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Join us on a scientific exploration into the healing benefits of Yoga.

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  1. I began this semester on a good note, starting with yoga! I take time everyday to go to the gym and workout any kind of stress I have for that day. I was glad to begin this term with yoga because I’ve heard from peers and remember from high school how calming and relaxing yoga can really be for my mental health. I already have fitness goals, but my mental anxieties is another challenge I would like to tackle. This video really helped me realize that everything that most of the aspect of people’s lives depend on mental health. Dr. H.R. Nagendra talks about the research that have lead to medical journals including topics like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, epilepsy, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, neuroticism, schizophrenia, mental retardation – all these are modern and serious diseases. He summarizes that yoga can be an essential factor in these cases “Yoga can be of extremely great value as an adjunct to the modern medical system to begin with and gradually with yoga, it can normalise most of these ailments. My fitness routine is focused around flexibility, and recovery during my sore days. I tend to stress myself out alot, and work myself out too much. I want to continue to learn more about meditation practices and yoga positions that will help me relax more.

    • In the first class we were introduced the Isha Kriya, which is an effective guided meditation meant to reorganize a person’s energy and relax their mind. After class we were instructed to watch the video, Learn Isha Kriya Online, and practice ourselves. After watching the video, processing the information, and trying the Isha Kriya a couple times, I found it to be very helpful in terms of focusing and relaxation. In the tutorial, it is specifically stated that you are not supposed to pay any mind to what is happening in your body and thoughts. At first it was hard for me to stay seated and not let my environment distract me, but it has been my goal to have consecutive successful meditations. My ideal successful meditation would consist of me being able to focus for long periods of time, in order to eventually sustain a focused mind long term.
      I found the information I received from the video, The New Science Behind Yoga, very beneficial in terms of becoming aware of how yoga can improve health not only in the body but in the mind. In addition to learning the health benefits, the video describes scientifically how this practice can be positively effective long term. The speakers in the video stated that the purpose of people needing to have an understanding about the technical side of yoga, is that people tend to take things more seriously when they’re reasonable and in simple terms. They establish that yoga is generally about rest and health for both the mind and body.
      One of yoga’s biggest known benefits is that it is a stress reliever. It is meant to put you in a relaxed state by removing tension from the body, which is supposed to also help creativity flow. The main problem when it comes to the reason people are timid to approach yoga is that they need reassurance that their effort will have an effect. People normally go straight to medication because we are all already made aware of the guaranteed benefits of medication, so we feel that it is more reliable. Knowing the science behind yoga and then trying it and being fortunate enough to notice the positive effects definitely gives me more motivation to continue and improve my meditation, focus, and balance.

  2. I thought that it was really interesting to learn how healing yoga actually is. The fact that it is used to help PTSD patients as well as those with anxiety for example, inspired me to look deeper into the yoga practice so that I can possible ease my anxiety. It is quite amazing how we can train our minds to look deeper into ourselves and become completely aware of our breathing and body movements. I think that I will enjoy this class because it will not only help me grow as a person, but help me physically because I am a competitive runner. Stretching, moving and balancing will definitely help me in the long term as a runner. What I also like is that it takes me into another world for a little while. Away from technology and the stresses of daily life.

  3. I have a lot of physical disabilities so I was scared about having to take a physical education course, but I knew it was necessary. I thought it would be good for both my physical and mental health, and this video just blew my mind with the sheer amount of things yoga can help. I have a lot of problems with irritable bowel syndrome and depression I was so impressed and stunned that yoga which I had previous thought as just relaxing and calming could really help me with things I struggle with frequently. Doctor Nagendra talked about this as well as a lot of other more serious diseases that yoga can help with such as schizophrenia, diabetes and mental retardation. Yogi Amrit Desai talked about how what is under the surface is dangerous. He talks about how we can disengage from the invisible part because that is the cause of the visible symptoms. Stress is what causes and is related to almost 80-85% of illnesses. Yoga has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and in doing so reduces long term effects of chronic illnesses and just any illnesses that stress is related to. Stress and dealing with it is another thing I struggle with so I am really looking forward to learning through yoga this semester how to better myself and use these practices in my everyday life.

  4. The video was reassuring to my prior knowledge of the healing properties that work alongside with the practice of yoga. I have always been a firm believer on the importance of health between the mind, body and soul. Yoga and meditation are very much apart of maintaining those three crucial components of life and this video helped further that belief. It seems that the “science behind yoga” is growing to be accepted as a practical form of treatment for various illnesses and its about time the push for this comes. In my opinion the world would be a better place if people medicated with yoga rather than a prescription drug. Admittedly, my participation in these practices has been little to none and I hope to change that with this course, while gaining the knowledge and experience so that i can actively practice outside of the class.

  5. I have done yoga before, and have learned so many things about my body and mind while doing it but this video has given me so much information from a vast amount of people and I’m internally grateful for it. What caught my attention the most is the fact that 80-85% of physical/ mental illness are stress related. I have a lot of stress in my life due to the amount of work, and school involved in my life. Yoga is a key factor to managing stress. Not only does the video talk about stress, but a woman also brought up the idea of loneliness as well. Yoga brings people together, and helps other realize that they are not alone. Being with others is a huge part in healing the feeling of loneliness and involving conversation and similarities. In the beginning Dr. H.R. NAGENDRA works with S-VYASA Yoga University which has published nearly 500 research papers on leading medical journals. They have come to the conclusion that yoga can help with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, epilepsy, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, and neuroticism. WOW! All of this is news to me and I am truly amazed and so excited to relive the stress and anxiety within myself.

    -Sarah Dailey

  6. i just want to say thank you for letting me be a part of this class. I wont say that I do yoga all the time or that I’m a yogi but I have done yoga in the past and I absolutely loved it! I took about 5 years off of school and came back two years ago to finish and ever since it has been very hard to balance a full time job and night school so yoga fell out of my routine. When I saw that I could take yoga this semester I was very excited because I thought to myself what a perfect way to get back into it and since I will be graduating this May, I will have the time to continue yoga after. I noticed that I have a lot of stress and anxiety and the main reason I do not go see a doctor about it is because i don’t want them to just prescribe me something so I started doing yoga to help me cope with the anxiety that I have. This might sound crazy but sometimes I forget to breathe and yoga just brings me down to earth and helps me realize that everything will be okay. I loved how how of the yoga teachers does yoga for veterans and prisoners. I think it is a great idea and very helpful for them since they can feel lost at times. This class is already motivating me to get back into having yoga be a part of my daily routine that I signed up to take classes and am attending on my days that I do not have class. See you on Monday!

