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  1. I think the Isha Kriya is very relaxing and calming. I find that it is very easy for me to fall into a rhythm with this particular style of yoga that is unlike any style I’ve done in class thus far. I do find it difficult to keep the pace of my breathing even with the mental phrasing, but I am assuming this is just because I have not practiced this before. I did begin feel more aligned and relaxed while doing the Isha Kriya, especially around ten minutes in. This seems like a form of yoga I would realistically use in my life at certain times which is exciting, especially with how aligned and calm it made me feel. Also, I did not do this this time around, but after reading some previous comments on the video I am thinking that using a chair with a back or sitting against a wall would have improved the alignment of my spine and helped me to be more relaxed. I plan to implement a chair in the future.

    -Daniel Tavares Zlock

  2. I just finished practicing the Isha Kriya for the first time and I’ve been putting it off for a while because I’ve never been very good at sitting still and emptying my mind (I become very self aware of all my body parts and then it’s all I can focus on), but tonight was the night I decided to give it a try and at first it was hard. Yet after the first 3 minutes or so, I could feel my self relaxing a bit and my breathing become more even and in sync with the man i the video. By no means did I do it perfectly or was able to do it for a long time, but I’m interested to keep going. Once I was able to fully commit I could feel myself relaxing and it was nice. I’m hoping to be able to practice Isha Kriya atleast once a day, thank you for sharing this!

    jess jimenez (Mon- 6:30 class)

  3. I’ve never really practiced meditation before, though I have some experience with yoga. I always thought it was a bit useless for me as my thoughts usually drift off anyway, I think a lot ahah. I thought this meditation was actually very relaxing. I feel that part of this was due to the video being a led activity, and I found the instructor’s voice very calming and trance inducing. By the last couple times of repeating “I am not the body…”, I found myself very in it!
    This was kind of challenged when it was the more silent part of the meditation, as my mind did drift off. I woke up a bit tired and stressed so I’m sure this contributed, also thinking about my classes for today and my homework.
    However, by the end, I was a lot more relaxed, and felt much more centered in myself for the rest of the day. I’m excited to try this practice more and get more of a hang of it, and try to incorporate it more into my morning routine, as my mornings really set up my attitude for the day.

  4. I have not done any mediation outside of my first yoga class, so it was interesting to try a practice on my own. Learning about the Isha Kriya in the beginning of the video was nice because it gave me somewhat of a background on what I was about to be practicing. I did not know that practicing this particular exercise facing East would offer extra benefits, which was something I would not think about. However, the video did not explain why this is, which would have been helpful to learn as well. I was surprised at first at the length one needs to do this exercise to see maximum benefits. Yet, after completing it, I found it to be very simplistic and easy to do which would make me able to do it twice a day for twelve minutes as recommended. I was very relaxed during the exercise, but I found it difficult to keep up with the video on when I should be breathing, because I tend to do so slower. I also found it not the easiest to clear my mind and focus solely on my breathing, but I also feel like this will improve as I do it more. Overall I found it fascinating how something so simple can improve ones health and I fully believe that practicing the Isha Kriya will help me become more balanced in life and hopefully cope with stress. I am looking forward to bettering both my mental and physical heath through yoga.
    – Abby Collins

    • Great you now have an experience with the Isha Kriya practice. Know everyone slowly builds up their own ability to breathe and fully embrace the practice. The benefits build cumulatively. Namaste

  5. While I was doing the Ishya Kriya I found the method of breathing to be very relaxing, it made me feel numb, but not numb like when your arm falls asleep, numb like when you’re about to take a nap. After I finished I was relaxed and stress free after my long day of classes. I will definitely do the Ishya Kriya again when I feel that I need to destress from a difficult day.

    • Remember you are required to write a full essay for each assignment. These two sentences are not sufficient for full credit. Know that everyone will be required to practice The Isha Kriya at least 4 times outside of class for this semester.

  6. This meditation, is something that takes time to get into. It it time consuming, and takes a lot of concentration and commitment to accomplish. One does not even need to practice yoga in order to do this meditation.

    The vibrations that one makes with the sounds, brings the body to such a peaceful state, and an even more peaceful state once one clears the mind and body of thoughts. I want to be able to practice this more than I do now, I believe this will help me concentrate, and do better with my studies and even at work with my father. I really believe this practice can benefit the body to such a maximum level.

    I just need to reach my level in order to practice this more often.

