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Join us on a scientific exploration into the healing benefits of Yoga.

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  1. I really enjoyed this video, and it validated yoga a lot more for me, though I already thought yoga was extremely helpful for my stress and tension I keep primarily in my body. This has always been a very tangible thing for me, but seeing the connection between this stress, the yoga helping it, and yoga helping general mental illness and anxiety especially made a lot of sense to me. I think that my anxiety often manifests itself physically for me, and that it is scientifically proven yoga can help me with this is very encouraging.
    The video made me want to investigate more into the scientific research behind yoga, and wondered if more information has come out since this video was published. Though it seemed to suggest many people still consider it somewhat of a “pseudo science,” I’m sure that only more work will emerge that shows that yoga, with other treatments, can be extremely beneficial to mental and physical diseases, as the video established.

  2. After I watched “The New Science Behind Yoga” I felt that I understood yoga on a level that I hadn’t before. I had always thought it was just stretches and nothing more, but with the scientific tests shown proving that yoga does improve the brain, it shows me that there’s more to it than that. With how it has the potential to help with concentration I believe that yoga will be something I incorporate in my daily life, not just in class, as concentration has always been an issue for me.

    • Glad that you now have an understanding about the depth of the yoga practice. Remember you are to review the content of each assignment, include comparative or contrasting information, site your sources and write about your own experiences and impressions to fulfill 3 paragraphs for each essay.

  3. Before watching the video I understood that yoga had a very positive impact on our bodies; I never doubted the fact that exercise of any kind was good for us, but especially yoga because my understanding that it was also beneficial to the mind. It was fascinating to learn more about the specifics of what yoga does for our entire body I was not truly aware that a lot of mental illness stems from stress, so if there is a way to remedy stress, our minds will improve which I think is extremely powerful. I was then surprised to learn that science does not fully back the practice and its benefits just yet, as if scientists are playing catch up with people who practice yoga regularly and recognize its benefits. This video made me curious about the effects that practicing yoga will have on my mental health, and it made me even more aware that yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a way yo positively impact every aspect of a persons health. I am inspired to take the practice of yoga seriously so I can experience the many benefits and improve on myself as a whole. -Abby Collins

  4. I always had heard that Yoga had many benefits, but this video really opened my eyes to the very wide array of benefits for people. Just from the few times I’ve tried yoga, I have always left feeling relaxed and in a good mood. It is nice to see that there is more to it than just being a physically beneficial practice, but also beneficial for the mind. Outside of school I am very invested in my study of martial arts; particularly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am an active competitor in the sport so I train on a daily basis and compete quite frequently in large scale competitions. I can see how implementing Yoga into my training regiment would benefit me physically but also help me mentally. I feel that Yoga can offer a nice balance for me in my life. I look forward to my continued study of Yoga this semester.

    Matthew Alioto – Wednesday 8:30am class

  5. Ellie Cohen
    The New Science Behind Yoga

    I feel very personally connected to this video. That healing the body, mind, emotional states, sickness, can be healing through giving ourselves the time to prevent out anxieties and fears. This is why Yoga can help, because it can help out bodies to become calm and relaxed allowing our minds to become more open minded and less in a, “fight or flight”, state. This video really explains how Yoga can center ourselves in a busy, fast paced world, and heal ourselves from the inside out.

    This video is something I can personally compare and connect to with my own life experiences and my own self. I have found that when I exercise, eat better, meditate, that my outlook and inner self is more manageable and peaceful to be myself and Yoga is becoming a huge factor in that. Yoga can prevent the surgeries, the drugs, and so on, and with science backing up yoga and becoming aware of your inner self you can become more and feel better.

    The older I have become I know that what needs fixing is beyond the surface and that is only something my inner self can reach. I find a personal connection with this video because health is not just drugs and medicine, but that there can be a more natural outlook at treatment and how to help others. Yoga asks you to look inside of yourself and peacefully take your time with healing what you may need healed, and it’s very refreshing to learn that science and natural remedies are intertwining together.

  6. Before watching the video I didn’t have too much experience with Yoga, other than hearing about it from a couple of my friends who do it semi-regularly. I always meant to go with them sometime but I never got the chance. I always just thought it was purely physical and din’t realize it had more to it than that. After watching this I understand more about why people do Yoga. It not only strengthens your body but it affects other parts of you as well. And that is something that I feel I will benefit greatly from as I lead my stressful life.

    The video says, “There is historically a large body of evidence that has shown that one of the key outcomes in Yoga practices is the ability to manage stress.” To me this is similar to the “runner’s high” a lot of people feel after hard physical exercise. I started to go to the gym last year regularly. Due to my busy schedule it was only 3 times a week, but I did notice a huge improvement in my outlook on projects and assignments. Everything seemed easier and farther away. I predict that the same thing will happen but to a more relaxing degree as I practice Yoga.

    The video also discusses homeostasis. I am interested to see, as the semester progresses, how much healthier I feel in all aspects of my life. As I understand, Yoga is supposed to keep everything in balance, or at least work as a tool to help me do that myself. I am excited to see how clear everything becomes, and I am excited to experience relaxation and peace for the first time in many years.