  7. Kache’ Mumford
    Yoga- Wed. 8:30

    “The New Science Behind Yoga” – Reflection

    The question of if yoga promotes physical and mental health has never been a mystery to me. The answer was just simply yes in my mind. I have always loved doing Yoga. It always gave me a sense of peace. I have always dealt with a lot of stress in my life and they only thing that was ever able to help me was yoga. I believe it is because yoga allows you to slow down but it’s still active enough so that you can still be present in the moment. I found it interesting when the video said that ancient sages believed that yoga was connected to the science of happiness, mental freedom and mental wellness. I believe that , like the video said, a large portion of the reason that Yoga can give a person a higher sense of happiness and mental wellness and freedom is because of the sense of balance yoga creates. Not only are you balancing yourself physically but spiritually as well.
    The video stated that 95 percent of physical and mental illness are due to stress. I believe the balance yoga gives helps to manage stress. From the Video i have learned that yoga helps balance you internally by facilitating homeostasis and improving autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system. To my surprise a study showed yoga reduces 33 percent of depression, 26 percent of anxiety and 34 percent of psychological distress. I notice within myself that if i stop doing yoga for a couple weeks my anxiety increases as well as my stress levels. It was cool to discover that yoga helps others with these problems. I don’t know if yoga will work for everyone, but after seeing the video I think you could definitely argue that it’s worth a shot to just try it out.

  8. It’s quite shocking knowing that although scientifically yoga is not proven people still believe in its ability to work on the mind and body. It’s truly inspiring knowing its powers work because personally is has worked well on me. Before I never thought much about yoga and thought of it as merely an exercise tool, but I didn’t realize how beneficial it is to relieve stress. As someone who suffers with stress and panic attacks nearly every day, I was taught breathing exercises, but I knew it was not enough. Yoga actually relieves the stress physically in the body. When I am actively doing poses in yoga, I feel all the bad energy leaving my body and the good energy coming in. After a yoga class my body feels completely relaxed. It’s true how we live in a world full of unpredictability and stress where nearly everybody suffers from. Scientifically the stress can cause many major physical ailments. It’s hard to find the time to relax for a moment because we are so busy in our lives. Everybody should definitely try yoga to see if it does make a change in themselves and then maybe they will truly start to believe in it.

    -Andrea Villacres

  9. Yoga is physical activity backed by scientific evidence with the intent of re establishing homeostasis in the body. Yoga does this by balancing the autonomic nervous system with the central nervous system. Asanas, or yoga poses, and breathing techniques help modern medicine mitigate the effects of serious illnesses such as cancer and mental retardation. Yoga can also help with mental illness such as reducing depression by 33%, and 26% reduction in anxiety, and 34% overall reduction of psychological distress. Positive findings also included increase of resilience, mental health and functioning. Yoga, contrary to what science said many years ago, actually changes the brain and creates pathways by using breathing and mindful movement. As a result, we balance the nervous systems in our bodies and are healthier as a result.
    My impressions of this video was not one of surprise. Though I was engaged the whole video, I have for a long time been hearing of the amazing effects of yoga. The statistics regarding the reduction of stress were especially interesting because there are still many people who think that yoga is a pseudoscience and not really beneficial. In my experiences, I have seen many positive effects of yoga. Especially since taking Professor Broglin’s Intensive Hatha class, I have experienced less physical body pains, and more resilience when it comes to managing my anxiety. I also have a higher self esteem and my moods are more manageable.
    I read a book on spirituality called “Chakra Healing: How to Unblock, Awaken and Balance Your Chakras for Complete Self Healing”, and there was a chapter on yoga where they reviewed all the asanas and mudras to help with chakra realignment. I have not taken many yoga classes but after reading that book I began doing yoga asanas every day. My go-to is my Warrior 1 pose to help my root chakra. I had a lot of lower back pain and it was because I did not feel secure enough to hold myself up right. I also have been practicing breathing regulation, and mindfulness in order to have a peaceful mind and healthy body. Eventually, I hope to become a yoga teacher myself!

  10. As our tools of measurement change, so does our truth. The comparison of experimentation or rather the parallel, the way that Yoga and science resemble each other greatly in that something is attempted with an intention and a result occurs. The action is attempted again in an effort to see if the same result takes place. As an art student, I can relate to the notion that a relaxed, calm mind makes accessing/navigating that which uncharted more easy. It is of the upmost importance that the artist is in touch with their mind, and having an awareness of the body and its comfortability are essential to a functioning mind capable of making connections and forming new ideas.
    Alignment is both a scientific and yoga term, further justifying the connection therein.

  11. This semester I needed one more extra class for extra credit so I went and picked yoga and honestly it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Learning about yoga opened my mind a lot more about how to find peace within yourself. One thing I learned from this video is that doctors recommend to their patient’s yoga because yoga has physical benefits. Over the past 5 years, more and more people have been doing yoga for their health. One thing I realized is that many people no matter what age do yoga, in the video I saw a little girl and a little boy doing yoga and the video spoke about how yoga helps prevent diseases for a very long time. Yoga helps many problems like asthma, diabetes, heart problems, migraines etc. I also learned that 2 ailments are loneliness and stress. It reduces stress, 33 reductions of depression and a 26% reduction of anxiety. It provides better brain health. Yoga changes your brain and how you do things a lot better. When you improve in your brain your central nervous system will function much better as well. Another thing I learned is that yoga helps you keep balance in and outside of your body.