    Stephanie Poborsky 8:30 am Wednesday class

  7. I do not have much experience with Yoga or Meditation but I have always been very interested in learning. While attempting the Isha Kriya I felt that I had a very hard time getting myself to really focus. I felt that I would be focused on the breathing but then I would forget to repeat what I was supposed to with each inhale and exhale. After some time I felt like I was able to drift into a more comfortable and relaxed state, but again my mind would drift a little and I would feel distracted and unfocused once again. I feel very determined to get to a point where I feel truly focused on the Isha Kriya and not any outside thoughts or distractions.
    Overall, I did feel more relaxed after, but I definitely feel that there is much to work on. I absolutely can see what the benefits of practicing the Isha Kriya everyday would be and I look forward to eventually being able to experience them more fully in the future with more practice.

    Matthew Alioto 8:30 am Wednesday class

  8. Ellie Cohen
    Isha Kriya

    This practice has taken me a few times to master. The Isha Kriya starts off as a repetitive breathing exercise with the inhalation of that, “I am not this body”, and the exhalation of, “I am not this mind”. I found myself becoming more relaxed and comfortable with easing my tension and mind one I began repeating these phrases with each inward and outward breath. I also did enjoy having the video playing in the background, where I could follow the instructors breathing and sayings together with my own.
    The video shares information on the importance of taking your time and allowing yourself to focus, mainly based with your physical positioning. I found that these small suggestions actually made a large difference in myself actually relaxing and allowing myself to just simply be. I did find myself taking much longer to be able to relax so I appreciated the pace and being able to take my time to find any mindfulness.
    This practice and post can relate to myself personally because I am a very naturally anxious person. I appreciate this post because of it’s calm nature, repetitive chanting, and the ability to allow myself to become calm and centered. This video most definitely helped me ease up and learn how to give myself the time to reach a relaxed state of mind.

  9. I’ve always found meditation to be extremely difficult. I always have so many things happening in my life that I never stop moving around. The vibrations create an effect that I didn’t think would even happen. It kind of puts me into a trance. When I break this trance I feel rested. I feel like I was just away from myself for an extended period of time, almost like a vacation.

    As a music major, we often joke about how when you hear a certain sound over and over again, it just starts to become a sound completely different from what it sounded like when you began listening to it. It starts to become part of the ambient noise of the room, and you start to think it would sound weird if it suddenly wasn’t there. “I am not the body, I am not even the mind,” worked itself into my subconscious so that even after it stopped it was still there. It becomes this disembodied voice that is always relaying its message to you.

    I feel like the more I practice this, the more I will begin to understand myself and how I work. I am interested to see how the connection between my mind and body changes the more I do it.

    -Dennis Mowers

  10. I have had some experience with Yoga and meditation when I was in high school. However, Isha Kriya is a new experience for me because it is very different from the meditation that I have always been doing. Usually when I meditate, I just try to take all thoughts off my mind and be conscious of my breathing. After the Isha Kriya session, I did feel more relax and refresh. I am interested to see what other benefits it brings me as I practice this more regularly and for a longer period of time.

    The practice where I have to say “ah” and feel the vibration seems a bit silly to be at first. However, After a few minutes, I feel that it brings peace to my mind. It was also interesting to be that facing east while practicing Isha Kriya brings more benefit. This is an idea that I have never encountered in my life.

    Some goals that I want to achieve by practicing Isha Kriya is to bring peace to the mind, increase focus, increase consciousness of my body, and maintain a stable mindset/emotion. I am looking forward to see how meditation will help me in the long term.

    Jenny Tsang

  11. I freely admit that I that I fast forwarded through my first viewing. I have had unsuccessful recommendations for meditations, and so was wary. The second viewing I just watched the video without participating. But for my third and fourth time through I fast forwarded through the instructions and participated. The last time through it became easier to commit/let go. So obviously this meditation is going to take practice, but I am enjoying the beginning of the journey.
    There were a couple of things that I had trouble with in the beginning. The first was the pace of the inhale/exhale. It is a lot faster than I am used to. But I did notice that by the end of the last time through, the pace of inhale/exhale on the video and my pace had synced up. I am not sure if in the video it slowed down or I sped up. In the end, I don’t think it really matters, as I ended the meditation feeling better than when I began. The only other thing I found jarring, and still do to a small extent, is the transition from voice to “Aaa” to music to singing. It was mostly the voice to “Aaa” that interrupted the flow and I do not understand the purpose of the “Aaa”.
    I found that the pose during meditation is important. Looking straight ahead or down with eyes open or closed leads me to slump or curl into myself, thus making deep inhalation and deep exhalation difficult. Sitting crossed legged on the floor with my back against something straight really helps me keep the ‘head up, back straight’ pose without distracting me throughout the meditation.
    Overall, I have to remember that this is a journey and meditation must be practiced daily.
    Polly Hunt –
    Wednesday 6:30PM Class

    • Well written, congratulations on your first Isha Kriya practice, as you surmised it gets better with daily practice and a boost when we all join our energies together in class, Namaste

