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Join us on a scientific exploration into the healing benefits of Yoga.

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  1. Watching this felt especially reassuring of the healing aspects of yoga for me. I’ve seen it work to help people around me but have never delved to deep into it myself. Seeing the reflection of the knowledge onto the scientific community in recent years has been interesting to me not because of the proof that it makes these practices more legitimate, but because it links the spiritual and physical in a way where they do not cancel each other out, which is exciting to notice. It feels validating for two fields I respect to relate in the way they are now.

  2. it is interesting to see that the scientific world is almost playing catchup. it is only further proving points that people practicing yoga have known for years. it is also interesting to note that even though we do know fully understand the world around us, yoga has somehow been a guiding force, in understanding how our body heals its self. We can make distinctions that impact our health based off of years of proven technics. No equipment required. it has just been refined over generations of work, and understanding.

  3. This video was very enlightening to me in the fact that I have heard of this practice, but up until now never thought it held so many benefits. As a person who suffers from stress in my career and day-to-day life, something that focuses my energy back into my body through the practice of structural breathing/meditation/stretching is very beneficial. The biggest nod towards this notion was when it was mentioned that yoga strives (in one facet) to help balance out the autonomic nervous system so that the resting and fight/flight tendencies in our body can be at a similar, homeostatic level. Based on what the instructors said, yoga helps calm the mind and from this, more creative and different ways of looking at a problem or situation can arise, and in some cases be more helpful than ones created in a stressful or negative environment. One of the second statements that has stuck with me was the one instructor who mentioned that yoga helps you gain control over your thoughts, rather than them overrun you. This is something I actively wish to overcome, and yoga definitely seems to be a beneficial path towards reaching this goal.

  4. I have been practicing yoga off and on for many years and can definitely tell a difference inside my body when I am in an “off” period. I am so glad to see the scientific community is starting to realize the many, many benefits of yoga, however it is so true that both the patient and the doctor need to be on board for this type of healing. If the patient does not want to put forth the work to change behaviors (making yoga a consistant part of their lives), and the doctor does not want to be thoroughly involved (coaching the patient along), then it will not work and both the patient and the doctor will revert to the “easy” way “healing” by prescribing medications or surgery. With a little effort, a more beneficial and healthy alternative can be found!

  5. I find this interesting and very informative because yoga is the number one way to help with stress. In the video it said that about 80-85 percent of disease is caused by stress. I find that highly interesting because I get stressed a lot, so that has me wondering if I have a higher chance of catching one of the disease. It’s cool to see how much yoga actually helps the mind, body, and soul. I realized yoga helps with your health, you creativity cells flowing, but most in most importantly, comfort. I am happy I am able to connect to people in this field.

  6. As I watched the video I felt a strong sense of happiness and uplifting momentum due to the fact that yoga is expanding and the knowledge is being spread for people to become healthier and reaching more to their potential to become their best version. It was very informative and I am so glad I had the experience of watching it and learning more. I shared it onto my social media for people to watch as well as with my family. I plan on watching it again so I can solidify more of the information to share along my journey.

  7. After viewing the video “The New Science Behind Yoga”, my prior knowledge and understanding within the fundamental aspects of yoga has altered. As many people still continue to believe that yoga is erroneous and unnecessary, science and history alike has proven the effectiveness yoga/meditation has on the mind and body. Within a portion of the video, there’s an explanation on how yoga/meditation has changed/improved gene activity to the point that it reduces chronic stress, as well as the effect of a major neurotransmitter just after one yoga class. So, if that’s not enough, many studies and practices of yoga/meditation itself have proven to display the changes in gene and DNA activity. “And they can make people’s behavior go in the proper direction for health, well being, and actually behavior in society” (Sat Bit Khalsa). I’m glad to be engaging myself in yoga/meditation and the fact that it’s not only changed my behavior and my reduction of stress, but the support of scientific and medical studies that prove yoga/meditation’s positive factors.