  12. When I started hearing about yoga left and right, I never understood just how good it was for the body. I always just saw it as a destressor but after watching “The New Science Behind Yoga” I’ve learned that it is so much more than that and can actually heal the body not just mentally or spiritually, but also physically. One of the interesting things the video brought up that I never thought about was just how much stress plays a role in illness (I think the number was as high as 80%), and how people who do yoga are able to release a lot of that stress on their body and actually heal some ailments they may have. That is something that almost sounds futuristic in a way. It is pleasant to see that doctors are embracing yoga and telling patients to do it to help them, especially in a world so overrun by pharmaceuticals and people too quick to just take a pill for any issues they have.
    It has been an eye opener to see that it isn’t just about spirituality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is pleasant to see that doctors and fellow peers alike all talk about what yoga can really do for you. It is more than anything I thought it was and I am excited to partake in the experience and hope to see how yoga helps to heal and shape myself.

  13. I found the information I received from the video, The New Science Behind Yoga, very beneficial in terms of becoming aware of how yoga can improve health not only in the body but in the mind. In addition to learning the health benefits, the video describes scientifically how this practice can be positively effective long term. The speakers in the video stated that the purpose of people needing to have an understanding about the technical side of yoga, is that people tend to take things more seriously when they’re reasonable and in simple terms. They establish that yoga is generally about rest and health for both the mind and body.
    One of yoga’s biggest known benefits is that it is a stress reliever. It is meant to put you in a relaxed state by removing tension from the body, which is supposed to also help creativity flow. The main problem when it comes to the reason people are timid to approach yoga is that they need reassurance that their effort will have an effect. People need to be aware that yoga has actual, scientifically proven, health benefits that don’t involve doctors and medication
    People normally go straight to medication because we are all already made aware of the guaranteed benefits of medication, so we feel that it is more reliable. Yoga practices could be a better option for so many reasons, one being it is simply less stressful than a doctors office. Knowing the science behind yoga and then trying it and being fortunate enough to notice the positive effects definitely gives me more motivation to continue and improve my meditation, focus, and balance.

  14. I feel that yoga is a practice that has been giving this connotation that it’s only for women or older women and that it’s a bunch of hocus pocus. After watching this video, it can be said that’s not true. Yoga is a way of exercising the body, mind, and soul naturally. Studies have been done that show yoga can help cure many different illnesses from depression and anxiety to increasing better mental health and functioning. Yoga should definitely be incorporated into the research of finding natural ways to cure the body without using unnecessary drugs.

    • So interesting that it seemed that yoga in America was only for women because for a long time in India only middle class and privileged men had the time and opportunities to partake in yoga. OM

  15. A lot of this information was really interesting, and a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about yoga. From my experience with it before taking this class, it was simply some form of exercise that I did with my mom. It was enjoyable and kept me active, but it wasn’t more than that. From this video and our class, however, I can tell that it is much more than that. I loved learning in the video about how yoga can help with physical issues that are caused by stress. It never occurred to me how much stress can have an effect on a person’s life in terms of physical problems. I’ve heard from a lot of people about how yoga and mindfulness can be good for you mentally, so I was glad that the video talked about how practicing yoga can help you in a number of different ways. They mentioned a study that showed a 33% reduction in depression when people were doing yoga more. I thought this was really helpful, especially as mental health is a large issue these days. I’m also not a very fit person, so I liked that the video also expressed that anyone can do it, even if there are various limits that may prevent one from doing the more advanced poses. I am interested to keep track of how doing regular yoga again after a year or so without it will improve certain aspects of my day to day life.

  16. I found the video The New Science Behind Yoga to have very interesting information about the practice. I knew before that stress could cause illnesses, but I didn’t know that it caused 82-85% of illnesses in people. I found it interesting to learn that yoga helps accelerate the healing process in someone. As someone called it in the video, it’s a “reset button”. The statistics are what made me very interested in how yoga helps people who are struggling with a mental illness. 33% reduction in the severity of depression, 26% reduction in the severity of anxiety and 34% reduction in psychological distress. With yoga allowing your mind to open up I believe healing is 100% possible. Having an open mind allows you to experience and notice so much more than before. As one lady mentioned in the video, it helps you to think differently and makes you more aware of what you are doing. You notice when you’re poisoning your body and you become more mindful of your actions. Being more mindful about your actions allows you to fix what you want to change.

  17. Jordan Reynolds

    Watching The New Science Behind Yoga was very eye opening for me. I knew that yoga was considered good for the body, but I did not know exactly to what extent. Medically, yoga has been shown to alleviate stress, which is one of the causes of chronic. I learned from the video that science has found that almost 80 to 85% of physical, mental and emotional illnesses are stress related. Through the practice of yoga one can lessen the stress on their mind and body and potentially improve their health. Yoga also allows the body to achieve balance through homeostasis. A study was done to see how yoga benefitted those with anxiety or depression and it was shown to reduce anxiety, psychological distress and severity of depression. The video demonstrated to me that yoga gives people a way to deal with trauma and sickness in a way that Western medicine does not. It allows room for mental and physical growth without poisoning the body. It is a tool and a way of life, which I appreciate.

  18. The video documentary The New Science Behind Yoga taught me a lot of information that I did not know to be true about yoga. Besides the basic knowledge that practicing yoga has a stigma for making people feel relaxed, younger, and more energized, there is much more to it. Yoga has a lot of benefits to the human body physically, mentally, and medically.

    I’ve learned that there is a specific technique in yoga called Yoga Breathing. According to the documentary, this helps our bodies to become more relaxed and calm. When our bodies are in this state of relaxation and calmness, it allows more creative thoughts to come into the brain. Also, when our bodies are in this state, the chances of chronic illness and stress levels are decreased. I’ve learned that yoga regulates Homeostasis, which is the ability we have in our bodies to maintain stability in spite of changes around us.

    The final piece of information that I have learned from the documentary is that yoga also balances the Autonomic Nervous System, which is a part of our nervous system that regulates our breathing, heartbeat, and the digestive process. Overall, the documentary shed a light on the benefits of yoga that some people, including myself, might not have known before.