  12. I believe that yoga and meditation practices should be as simple as possible to learn and follow. One of the main purposes of these practices is to return to an inner peace; if the practice is difficult to follow, it will make it difficult for the meditator to reach that deep state. Fortunately, the Isha Kriya was very simple to learn and I was able to reach a very deep, relaxed state by the end of it. I love the mantra, “I am not the body, I am not even the mind.” This statement implies a sense of freedom from the restrictions that come with living in a physical body. It also implies that we are spiritual beings living in a physical dimension. While chanting this mantra in my head, I felt a feeling of lightness and freedom.
    Another interesting aspect of the meditation that I noticed is that the meditator is instructed to slightly raise his/her head so that the focus inevitably shifts to the eyebrow region. I found this interesting because the middle of the eyebrow region is home to the pineal gland, or “third eye”. The common metaphysical theory states that the pineal gland is the bridge that connects the physical world to the spiritual world. Maybe focusing on this region can access deep spiritual insight that everyone has access to, but has forgotten while in this physical dimension.
    I look forward to practicing the Isha Kriya everyday. It is a simple habit that I can look forward to practicing. I once heard the human mind being compared to a drunken monkey, yelling, jumping around and chattering on endlessly. This practice will help to tame and disconnect from the drunk monkey that dwells within all of us.

  13. I have not ever performed Isha Kriya before, and even though i didn’t really like this video I would like to try again, but in a slightly different way. The Isha Kriya begins with Stage 1, which was my least favorite of the stages. Stage 1 is a repetitive breathing exercise for around 7 minutes, where with your inhalation you listen to the words “I am not the body” and with your exhale you listen to “I am not even the mind.” I like the content of these sentences, but I really really disliked the amount of time given for the viewer (in this case myself) to breathe in and out, because my breaths were longer than the time allotted. I found it difficult to concentrate because I felt under pressure to control my breaths to the same speed of the instructor and felt as if I was being rushed. Maybe I should revisit stage 1 and not listen to an instructor but to just my own inside voice. I did however like stage two, which was when you are supposed to exhale into a deep aaa sound. I liked the feeling of the vibrations because I felt whole and much for calmer than I did from stage 1. The third stage was smoothing but I think because I wasn’t able to get into this meditation from stage 1, my mind began to wander in stage 3. I am looking forward to how other exercises will work for me this semester. – Rachel Bevacqua

    • The Isha Kriya practice has amazing benefits that accumulate over time with regular daily practice. Sometimes the things we don’t like are exactly what we need without knowing. There are reasons why each part is designed as is and we all start as novices and get better over time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Namaste

  14. This week I practiced the Isha Kriya for the first time. While practicing I found my mind and body to be most relaxed when I practiced in the morning instead of night. It took me a few minutes to get adjusted and used to sitting down for a long period of time but after a few minutes my mind finally felt at peace. With each inhale and exhale I felt myself becoming more in touch with the practice. It began to feel effortless and easy as the time went on. I practiced for 12 minutes as the video explained. The video helped me out a lot. I enjoyed the instructor’s voice and repeated the phrase “I am not the body I am not even the mind.” It was a great mediation practice to do before and after my class and I’m looking forward to practicing it more and sharing this video with my friends. I will definitely incorporate the Isha Kriya into my daily routine to feel relaxed and inspired. I would also highly recommend it to anyone interested in yoga or anyone that wants to get in touch with their mind, body, and spirit.

    -Lauren Mathias
    Wednesday 8:30 AM Class

  15. I am brand new to yoga and meditation but I have always wanted to try it. I have experience practicing mindfulness as part of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for my anxiety disorder and I’ve found that it helps me to cope with my anxieties. I think that yoga and meditation will also be useful coping mechanisms.

    In the past, I’ve practiced mindfulness for only three or four minutes at a time so I found it challenging to stay focused for the entirety of the exercise. I often found myself tempted to check the time. I also had to fight the urge to move and fidget. I imagine that with practice, I will get better at staying focused for longer periods of time and staying still.

    I am curious to try this with a chair in the future to see if it makes any difference with my alignment and focus. After following the voice of the man, I tried doing the inhaling and exhaling exercise independently and saying “I am not this body” and “I am not this mind” in my head but found it more difficult without his guidance.

    I look forward to practicing more yoga and meditation.

  16. I’ve taken yoga classes before but this is extremely different from anything that I am used to. Yoga has always intimidated me because it’s so hard for me to shut off my thoughts and really focus on aligning my body with my mind. Practicing Isha Kriya was so calming and I think being guided by the instructor helped so much more because I was able to really concentrate. I’m hoping to practice Isha Kriya more and become more comfortable with releasing all energy and stress and solely focusing on the exercise. It’s so fascinating to me that there are practices like meditation that when done correctly and effectively, can alter your life in so many ways. I’m a huge supporter of being able to control what you allow to affect your mind and body and practicing this only elevated that. I really enjoyed this and despite sometimes struggling to focus or keep up with the video, I’m really interested in getting better and possibly incorporating Isha Kriya into my routine.