  8. One of the main concepts I found incredibly interesting is that yoga acts as a reset button for the body. It helps your body return to a state of homeostasis while simultaneously healing the brain. It also helps maintain a sense of calm and reignites creativity in the brain. Another concept I found interesting was the idea that the physical self is like the tip of an iceberg, there is much more beneath the surface that lies within us including stresses that make us ill. Practicing the slow and fluid movements improves the neuroplasticity of the brain and improves the overall function of the central nervous system. Yoga puts the body into alignment so that it can reflect the light of the divine.

  9. Quite eye opening watching this video and letting it put things into perspective. Thinking about the idea of yoga being “prescribed” alongside other methods of treating illness and disease to cut down on healing time is something I’d a) never thought about and b) expect would make it seem much more valid on a widespread scale. Additionally, what we previously believed to be true about brain development and the birth of new tools that have informed us both point to a new way of thinking about yoga’s transformative effects scientifically.

  10. After watching this video it has opened my mind to the benefits of doing yoga and I feel excited to start doing it. I had no idea that it had so many different benefits for ones mine and body. The combination of controlled breathing and the act of redirecting thoughts has the power to lower the sympathetic nervous system. The more one practices the more benefit it will provide outside of the yoga studio. With the average of time people dedicate to yoga to be only 12 minutes is not much considering to benefits.

  11. Watching this is reaffirming in many ways. As someone who was raised with meditation and somatic experience at its center, I can relate to a lot of what was said. Growing up I was fairly consistently told that my family’s yoga and meditation practice was a waste of time. As someone who’s struggled with many of rhe ailments mentioned in the video, i can attest to the power yoga and meditation can have. This has been especially apparent when I’ve neglected mu practice for a while. I am very excited to deepen my practice through hatha yoga as an addition to my daily practice.

  12. I found this video to be genuinely very interesting, as I had not idea how much good yoga has and is doing for peoples mental and physical health and well being. I knew that yoga was generally beneficial, but it seems to have changed and saved lives. The statistics about yoga’s ability to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress were very interesting and show how truly influential the practice is – and it being scientifically proven really solidifies its effects. I am excited that this evidence can change peoples lives and push them in a positive direction, and can inspire people to become healthier and more in tune with their bodies.I look forward to becoming more committed to the practice and to see what benefits in can bring to me.

  13. After watching the video, it left me thinking about how important it is to have balance in your life. Yoga finds a balance between the mind and body, and once these are in balance your body can start to heal. this is a body/mind practice that has been around for thousands of years. Ancient people called it the science of happiness, but it also has physical benefits. Yoga also resets back to our neutral state of relaxed, joy and peace, which is good to open up your mind and it helps for creativity. As a college student, all these benefits of yoga would be really helpful to have a healthy life and be successful in my studies.

  14. After watching this video, I have actually become more interested in the science behind Yoga. I am not surprised by the fact that the world of science has taken this long to understand to come to terms with the fact that Yoga does indeed have medicinal purposes. I find it still so very fascinating that these specific movements were created with specific knowledge of the body, so much knowledge, that it could in fact heal so many ailments that would normally be seen as incurable, in today’s age of technological and medical advancements. Still the old ways of the world prevail. I can’t help but wonder however, if we could be able to connect our scientific knowledge with that of the Yogi’s to help better explain to the public the effects of Yoga, how it works, just as Dr Oz did when explaining the Chakras to his audience. I also wonder if, once understood, we could utilize that understanding to further enhance modern medicine for those of us who may be physically incapable of practicing Yoga.

    • There are thousands of asanas and modifications such as using a chair or simply practicing Kriya and Pranayama so even a bed ridden patient could do some form of yoga for benefits. Humans continue to suffer from fear, anger, sadness, jealousy and upsets from trying too hard, the very same setbacks from 8,000 years ago to nowadays. Whether we live in a metropolitan area in India, Europe, Africa or the United States of America. We have learned to create comforts for living and to compete and earn wages but mastery over our own lives is still a challenge. OM

  15. I felt that this video was very beneficial. I did not realize the full impact of yoga on our mental state and its ability to bring us back to an equal state. I found it inspiring that contrary to the scientific belief of the brain being fixed, yoga attempts to positively change the brain- to bring us back to a state of homeostasis. As the video stated, we are so constantly faced with stress living in the west and yoga is a force to reduce this stress and bring happiness. It’s benefits gives us the opportunity change and heal- to actually make a decision to take part in practice and see the impact. I look forward to experiencing yoga, in seeing the newfound joy and peace it will create in my life.