  19. I have always understood yoga as being a technique of exercise and relaxation but I did not realize how vast it’s benefits were. The benefits on mental health alone, besides stress reduction, are astonishing. Seeing the benefits of yoga really helps me realize how connected mental health and physical health are.
    -Jamonica Warren

  20. I really enjoyed the discussion of therapists and doctors learning to embrace yoga practices for their patients. Anna Forrest explained in the video that doctors immediately prescribe their patients with medications or recommend surgeries because they assume they won’t make a change for themselves. She expresses that healing must start with the healer, but people must be given the information to know that there are practices they can start by themselves and use them alongside other medical advice. Research has shown the health benefits of yoga such as decreased stress and depression, help with over-eating, obesity, diabetes and heart disease, but it is only getting its recognition now.
    My interest definitely peaked when they began to speak about the psychological aspect because I am currently researching emotional wellness implemented into elementary schools. People underestimate the power and knowledge that young children have, but if they were to be exposed to practices that include mindfulness, meditation, and breathing, they could be taught how to focus on their bodies to feel better. This type of focus can bolster executive functions like working memory, attention control, and inhibitory control; which can lead to a better grasp on emotions.
    When trauma was mentioned as another experience that yoga really helps with, I thought of the work my mom and I have been doing. Learning that talking through trauma does help, but the practice of being one with your body again will help you feel more in control of your body and what happens to it. I believe that yoga has helped me reconsider the role that space plays in my life because for so long I was trying to hide and keep to myself because that was the “ladylike” thing to do. However, yoga has helped me understand the role my body plays in my life and I have slowly begun to appreciate her more and more. I want to take care of my body and no longer poison it with other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

    -Holland Sanchez

    • This is very powerful what you have written, I hope you share this with your Mother, as a Mother and Yoga teacher reading this has made me feel hopeful, thank you, Namaste 🙏🏽

  21. Natalie Morrow

    I found this video very inspiring. I liked how the speakers referred to yoga as the science of happiness, mental wellness, and mental freedom. They spoke about the connection between yoga and western medicine in healing. They referred to it as an adjunct resource that speeds up the healing process. It is a science in a sense that yoga is trying something, observing how it made you feel, trying it again, and observing if you got the same results. They prove that yoga impacts healing by using the statistic: 80-85% of physical, mental, and emotional illnesses are stress related and that yoga is all about managing and coping with stress. They also speak about bringing your body into a balance, homeostasis. They first want to achieve equilibrium in the autonomic nervous systems, the rest of the body will fall in line.

    I appreciated that the video acknowledged how we live in a world surrounded by people but we are lonely in a sense that there are no deep, emotional connections being made anymore. Yoga can stimulate these connections through community. I also appreciated that they referred to yoga as a practice of cleansing yourself of poisons. Looking at your day and discovering in what ways you’re poisoning your mind, body, and spirit. Once one makes a conscious decision to stop poisoning themself, they can create room for positive things to grow. As this occurs, we will bring ourselves into full alignment. The only way we can achieve full alignment is through practice and experimentation. That is just what I intend to do.

    This balance, alignment, and homeostasis reminds me of a chiropractor I went to for a few weeks last semester in White Plains. Dr. Stephen M. Pearlman spoke to me about how to body is supposed to be aligned but that each body is different and will not be the same equilibrium as someone else’s. He would literally align my spine and I always came out of the appointment feeling relaxed and re-energized.

  22. Alexandra Newbey
    Watching this short documentary affirmed something I already knew to be true in my mind: that yoga is an amazing practice. But just as was said ion the video; I think it is unfair to wait for science to prove the facts that Yogis have known ton be true for centuries. Something that really stood out to me from watching this video is that doing yoga and engaging in meditation can literally change your brain. I think that is outstanding and it motivates me to keep practicing yoga not just in this class but also in my free time. I would like to harness the calming and relaxing energy that yoga allows for as this promotes and stimulates creative thinking and could help me in many areas of my life. I have practiced yoga since high school but no so much with this educational component, so I am excited to engage in the practice with an instructor who is clearly incredibly knowledgeable in the origins, foundations, and benefits of yoga in order to enrich my own knowledge and encourage a better understanding for my own mind and benefits.

  23. My father has practiced yoga since before I was born and always spoke to me about its healing powers, and additionally about the truths found in yoga long before they were to be discovered by western science. This video largely confirmed that which I already have heard from him but also was informative in its specificity. To hear the list of ailments which can be regulated through yoga was pretty shocking. I was surprised too by the statistics they gave for how much the mental health of those with anxiety and depression improved with yoga. I believe the point which connected the most with me, and also seemed the most practical, was that mental illness is stress related, and being that yoga works to relieve stress, there is an undeniable connection. I found it empowering to hear the video’s discussion of neuroplasticity. The idea that we have the power to heal and train our minds gave me an incredibly positive feeling. It is a relief to know that this power is in our hands. The video refers to the body’s power to heal itself. As one who has perhaps not lead the healthiest lifestyle, it gives me hope to know that none of us are too far gone to begin the healing process.

  24. Lia Vaccarino
    My knowledge of yoga is limited to my experience. My life thus far has been dictated mainly by stress. Stress affects every aspect of my life and my ability to function every day. My favorite past times have always been those that help ease stress. Team sports and painting have been the most successful in this aspect for me. It was interesting to learn that yoga combines all aspects of those past times which have been most beneficial to me. Creativity and physical fitness are incredibly important and this video opened my eyes to the possibility of cultivating them through yoga.

  25. My first impression of the video was that it felt a bit “preachy” which turned me off from it but with further watch I was interested by their discussion of yoga as a therapeutic tool for individuals with depression, anxiety and other psychological struggles.

    They talked about the idea of neuroplasticity, which is the ability of our brains to be able to adapt and change. According to the video, yoga can be a tool to enable are brains to adapt and strengthen, and in turn overcome obstacles. One man in the video explained the various ways our brains and nervous systems are affected by regular yoga practice.

    A relevant resource that relates to the idea of neuroplasticity is a TED talk by Dr. Lara Boyd from 2015 []. She addresses many of the same concepts brought up in the yoga video, including misconceptions about the capabilities of adult brains. It’s interesting to think about how Dr. Boyd’s very scientific talk relates to the more spiritual discussion of yoga.