    -Dennis Mowers

  7. Purchase College
    Professor Julie Broglin
    Yoga – CRN 42496 – Wednesday 8:30 Session
    Ana Oliveira

    The Science Behind Yoga – By Uplift TV
    This video was extremely interesting. Although I am a very spiritual person, I prefer to rely on science when the subject is health and wellness. In my opinion, the information in this video is very credible because is not only based on the thoughts of Yoga teachers and practitioners; it is based on real research. It is also interesting to see that medical doctors, as well as scientists, yogis, gurus, and yoga teachers, share the same conclusions regarding the benefits of practicing yoga. It is quite fascinating to see that there are scientific proofs for such spiritual practice.
    According to the Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Assistant Professor of Medicine of Harvard Medical School, “The relationship between Yoga and Western Science is exploding at this time”. The people who participate in the video share their experiences and their scientific findings based on clinical trials and publications. Publications on the subject Yoga are exponentially increasing, showing its effects on the population and its benefits in people’s lives. The practice of Yoga has been used to treat emotional and physical problems and it has shown great results.
    According to studies, people who practice yoga increase the ability to heal things at a faster rate than people who don’t practice. Also, Yoga improves the ability to heal things that cannot be cured by conventional medicine, such as:
    • Eating disorders
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Heart diseases
    • Some forms of Cancer
    According to the results of some trials, yoga seems to accelerate the healing process of the body. It is believed that yoga works as a reset button since Yogis affirm that the body has a self-correcting method and mechanism to correct itself. “The body always wants to come back to balance,” says the Yoga Teacher Tommy Rosen, and practicing Yoga is a way to facilitate that.
    When a body is in a state of calmness and peace, not in fight, competition or stress mode, the body is in a state of healing and disease prevention, which will be the case in the long run if the person keeps up with the practice.
    For the audience who like numbers, contributors on the video showed that after a clinical trial it was found:
    • 33% reduction in severity of depression
    • 26% reduction in the severity of anxiety
    • 34% reduction in psychological distress
    • 13% increase in resilience
    • 20% increase in the empowerment of mental health and mental functionality
    • 12% increase on the measure of how well people think they are doing (feeling related to self-esteem and self-admiration)
    These numbers increased after 6 weeks of continuing practice so I can conclude that people who engage in the Yoga practice for the long-term feel that their lives are improving in many aspects including their self-esteem. This is also known as the Bliss Effect, as explained in the Australian Natural Health Magazine –
    The scientific explanation for that is that Yoga changes the brain health promoting and boosting the production of hormones and neurotransmitters such as Endorphin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin. These neurotransmitters and hormones are responsible to make people feel good, solve problems, feel confident, feel at peace, feel love and pleasure, among other positive feelings. Once I heard that love is a hormone in the brain and I was quite shocked by that statement. But after some further reading, I understood the meaning of that. All the good feelings are related to the chemical process that happens in our brains and Yoga contributes enormously to that when practiced consistently.
    After watching this video and understand the real benefits of Yoga I feel very encouraged to follow the Yoga Master Yogi Amrit Desai advice “You don’t have to believe it. Just try it, experiment with it, experience it… then you will believe it”.
    Love and the Brain. (n.d.). Retrieved from
    The yoga bliss effect – release your happy hormones! | Australian Natural Health Magazine. (n.d.). Retrieved from
    Watch: The New Science Behind Yoga. (2018, June 27). Retrieved from

  8. I really liked this video on the ‘New Science Behind Yoga” because it is super informative and how it is able to clearly addresses how yoga, meditation and mantras are able to heal yourself from anxiety, depression, psychological distress and other disorders. Not only by stating statistics of the percentages of people whose severity from these illnesses changed but also how yoga can provide for creating balance within your mind and body. By balancing your central nervous system, muscular skeletal system and also autonomic nervous system which is made up of your sympathetic and parasympathetic and when balanced allows for you to feel safe and for the ability for your organs to work well.
    I liked when they spoke about how hopefully now, because there is scientific proof on how yoga has the ability to heal, that people will start practicing yoga and meditation more. Because most people want actual proof before engaging in it and may not even give yoga a chance because they just don’t understand the qualities that yoga poses as well as all around physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing that yoga is able to provide to you. Also hopefully now because the science community is more aware of the effects yoga has, that therapists and doctors may stop considering administering as many drugs and performing unnecessary surgeries, to having patients participate in daily yoga and therapy. Because in order to heal yourself from addictions and illnesses, you must be able heal from within, rewire how your brain works by laying down “new pathways” bring yourself into alignment.
    I am looking forward to this class this semester and hope that I will come out as more conscious being as well as gaining a better understanding of yoga. So that I can continue to practice for the rest of my time as well as share important info to people in need of this natural healing. – Rachel Bevacqua. PED 1010 (6:30 pm)

  9. People who resonate strongly with a more eastern-philosophic/scientific background will have a hard time grasping the claims that this video makes on the profound medical benefits that yoga and meditation have. These people would be surprised that yoga can be even more effective for treating anxiety and depression than prescribed pills. One of the interviewees in the video stated that the body has an auto-regulation system called homeostasis, that yoga can catalyze for the healing process. This made me aware that the body really is super intelligent and there are a lot of organized systems working together to keep us alive and healthy without our conscious awareness. Yoga helps us relax and let that super intelligence work to heal us.
    Cortisol is a stress hormone that when released, triggers the “fight” or “flight” response. In order for the body to produce cortisol and trigger this response, it compensates by suppressing the immune system. This stress response is intended to be short-lasting so that the body is not prone to any invasion while the immune system is shut off. The scary part is that in modern-day society, people work 9-5s and are in a state of stress constantly. This is extremely dangerous because a constant poison drip of cortisol will result in a very weak immune system and make the individual very susceptible to various diseases.
    Fortunately, meditation and yoga can effectively combat this stress response and eliminate the production of cortisol within the body. Thus, meditation can physically heal the body and have the same results as eastern medicine. I love how this video exemplified the bridge between eastern medicine and western therapeutic practice by showing that the achieve the same goal through different expressions.

  10. Has yoga become more mainstream because of the increased stress levels of modern life, or has it become more accepted because science has been able to prove the positive effects on the body and psyche? Generally, people would not take this idea as truth, they needed hard proof in front of them.
    This is vindication for long-term/hardcore believers. They do not really need scientific proof as they already accepted that yoga and meditation can help heal trauma, but it doesn’t hurt that science has been able to back up their beliefs.
    Is it the nature of the modern western world to have the need to weigh and measure everything, to have empirical evidence before they will accept anything as true?
    I find it fascinating that we can not only prove the benefits of yoga and meditation but because of scientific advances, we can actually show what happens as it is happening and show what happens over time.
    I found myself agreeing with the view that yoga and meditation alongside a scientific/medical approach to help heal traumas could significantly decrease healing times.
    What I think it really comes down to is that people who practice yoga and meditation don’t really need science to prove what they already know, they are experiencing that proof every day.

    Polly Hunt –
    Wednesday 6:30PM Class

  11. This video was so amazing to watch because it further proved to me how effective yoga can be. It’s good to hear that more and more doctors are embracing this as a method of healing and offering that to their patients. It’s so easy now in our age of modern medicine and technology to rely on pills or prescriptions to treat whatever illnesses one may face and sometimes those “cures” make the situation worse.

    Of course yoga can’t be the sole cure for everything but I think using it as an aid to other forms of healing and allowing it to clear your mind and make it easier to see what is benefiting you and what is not can result in amazing things. I really liked when they spoke about how deeply yoga transforms one’s way of thinking and ultimately way of life. I do believe that when you allow yourself to really reflect on your daily practices, the things you consume and allow your body to endure, you become aware of a lot of bad things that are affecting you and you may not have noticed before. Once this is acknowledged you’re able to take the proper steps to clearing those things out or slowly withdrawing and allowing your brain to physically reprogram. It’s all very fascinating how every point of your body is connected and when you align them, the possibilities you become aware of are endless.