  16. “The New Science Behind Yoga” video, really opened my mind up about yoga and meditation because I never made the connection with yoga being a self-healing mechanism to balance and correct our body’s homeostasis. Watching and listening to the professionals’ reflections and facts made me realize the benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga is it’s on scientific methodology within itself and proven to be more beneficial to our mental and degenerative diseases. Only taking your class twice, I’ve notice benefits with my mental health and outlook on my body, cleansing it with more rest, water, and exercise. My favorite part of the video was when Ana Forrest was explaining that we poison ourselves and we don’t even realize and once we practice yoga then we realize the benefits and what we were damaging our bodies with.

  17. As someone interested in becoming a physical therapist, it is very encouraging for me to see objectively measurable studies which indicate that practicing yoga reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Many instructors in the video asserted that people who practice yoga in conjunction with other conservative treatments were able to combat health ailments and heal more quickly. In my life so far, I can attest to the importance of keeping the autonomic nervous system in balance. While the easiest way to do so is to spend time in nature, as mentioned in the video, society keeps becoming busier, less natural and more unpredictable. The ability to achieve mindful balance from within whether in an urban or natural setting is a very important thing to be able to do, as many people live in urban environments far removed from nature, and I’m happy to see yoga as an option to do so. The importance of posture, body awareness and proprioception to overall physical and mental health is heralded more than ever in the scientific community, and many aspects of yoga have been helping people achieve this in their daily lives for thousands of years. It’s always great to see a convergence between modern scientific findings and ancient practice!

  18. This video I believe gives people more of a motivational push to help people become more relax and help reduce stress which is very helpful. My favorite part of this video is when they begin to talk about how doctors and scientists assume that their patients won’t take their advice to help them get better so they reside to surgery or a whole bunch of drugs to supposedly help them feel better. But that mindset needs to change because without that hope or believe in people, people won’t want to change. People need to feel like they can do it in order for them to actually begin to change and help themselves. People need the correct tools, encouragement and how to use the tools for them to change, which I believe is true. You can give someone something and explain to them what it does, but if you don’t give them how to use it and why it is helpful, they will not do it because it may feel like a waste of time to them. This video gives all reasons why yoga is beneficial to everyone and how you should begin to change like it makes you happier and calmer and allows your thoughts to flow through with a stress free mind. This is a very detailed video that can give people that motivational push they may need.

  19. This was neat because it talks a lot about how yoga can be beneficial to your health since a lot of illnesses are stress related and since yoga is proven to help with stress it can be useful for that so taking a yoga class seems like a good idea.

  20. I was VERY impressed by the video. First of all, I think that doing the postures is why it is good for for the body. However, I think that the video also noticed the main flaw in the argument that yoga itself and not yoga with breathing meditation is good for the mind. They did mention that you focus on your breathing, which is what is done with jhana(i.e. buddist breathing meditation). The exact same positive results come from it, mainly the stimulation of the parasympathetic lobe