    -Maya Robinson (Monday 6:30 class)

  17. Doing this Isha Kriya was an interesting guided meditation that I both enjoyed and struggled with. I found it interesting when it advised you to “not pay attention to the activity of mind or body,” but instead to “just sit there and ignore it.” In the little exposure and experience I have had with guided meditation, the topic of distraction has been addressed as instead of “ignoring” these thoughts, to try to clear the mind and focus on breath and bodily awareness, and when you feel your thoughts straying or getting distracted and focusing on other things, not to get discouraged because that is natural, and to just acknowledge that your mind has wandered and to bring it back to central clarity whenever you recognize you have become distracted.
    While doing this guided meditation, I struggled in the first part focusing and internalizing the mantra. It’s easy to imagine that there is more to you than a body, but to understand that you are not even the mind, can be difficult to internalize. Who are you without your mind? Nevertheless, it was incredibly grounding and relaxing to controlling my relaxed breathing in the form of internalizing that mantra over and over again. Guided meditations are also so much easier for me because I get distracted less frequently having someone guiding me and talking, rather than getting overwhelmed in silence. I am able to stay more focused as a beginner when someone is talking me through the meditation. External sounds proved to be so much easier to ignore than internal thoughts.
    The vocalization portion I really enjoyed, but for a very different reason than the first half. It felt good to be ale to vocalize after staying so silent and internal. It felt very grounding and like I could channel all my energy built up from the meditation through the mouth and out. It did feel kind of contradictory though; with the mantra of “I am not the body,” preceeding this, it felt weird to do the “ah’s” immediately following because it reminded me of my physical being and grounded me more to it almost, rather than feeling out of touch with my body.
    The singing at the end was unexpected and pulled me out of the practice a bit, but after a little while of getting used to it, it was also relaxing. Over all, I enjoyed the meditation quite a bit and felt a lot more focused and relaxed after it was through.

    Michaela Lunden Wed. 8:30 class

  18. I was wary of the meditation at first, watching through the guidelines I felt a little ridiculous trying to follow along at first. It felt a little too distant from what I do in my everyday life to actually work. I sat through the instructional portion as well, watching and hoping that something would click for me and it did thankfully. I was able to get out of my head and try the meditation process, finding myself getting closer and calmer with myself. I wasn’t able to keep with the videos breathing pace and decided that for the meditation to work best for me I’d have to go slower, which helped significantly in how I was able to participate in the meditation. Admittedly, because I’ve only done this twice now, once while watching the video and once on my own time, I’m still not fully mastered in it, but I am ready to get better at this meditation, as well as eager to discover more about yoga and the different practices within it.

  19. This is my first time participating in a yoga class and it has been a very relaxing experiences thus far. Usually I am not the type of person who is able to sit still for a long period of time so listening to the Isha Kriya instructions I got a little worried I was not going to be able to sit as long as was instructed in the video. I am usually always on the go due to school and work so I don’t have much time to just sit and completely focus on my breathing and relaxation, however forcing myself to sit and go through the Isha Kriya was worth it.

    As I begin the Isha Kriya and follow the instructions I find myself at first having difficulty concentrating, however I eventually find myself going more and more into a deep state of relaxation. I believe that incorporating the Isha Kriya into my daily routine would be very beneficial to my wellbeing.

    I am looking forward to start really getting serious about doing yoga. I felt relaxed after just one class , so I am excited to learn more about the connections between my mind and body.
    -Ashley Pagan (Wednesday 8:30am Class)

  20. I have some experience with yoga since i’ve taken yoga classes in the past, but meditation was always something i did here and there from watching a guided meditation video off of youtube, or just simply did it on my own. But i’ve never done a guided meditation practice quite like this.

    I wish i could say that after practicing the Isha Kriya a few times this week I felt i was getting better at this – being in tune with the flow of breathing, settling into the words of “I am not this body” and “i am not this mind,” and mentally being more at peace. I’ve come to the realization it could be my overwhelming amount of stress from a couple medical problems i’ve been dealing with very recently, and not the practice itself. Usually when i meditated on my own in the past i could settle in at some point in the practice, and be “still” mentally. But for this reason i have been so restless, drifting through my own thoughts and worries.

    I would love to benefit from this, especially since i’ve believed meditation to be such a great healing power, mentally and physically, but it felt very frustrating this week. Perhaps i need to just practice more, and that way it will become a benefit, especially for this stressful time in my life. But i’m unsure to what extent it can help when there are outside factors out of my control. Hopefully i will find that through meditation i can slowly create more inner peace, and incorporate this into my daily life.