    When you think healthier, you can live healthier. This video was extremely helpful because now that yoga is being viewed at as some sort of science because of how it can affect our beings in various ways, it will hopefully become much more accessible to people who may not have had this prior knowledge before or don’t believe how much change they can implement by simply practicing these stretches and mantras a couple times a week.

    -Maya Robinson (Monday 6:30 class)

  12. Michaela Lunden

    In the video, “The New Science Behind Yoga,” multiple yoga teachers, psychologists, professors, physicians, and others with specialized knowledge, speak to the relationship between yoga and modern medicine/science as it stands today. It seems the people being interviewed in the video are very aware of a sort of stigma about practicing yoga, and that people shy away from the practice often times because they do not believe that the practice holds any physical evidence or validity from a scientific standpoint. In other words, people are wanting hard proof, specifically in the form of numbers, it seems.
    In the video, many yogis and scientists/professors alike mentioned “new technology,” “new tools,” or methods, giving us greater insight into the science and “proof” that yoga has not only mental but physiological benefits. There was a supposed thirty-three percent reduction in depression, twenty-six percent reduction in individuals with anxiety, and thirty-four percent reduction in psychological distress from “studies done.” There was also supposedly a thirteen percent improvement in resilience, twenty percent increase in mental health and mental functioning, and twelve percent increase in a measure of how well people are doing in their lives psychologically and emotionally. While statistics are very important and assists in giving the practice credibility, these statistics are kind of problematic in their ambiguity. The video did not cite this study and did not specify whether the study was based on percentage regarding a single individual, or percentage regarding a group of people. For example, did twenty percent of people who participated in this study have an increase in mental health and functioning, or did each individual on average experience a twenty percent increase? That is a big difference. If it is the former, how many people participated in the study? What kind of people were they/what was their lifestyle, demographics, etc. ? How do you measure an increase in mental health? Who is the judge of how “well” people are doing in their lives? I would be incredibly interested in watching a video about the specific study, and think that would be very beneficial in validating this practice scientifically. Without it, people will continue to be wary of the practice. One interviewee claimed that technology has been getting more and more advanced, measuring subtler and subtler changes in energy. What kind of technology is this, and what is meant by subtler changes in “energy”?
    What is so important about this video in particular, in my opinion, is that while all these people are saying that there is a new science behind yoga that proves it effective, you will not begin to believe it until you start doing yoga and then you will see the results for yourself. I thought it was interesting when one of the interviewees said that he has a strange relationship with science because we “don’t have time to wait around for it.” This is true in that everything in the world already is the way that it is, and what’s changing is how accurately we can understand it, not it, itself. In this respect, although science can be useful and important, it is also sometimes limiting and restricting. In some cases, where you can feel results yourself, it may be in your best interest to simply experience and come to your conclusion based on your own life

  13. My mother’s close friend is a certified Yoga instructor and has taught me and my family about the health benefits of practicing Yoga for years now. I started practicing Yoga my senior year of High School to cope with the stress and anxiety I was facing over applying for colleges. I find myself to be more calm and relaxed upon taking Yoga classes. With the help of taking Yoga I have noticed a huge improvement in my muscle flexibility, strength, and posture. As the video stated practicing Yoga helps with your posture and I have noticed positive changes in my posture. The tree pose has helped my posture and helps energy circulate throughout my entire body. I have been trying to implement Yoga into my morning routine both with this class and outside this class. I personally prefer to practice in the morning to give me the much needed energy boost for the day to awakens the main energy centres (Chakras) in my body. I was very excited to see that Purchase offers Yoga classes I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to take this class that continues to open my mind to new methods of mediation such as Isha Kriya. This video taught me more about how Yoga helps to cultivate homeostasis to balance and heal the body. Yoga helps me cope and feel more relaxed while keeping up with the hectic and fast pace of college life. Yoga remains an important part of my daily life.

    -Lauren Mathias Wednesday 8:30 AM Class

  14. I thought this video was very informative. I didn’t know very much about yoga to begin with so this was very helpful in furthering my understanding of yoga and how beneficial it can be for the mind and the body.

    I thought it was very interesting how yoga is helping people heal various health problems that people who do not do yoga are unable to heal. More and more people and publications are starting to embrace yoga due to its health benefits. There is scientific evidence that yoga is good for the health and well being of the human body.

    I had not known in the past how important yoga is to the health of ones body. I had never thought to try yoga for myself because I never knew the positive impacts it could have. Now knowing how beneficial yoga is, I have more of an appreciation for the class and what yoga has to offer.

  15. Aileen Meier
    September 9, 2018

    Journal Entry: The New Science Behind Yoga

    I became interested in yoga at a young age. I always thought that being able to be at peace with yourself is the best medicine. I personally have struggled with depression and the time periods where I would do a lot of yoga, I always felt that I had more energy and was happier. Of course, life would get in the way and I would stop practicing.
    Something that science hasn’t been able to crack is how to heal the soul, and I think that is where yoga comes in. To me, yoga has always been this idea that if you practice a lot, you will be forever healed, emotionally and physically. After watching the video, I realize that this has some truth to it. Everyone is different so yoga effects people differently. But overall, yoga has proven to heal in a way that science cannot. Yogi Armit Desal talked about how what you see is very much like the tip of an iceberg. There is a lot more going on under the water that you can’t see, just like there is a lot going on inside a person. Science can’t fully heal the soul, so for people with emotional, physical and other disorders, yoga can be helpful.
    Yoga is balance. Balance of the mind, balance of the body and balance of life. Your mind and body always want to be in balance because that is its natural state. Kind of like how gravity will hold you down, yoga brings you into your equilibrium. And when your body is in its natural state of balance and equilibrium, you are in your healthiest state of mind and being.
    I feel a lot of people struggle with the fact that yoga can be healing because its not a written science, like modern medicine. I believe there are a lot of reasons for this, but two ideas that stick out to me the most are that people would give up when it didn’t help fast enough or not fully allow the body to heal. I struggled with both of these concepts when I first started practicing yoga. I would start practicing and then give up a couple days later because I was still didn’t feel fully energized. But the times where I would go months practicing a couple days a week, I felt immensely energized. You also need to fully allow you body to heal. If you are still focused on the bad in your life, yoga won’t help you. In the video, they talk about how you need to let go. By just doing yoga, you won’t heal. You need to do yoga AND stop poisoning yourself in order for the possibility of peacefulness to happen.
    Something that inspired me in this video was the comparison of the moon and perfect alignment. I never thought about it that way. How the moon is always there, just always coming in and out of alignment. They compared the moon to yoga and how yoga will always bring you back to your natural, in balance and in alignment state.

