(83) The content of your mind is not your choice. Sadhguru – YouTube


Please do click the link to watch the video.  Thanks to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for sharing such valuable media for us. Namaskaram OM


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  1. This video discussed your mind and how we really cannot escape the “dirty” things or unpleasant thoughts that often plague us, because they live within our mind and so do we. This reminds me of last week’s assignment about suffering and creating a space between ourselves and our intellects and minds; the Sadhguru states that we cannot escape the contents of our mind, whether it be through physically leaving on a vacation or trying to push the thoughts out. He also mentions how we cannot “clear” our minds or throw out certain ideas, because we will simply retain them again as “new” ideas.
    At the end of the video, the Sadhguru says that we have options: we can either “become filth, develop an allergy to filth, or use the filth and work it into your fragrant blossom”. This stuck with me because when dealing with thoughts we don’t like or going through situations in life we’d rather not go through, an easy method is to try and force yourself to stop thinking about it, or push it to the back of your consciousness. We also love escaping; I think everyone has felt that they needed to take a vacation to get their mind off of things (developing “an allergy”), when the truth is they will travel everywhere with you, because they live within your mind.
    Building off of last week’s topic I think the right approach is to try and create that space or be able to establish a distance between yourself and the mind, and you will realize that the situations you are currently in aren’t as bad as they seem. Likewise, this video promotes the idea that once you accept the fact that you can’t control the contents in your mind, or try and throw away these bad thoughts, you can come to live with them and not be so affected.
    This is a practice I have been trying to incorporate into my everyday life: things happen, and we must learn how to live with them. Even when discussing our feelings with others we might be hesitant to do so because we feel negatively, but we have to make peace with it if we truly wish to find a higher state of mindfulness.

  2. This video highlights how we should “keep the dirty things in our mind,” in order to digest it and hold onto the lessons learned, because in the long run, they will come back to you. I found this video interesting because I am in the prime of my generation who are looking for an ‘escape’ from reality or a break from the real world. Our minds and our bodies are a package, so regardless of the ‘vacation,’ you are always carrying around your baggage. The lesson learned is to create distance/space. This space between your mind and body creates a healthy cognitive and physical life. It allows you to evaluate things from memories, yet also adapt and absorb the new. “Don’t be in it”- Sadhguru.

    By knowing all of the nonsense but being untouched by it is the most powerful thing. These qualities make you a stronger and well-rounded human. Sadhguru discusses how people travel in order to run free, and leave their past behind. I can relate to this thought because I was fortunate to being sent to study abroad in the Netherlands. At first, Amsterdam was a forgein place to me. New culture, new lifestyle, new approach to life. I was overwhelmed and feeling lost. Then these feelings soon turned into a rebirth of self, and I was able to grow as an individual. This place became a fragment of ‘home,’ and I began to create and leave memories. Regardless of me being abroad, I always carried my mind and my morals with me. I never felt a sense of freedom from oneself. I continuously thought of my family, and friends and brought their spirits with me.

    I am a firm believer of ‘everything happens for a reason,’ so I try and learn something from any good/bad situation in my life. By ignoring or eliminating thoughts, it will just create uncertainty and dishonesty in ones life.

  3. Being completely open and honest; the idea of our minds as a garbage bin was offensive at first. I was curious and engaged to hear more, the details the explanation for this “aromatic” metaphor. As I continued to listen and watch carefully, I got it. This was quiet beautiful. This metaphor although distant at first got closer and closer, now I can embrace it. My mind was in awe, the usefulness of a garbage bin. I have not even thought twice about the importance of this object. It collects, it is necessary, absolutely he made a beautiful point. This collection and absorption begins from the beginning of life, children are the prime example of this absorption. It is evident at its purest form. It is similar to that saying “Monkey see. Monkey do.” The absorption continues until the end of our lives, it is now a large garbage bin. But this garbage bin, has formed us, created us, molded us. This collection of experiences and growing from them is true beauty. This statement reminds me of the lily. A lily blossoms from the murky, dark waters. I felt spiritually connected to the lily since I was in high school, I remember repeating these words to myself: “Blossom from the murky depths”. Although Sadhguru used a different metaphor for this practice and experience, I have always embraced this idea. Unfortunately I do not want to go into detail about who and what exactly, but someone dearly close to me apologized for something that occurred throughout my life. I had looked at them in the eyes and said “Do not apologize, you have made me the person I am today. It was necessary for my formation. I would not have wanted it any different.” It is important to embrace the filth. Everything has importance and an effect. We cannot run from our filth, we will always carry it. “It doesn’t matter where you run away, you still carry your mind with you.” This statement reminded me of Baudelaire’s reflection of the romantic traveler. He refers to this theme in several instances. The traveler moves in the search of “new” to escape the mind, the Voyageur realizes in the end that he is bound to the chains of his mind.