    (I am curious to know if you have any suggestions or advice on how to benefit even further with this practice. Thank you very much)

    -Sabrina Geffner

    • We will have a group practice in class wherein the benefits are multiplied and you may have a positive shift that you can bring into your home practice. Let’s talk at end of class. Namaste

  21. Aileen Meier
    September 9, 2018

    Journal Entry: Isha Kriya

    When I first watched the video for the Isha Kriya, I had just put my little cousins to bed after running around crazy all day. I felt tired and drained from a long day of running around wild. I connected my computer to the tv and started to watch. At first, I was fidgeting around trying to get comfortable. I was thinking about life, work and school. My breathing was heavy and I didn’t expect to feel any calmness when meditating.
    After the first couple minutes of me practicing the Isha Kriya, my mind stopped wondering and thinking about other things in my life. I felt at peace with myself. I noticed that because I was able to fully focus on meditating that my breathing slowed down. My breathing became smaller and further apart while still filling my entire body with oxygen.
    When I started to make the “ahhh” noise, that was the first time since starting the meditation that my body moved. The vibration of the “ahhh’s” felt odd at first. Almost like it was disturbing my mediation. I couldn’t get myself to hit the right spot. The noise was coming from my throat at first but once I was able to get the “ahh’s” to hit behind my noise, I felt calm again.
    For me, this section of the Isha Kriya was the most impactful section of the meditation. I felt the most peaceful. The vibration of the “ahh’s” opened my face. Meaning, I was using muscles in my face that I haven’t really used before.
    I first watched the video 4 days ago, and since then I have been practicing the Isha Kriya on the daily. I have added it into my morning routine and each day I have had the fullest amounts of energy. And since I began to do this meditation every morning, I have been able to learn from myself. I am able to focus more on the meditation earlier on, rather than getting distracted by the world around me.
    For the longest time, I have been going to yoga classes but then I would get to busy or to distracted by the world and stop going to classes. I really would like to make yoga a part of my every day life. I hope that this class will allow me fully emerge myself into yoga and begin to practice on the daily.

  22. Sitting still and clearing my mind has never been something that came easy to me. The first time I tried this meditation, I found myself allowing thoughts to enter my mind (which is something that often happens to me when I meditate). After a few more trials I began to focus more on my breathing and through that was able to completely clear my mind. Focusing on the words that Isha Kriya told us to repeat made it easy to clear my mind and bring me to a very calm and relaxing state, (especially when focused on the vibration of each word).
    I never really thought about my posture or my pose during meditation, but once I adjusted myself and listened to what Isha Kriya recommended, being able to sit for a long period of time became much easier. I have never meditated with my face slightly facing upwards. I found this to be beneficial because I find that my head begins to drop and become irritated after a while. Overall I thought it was something I would like to incorporate in my practice. I look forward to being able to clear my mind more as I continue to follow this practice.

  23. I’ve never meditated before and was very hesitant but excited to take this class. After watching the video and fully letting myself get into it I’m very relieved that I did. I’m a very active person and I’m always on the go so watching this and being able to sit still and relax was very welcoming. It took some time and planning to be able to get away from everything so I could dedicate the time to this uninterrupted. I also practiced this a couple times and it became more natural and therapeutic each time that I replayed it. The voices were very soothing and completely take your mind off of everything. After this session I definitely feel more calm and eager to continue

  24. I have some experience with yoga but I have never actually meditated before. To me yoga was for working on my balance and flexibility. I never believed that meditating could benefit me in anyway. Before watching this video I looked up some information about the Isha Kriya and read what people were saying about it. What I found was that many people were noticing improvements in their health and over all wellbeing. Many people found it brought them peace during their day as well.

    When I first watched the video I didn’t actually do the process, I wanted to see what I would be doing first. The second time I played the video I sat on the floor in my dorm and followed the instructions. I noticed that I have bad posture and that I need to work on sitting upright. I think that next time I should lean against a wall so that I don’t feel like I’m putting any stress on my shoulders and back. I also found it very difficult to not pay attention to what my mind or body was doing. I found my mind drifting off to thoughts about my day or tasks I needed to complete after. I believe the more I practice during the week and in class I will learn how to focus on my breathing and ignore everything else. I believe it will bring me some peace, as I often stress about work and school way too much.

    I did feel more relaxed after taking the time to watch the video a few times and I hope to be able to master the Isha Kriya and receive all the benefits it gives people who practice it.