  16. Before watching this video, I didn’t know much about yoga. I knew it was a spiritual source and could relax you but I didn’t know it had so many health benefits. It’s really interesting how learning how to breathe and be in the moment can stabilize everything within. Looking forward to learning more about yoga through classes, and how it could benefit my health. I also am interested in seeing the results/ outcomes of these benefits. I love the analogy of the moon and how yoga basically means to always be in alignment.

    – NyAsia Vandross

  17. I have always been aware of the benefits of yoga, but this video really opened my eyes to the amount that yoga can do to a person’s mental and physical health. Seeing that there are ways to cure ailments in the body in a much more nature way as apposed to using drugs was something I personally connected with. It was interesting to hear medical doctors speak about the benefits of yoga and things it can do that western medicine can not.

    “Science has discovered that almost 80 to 85% of physical, metal, and emotional illnesses are stress related.” It has been proven that reducing stress, reduces the long-term effects of chronic illness. Finding your balance is key in yoga and relieving stress. Once your body is brought to its right equilibrium, you will then begin to heal. Yoga allows you to cope with stress and anxiety as well as the creative flow of information to come through.

    Being exposed to yoga at a young age made me not only aware of the physical benefits but the mental benefits as well. After a few months of doing yoga, I found myself feeling stronger, being able to stay in poses longer, as well as cope with stress better and easier. I would definitely like to make more time out of my day for yoga, now knowing how much it can do for someone. Taking some time out of your day to connect with your mental health and your body is very important. I hope to continue my practice and continue to learn more about the power of yoga.

  18. After i watched this video i had a deeper understanding of exactly how yoga can and has already improved the lives of many. What’s so fascinating to me is how i didn’t know as much as i thought i did. Yoga was always something i vaguely knew was beneficial and good for the body and the mind, but i never knew specific reasons why it was so effective. The fact that spiritual and scientifically based individuals could come together and agree on this topic just shows how far we’ve come in our quest for ways to deal with how fast paced and disconnected our world has become. The video mentioned how people almost need a “reset” in their lives with how unpredictable and volatile our generation has quickly become. Because of this fact it’s so easy to become ridden with anxiety and make our body and mind out of balance.

    According to the video, science has proven there are physiological changes in the brain when someone practices yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Our brains have the adaptability to change to our physical environment or situation. It lays down new pathways in the brain through our cortex to improve muscle information, the function of our nervous system, and therefore creating a healthier life as a whole.

    Personally through the information in the video i’ve found that i would really like to start incorporating and practicing yoga more regularly. Especially with starting the first year of college there will inevitably be some stresses, and to have an aid like this would be very healing to me. In the past few years i’ve found that when i became more aware of my health, one example being when i stopped eating meat 4 years ago, as well as eating healthier in general, it had been very beneficial to me, and will probably in the long term help me stay away from preventable diseases and illnesses. I look forward to using this practice to continue to improve.

    -Sabrina Geffner

  19. This was a very informative video and really opened my eyes to things I didn’t think about. I really liked how they described yoga as a science of happiness, mental wellness, and mental freedom. On top of this they talked about how it has physical benefits as well where it can make you feel younger, more energized, and freer in your own body. Another thing that really stood out to me was when they compared it to how science doesn’t recognize something can’t be measured with a value, but as technology evolves then they change their ideas. And this goes hand in hand with yoga with all of these studies that are coming out to prove the actual benefits of doing yoga. These studies are key because it shows definitive proof of the practice. I noticed that all of the speakers in this video appeared to be very relaxed and stress free .I’m hoping that in taking up this practice it teaches me how to manage my stress. I can definitely relate to when they talk about homeostasis in you body and how yoga helps with that. I feel a lot better throughout my day if I wake up early, after I work out, and if I’m eating good foods. So to me its kind of like my body telling me if I take care of it then it will treat me better in the long run.

  20. I have always believed that Yoga was good for anyone’s physical and mental health. Mainly because of the peace of mind it could bring a person and because many positions in yoga seemed to make a person stretch their body. When I first tried taking a yoga class as a freshman in college, I found that it was difficult for me because I wasn’t flexible at all and I would get tired easily. I know that if I had taken it more seriously and worked on my form I would have been able to see a lot of growth in my physical ability and it would have made me physically stronger. Scientists now have proof that yoga not only has mental health benefits but physical health benefits as well. Doing yoga makes people feel younger and gives them more control over their body. A person’s balance and agility also improves as they practice yoga. I believe that yoga is an alternative sort of medicine. I definitely understand how it gives people peace of mind because they are taking time out of their days to slow down and focus on their breathing in a quiet setting. I also believe that a person’s mind is a powerful thing. If a person believes that something is helping them be well, then their body will reflect this wellness. I was recently watching a documentary on Netflix called Afflicted and it’s mainly about people suffering from chronic illnesses and they were looking for alternate forms of medicine because western medicine had failed them. One person was taking up yoga to help them relax and get their body back to its natural healthy state. It is something people suffering from any illness needs to try because they need time to be connected with their body and promote its wellness. I can understands that most people are skeptical about yoga and believe it won’t actually do anything for their health because it isn’t medicine but it’s beneficial that many studies have proven its benefits so people don’t have any excuses to not try it.

    Jasmine Cajigas Wed class

  21. I found this video really intriguing, and gave me an insight on the health benefits of yoga as an exercise routine. This video goes into some detail about how studies have been done showing that yoga can lower stress levels. Considering how prevalent stress related illness in our current society, this can make yoga an excellent method of maintaining our health.

    If I may tangent a bit on the topic of stress, I’ve been reading other studies independently of this video that talk about how in the US, workers are so overworked with so many hours that it destroys their bodies slowly over time. Even the standard 40 hour work week is being scientifically proven to be unhealthy for us. Not to mention, according to an MIT study we work 4 times as hard as we did even half a century ago. Work related stress is one of the largest health problems currently facing our society, so no wonder so many people are turning to yoga to cope and maintain their health.

    Especially when life is so fast paced, with so many things constantly vying for our attention – whether it be the bright advertisements plastered across every bus stop or semi, the constant noise of traffic and travel, music on the radio station, even social media on our phones – these aren’t necessarily bad things but together they create such a heavy saturation that it’s good for our physical and mental health to have time and space to re-center ourselves, and push all of that out for a moment.

