exercise is that my mind begins to wander around halfway through and I focus on them instead of just letting them pass.

  23. This is the first time I’ve ever practiced the Isha Kriya and I found it to be very relaxing at first. I had difficulty keeping my thoughts from entering and taking my attention away from the meditation. Focusing on the guided instructions helped a lot to redirect my attention. I look forward to seeing how I can improve and make my practices last longer throughout the semester.

  24. During my Isha Kriya practice, I honestly felt uncomfortable. As I kept concentrating on the words and getting into the meditation, I felt I was sort of losing awareness of my body. I sometimes get this feeling during Shavasana as well, and it often causes anxiety. I am not sure why this happens, but I would like to have more control during meditation.

  25. I did not know what to expect before doing the Isha Kriya (IK). At first, I thought it was useless to perform it that long though as 5 minutes past It was very relaxing as I was focusing on small actions. I performed the Isha Kriya (IK) after my class and I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. It allowed me to clear my mind and gave my body a rest. I actually like how long the amount of time you need to complete Isha Kriya (IK). It actually allows the body and mind to reflect and receive the whole experience properly.

  26. Starting the Isha Kriya (IK) proved difficult for me, as I am a person who has a million things going on at once. My mind raced for a bit during the first minute or two of IK, but once I started to really relax and just let myself fall into the exercise, it was fantastic. In some parts, it felt like that moment right before you fall asleep where you feel almost completely relaxed. The practice of IK is probably my favorite part of the class thus far, as it really helps me to quiet my brain and breath for a little while. I truly believe that after this class I will be continuing this practice in my day to day life for the purposes of de-stress and general health and well being.

  27. The meditative state acquired through the practice of Isha Kriya is something to much appreciate in the middle of a busy schedule. While I have been practicing the physical exercises of yoga for some time I have only just recently began to take mindfulness and breathing more seriously. I have never before practiced IK so the chanting feels a bit awkward but from just one session I can see for myself its benefits. The relaxation and warmth I felt will linger for sometime after practice I am sure.

  28. Practicing with the Isha Kriya video and going through each step helped me concentrate on my body and breathing. At first, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate and I would feel tension in my neck, but now doing the breathing technique, it really helped clear my mind and made me feel balance. I’m excited to meditate more and make my body and mind stronger.

  29. This is my first time taking yoga and doing the Isha Kriya. At first, it was very difficult for me because I kept getting distracted and not being able to clear my mind and just focus on my breathing. I tried to do it with the voice of the man in the video but it made me more distracted rather than just chanting in my head, so for me I found it easier to follow the instructions but do it on my own and not with the voice in the video and it helped. I felt in a way free of thoughts and it made me feel refreshed and calmer than before I had started. By the end of it, I lost track of time and didn’t realize how I spent that much of time just sitting and relaxing and becoming more intact with my zen.

  30. At first I found it hard to completely focus and I felt very tense from sitting in the same position for a long time. I am looking forward to see my progress, I will continue to practice and I will try harder each time. I need to work on controlling and minimizing my thoughts. I want to get better at this a reach my full potential because it seems to be something very useful.

  31. This was my first time doing the Isha Kriya outside of class. It was very soothing, although my mind started to wander to other thoughts towards the end. While listening to the instructor, I felt almost as if I was out of my body and my mind was starting to become numb. I had to snap myself back every once in a while because, while I was in a comfortable sitting position, it felt like I would fall over. By the end, it felt strange to come back from the stage that I was in while doing Isha Kriya. It might take a while to get used to doing it, but I am looking forward to practicing.

  32. I just recently began this meditation and it most definitely worked in many different ways. I felt like this was the perfect time to perform this meditation as I’m trying to relax myself before I go to sleep. As I was meditating I almost felt my arms and hands (especially the tips of my fingers) relax and loosen up. While I prepare myself for my yoga class tomorrow, I’ll make sure to continue to find the time to meditate, just as long as I can relieve my stress or anxiety, especially as I practiced the Ish Kriya.

  33. This had been my first time practicing Isha Kriya. I found it difficult to stay focused on repeating the phrases both with the guide and without. I’m hoping that with time chanting will become a more comfortable, intuitive experience. I sat up against the wall with a rolled blanket as you suggested and it did make sitting upright for the 12 minutes fairly comfortable, though I didn’t feel rejuvenated, calm and centered until laying in shavasana for about 15 minutes. Hopefully with time and regular practice I will find ease and comfortability practicing IK.

  34. This isn’t my first time taking yoga; I did some in elementary school, also during my middle school and high school years during my sports career. However, the poses then were never like the IK (Ish Kriya pose). The IK actually helps me keep my body calm and relaxed; I am able to connected with my inner self and focus on my breathing. This is a pose that helps me refresh my mind. even if it’s just for 10 minutes, this practice helps. But, I have to get back to handling all this meditation.

  35. The first time doing the Isha Kriya on my own was a little uncomfortable yet, relaxing and strengthening. I was uncomfortable because of my surroundings & how I will be viewed/heard. This is something I am trying to overcome. Using my voice in ways I am not used to generally makes me uncomfortable. I am aware that in order to overcome things like this I need to continue on with what is uncomfortable to take down this wall of comfort that I’m living behind so that I can move forward and become closer to reaching my fullest potential. Compared to the speed we performed in class. I felt the speed in the video was a lot faster, this was unsettling to me as well, I felt I needed more time to embrace & reinforce the affirmations of the meditation. I know that I do not have to use the video, but I do find it a bit easier to follow along. at least for the beginning until I get the hang out it. When I was finished I felt more relaxed & accomplished, my mind was a bit more silent, the speed of time didn’t seem so fast, & my mental clarity seemed to be a little bit better.

  36. During my second week of doing the Isha Kriya, I felt as if I was under a tremendous amount of stress in my daily life. For me, getting to a meditative state and just letting go was hard initially, but when I did reach that state and was able to let go, I felt much more centered and a calmness swept over me which was a big relief.
    While I was practicing Isha Kriya, my mind felt as if it was wandering, attempting to linger in all of my earthly problems. As I kept shifting my focus back to the voice however, I was able to finally let go and flow with the voice. Something about the two sentences combined with the breathing resonated with me and allowed me to achieve this meditative like state.
    As Isha Kriya continued, I was able to feel a slight warmth surge throughout my body, I felt calm and comfortable. Once I left this inward reflection, the stress I had felt did not seem as important anymore and I felt reenergized and ready to actually get stuff done instead of worrying about it.

  37. I have been going through a rough time and the benefits of the Isha Kriya are so fleeting right now. Class is relaxing and I’ve tried to replicate some of the stretches (especially putting my legs up against the wall for a good long time) into my nightly ritual which is when I do the Isha Kriya. Please forgive me for being late to post on this blog. I am struggling.

    • Wishing you all the best…remember these practices are proven to improve health and emotional fortitude and will assist you to reaching a more balanced place. To earn credit I need to know your registered name.

  38. I have practiced meditation a bit in the past, so it was not too far out for me. I think this practice was very helpful for reorganizing my mind and putting my thoughts where they belong. It helps set my self up for a productive day, so I prefer to do it pretty early in the morning. I have also thought about practicing before bed as I do often have trouble falling asleep.

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