    Uri Sarig

  26. Kristina Gallo
    The New Science Behind Yoga:
    Everyone knows the benefits of doing Yoga and letting your body heal itself, but this video really went into depth about how beneficial it really is to your everyday life. What we tend to forget is if we are seeing unwanted things going on in our body or mind, the symptoms that are occurring on the inside are always deeper. So we tend to ignore when our body is telling us to take a break because we think “Oh it’s not that bad I’m fine”, when in reality, there’s so much going on inside our body that it is making its way to the surface.
    Yoga and meditation can help heal health issues, such as overeating, obesity, heart problems, etc. and now more than ever yoga is making an appearance in the medical field. When you really take the time to grow in your understanding of your own body, you will be able to see even the tiniest of movements in your energy, whether it’s good or bad. When yoga is done correctly, it can transform your life. Everything done in yoga is done for a reason, from the poses to meditation, to even how your breathing has a complete effect on your body. I always knew that to relax and relieve stress you should meditate, but this video taught me that the cause of all the visible symptoms that we may see in our everyday life, science has discovered that almost 80-85% of all physical, mental, and emotional illnesses are stress related. We are so stress ridden in our day to day lives that we forget to take care of ourselves. Through this video I learned that when you do yoga, it helps to cultivate homeostasis, which is basically the center of our well-being. The body is always trying to heal itself, and yoga just helps to further find the balance between the mind and the body.
    One of my favorite things that was brought to my attention while watching this video is that we poison ourselves. Once you become fully aware of how everything you do has on your body and well being, you begin to understand how powerful every aspect of your life is. And this does just mean drugs or alcohol, but any food you put into your body, and your overall mindset. If you have a negative mind, it will greatly impact your everyday life and how you handle certain scenarios. When you start to become more invested in yourself, you start to realize what is beneficial for you and your future. And once you become aware of these things, you start to remove the bad from your life, leaving room for the good to grow.

  27. This documentary advocates for the efficacy of yoga as a healing practice. It is explained that yoga is very effective in managing stress, and accelerating healing and creativity; also, yoga as a companion to things like medicine or therapy can significantly accelerate healing from an ailment or trauma. Basically, through mindful and deliberate yoga practice, new neural pathways can open up, which can in turn improve other bodily functions like the nervous system; it is about finding a balance between mind and body, and between the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system. I agree with most of this, and I think that practicing spatial awareness and aligning our bodies with the cosmos can have very significant benefits physically, and in turn mentally. I usually feel very rejuvenated after just an hour-long yoga session, so I could see how practicing regularly for a long period of time could hugely improve one’s lifestyle, mood, and physical and mental health.

    William Heintz

  28. Sadie Humphrey Reed- Journal Entry February 3rd 2020
    Julie Broglin
    I found this video very interesting not only for its discussion of the practices of yoga itself but also the immense healing opportunities it bears. Before viewing this video, I had my assumptions about the benefits of engaging in yoga activities but I had no idea to what extent the results were. To think that yoga is a solution (hidden in plain sight) to so many ailments is incredible and unexpected. Also that practicing yoga can immensely heal the impacts that stress has on one’s body and mind.
    Yogi Amrit Desai states that scientists discovered more than 80% of physical, mental and emotional illnesses are stress related. The video goes on the explain and discuss the immense power that yoga has to release stress and tension in many ways. I think it is interesting because many people who are interviewed in the film bring up the point that Yogis have known these things to be true for many many years. This art has been perfected by groups of people throughout the generations and only now, in the 21st century, has it been so widely accessible to a larger range of people.
    Another discussion I found interesting in the film was the connection made between homeostasis and yoga. Yoga practices are formed to bring balance to the mind and body, so our bodies crave it because we want to be fully balanced as much as possible. An article by the Huffington Post laid out four major changes in the body backed by studies, that occur because of yoga practice.
    1- Yoga can regulate the functions of the Vagus nerve, which is essentially responsible for the homeostasis of some of our most vital organs.
    2- Mindfulness can actually change the way your brain works. A study found that people who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks, showed in MRIs and increase in gray matter in the learning and memory parts of the brain and a decrease in the anxiety and stress parts of the brain.
    3- Blood pressure can be significantly lowered by the practice of deep breathing, breath awareness and alternate nostril breathing.
    4- Yoga has significantly more benefits across multiple facets than aerobics. Studies found that people who practiced Hatha yoga showed improvement in their ability to process focus and use new information, while people who did aerobics showed no change.
    With what I learned from this film and from aligning articles like this Huffington Post one, I feel excited and prepared to embark in this study of yoga during this semester, and hopefully feel some of the benefits discussed in these sources.

    HuffPost article:

  29. Yoga is a way to connect with yourself spiritually through meditations with different breathing techniques including pranayama. The four main components of yoga are global functioning, self regulation, mind-body awareness, and experiencing deeper states of meditation. The mind is the ultimate controlling factor, which 99% of illness is related to stress. One simple yoga class can change or enhance good gene activities. Studies have proven that these are the methods that help tremendously to reduce depression, anxiety, and overall negative thoughts.
    I may not have been practicing with yoga, but with a feature by my watch, I practice the deep breaths. Even for a couple minutes, breathing is a short break from my surroundings to feel less stress and feel a little bit at ease afterwards. The intellectual space and connections with the body and mind is essential for meditations. Now that I learned that yoga has more scientific proven facts to resist stress and reduce stress levels, I will try to bring the yoga practices into my lifestyle for a better stress free mind.

  30. I am beginning to take a yoga class this semester and I had never done yoga myself outside of this class. Although, my parents occasionally do some yoga practices when they can and from watching this video I can see why they try to make it a greater influence on their lives. From watching this video I have a better understanding of yoga and its benefits. The connection between mental, emotional and physical health with yoga is very evident. Listening to these Yogi’s speak on about the relation with stress and yoga allows me to associate this on my own personal level, with my parents. My mother, who is constantly under a lot of stress, suffers from scoliosis while also subjected to dealing with high blood pressure; makes an effort to do yoga when she can. The video also educated me on the self healing mechanisms that yoga can help the body bring. This mechanism known as homeostasis is the body’s need to come back into balance. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time and have never medicated myself for it but I am open and eager to do yoga this semester (possibly longer) and hopefully see a change in my mental and emotional health. With the information provided from this video, I am able to recognize all the benefits of what yoga can do to help my mom and I have a deeper appreciation for it and starting yoga while I am younger will help aid my body for any future distress I might deal with.