    It’s very possible that these things could be true of any exercise regimen, but does it really matter? Yoga has a long history and tradition, and it has a spiritual side to it. I may not be much of a spiritual person myself, but the benefits to our lives and the peace that yoga encourages are hard to deny or turn away. I’m happy to be starting my journey and I hope this can be a routine I keep past this class.

  22. First off I’d like to say that I really enjoyed this short film, before watching I used to think of yoga as another “fad” exercise (I mean, I did realize that there were health benefits to it, but I never truly thought about the benefits, but I’ll go more into that later) that people on instagram were really into. Needless to say I found this film very eye-opening.
    As for the health aspects (both physical and mental,) I was interested to learn what yoga can help with. Depression, anxiety, stress, all the factors of being a college student. What I was most interested in was what Dr. Ram said in the film about how the clarity that yoga provides helps the mind solve creative problems. Being in a major where I am meant to be constantly creative can leave me with a burned out feeling, adding with my own mental health issues, I am excited to see what yoga has in store for me. In the physical aspect, yoga is very demanding, but the first class we had was my first time ever partaking in the subject. I left the class feeling very relaxed and calm and steady. Which I usually never feel. I found my body very tired after class (but in the good way) and was able to have a very good night’s sleep that night. Considering I am not a very physical person it was very manageable for me to do.
    I feel very optimistic about this semester in regards to yoga and am looking forward to seeing what benefits will come of it for me, so that I can hopefully add it to my life-time routine.

  23. Yoga was always explained to me as a physical act. Stretching your physical body into near impossible positions and pretending to be relaxed, I would always laugh and think nothing more of it. After watching this video I very much realized that I’ve only been staring at one side of the coin. Yoga being a key to mental stability is an amazing and inspiring revelation to me. Being a performance major I always have to look ahead, to the next audition or performance or rehearsal. With the information from this video I’ve gathered that yoga can actually clear my head and make me more aware of the here and now, keeping the things I have to do in a far enough place so that I may relax and keep my mind at peace. I am excited to learn more about yoga and incorporate more of it into my future career and regular life in general. Keeping my mind and my life in balance is very important to me and I can’t wait to keep learning from you.
    -Matthew Peralta (Wed. 8:30)

  24. After watching this video, I was not only happy to see yoga being accepted into the scientific community, but was also further informed on how deep the benefits actually run. As this video mentions the “need for proof” is something important to people, myself included. All of the speakers in the video were able to come together and provide both science-based explanations and spiritual, subjective experiences.

    From here I feel I am able to go wherever yoga will take me. I await for science to perhaps popularize it even more along with a desire to learn what yogis have known for thousands of years. Before this video and before taking this class, I had only known of yogi Ram Dass perhaps because he is one of many responsible for introducing yoga to the West. In addition to learning about the historical significance of yoga and the cultures it permeates, I am excited to learn about the personal benefits of the practice


  25. It was an eye opening experience for me to watch this “The New Science Behind Yoga”. I have never thought of connecting Yoga with science. Although I always knew that Yoga brings many benefits to the health of our bodies, I am not exactly sure what it does. The video is extremely informative and includes data to support its argument.

    The part of the video that I can relate to the most is where it talks about how yoga helps with metal health. I think mental health is such a important part of the overall healthiness of a person that most people neglect. When I was trying to improve my mental health, maintain a stable emotional state, and just overall focus on the well-being of myself, I feel so much more productive, energetic, and confident.

    I was surprised by the data shown in the video about how much practicing toga helps with metal illnesses. There is a “33% reduction in severity of depression, 26% reduction in anxiety, and 34% reduction in psychological distress.” I know some people around me that are diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression. And I will definitely recommend them to practice yoga and meditation. I also look forward to seeing how practicing yoga helps to maintain/improve my mental health.

    Jenny Tsang

  26. If anyone would have told me that yoga is as much mental awareness as it is physical awareness I would have shrugged it off without even a second thought. Being from a family of seven siblings including myself I have definitely developed forms of anxiety in my mind which effect my professional and personal life. This video made me aware that I can find my mind’s inner peace through yoga. Being a musician in training makes my mind constantly on edge of the things I need to work on, spending hours upon hours on the practice rooms and trying to get everything perfect. I am very excited to try yoga as an alternative to just letting my mind run away with everything that must be done in my life. The balance that yoga promises is very intriguing and practicing it so far is very relaxing, I hope to reach the point that lets me feel truly at peace.
    -Alexis Porcaro (8:30)

  27. After watching “The New Science Behind Yoga”, I have realized I have excluded yoga from my life up until now, simply because my mind could not comprehend the fact that simple meditation and focus, can really improve your mind, body and spirit, both physically and mentally. This video proved to me with their statistics and in depth information on how this is possible- I am a firm believer in yoga and I hope to continue this journey from here on out. Yoga has truly helped me better my mind within the last week.

    • Glad you are now committed to your yoga practice. Remember there is a requirement for a full essay for each part of the weekly assignment. Review content, add comparative information wherein the sources are cited and your personal experiences and impressions should be minimally 3 paragraphs.

  28. Although I agree with the fundamental ideas of this video, I felt this video was very surface level. I felt that the primary substance of this video was people saying that yoga heals and that science is changing and proving yoga to be healthy. I didn’t quite find a part that solidified what they were saying and fully proved the science or showed the science that they were claiming existed. I’m personally a believer in what they claimed, but looking from an outside perspective, it felt they were just making claims that weren’t being backed up with proof. Other than that, I find it especially powerful that yoga can help with psychological disorders and drug abuse, which are two things that are quite difficult to easily access help for. For drug abuse victims, it seems like an simple starting place to access a safe environment as well as begin to heal the body and mind. I believe that yoga can help heal practically every part of the body and mind, and it was comforting watching a video that shows people who think the same.

    -Ella Goldin 6:30 Monday class

  29. “The New Science Behind Yoga” was a video featuring yoga instructors, medical professionals, both physical and psychological discuss the substantive benefits of performing yoga. The video takes the approach of persuasion, and argues in favor of practicing yoga. We see the stigma surrounding yoga as a viable form of healing be directly addressed, and factual evidence and statistics are used to show the truth about how yoga positively impacts the physical and mental health of those who practice it. One instructor in particular, seems to be clearly fed up with the stigma, effectively saying that there wasn’t time for modern research to catch up, and that the benefits were clear and obvious. The overall tone of the video was clear, and the video did an alright job at proving yoga was effective at improving health.