    Jasmine Cajigas (Wed. Class 8:30)

  25. I really struggled the first time I set out to practice Isha Kriya. The first time I found myself wanting to focus on the things happening around me or how cold I felt because I had left the windows open. When I was trying to follow along with breathing I felt like the video was going to fast. I was determined to finish the video and sat through the whole thing but looking back it felt counterproductive and left me exhausted.
    I let a few days past and found myself home alone and took this as a chance to practice the Isha Kriya again. Learning from my previous attempt I took my time to set up my space and prepare myself instead of just trying to jump into it. This really helped my experience it still took me a bit of time to get accustomed to the breathing but after a few minutes it began to feel more natural and I really only had to focus on the words being said. Once I was done I felt more focused and relaxed there are defiantly things I want to improve ( my posture being the main one because at certain points I felt odd pressure in my mid back and that would pull me out) but I think with practice they can be resolved.

    Kathleen Villalobos
    Monday 6:30pm class

  26. Meditation is extremely difficult for me, especially since I have an attention deficit disorder, obviously making the attention required for meditation nearly impossible to achieve. I feel like there are 2 possible paths because of this – Through practicing meditation if I can get the hang of it maybe the direct practice on focus and attention could help me combat my disorder in other areas of my life. It could help me strengthen that ability in myself.

    The other option is that meditation may not be truly achievable for me, and I will struggle with it through this class. It is just impossible for me to truly stop my mind from running. Even during my time sitting along with the video, I couldn’t help but continuously question the mantra. “I am not the body. I am not even the mind.”

    Then what am I? It takes me out of the experience as I sit and contemplate what spiritual implications this is meant to have – am I supposed to be the spirit, if I am neither body or mind? or the implications of a split between body and mind. Isn’t the mind the part of the body? made up of neural pathways that create our thoughts? How can I say “I am not the body” if I see myself as only being the body, as my and other’s existence as purely physical, and all metaphysical to be subsumed by the physical?

    This thought process runs through my head as the voice drones on, in the same place while I am miles away. How do I connect to this exercise when I can’t fulfill the basic request of clearing my mind?

    • Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and I hope you may stay open and receptive to your yoga this semester. When we allow positive thoughts or leave a blank slate the possibility remains open for new and wonderful things to blossom.

  27. Being a classical music major we are taught to be relaxed and comfortable with slow movements. Performing the Isha Kriya was a bit challenging for me because unlike most of my colleagues I get very uncomfortable performing slow and steady movements. I was scratching my head, sweating a bit, and moving around to take my mind off of what I was doing. After what seemed like an eternity of listening to the video I actually started to experience what I can best describe as a runners high. I felt very relaxed in my movements and fell into a sort of nice trance. I was very surprised by this turn of events and very much hope to learn more about yoga and meditation. It definitely opened my mind up to other possibilities of learning to master my craft away from yoga.
    -Matthew Peralta (Wed. 8:30)

  28. For me as a musician, breathing is an essential part of making my instrument make sound, and in yoga the breath is the key into the present moment. In doing the Isha Kriya, I found myself tensing up my neck but once i started focusing on my breath it was easier to be mindful of my how my body felt. With every exhalation i was able to sink deeper into the pose, making my neck and whole body relax. I am eager to learn and experience more of theses feelings and sensations I felt while doing the Isha Kriya. I tend to get overwhelmed with my thoughts but being mindful of myself I am learning to gather my thoughts and calm them. When I am playing a difficult passage on my instrument, the Isha Kriya helps me to remember two things: one, it helps my muscles remember the sensation of being relaxed. Two, if I am tense my body will not work efficiently. I want to incorporate this pose into my practice session as it seems like a good way to end my routine.

  29. I’ve always found it very difficult to sit still for long periods of time without fidgeting. I have also tried other meditation techniques without any luck. I had to do the Isha Kriya practice twice to really get into the rhythm of it but I do believe with enough practice I can fully free my mind and involve myself completely in the meditation process. After the second time I did find myself feeling a bit more relaxed than usual, so I hope with time this becomes more apparent. It was also nice to detach myself from my phone or books and just focus on breathing and relaxing. It’s something that I feel everyone should do daily to deal with life stresses. I look forward to continuing to practice the Isha Kriya for its calming effect.

    Boris Yanez Monday 6:30 class

  30. After learning about the practice of Isha Kriya, I have absolutely fallen in love with this. I feel as though this is a great beginning phase for one to learn how to truly be in tune with their body. The fact that one must inhale with the mindset of “I am not the body” and exhale with the mindset of “I am not even the mind” is very interesting to me- I appreciate the fact that you must do this practice for about 12 to 18 minutes, simply just sitting there with nothing on your conscious. This is to focus your energy. After doing this practice, including saying “aah” several times throughout, I have become much more relaxed and at ease. It is a soothing first practice I have learned and tried first hand.