  31. Erin Pollack
    Mondays, 6:30-9:50

    I appreciate how they make a comparison between clinical studies and Western medicine. Despite what we know as Western science, there is a vast range of possibilities and healing that can be opened beyond medicine as Americans understand it.

    Some things that stuck out to me were the sympathetic (fight and flight) comparatively to parasympathetic (rest, health, and relaxation). It’s interesting to point out the fact that the body desires healing, and when yoga is done properly the self-correcting mechanism can show itself. On top of all of this, there’s also a lovely blend of benefits on the nervous system. Besides our spiritual selves, there also comes physical and biological factors within yoga and relaxation that most people are blind to.

    I found that the points on how our world acts and how our bodies react to not only be sociologically true, but mentally and spiritually true as well. When the neuroscientist speaks of how yoga makes us feel relaxed it allows the flow of creativity and love to come through. He makes the point of how creativity helps us work best in uncertainty (referring to the world we live in). “Hesitance comes from fear.”

    Removing tension from the body results in healing. When we take down the parts of ourselves that make us overactive we are able to heal and be calm. Not only is this good for the body, it’s good for the mind, our beings, spirits, and overall lives as we continue to live and move forward in transformational uprisings and living in the NOW. The ideas learned in the video push me towards “WholeHearted” by Paley Ellison who focuses on the notion that love is guidance if we are to just pay attention to it.


  32. My mom has always been very into yoga, but it never really caught my interest until now. This video taught me more than I thought it would. There are so many reasons to do yoga including relieving stress and anxiety. It can also help you find yourself in ways like never before. It’s very relaxing and helps tremendously with your breathing, as well as relaxes your entire body.
    Yoga can provide a new sense of relief and peace within. It can also help with digestion. It helps with mental and physical problems.
    -Marlon DuBois

  33. This video details the extensive benefits and overall life altering changes that the practice of yoga can affect on a person. I’ve always understood yoga to have relaxational benefits, as well as being an effect means of exercise, but I never even knew how vast yoga’s impact on mental health, relaxation, and stress reduction can serve to be, it’s simply astonishing. The information this video presents the viewer with really emphasizes to me how inter connected our mental and physical health really are.

    I’ve learned that there is a specified technique in yoga called “yoga breathing”. According to the documentary, this practice helps our bodies to become infinitely more relaxed and calm. When our bodies are in this state of relaxation and calmness, it allows more creative thoughts to enter into our brain. Also, when our bodies are in this state, the chances of chronic illness and stress levels are decreased significantly. I’ve come to learn as well that yoga functions in regulating homeostasis, which is the ability we have in our bodies to maintain stability in spite of changes around us.

  34. In this video, it went over the scientific aspect of yoga and how it affects people in a statistical manner. The video went over the positive effects of yoga and what it does to one’s body and has been doing to people’s bodies for years. The video explained how yoga takes one’s body beyond the physical reality and allows them to live in a more spiritual and mindless atmosphere.
    I thought that the video was very interesting, as I was unaware that there were scientific explanations for the uses of yoga. The video went over the medical reasons why yoga is useful and the benefits that it causes to one’s health while using scientific evidence, which was very reassuring because it wasn’t solely experience-based reasoning for the benefits of yoga, but it was also factually based.
    The video reminded me of one of the classes I took last semester called Sensation and Perception. In the class, I learned about the body and the different parts of the body and why and how it works the way it does. I felt that the class related to the video because it also showed the scientific way that the body works and why our body acts and reacts the way it does.

  35. Fatima Lua
    Yoga Wednesday 8:30am

    This is my first-time doing yoga ever and honestly, I have seen improvements in myself already. I always heard the benefits but never experienced them myself. Growing up I believed that yoga and meditation was a waste of time but once I got more informed and opened my mind up a little more I started to read and look into all the benefits it has for one’s self and mind. It can definitely help improve a person’s mental well-being, create calmness and mental clarity, and relieve chronic stress patterns along with many other benefits.
    After watching “The New Science Behind Yoga” by UPLIFT, it helped me get a better understanding behind the science and medical benefits of yoga and meditation for one’s self and the body/mind. Being a person of high anxiety and seeing the statistics on the reduction in severity of anxiety by 26% and the reduction of psychological distress by 34%, amazed me. I didn’t know that yoga and meditation could help you in a psychological way, I always thought yoga was a way to tone your body or just another way to create balance. I’m glad I’m learning more about things I didn’t know about.
    Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, is one of the books that got me into all of this. I got to read about the science and medical benefits of meditation. This is where I learned that the breath enables you to change your energy. Most of the energy is stored in the body because we have conditioned our bodies to become the mind for years of thinking, acting and feeling the same way. In a sense we have suppressed a lot of energy in our bodies and must have a way to pull that energy out of our bodies and deliver it back to the brain where it is available for a higher purpose. This book definitely helped me get a better understanding about all of this but the more I see and hear things about the benefits the more excited I am to continue to learn and grow.

  36. This video put a lot into perspective for me, and the way in which the yoga teachers and experts, specifically Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, spoke about the practice made me very emotional. It was extremely beneficial to hear yogis and scientists alike speaking about all he positive benefits of yoga. I have been very skeptical in the past about yoga and meditation, but I am prepared to let myself trust in the practice and hopefully see some benefits of my own.

    In the video, Saraswati talked about how technological advancements over time have led to our truths morphing and being replaced with different truths. She used the example of the Earth once being viewed as flat but then later being viewed as round in order to make her point that no one truth is ever set in stone. A lot of people have chosen to ignore yoga, but she believes that with all the scientific research that is being done about it, people will soon recognize that maybe their truth has room to change.