    Personally, I would have liked to see more discussion around what the new technologies were that scientists could use to measure the effectiveness of yoga. There was a lot of talk about statistics (for example, a thirty-three percent reduction in depression was recorded) and “new technologies” in the video, but overall it glossed over those elements. I think that explaining how the success of yoga is measured would help strengthen the argument of the video overall, because it would make the results that are discussed more tangible, but I still think that overall the video managed to convince me of what it was saying. It seemed more interested in combating the stigma around yoga, that it isn’t really effective, which it does well.

    This video made me feel excited to practice more yoga, so that I could feel the benefits. While the video didn’t really explain how it works, the overwhelming positive discussion in the video has piqued my interest and made me curious about becoming more involved in yoga. While science and concrete fact is always important, I’ve always felt there are some things that can only be experienced, not explained, and I am looking forward to having an experience like that in the course.

    Josh Sandler, Monday 6:30 class

  30. Overall, I felt that this video greatly impacted me. Whatever my understanding of yoga was before had been further built upon. Yoga itself as an exercise and a discipline that focuses on harmony in terms of the physical, mental, and the emotional. In a rather unpredictable world that is prone to affecting those both positively and negatively, this practice offers a release in tension; in other words, a ‘reset button’ as what was mentioned in the video.

    When I had first taken this class, I had not realized how imbalanced and tense my body was from the inside-out. In a few exercises, i lost my balance quite literally. Significant areas of my mind were aimless and scattered to the point where I realized that I was never at peace physically. There is, however, potential to change that.

    What this video has shown me is that yoga can prove to be a powerful form of physical therapy as well as a healing factor for the mind and soul. Of course, different forms of self-care and healing work for people in distinct ways, but for some, yoga can definitely be a significant way to move a step closer to maintaining a relationship with one’s inner self.

    -Jahvaughn Dyer

  31. Purchase College
    Professor Julie Broglin
    Yoga – Monday 6:45 Session
    Jelan Winston

    In “The New Science Behind Yoga”, it was very interesting to hear that yoga is deemed a truly beneficial practice by yoga instructors and the scientific community. I consider myself a person who leans more towards science and the scientific process, I don’t think of myself as a spiritual person, so it’s good to know that this practice which is considered a more spiritual thing actually has effects that can be detected through the use of scientific methods. It’s been corroborated by many scientists and gurus alike that yoga does indeed change your mental well-being and physical well-being for the better by reducing stress, which is the cause for nearly eighty-five percent of all physical and mental ailments. There are many good things that yoga does for the body and mind which positively affects it and a person in their everyday life for the better, such as increasing the brain’s production of dopamine and oxycontin, which are pleasure related hormones. According to Brian Siddhartha Igle, yoga can, if done correctly, cultivate homeostasis in order for the body and mind to be able to heal itself and become more balanced. The longer a person does yoga correctly, the more their body shifts towards balance and the better a person can feel. After completing the video, I feel that even though I don’t consider myself a spiritual person, that wouldn’t matter much since there are so many clinical studies showing how yoga can help a person even if they are not entirely aware and conscious of the positive effects.
    One thing the video did not do was show what types of specific practices and methods were used to come to the conclusion that yoga does indeed affect a person positively, or at least the actual studies that were performed to reach this conclusion it was just people saying how that had been done, but not actually showing it.

  32. It’s interesting to see that western medicine is starting to endorse yoga. It has physical, mental and spiritual benefits that can’t always be measured by machines, but by the results that doing yoga provides. The narrators and people being interviewed had a nice perspective on the benefits, but I felt like they didn’t really believe in science. I do agree that there are things in this world that we cannot measure or define that govern existence and the universe, but I also think that yoga has to have a scientific reason for working, we just don’t have the tools to measure it yet. There is an interesting theory in quantum physics called The Observer Effect ( that states that when you measure something, you end up changing the outcome.

    Matt DeWaters, monday 6:30

  33. I find this to be a really interesting because I on my own time do research on the benefits of exercise in general and I believe that yoga is probably the most important thing that everyone must do for longevity and a truly healthy lifestyle. Doing yoga just has too many benefits, how could you possibly not do it? For one not only do you get mobility throughout your body that you can use regardless as you age, you also get the added benefit of feeling at peace, and a prevention on many mental illnesses. I can tell that the people being interviewed were out of this world when it came to true peace in their minds. I will do yoga everyday of my life to really get the benefits of it. I already feel at peace but everyone has their downs here and there.

    Erick Rosa, Wednesday 8:30 am

  34. As someone who is totally uneducated on the science behind yoga, I found this video to be extremely informative. I always knew that yoga was beneficial for the spirit, mind, and body, but I never realized how truly rehabilitative it could be for victims of trauma or those suffering from severe illness. In my own experiences, I’ve never heard the act of doing yoga referred to as a “reset button,” but I think that in short, the term is the perfect way to describe it. Reset, is exactly how I feel after completing a session of yoga. Feeling lighter in my body, being able to breathe deeply, and having an improved mood are all things I experience after I’ve done yoga. Yoga helps us reconnect with our stability, as stated in the video, “Yoga when its done the right way cultivates homeostasis.” Something I found a bit ironic from the video is how science is just recently waking up to all that yoga has to offer. Typically, science is always pioneering new advancements and practices in medicine, so I found it a tad humorous that just now scientists are discovering the benefits of something that has existed for thousands of years. The video has definitely broadened my perspective on yoga and has helped me to appreciate it much more. I will definitely be researching how yoga has helped to heal others, as I am now fascinated by the topic.

  35. Watching this video has really opened me to the reasoning and possibilities of yoga. The video brought up the point of how mainstream media has created a warped view of the practice. In turn, people think of it as a hobby rather than a way of living. I now understand that yoga is an exercise of the mind and body that can enhance life’s meaning and purpose. It helps with cases of depression and anxiety, as well as allows people to control their stress responses to external threats. Western medicine is starting to catch onto the health benefits of practicing yoga regularly. However, it is difficult to fully quantify the effects because it is such an individualistic and bodily experience. In this class, I hope to really delve into the meditative aspects of yoga to strengthen and free my mind.