  31. I found this video to be both interesting and helpful. As far as meditating goes I don’t have a lot of experience outside of a few guided meditation practices. I was glad that the video started off with a little background information and a brief run through followed by an interactive segment. What interested me the most were what we were to say as we inhaled and exhaled. It really reminded me of what I learned in my Buddhism class last semester. This Idea that we are not our physical identities and that even our mind is an illusion of sorts. Another thing that stuck out to me was when the narrator encouraged to simply ignore all processes of the body and of the mind. This struck me odd because in my previous, albeit limited experiences, particularly with mindful meditation, You are encouraged to embrace each different thought that pops in. Or at the very least acknowledge them and then discard them. That being said, I didnt find myself being riddled with other thoughts considering the repetition of the mantra ” I am not the body” and ” I am not even the mind”, really helped focus my mind. Same thing goes with the “aaaah”. I found it very relaxing, even though my legs, as un flexible as they are, started to hurt very early on.

  32. This video was instructional on how to perform a meditation known as Isha Kriya. The meditation involves sitting up straight, slightly tilting the head upwards, and inhaling and exhaling. With every inhale, one should think to themselves “I am not the body,” and with every exhale, “I am not even the mind.” This is followed by an “Ahhhh” on exhale, loud enough that a vibration can be felt. According to the video, Meditating this way will bring, relaxation and prosperity, and is important to living a healthy life.

    The video did a very good job of explaining the subject matter, with very clear and concise directions on how to perform the meditation, as well as a recording of it being performed to follow along with. As someone who rarely does yoga or meditates, I found it to be very easy to understand.

    I found the Isha Kriya to be very effective. As someone who has tried other forms of meditation with no real results, I was very surprised to find myself feeling very relaxed, and almost in a trance-like state. Especially after I started doing “Ahhhhh’s,” I could feel my body loosen up, and my thoughts begin to slow down. When it was over I realized that for nearly the entire time, my mind had gone blank, something I’ve never been able to achieve but always tried to.

    -Joshua Sandler Monday 6:30 class

  33. Ella Goldin

    I have always struggled with meditation. Sitting still is very difficult, and the idea of willingly sitting still for extended periods of time has always intimidated me. Recently, I have begun practicing meditation regularly to combat my ADHD, but still each time it is hard to get settled into. I was surprised by how easy the Isha Kriya was for me to get used to. I found that the chanting of “I am not the body, I’m not even the mind” helped focus my brain onto the words and breath rather than the thoughts in my mind. This meditation was simple and easy for my body to settle to. It was definitely the break my mind needs and a part of the day to look forward to.

    -Ella Goldin Monday 6:30 class

  34. The video was instructional on how to perform the Isha Kriya. The Isha Kriya is a meditation technique that involves sitting up straight with your eyes cosed, and breathing. On the exhale, saying “I am not this body,” and “I am not even this mind” respectively. After doing this for a few minutes, say “ahhhh” on exhale so that you can feel a vibration in your stomach. The goal is to allow your mind to go blank, and to focus on your breathing. According to the video, this should be done for at least 12 minutes.

    The video was simple, easy to understand, and even featured a portion where the meditation could be performed alongside someone else. The first portion explained in a step by step format how to perform the Isha Kriya before being able to perform it with the video. The video discusses the idea that performing this meditation can be beneficial to relaxation, but doesn’t explain in depth. It could have been beneficial to explain more specifically what the benefits of performing the Isha Kriya are, but that is not the point of the video, so it is not detrimental.

    As someone who has regularly tried different forms of meditation without any real results, I was surprised at how well this worked for me. I tend to have trouble keeping a blank mind, but in this case, I was able to remain in what can best be described as a trance like state for a majority of the exercise. I think the vibration in my abdomen from the speaking played a large role in my reaction, as it was much easier to let go of focus while my body is doing something else.

    -Josh Sandler, Monday 6:30 class

  35. Isa Kriya meditation Is a great way to think practice good posture, breathing exercises, as well as an opportunity to acknowledge existence in the mantra “I am not this body, I am not even this mind”

    The rhythmic breathing usually gets me into a deep focus about 3 minutes in. The rest of the time compounds my focus and I feel aware of everything and nothing at the same time.

    I really like that it is a simple exercise – even though 12 minutes may seem like a long time to some – there are 1440 minutes in a day so even if you take 15 minutes to do it, its not that big of a deal.

    -Matthew Dewaters

  36. This video was fairly straightforward, though the practice of the Isha Kriya is certainly something one would have to carefully set aside time and do in order to consistently master. For me, this was initially difficult to do as I am generally prone to overthinking. This aspect of myself is most discrete when I am at rest.

    Although I am not well versed in the terminology of yoga, I remember trying a posture similar to this when I felt I had to clear my mind just enough to keep myself going throughout the day. The best way to go about this and this exercise was to focus solely on myself and monitor from within. In that manner, I could bring my body to a state of equilibrium, so to speak.