    Le Voyage by Charles Baudelaire is one of my favorite poems of his. He is also my favorite poet. Le Voyage is broken up in seven parts almost like seven stages of thinking and experience. I recommend this reading although it is quiet long and heavy in its vocabulary. I will attach one of the translated versions below, if you are interested. I think it is relevant to the idea of Sadhguru had about running away.


  4. I found it interesting when he said “the content of your mind is not your choice”. I guess I never truly thought about this before but I see what he means when he says that everything we experience is in our mind, and it is only what we are exposed to is in it. This cannot be controlled so in turn, the content of our mind and thoughts is completely out of our hands. He compares our minds to our garbage bins. We have so many thoughts in our minds and we cannot control what we take into our minds, but we do not have to sleep in our garbage bin. We can push those thoughts away, the thoughts that hurt us and sadden us. We are able to push them away and keep them in the garbage bin. We do not have to wallow in bad thoughts. We have them, yes, but we do not need to dwell on that part of our lives. We can separate ourselves from those thoughts in order to live a happier life.

  5. Name: Tyler L.

    The content of our minds is not our choice. This video discusses the content we should not think about in our minds. Sadghuru states that we cannot escape the things we should not think about because if we throw them away they will eventually be brought back to our minds because it will be new information to learn. Basically its not possible to get rid of the “dirty” content in our minds. He says not to get rid of these dirty things we think of because they are important. As long as we don’t live our dirty thoughts it is okay. Once you distance yourself from the bad content of your mind you will be okay. I found this video very valuable and I will try to take Sadghuru’s advice to help better my own mind

  6. Sadhguru seems very confident in everything he says, and he comes across as a very wise man. It is true that we cannot control the content of our minds. Our five senses are constantly taking in things, and your mind is absorbing it all. I liked the analogy Sadhguru used of a garbage bin. Our negative, unwanted thoughts should be kept in the garbage bin. We can open the bin and retrieve them when we need to, but we do not live in that bin. There is no way to prevent nasty thoughts from entering our minds. It is ignorant to say that a person can stop thoughts from appearing. Ignorance is not bliss, and we should embrace all sorts of thoughts. Learning how to channel my energy and sort “positive” and “negative” thoughts/feelings is a major goal of mine.
    Sadhguru has a soft, reassuring voice. I enjoy listening to his teachings and I have begun to watch other videos of him. The things he says seem to relate to my life. I am becoming more mindful throughout my day.

  7. This video talked about the ‘dirty’ things of our mind and no being able to escape it. I never really thought that our ‘dirty’ thoughts were needed to maintain spirituality. I have always tired to keep ‘dirty thought out of my mind in order to stay positive. However, from now after listening to this video I will reconsider the idea of ‘dirty’ thoughts. The thought that ignorance is bliss is funny to me because, I dream to have as much knowledge as possible. Understanding the knowledge and not letting it affect you is the difficult task with my self and other, well at least I think.
    Building from other topics we’ve discussed, I’ve seen through the practice of the Isha Kriya and the understanding not to let things get to me, I will maintain my inner peace. I slip up at time and let my ‘dirty’ thought get the best of my, I know that’s due to my anxiety. I’ve been doing the Isha Kriya more and more so comfort and a line my thoughts.

  8. The content of your mind is not your choice is a topic that hits to the core of one of my fundamental quandaries of life. As a kid and even as an adult, you always here the phrase “free will”. This notion of the consciousness being separate from the physical body’s senses and the environment. To make a choice or action without any outside factor effecting the decision other then your consciousness. This concept perplexed me due to its convenience and lack of evidence in the face of almost any situation used, but also from the fact that most things can be explained from as what Sadhguru explained ” your senses always gathering”. What is in you mind is always genetically and environmentally dependent.
    If your brain grows a tumor and it puts pressure on the part of the brain that controls thrust. You simple will never know you need a drink and will most likely just die, unless you drink due to you being conditioned to know you need water after long periods of time. One experiment i viewed as a kid really cemented this possibility of the world and it involved ants and the formic acid they create when you see them all walking in a line. If you collect enough formic acid and repeatably apply it with a paint brush in a circle on some surface, the ant that walks into it will continue to walk in that exact circle till you have either used up all the acid or the ant dies from exaltation. Experiments like this have made it hard not to see “the bodys” as mechanical and reinforcing the idea of the content not being our own choice…..sorry for the other two post, computer troubles.