  36. The most interesting part of this video, to me, was the idea that yoga allows the body to access homeostasis. This struck me because I’m accustomed to teachers in yoga classes telling me about balance, and I’m accustomed to teachers in science classes telling me about homeostasis, but I never thought to equate the two concepts. It seems to me that yoga, which has long been considered mystical and unscientific, deals with the same concepts that science does, but under different names and in different ways.
    I was also very interested in what K. Colsen, a yoga teacher who works with students recovering from drug addiction, incarceration, and PTSD had to say about the effects of yoga. He said that his students often felt powerless and out of control but could be healed by controlling their breath and body through yoga. I thought that was brilliant because there are so many unhealthy ways in which people seek control, and yoga is a healing alternative to those. Yoga is truly empowering, whereas other attempts to control are often destructive or escapist.

  37. I am very glad this video was assigned for a journal entry because I feel that Ana Forrest had a very interesting perspective to offer. As someone who has struggled for a long time with taking care of myself whether it be physically or mentally, hearing her break down what kind of behavior “poisons” oneself in contrast with what kind of behavior allows room for growth broadened my outlook on self-care. I feel that with the knowledge that yoga has proven to benefit people with depression and anxiety I am even happier that I joined this class and more eager to practice yoga regularly. While I can’t definitively say that I will be leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life, I can say that having this destructive behavior categorized for me as something I can chose to stop did make me want to put in the effort to take better care of myself. I hope that practicing yoga will benefit my mental health and allow me to focus even more on my physical health.

  38. I’m very much looking forward to this term. This is my first time taking any sort of yoga class, and I can see it’s going to help me both by supplementing my fitness routine with very real, often overlooked focuses like flexibility, circulation, toning, and recovery/oxygenation, as well as help me find some mental peace amidst a busy class schedule. I also liked Sadhvi Saraswati’s idea of truth and our perception of it as a society, particularly when thinking about how Yoga emerged as a physical manifestation of Hinduism, a religion. And what better religious act than to promote physical and mental wellbeing. – Alec Segalman

  39. Going into this video I loved the idea of there being science behind a subject that so many strictly think of as spiritual, and unable to prove. However as I finished I strongly resonated with what one of the yogi’s said. In summary, he said you don’t have to believe in yoga, but just need to practice and experience it, and your belief will grow with it. I really liked this because so many of us act as if we don’t have time and are constantly busy doing other things, yet we all have time for checking our phones or binging on Netflix, etc. I’m excited to try out this new experience and see how it affects my life, in small or big ways, as I continue to implement this into my lifestyle.

    Kassidy Bowering, 8:30am Wednesday

  40. Yoga, as I am familiar with it, is an age-old practice of specialized stretching and breathing techniques that can ease the pain, alleviate stress, and increase flexibility. Originating in India over several millennia ago, the practice has embedded itself into cultural and historical significance across the world. People of all ages and creed practice Yoga, yet despite this there are many misconceptions about the concept. It was because of these misconceptions and my own lack of first-hand knowledge that prompted me to take the class.

    What I really came to enjoy about the video was the honesty behind the intent. I am a Cinema Studies and Film Major here at Purchase, as oftentimes westernized Media, has a tendency to oversimplify or poorly describe Yoga, being presented as a mystical cure-all or complete hogwash. However confused people may be about Yoga, there are undeniable truths; it has been proven time and time again Yoga helps with depression and anxiety, and because of this is used across our nation in treating mental disorders. The Video combines actual, documented fact with the inherent cultural significance behind the practice. In doing so, the video does not feel pandering nor does it feel like it is trying to Push Yoga on to me.

    I am excited for this class, as I believe Yoga will create an interesting challenge and possible future hobby for myself.

    • Wow so wonderful that as a Film/Cinema major that you give this film the “thumbs up!” That is important for me to know as I too felt it was valuable to share with others. I am glad to have you share this semester with us, Namaste

  41. From my understanding Yoga hails from the Eastern half of the globe, however this video focuses on it’s implementation in Western societies. The video refers to the supposition that Western societies are goal oriented and linear, and it presents yoga in a manner in which it adheres to that standard as well. Whereas the original Yogis most likely performed the ritual of yoga to fulfill a spiritual component in their life, the individuals in this video present yoga to a western audience as if it is an object they can use to obtain better health. It is true that a goal oriented society predicated upon financial success and a natural inclination to a sedentary lifestyle has led many Americans down a treacherous path, one in which their health and well being is no longer a top priority. This semester I plan to use yoga to reconnect with my body and constantly remind myself that my health is far more important than my wealth. This past August I took about twenty yoga classes and was really able to find some subtle breakthroughs in my habits shortly thereafter. Hoping to just get back into the swing of things with this course.

    -Michael Piazza (Monday – 6:30)

  42. The New Science Behind Yoga” is an elementary approach to looking at yoga. I was able to understand at a basic level as to how yoga can be beneficial to my body and my mind. The main thesis of yoga is balance. For good health, there must be a balance between mind and body. One yogi explains it as alignment. There needs to be an alignment of our physical self and our mental self. This alignment creates the homeostasis balance that we need to achieve good health. I can also appreciate how yoga was analogized as a re-set button. It is a natural way to relax and to achieve joy and peace. The science behind yoga is becoming more profound as technological tools improve. Scientists can measure the increments of better brain function through yoga. The discussion of neuro plasticity explores how our brains can change with yoga thus accessing greater creativity. The equilibrium from yoga empowers us to make clear choices. We can attain this equilibrium through control of our breath, our body, our emotions and thoughts. Finally, the simple realization of “I want to change” is impactful when practicing yoga. Through yoga, we learn that we can have control of our mind and body. I am someone who relies on science. While I can acknowledge that scientific truths continue to change, I do depend on that type of research to drive my decisions. I think blind faith is a dangerous way to approach the world. I will always need science to help corroborate with facts.

    • Well stated and your thoughts and opinions are always welcome here. I do hope through this course you will come to find and trust your own energetic patterns as valid and true. Namaste

  43. After watching this video, I was able to make the scientific connections to yoga that I have seen in my own experiences. It was very useful in providing information about the actual changes in the brain that occur when you practice yoga. I agree that if more people understood the physical and mental health benefits that yoga can provide, then they too would be able to receive those benefits with more success. Even since this video was created, yoga has continued to embed itself in the mainstream culture, and is becoming more and more of a common, household activity. This progression will only help to promote yoga’s helpful qualities. I would be interested to know more about the direct effects of yoga on stress, both mentally and physically.

    -Emily Nobumoto

  44. Watching the video was emotional for me because I have a degenerative disease on my spine, which has caused me chronic pain for 6 years now. I’ve tried all different types of medications, injections and physical therapy and nothing has worked. I can tell you that with the two yoga classes that I’ve taken so far, it has made an impact on my spine. So I am very hopeful that yoga will be an amazing alternative treatment for my healing. It’s amazing that science is finally recognizing and encouraging people to do yoga that there is actual scientific evidence and research that can help people. I learned that when your practicing yoga postures, even if you’re not focusing on the spiritual side of yoga, but focus on your body movements and your breathing it causes a positive change as a human being.