  21. I have to admit, I began watching the video expecting to gain nothing out of it but some knowledge for my homework assignment. After watching it, I’ve learned so much and realized the benefits of Yoga itself. What truly fascinate me is how science still isn’t completely on board with the practice of yoga and its true benefits. I found it extremely interesting that “people do not want to engage in something unless there is science to back it up.” This I found true. I never realized that’s how humans work. Humans work by constantly wanting an explanation for something because we fear that we will be wasting our time doing something that has no clear benefits for our wellbeing. I was blown away with the explanation Psychologist Michael Demanincor gave about the scientific methodology behind yoga. He explains that “The whole methodology of yoga itself has come from a scientific approach cause you’re trying something, observing the effects and then trying it to see if you get the same effects.” This was a great way to lure me into believing more in the practice of Yoga. It’s still so mind-blowing that yoga is a science in itself. I didn’t know that “Almost 8–85 percent of all physical, emotional, and mental illness are stress related.” Hearing this, coming from someone who has been through a lot growing up, makes me want to take Yoga seriously. If these benefits are true, I would like to experience it. Maybe this is what I’m missing in life. Finally, what truly made sense to me was the explanation that Sadhvi Saraswati gave regarding the moon and its alignment. She explains that the moon is always just reflecting the light of the sun onto the earth. When we see that there is a “full moon” it just means that the moon is in perfect alignment with the sun. I was happy to hear “I do enough yoga and I recognize how to be in alignment so I can literally always be a full moon.” This made me realize I strive to be a full moon. Everyday.

  22. Watching this video made me realize that yoga is important for balance in your life. Yoga can be treated to not only help heal someone’s mental health, it also helps one’s physical health. Yoga is a powerful and nurturing way of treating many afflictions. People who experience yoga can get joy and peace. It’s a great way to live a healthy life. I try to keep practicing yoga within my life due to these benefits. I know how powerful yoga can be for someone.

  23. After watching this video, it allowed me to reflect on my own experiences. I have been attending very basic yoga classes in my town for about 3 years now, and it has brought nothing but peace and awareness of my body. I related to the statistics in this video, that yoga is a form of physical, and mental stress relief. What I did not know, is that it is prescribed to individuals for different reasons. Now that I have been practicing yoga, after watching this video, it opened my eyes to the true effect of it. I believe that taking yoga classes will help many people, students in particular (in my case) to open their minds and allow their bodies to relax- as we are constantly under stress to do well in school, sports, etc. Overall, this video interested me very much, and I look forward to a wonderful semester taking weekly classes.

  24. While watching this film I was happy to see so many health professionals discussing the benefits of a continuous yoga practice. Learning how effectively the practice of yoga decreases stress is especially interesting to me, as a college student I often get caught up in the stress of a hectic schedule and have struggled with anxiety. I’ve never been able to routinely practice, however, I have felt the positive effects of practice. Both the physical and mental health benefits of yoga are exciting to me, especially the increase in happiness and creativity outlined in the video. I’m hoping this information, along with class will encourage me to develop a more consistent practice.

  25. I found it interesting that the scientific and medical fields are studying and re-affirming the benefits of yoga. While I believe that yoga helps people both mentally and physically, I also believe that it is also beneficial to know exactly how yoga is affecting the mind and body, and observing the science behind yoga is doing that. It is important for the body to be at rest and find balance. Unfortunately, it can be be difficult to find a moment of rest for even the mind. Yoga can help find that peace and clear the mind of racing thoughts from a busy day. The benefits of yoga may not be as immediate as some medications, but yoga can help in the long run.

  26. While I watched this video I realized how important and beneficial yoga can be. I always knew that it can help with stress and help many relax but I didn’t know all of the background yoga had with science. This made me love yoga even more than I had already started too. The idea that yoga has been proven to help with many diseases and disabilities it is so much more interesting to me how this kind of practice can have such a strong impact on one’s body. Healing the body and connecting the mind to your inner body parts helps so much with your mental health especially as a student handling so many things at once.

  27. As I watched this video, I was intrigued by how yoga is able to bring about not only balance or a sense of piece, but also some health benefits that modern science still isn’t able to fully explicate such as boosting immunity. Not only this, but the inner balance that practicing yoga causes also allows one to live a life less controlled by stress, fear, and loneliness and lets us live a more peaceful and full life. Yet, the most amazing thing about the benefits of yoga was its effect on the mind. Yoga is believed to alter the way we think, controlling our bodies and emotions while boosting our creativity and abilities to find alternate solutions. To me, yoga is a powerful thing that brings about this openness that proves that change is always possible and that existence can be joyful and harmonious.