  9. n this video Sadhguru discusses and explains the ways in which the content of your mind is formed by everything around you and you have no choice as to what comes into your consciousness. It is decided by where you are in your life, where you grew up, where you live, where you have been etc. what goes into your mind can go beyond your perception and be deep in your consciousness, so deep that it might never even come up. I agree with this because for the most part we are a product of what made us, where we come from as well as of the society we are apart of. It would be impossible to to not absorb what happens around us, this idea will help me sort my thoughts when trying to sift through my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

  10. The Content of the mind is not your choice, Sadhguru tells us. The choice is in how we relate to this content. It is our choice live in to the content, or to let the be where it belongs, and allows ourselves to be where we belong. It is impossible to control what enters the mind, because everything we encounter enters the mind. I understand what he means and sometime when I am “in the garbage can” I have the sensation of being totally surrounded and overwhelmed by my thoughts, and controlled by them. It is a very liberating feeling to “climb out of the garbage can” and have a scope and perspective from outside of it. that is when control is obtained.

  11. This video comments about the “dirty” things in your mind and how we cannot escape them. At first, when Sadhguru compared the mind to a garbage can, I was perplexed. He made it seem as though the garbage can is a staple within the household. However, the more he spoke, the more I thought about this concept and agreed with it. There must be a place in your life for excess, as humans tend to indulge quite often and end up with an abundance of excess materials, possessions, and thoughts. The unfortunate part of this comparison is that the necessary garbage can we carry is our minds.

    Similar to what Sadhguru mentions, we find ourselves trying to escape the deep recesses of our thought quite often. This made me think of all the times I try to distract myself from my thoughts by possibly surrounding myself with friends, taking a trip to a nice place, or partaking in any other distracting activity. “Ignorance is bliss.” I wonder now what would happen if I stopped trying to escape from the garbage in my mind and came face to face with it. It would be difficult, but also beneficial to step outside of myself and look at my situation objectively. How could I tackle my problems head on without crumbling? Since, as Sadhguru stated, the “dirty” thoughts will travel with you anywhere and the only way to get rid of them, recompose yourself, and maintain a level of peace in yourself is to come to terms with your personal garbage can.

  12. Sadhguru reminds us that the content of the mind is not our choice. We are constantly surrounded by things externally that negatively contribute to our though processes, that put us down that sometimes make us feel there is no hope or no escape or even no good in the world. Sadhguru speaks to the fact that we do everything in our power to avoid these negativities or “dirty” thoughts through distractions, perhaps through superficial or meaningless pleasures. However I think the point that he is trying to make is that although we can’t control the content we can control whether we allow ourselves to exist there and let it overwhelm us. For example our “president” is a constant flow of just negativity and constantly promotes that. However we can choose whether to indulge in this or not. I don’t mean by replying to his tweets or blocking him I think that for every ridiculous thing he posts or says, we can post 5 more things that positive contribute against what ever it is he is doing, whether it is about legislation, the climate change or even something not even related like a recent art exhibit that we went to. If we choose not to indulge in these dirty thoughts or give value to them we will not validate them to seem important and they will become less significant. If we continue on our own paths to do what it we need to and what is important to be campaigning for instance. I hope that makes sense..

  13. This video discusses the content we should not think about in our minds. He states that it’s impossible to rid yourself of dirty thoughts. Don’t even try to do it because it will come back maybe even stronger the next time which i agree with. As long as you don’t live these thoughts and turn your “dirty thoughts” into reality it’s okay to have them. Nobody is perfect but the effort must be made which is the point that he trying to get across in this video.

  14. I love the idea that the mind absorbs everything that it comes in contact with, regardless of whether the individual chooses to download this information. This must be why we are unable to escape the unclean thoughts we have, because there are some things that we can’t help but see and experience. It’s only when we come to terms with the mind as a place to store the excess, that we can understand why it’s important to allow these thoughts to be a part of us, but not dwell on them. We can coexist with these “dirty” thoughts, so long as we don’t allow them to affect our emotional state or our decision making process.

    To think of the mind as a garbage can does seem a bit harsh, but it is also extremely accurate. This is precisely the reason why people have repressed memories. Their minds have already downloaded the information, but instead of coming to terms with those thoughts and refocusing their minds as Sadhguru says, they bury them. Then when the body’s energy becomes chaotic these memories present themselves in a negative fashion. This causes intense panic and fear, and the individual is no longer capable of learning from this “negative experience”, and can only dwell on the negativity they are now abruptly faced with. We have to allow the mind to store our excess, but keep it separate from our intelligence so as to avoid suffering.

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