    The psychologist Michael Demanincor also spoke about how the methodology of yoga is very similar to that of the scientific method in that it involves trying something, observing its effects, and then trying it again to see if the effects continue. I thought this was a very beneficial way for people who may be skeptical, like myself, to view yoga, at least in the beginning.

    Almost every single person in the video points to how yoga has been proven to reduce stress and allow people to better control their own emotions, thoughts, and body. This also helps to support the claim that yoga has vast, long term physical and mental health benefits because 80-85% of all illnesses are stress related. Since yoga encourages a realignment of the body and mind to peace and relaxation, it makes perfect sense why people would see major health benefits with continued practice.

    I personally know several therapists who recommend that their patients try some form of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness exercise, which only adds to the authenticity of the practice as a clinical one. I hope that I, along with many others, will only continue to recognize yoga as being a useful and perfectly valid tool for one’s health.

    -Sofia Gandolfo

  37. This video discusses how there is scientific evidence that yoga does contribute to the physical and mental health and wellness of its practitioners. A study is mentioned where yoga was tested on people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety when comparing the yoga group to the control group researchers found that those who had practiced the yoga were seeing the benefits through positive changes involving stress reduction. Since this study and others, medical professionals in psychological and psychiatric fields have come to take yoga and it’s benefits more seriously.
    I personally am very happy that the benefits of yoga are being accepted by doctors and other medical professionals. As a person with anxiety, panic and sometimes high levels of stress. I’ve already begun to feel a difference in my stress levels and state of mind. And I myself used to be one of those people that wasn’t exactly sure what yoga was and as a child thought that you had to convert to an eastern religion, or be a religious person in general to practice it. I’m hoping that the study showing the benefits will persuade the minds of other people who may think this way about yoga, and they too might give it a chance and feel the benefits.

  38. I found this video to be very interesting and informative, and it was able to answer a lot of the questions I had specifically about why yoga has become so popular in today’s world. One of the most interesting quotes to me from this video was from Tommy Rosen (Yoga Instructor) and he said “It’s important to have scientific corroboration of the efficacy of Yoga. Without it, first of all you’ll have millions of people who will never approach it, never get in there in the first place because they need that scientific proof of something in order to engage within it”. I feel as though I fell partially into this category of people. Not that I didn’t believe yoga had all spiritual, emotional and physical benefits, but I just never really had a solid answer as to why it was so beneficial. With that being said, I still thought registering for a yoga class called “Yoga tools for relaxation and peace” could do nothing but help me, and so far that has proven to be true.
    Part of this video that really gave me more of the understanding of the physical effect yoga has had on people is the clinical study done by Michael Demanincor (Psychologist) that showed that (with those who practiced yoga) there was a 33% reduction in the measure of severity of depression, a 26% reduction in the severity of anxiety and a 34% reduction in the psychological distress. This was impactful for me because it gave a numeric statistic to the effect yoga has had on people dealing with the same things I have.
    I am excited to continue with this class now knowing even more of the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits I will get from being able to keep my body in balance.

    -Nicole Laing

  39. Science of mental wellness and freedom
    The purpose of yoga takes you beyond the physical benefits of it. It is interesting to know that more doctors are using the practice of yoga as a treatment. I think that in the video, the comparison of yoga to the earth being flat due to lack of research and tools speaks volumes of how it can be beneficial, but people are scared to research and begin to enter the world of yoga. Many studies have been confuted to prove the science behind yoga. I think that the idea of needing physical proof and science in order to prove yoga actually works is unfair, but that is the world we live in today, but it can actually be beneficial to observe the effects and prove it to people who are doubtful that it has many health benefits and cures.
    I personally didn’t know that 85% of Illnesses were caused by stress. Yoga is about the balance of the mind-body and complex. The autonomic nervous system needs to be balanced and yoga is based around balance.
    After yoga each week, I feel very relaxed and calm and it makes the rest of my day and even week feel different and move more smoothly. After yoga, I feel more focused and feel that my attention span is longer and I do already see small things changing since practicing yoga. I would like to see what other benefits and changes I will see as I continue to practice.
    I found it really interesting how the brain in such a short amount of time can change- Neuroplasticity *You control your thoughts, your thoughts don’t control you.

  40. Alyssa Guerra
    Yoga has many benefits that scientists concluded truly work for the body. Yoga helps people learn how to control their breathing, which in return helps to balance the nervous system. Yoga reminds us that we are more than just the physical body, but also helps us to maintain a physical well-being. This form of exercise is what can help a person become their best self both physically and mentally.

  41. Emily Lomberg

    When thinking about yoga, I always knew it was beneficial but to see how transformative yoga can be for mental health backed up by science was really interesting and informative. By mediating for just a few weeks, your brain and power over your thoughts begins to change. This shows how powerful Yoga is for mental health and our ability to heal through the practice. I found the analogy to the moon especially beautiful, that when we are in alignment with ourselves we can reflect our light onto others and the world around us. It is really powerful and inspirational to hear about how much Yoga has transformed peoples lives and allowed them to find more peaceful ways of being.

    Yoga also allows people to learn how to control their body, breath, mind, and thoughts instead of letting it control you. This brings self-awareness and empowerment that some may never feel like they can have before trying the practice. Through Yoga you are able to change the things you are hurting about yourself and regain control of your possibilities. Many can relate to how it feels to be out of control and I am hoping that through practicing Yoga, I begin to have a deeper understanding of my mind and body and my ability to control it.

    I have done a lot of yoga during different acting conservatories and after seeing this documentary it is clear as to why. Yoga brings the body back to peace and slows us down from the fast pace anxieties of life. As the documentary said, creativity is much more accessible when the body is relaxed versus in fear. This can be helpful in activities such as acting but also in maintaining calmness throughout the day.

  42. Marianna Steen

    Yoga has always been a tool for people to unwind at the end of the day. In this video, it explains how not only is yoga used as a meditation activity but also as a way to enhance your overall health. There have been multiple studies conducted to the research of what yoga actually does to your brain and by committing to something like this on a regular basis, you could see a great shift in health within yourself. Many people in society overlook yoga and don’t see it as a primary task to do in their every day lives. if you were to give it a try, you might just notice the difference in your everyday life.