  28. Many years of my life have been filled with yoga. I have been using it to cope with anxiety ever since the tenth grade. It is a natural medicine that combined with other coping skills, has helped me recover. It is still an important part of my daily life. I still have much to learn about it. At purchase, I have learned many different styles in the wellness center. This video helps me see the science behind what I have been doing for so long. It is eye opening how effective yoga is in helping prevent and cure illness. I look forward to learning more yoga styles in the future.

  29. Before watching the video, I assumed yoga only had physical benefits such as becoming more flexible and stronger. But after watching the video, I began to understand why yoga is so important. Yoga helps balance your mind and body. It relaxes and help destress a person’s mind, body and life. Yoga helps with energy levels, decrease anxiety, concentration, etc. Personally, I thought Yoga wasn’t for me or would have no benefits toward my life. After the first, I feel more relaxed, balanced physically and mentally, and excited to learn more.

  30. Coming from lifting weights and vigorously stretching and running, yoga’s mental, spiritual and physical invigoration changed one’s approach to fitness, both within and without. Finding internal peace does so much to reduce problems created or us, both by our minds and our bodies. Facing problems with Multiple Sclerosis, in both my muscles and nervous system, the relieving stretches and relaxing mantras help my mind return to a state of true relief and peace. All in all, I very much appreciate the combination of eastern philosophy and exercise with western medical practice.

  31. I think this video touched upon many of the important concepts that contribute to the efficacy of yoga, especially the importance of mindfulness, increased circulation, and the intentional stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The explanation given by Simon Borg-Olivier was particularly insightful, and grounded in scientific rigor. That being said, I would have liked to hear more details about some of the studies cited (i.e. sample sizes, measures taken to control for confounding variables, potential conflicts of interest, etc). Some of the specialists interviewed spoke of esoteric regions of biomedical science like epigenetics and neuroplasticity in a way that I found somewhat misleading. I feel like I should preface this thought with the statement— I am a biochemistry student, not a Cartesian duelist, so my perspective is one that does not differentiate between mind and body. Neuroplasticity and epigenetics both operate on similar principles, mainly the reprogramming of one’s body (neural connections and genetic code, respectively) by reactions to an environment. Yoga is one of many methods of utilizing these concepts. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy also use mindfulness to reorganize neural networks, and epigenetic changes happen as frequently as your body’s ability to produce beta-galactosidase when your glucose levels are low and lactose levels are high. These are also the principles responsible for the real, measurable, impacts of the placebo effect. Similarly to how the Ayurvedic home remedies my grandmother suggests are often grounded in some scientific truth, I believe there are scientific reasons for why yoga is beneficial to an individual’s health. I think it can be dangerous to conflate scientific inquiry and proof, and the factors influencing the impact of yoga on an individual’s health are largely dependent on the individual practicing… essentially, the truth resists simplicity.

  32. After watching the video “The Science Behind Yoga”, I realized how yoga is very important for our bodies. I find it cool at how our bodies respond to it, “mind, body awareness” is something that is overlooked by many people and yoga definitely shines a light on it. Not only is it beneficial to the body, it benefits the spiritual part of us as well. Making us gravitate towards positivity and let us live our life a little bit better, teaching us to relax.

  33. Watching this made me realize that science and spirituality are thought of as two different, or even conflicting, realms when in reality they are most effective when they are intertwined. Modern medicine and the “big Pharma” mentality teaches us to treat the issue with drugs when it the problem already exists, but practicing yoga and removing tension in the body can help prevent physical and mental issues from happening in the first place. I found the part about our tools and ways of measuring changing leading us to the truth to be really fascinating. Even though yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, many people still need a scientific study to prove the benefits. But since there is so much we don’t really know or even understand about the world, the tools to discover the true benefits are still being developed. It will be amazing to learn and understand the scientific benefits as these tools advance, but it is more important to just keep practicing yoga. – Anneliese Treitmeier- McCarthy

  34. Before watching the video, I had no idea that science was still playing catchup in order to prove and research the benefits of yoga. I liked this video because it clearly shows that yoga has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Knowing how much stress can work havoc on an individual’s body really convinces me that yoga can be used as a tool in order to reduce stress and improve the body’s well-being. I do though agree with another individual’s comment on here about how the scientific proof and research being brought up in the video could be misleading to those who don’t necessarily have a background in biochemistry or other forms of cognitive therapy. Despite this, I do believe that yoga can be a useful tool in bettering your body, spirit, and mind.