    From a personal experience, I’d say the Isha Kriya is far more involved than the posture alone. In addition to monitoring one’s posture, there is also the action of monitoring one’s breathing. The additional sayings, including those of “I am not this body, I am not even this mind”, are instrumental along with the previous rudiments in the maintenance of one’s overall energy. Putting all of that into consideration and enacted repetition, I found the Isha kriya to be useful and effective.

    -Jahvaughn Dyer

  37. Purchase College
    Professor Julie Broglin
    Yoga – Monday 6:45 Session
    Jelan Winston

    It was very relaxing doing the Isha kriya in the comfort of my room. My roommates are gone most of the time, so it’s simple to sit down and perform the Isha Kriya. I feel better doing the breathing exercises, it helps with my headaches and I’m in a generally good mood after every time I do the Isha Kriya. The diagrams were good and the voice support was helpful.

  38. I’ve never heard about Isha Kriya. As a kid, I’d be silly and make fun of or try to meditate from what I saw that was represented to me. But of course, it wasn’t the actual genuine practice. My father who’s Rastafarian told me when I was a toddler to learn how to meditate and continuously do this procedure. He’d never elaborate but when I thought of that word this pose came to mind. Then I’d try but it just felt as if I wasn’t doing it right at all.
    When I first got into yoga it was this summer. I did Dharma Yoga with my cousin and it was such an enlightening experience, one I’ve never had before. Although we didn’t do Isha Kriya it challenged me with its stretches, poses, and sequences. And after each class, I felt so at ease and free from any tension or stress. I knew that this time I was meditating correctly to give me such a beneficial result. It soon became something I wanted to do all the time. Which is why when I saw there was an opening for this yoga class I leaped at the chance to register.
    Throughout this class and discovering Isha Kriya I’ve become more mentally aware. As a person with asthma, I don’t really focus on my breathing unless it’s when I can barely breathe and my condition then becomes critical, as ironic as that may seem. But when I breathe I take my breath whenever I can. I feel through the chant spoken in the first stage of the meditation, “I am not the body, I am not even the mind” it made me slow down my normal breathing pace. It was a bit bizarre for me but soon I got adjusted to it. With the other stages, I was able to do it with no problem. I was able to really get in touch with myself. It was then I realized that I should focus more on my breathing to improve it. So I know doing Isha Kriya will help improve that based on attempting it several times so far.
    I believe this meditation is important because of how one can easily let the stresses and struggles in everyday life can overwhelm us and through this exercise, for a short moment, we can calmly recollect ourselves. I’m excited to see what Isha Kriya can do for me.

  39. My practice over the past week or so observed some small changes as I went through them. I practiced the Isha Kriya four times over the past week or so, the first two times consecutively one day after the other in my room. I used the video for guidance both of these times, so I didn’t particularly feel the need to mark time, as the video is relatively the same time once the meditation begins until the end, as the 12 minutes assigned. Both of these times seemed very similar to the very first time the Isha Kriya was assigned a couple of weeks ago. I felt safe in practicing along with the video, it provided structure and a presence that kept me focused and in the moment for the most part. While I felt myself straying or going on “autopilot” some of the time, the majority of the time I was focusing on the repeated mantra or the meditation practice.

    The second time was different. This time I marked time by setting a vibrating alarm for six minute to mark the end of the first silent half of the practice, and another to mark the end of the second half. I still did the practice in my room, on my own, however I tried it a few days after the two consecutive days in which I did the first two times, and I tried it without the video guiding me. This experience was vastly different than the first three. I found myself acutely aware of my body and found it incredibly hard to focus and stay present in the moment, or slip into any sort of trance or state of relaxation or peace like I was able to the first few practices. I was more aware than ever of myself and especially my voice as I did the second half. It felt a lot more silly doing it on my own and I felt very exposed and found myself getting frustrated.

    Tonight, I did my final meditation set up the same was as the previous one, in my room, with timers set, no video/audio guiding me. I am most definitely not at the point where I am able to meditate comfortably and successfully without being guided, but this time through did seem a bit better than the previous. I let myself give in a bit more to the silence and felt a little more comfortable doing the practice. I think it was partly because by this time I had done it once without the audio and now knew what it felt like, so it wasn’t so jarring. I still had trouble staying present sometimes and focusing, and found my thoughts straying often, but especially in the silent section while repeating the body/mind mantra, I was able to sink into it a little bit and come out the other side relaxed.

    Michaela Lunden Wednesday 8:30am class

    • Congratulations on taking the steps to practice alone! Remember you can always choose times to use the video and not to see how your progress develops and differs. This is a slow cumulative practice that builds benefits every time we sit, try to remain patient and you will see amazing things blossom. Namaste

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