    When I watched this video I immediately was surprised at what yoga can actually do for ones self. It opened up my eyes to see that by just taking a little time every day to practice this form, it could really help with any anxiety I have or any worries that go on through my mind throughout the day. Yoga has always been something that I was interested in but never felt like taking the time to sit down and enjoy it. After seeing what it can actually do for you, I will now make the time in my day to practice this art form.

    This experience reminds me of when I was in High School gym class and yoga was one of the options they had to choose from. I always chose this compared to the other options because it seemed relaxing. I always did it with my friends and we joked around and didn’t really notice the benefits it could be doing to us. Thinking back to this time makes me remember how excited i was to go to gym class. That’s definitely something I want to get back into and hopefully stick with.

  43. The video explains yoga and meditation as beneficial to mind, body, and spirit. As more studies are being conducted on this subject, scientists are beginning to realize that yoga can truly help with various physical and mental ailments. Through various exercises in movement, stretching, and breathing yoga is meant to center and ground the body and the mind so that they can heal themselves. Yoga is an activity that can be practiced alone but is more effective when practiced in a group. If practiced with a group, it can alleviate not only the stresses of the modern world but also loneliness as well which are the major cause of numerous ailments and afflictions.

    I am not going to immediately believe all of that I watched since I am still a total beginner practitioner. I want to keep an open mind right now and continue to practice so I can see the results for myself. Besides that, it is interesting that science is just recently starting to research and come to conclusions about meditative practices when it has been a recorded art for thousands of years. Part of it could be a cultural gap between the East and West but it also could be how the scientific method functions as a whole.

    Another resource that is similar to the video is a YouTube video that talks about the benefits of playing an instrument. In it explains that the practice of playing an instrument is “the brain’s equivalent of a full-body workout.” As someone who plays a musical instrument myself, I would say that this is quite accurate since it activates many areas of the brain that are responsible for concentration, creativity, problem solving, etc. Below is a link to the video if anybody want to check it out:

  44. Firdaws Karima

    After watching the documentary it seems like it is about the connection between science and yoga and how they support each other. People need science to believe that yoga is beneficial for them when it comes to their mental health. Otherwise they might think that Yoga is more spiritual. Yoga is about meditation. It teaches the brain to change and allow you to control yourself. When the brain is able to do that you stress less and live a healthier life.

    In order to support that idea, more doctors started to work with their patients to practice Yoga and gain benefits. So Yoga is being trusted and accepted as a form or medication and healing. Many people are embracing it around the world and it’s expanding. Yoga is seen as the science of mental freedom and happiness.

    Yoga helps the mind find balance. People who practice it with time notice changes for the better. It teaches the brain a self correcting mechanism. Which allows us to easily control ourselves. Learning mindfulness is important because we are healthier when we are in control of ourselves.

  45. David White- Monday Night Class
    The video begins with a prologue revolving around the benefits of yoga in clinical populations. A stronger bond between western medicine and yoga has been created over the years as Yoga has become a more accessible and easily translated part of our culture. Ultimately Yoga is considered to be both a physical and mental relaxant. As stated in the video, Yoga to the ancient sages was “the science of happiness.” Next, Laura Plumb is introduced. She is a Yoga teacher and she states that the efficacy of Yoga, Yoga postures, meditation, etc. is now proven through science. This is supported through the evidence provided by Dr. Nagendra who states that nearly five hundred research papers have been published in leading medical journals. These papers promote the use of yoga to aid with ailments such as diabetes, asthma, mental deficiency, etc.
    One of the most beneficial elements as a result from the practice of Yoga is stress reduction. This is seen through the biological process of homeostasis. The body itself repairs when it has a balance of equilibrium. Healing can only come to fruition when this is achieved. The whole purpose of Yoga is to find and cultivate this homeostasis, thus proving Yoga is purely a scientific practice in it of itself. Studies were conducted in a clinical trial to evaluate the effect of Yoga in people who suffer from Anxiety and Depression. There was a 33% reduction in depression, 26% in anxiety, and 34% in psychological distress. All of these studies are bringing transparency to the tools provided by Yoga, which in time will change the paradigm of dealing with mental health.
    My impression of this video showed me that only with time and practice are humans truly capable of healing. The human condition involves a lot of stress and endurance. Only when we are able to relax and take hold of the energy around us are we then able to achieve some sort of balance. This was extremely enlightening and provided clarity to many aspects in the practice of Yoga.

  46. Grace Dziedzic, Yoga Tools, Wed. 8:30

    This video gave a new and insightful view on the relationship between yoga and science. It seems that only now, after thousands upon thousands of years of yogis practicing yoga, has science begun to catch on to the benefits of the practice. An interesting view presented was the ever-changing concept of truth in our world. As our scientific instruments become more capable, we are able to prove more concepts scientifically, which in turn redefines our truth. By this logic, there are truths that we cannot prove yet. I agree with the film in that waiting for science to prove that which we already know is a source of deprivation for those who need evidence in order to invest themselves into something, in this case, yoga.
    There is no science to detect and measure the progress that is made within the self during the practice of yoga. While there is no numerical evidence, there are countless people who can say that yoga has changed their life for the better. I can attest to this. As a person who has been practicing yoga for over two years, I can vouch for the fact that the mat is a safe haven for me, and that over time I have been able to gain more control physically and mentally from my practice. This experience began in my high school yoga class. Because of the trendiness of yoga, my school added it as a class and I took it to fill a requirement. Despite my initial judgment of yoga for being popular, I soon realized that it was for a good reason. I left the class feeling rejuvenated, warm, and calm.
    The video mentioned the statistic that 80-85% of mental illness is caused by stress, which yoga targets and deflates. I began using yoga as a way to come to terms with the stressful events in my life, and now I can say that I am one of the countless people benefitting from yoga that the video mentions. There is proof in the numbers, and there has been for longer than science has been able to prove the existence of gravity. Moving forward, I will no longer consider what is proven to be the only fact in existence.

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