  35. I felt this video was very informative! There were so many ideas I didn’t know about yoga. There is definitely a stereotype about yoga that people assume without thinking otherwise. Now knowing what yoga can do for me and other people I hope it becomes more popular as the outcome for performing yoga has a positive effect on your health. I liked how Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati talked about in the past human-based knowledge by truth like how they believed the Earth was flat until they had the tools to prove otherwise. Also when Yogi Amrit Desai explains 82-85% of physical, mental and emotional illnesses comes from stress. Yoga has that effect to lower stress. I am even more motivated that I will experience doing yoga moving forward.

  36. Watching “The New Science Behind Yoga” showed me right from the beginning that the scientific evidence backing yoga’s value is in great abundance. Prior to this class and viewing this video, I did not know just how helpful yoga can have in terms of healing properties. I was especially interested in the parts that touched on not only its positive effect on physical health but also its positive effect on those with mental illness especially including depression and anxiety, as I suffer from these illnesses. I have found that this practice has started to slowly aid the effects of both illnesses. I am very appreciative of this opportunity to learn something that could help. The balance of both mind and body is a fantastic bond that I am glad to now be aware of upon viewing.

  37. Viewing this video has reminded me of the satisfaction that is felt during the practice of yoga. I began practicing yoga a few years ago as a way to cope with insomnia and since then have expended it’s use to benefit many aspects of my daily life. I still have much to grow and learn from the art of yoga but watching videos like this continue to inspire me and help me in that goal of mine. I appreciate and feel the words of the teachers in this video and look forward to growing more with each class an assignment.

  38. When I finished watching “The New Science Behind Yoga” it made me very aware of how much yoga can be impactful to someone’s life and their body. I never knew yoga was more than just a form of exercise. After I saw the video I learned when taken seriously in just a matter of weeks there are changes in the brain for the better and it is backed up by medical tests that there is a significant change. This video emphasizes the peace and happiness that yoga can bring if practice regularly. This video made me see how much in-depth yoga can be in someone’s mind that actually makes them more motivated, less stressed and have a sense of balanced peace.

  39. After watching “The Science behind yoga” I had a new understanding of yoga. I never really gave a thought to what benefits Yoga could bring to one’s health. I always heard yoga was good for you but I never really considered ever practicing yoga. This semester I decided to try something new and after watching this video I am glad I made this decision. My major is biology and its very interesting seeing that science supports the ideas and fundamentals of yoga. This major also requires lots of time sitting and involves much stress, yoga will provide a great way to ease my mind and give me time to reevaluate myself. The video mentioned that yoga can aid with gaining control of your thoughts and seeking out of a problem more easily rather than stressing over it, that seems very interesting to me. Yoga seems to not only regenerate the body but also the mind.

  40. Watching this video made me interested to see the effects yoga is going to have on my mindset, prior to the video mainly focusing on the effects on my body. I haven’t seen videos taking this sort of scientific approach to yoga. I think it is necessary to give yoga an air of legitimacy in western culture. As they brought up our society is highly focused on statistics, and needs things to be proven and measured in order to participate, at least in the mainstream.

  41. The most beautiful analogy in the Science of Yoga equates bodily alignment, as achieved through Yoga, with the alignment of the sun and moon at the full moon. That is, the moon itself does not give off light, but when full is in perfect alignment with the sun so that you see the fullness of its reflection. Yoga is described as a way to bring you into alignment so your light can be reflected fully. It is a perfect description of achieving balance through yoga.

    The balance achieved through yoga — through poses and following the breath — has the power to bring the body to equilibrium. The body seeks this; the body wants to heal. Yoga is a powerful tool to psychologically and physically engage the body’s ability to heal itself.

    Modern medicine looks to scientific studies. It is in the habit of doing so because so many of the therapeutic interventions are chemical and need to be vetted for safety (as they should). Clinical trials for the efficacy of yoga as a therapeutic intervention for illness fount significant reduction in depression, anxiety, psychological distress, resilience, mental fitness, and mental flourishing. While I do not doubt this as I have personally felt the benefits of yoga, I wish that the film had named the study and described the experiment.

    Yoga is clearly a powerful tool that should be considered in the psychiatric community. Many individuals continue to suffer despite treatment via medication and talk therapy; these individuals may be functioning members of society, but they may not be fully healed. Yoga would be a powerful tool to help individuals in their healing process.

    • Many mental health services are incorporating yoga into the services offered with a wonderful measure of success. You may want to contact Uplift and the folks in the video directly if you want more information about the studies mentioned. Namaste

  42. I really enjoyed watching this video. Yoga has so many benefits, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I think that yoga is a wonderful more clean medical alternative for so many things, especially with the opiod epidemic in america currently, I believe this could help decrease that issue. The mental reconstruction alone is something that people should seek out from yoga, because it can be so beneficial. There is also a lot of focus from the non-yogi, non-spiritual world, on the things that we can see. But as one person in the video said, we as humans can be compared to icebergs and while some things of harm or help can be seen on the outside, like an iceberg, the more dangerous is what we can not see.

  43. This video was very refreshing. I personally have been using yoga to assist with my daily activities which are sometimes inhibited by certain injuries and physical ailments I suffer from, but I have also been a bit doubtful at times as to whether it was truly helping me or if it was all a placebo effect. This video reassured me and taught me more about the benefits of yoga – benefits that are not simply physical, but emotional and mental as well. Yoga is oftentimes reduced to “just stretching” or just something that “lazy” people who do not want to engage in more strenuous physical activities do. The reality is that just because yoga does not seem to require the same energy that an activity such as running or lifting weights does, does not negate the fact that it is able to benefit you in similar or even better ways. Yoga is powerful and wonderful for healing in ways that are often overlooked, and I hope more people are able to access information that will allow them to take part of this healing.

    M. A. Audu

    • Yoga is an anaerobic practice and should be considered a conscious method for well being. Aerobics exercise is vital for optimal physical health, so both are necessary to live well. Namaste

  44. I have been practicing yoga on and off for several years now, and this video has inspired me to commit more fully to having a solid practice in my life. Having struggled with anxiety for much of my life, I have found that practicing yoga does help to keep me calm and in tune with myself. It also helps me keep down on the stress that anxiety can give me. I do think that practicing yoga more regularly than I have will help me find my calm and natural self.
    The video also talks at length about using yoga to stay calm and channel our inner creative energies. I found this fascinating, because I am a writer who can struggle with feeling creative when my life gets too hectic. I am wondering if taking time out of my life to focus on meditation will make a profound difference in my life. I am eager to try this now.
    The physical health benefits discussed in the video were also very interesting. Hearing the various yogis discuss brain health and using yoga as a pathway through trauma reinforced my thinking that yoga may help my own anxieties and stress.
    I do think the idea of yoga being used to make us less lonely can help with my long-term health. The video talked about how lonely people can feel more stress and lacked deep connections. I am now curious to see if yoga helping me to find my center can also encourage me to seek out deeper connections with other people. I look forward to finding out.

  45. This video has opened my eyes to the multiple benefits of yoga. I knew that it helped you relax but I never understood what actually happens when you do yoga. I am really excited to learn more through this class and take these practices outside of class. The reference towards the moon about being in alignment all the time interested me. I would like to accomplish that goal, or at least start that process. Looking forward to this experience!

  46. This video was extremely informative, I’ve never really thought of yoga the way it was spoken about here before. It’s always seemed like something more effort than it was worth but it has really enlightened me to what the practice is truly about. I’m eager to use the practices of yoga to find peace with myself and become more centered this semester. When I was younger my mother did yoga a lot and I always thought it looked silly, but ultimately I can see that I was wrong. I really enjoyed the fact that the yoga professionals were able to blend science and medicine with the practices of yoga to say that the two go hand in hand with each other, it was an enlightened approach to the topic seeing as people on both sides ignore the other. It really came as a testament to what yoga can do for the body, soul, and mind.

  47. Overall, this video gave me some new insight on how yoga is being treated in the scientific community. The direct correlation to health benefits and improving a wide range of illnesses has been known about for a long time, but these scientific studies should give some more validity to these claims. I have been thinking for a while about how things can only be proven as valid based on statistics, as opposed to lived experiences. This video gave me a new outlook on this supposed lack of logic, saying that science just may not have the tools to measure the entire success of something like yoga, and the benefits it has on the body.

    I found the metaphor involving the moon and its alignment to be particularly powerful in this context. Our body has the potential to help with so much of what ails us in day to day life. Our body wants to get better on its own, we just need to provide the tools to keep it in alignment.

    I am glad that yoga is being used to help those addicted to drugs or suffering from PTSD. I hope that in the future, people become more open to non-western forms of medicine. I have always believed that the science of western medicine doesn’t actually take into account the person that has the ailment, and treats everyone the same. Yoga can be a valid form of treatment by scientifically altering sections of the brain that causing a specific ailment, but also can be used to solve more nuanced troubles that differ from person to person.

  48. I have been struggling for a while to get motivation to start practicing yoga for myself. Luckily, I was able to take this class, and it has given me the push I needed to realize that this is one of the best practices for the mind, the body, the inner self.

    After watching, “The New Science of Yoga”, I see how and why so many people practice. Whether they practice together or with one another. Practicing together, one benefits from the support of others and they are able to speak to one another about issues that they may be trying to rid of through the practice of yoga, or even ailments they are trying to heal. It really is inspiring to see how people can lift others through a simple practice that heals and aligns the autonomic part of the body which helps to heal.

    My sister, has been doing yoga for a while now, and I see what her body can do. She suffers from anxiety and it helps her to an extent, but she does not practice this fully like I’ve been learning through Professors Broglins meditation portion of class. I plan on trying to practice the meditation part with my sister through face time, and hopefully help her fulfill this portion she is missing.

    As discussed in the video, Yoga has so many benefits that have been proven through clinical studies, reducing depression, anxiety, psychological distress, improvement of resilience. Yoga improves the process of healing, the organs align and start to work properly, it helps to manage the stress of every day to day life. For artists who are struggling to find their creative eye again, as I am, yoga is something that accesses the creativity part, when a person has a calm body.

    -Stephanie Poborsky/ Wednesday, 8:30 am class

    • Very well written and please do share The Isha Kriya video with your sister so she can follow along with Sadhguru, this will give her some context about the practice before you two practice on FaceTime, great idea! Namaste

  49. I found it very interesting hearing people talk about the physical benefits as well as the mental/spiritual benefits of yoga. I found it especially interesting that through the progression of science and the world in general, people become more accepting of different ideas and concepts and people’s truths change and progress as well due to these advancements, and this includes the acceptance of the benefits of yoga.
    The comparison to scientific methodology was also very interesting to me. Through Yoga, new ideas and concepts can be developed through a method of yoga not being as beneficial to someone, and through that experience a new and more improved method of yoga can be implemented which better benefits a person. Through trying new methods and adapting to new ideas of yoga, different people can have their own unique and more beneficial experience.
    The idea that fear causes us to think linearly and focus on a goal was very relatable to me. When I get anxious, stressed, or afraid, my thought process is much more narrowly focused, unclear, and frantic. While I think in the moment that this thought process may aid me because I am hyper-focused on what need’s to be done, I in turn become more stressed because I am not letting any elements of relaxation in. Through different yoga practices, I can help to relax my mind and my body and think more clearly about anything that may be causing me stress throughout the day or throughout the week. This is the aspect of yoga that I think will be and is most beneficial to me and to my wellbeing. I hope that through more classes I can excel in different yoga practices that can allow more stress relief and aid in my overall happiness.

    -Daniel Tavares Zlock

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