    • Great! I have seen amazing things happen for serious spinal conditions and I know if you already have felt some benefit you will have a great semester. Let me know if you want to make a regular home practice for hatha yoga to add more for your recovery. Namaste

  45. I have been exposed to yoga from a young age. My mother has always done it, and a lot of the people in the communities I grew up in did it as well. When I started to grow up, and struggle more with mental illness, it was always recommended to me that I try yoga as a coping mechanism. I am very stubborn and so it took me a long time to warm up to the concept. I didn’t always believe that it would work for me, or that it would be more of a placebo effect, rather than have true benefits for my body. As a lot of my anxiety started to manifest more physically (in back pain and muscle tension) I started to believe that maybe yoga was an option for me. This video helped me to understand that yoga will help me trust my body more and know when I need to say no to things, step away, and do something for me and my body. It also helped me to understand that yoga can do a lot more than stretch out some tired muscles. It helps so many people who are coming over addiction and trauma. I often feel like I am most stressed and hopeless when I feel like I have no power – and to hear a yoga teacher say that his students who are recovering from intense backgrounds because they can be in control of their breath and their body is so inspiring. This will definitely help me when I feel like I have no control. Thanks for assigning this film as a journal assignment – very eye opening.

    -Sabine Michaud

    • Thank you for sharing your honest and refreshing experiences! It is important for me to know that these assignments are registering valid with students. If you just will give yourself the GO to follow the practice, I assure it is safe and builds gradually with significant benefits every step this semester. Feel free to check in with me privately via email or before or after our classes, I would like to help you as much as you feel necessary. Namaste

  46. Malachai Marzolf

    One of the yoga instructors in the video “The New Science Behind Yoga” said, it is for a “science of happiness,a science of mental wellness, a science of mental freedom”, and that was intially all I thought yoga was. She continued to say that it had physical benefits that had come along with yoga and my curiousity peaked. I hadn’t had much knowledge of yoga beyond it helps you relax, so this video really helped me grasp what yoga really means.

    This crossover between the clinical realm and spiritual realm that yoga stands between is more than I ever imagined. One of the interviewee’s talked about how much stress can influence illness (80-85% even), and made the connection with yoga and how it can help the body and mind to relax. The man continuing saying that some factors of an illness can be “normalized” and taken away with the help of yoga. Doctors were recommending yoga, and with the science being shown what yoga can do for people it continued to be a good treatment for those will illnesses ranging from mental to physical. They proved this with the body’s state of homeostasis where everything is in equilibrium and healthy, and yoga helps to achieve that point of evenness in the body.

    The idea of a reset button is what really pulled me in- being able to reset your body and return to a healthy, stress free state seems impossible and yet here we see people doing it every day. Even if yoga has become such a mainstream thing to do, it is obvious it is mainstream for a reason. People are healthier and happier, and everyone should be involved in it.

  47. The beginning of this video taught me that even though illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, etc, can make everything feel lighter by doing yoga; because of that, the body has to self-correct, and I was a bit interested when they said that the body creates homeostasis, which I didn’t know. even though I still believe actual medicine, I believe yoga can definitely help with muscle stretching and stress relief. I will say after my first class, my body felt lighter, but my muscles started hurting, mainly because I exercised for the first time in a while, but the healing process felt really nice, and now, I am starting to look forward to yoga.

    I sometimes have trouble even finding a balance because of my weight, but I try my best to find my center of breathing to my mind and body; I just never realized how much tension my body actually has.
    I know that there are certain things people do that find things unhealthy, such as drugs, abuse, weight gain etc, but thought that was brilliant because there are so many unhealthy ways in which people seek destructive behaviors, and doing yoga can help with that, along with mental illnesses with depression and anxiety, and taking pills that kill your liver can be terrible and so much more unhealthy to your body. I was happy to hear that in this video, that anything around those changes with yoga can help the mind flow the way it should be.

    Mackenzie Depietro (Wednesday Class, Spring 2019) 2/5/19

  48. What was interesting about this very informative video, it is the argument that was poised when usually thinking about yoga and science as two sperate mechanisms, but in fact, the two go hand in hand. This video used yoga instructors/teachers and scientific researchers that understand and have evidence that yoga is immensely vital to the health and wellness of our bodies. One thing that really caught my attention, and that I could not agree more with, is that fact that when handling medical and physiological cases doctors resort to drugs as a quick fix to everything. And what this video does, is that it is reliable sources to highlight the importance of having spirituality intertwined with your mind, body, and soul.

    I personally have never taken a yoga class, because I am a Christian, but it interesting to see the befits of what Yoga can do through this informative video. And I’ve always had a curiosity on the long term effects and practices that Yoga provides. I am personally excited to see how far I will come in this class, just because I feel like in our generation anxiety and stress levels are really high and it is so important to understand physicality alongside spirituality for healing.

    • Please know that Hatha Yoga is not a religion and is safe for everyone regardless of their faith, ethnicity, gender, etc. In Yoga we equate Spiritual with being One with Nature/Universal Divinity. If you allow yourself full participation you will find new powers emerge from within. OM

  49. Jaclyn Perna:
    This video has made me extrememly excited for the rest of the semester. I’ve wanted to get into yoga for at least the past 7 years, but I’ve never been able to find the motivation to pursue it. I thoroughly appreciated speaker Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati; the way that she speaks about the full moon and alignment resonated with me. The metaphor of a full moon help me to understand the most important aspect of yoga for me, which is alignment. Once a person is in alignment, the rest will follow. There is science to prove that physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, clinical health will improve. I also very much appreciated speaker Ana Forrest. I began to tear up when she began talking about how yoga becomes part of a better lifestyle. She didn’t explicitly say this, however, she mentioned talking about how eliminating the toxicity out of your life will give room for something healthier to grow. Forrest was mostly referring to physical stresses and toxins, however this applies to other ailments as well. This could apply to depressive tendencies and symptoms, other daily behaviors like simply going to work or getting assignments done or not or keeping your room clean and sink free of dishes. Elimination of toxins in ones life seems to be a key element of yoga that I feel should be stressed more.

  50. I found this video to be not only thorough when discussing the benefits of yoga/meditation but absolutely fascinating. The effects of yoga on the body have long been accepted by yoga enthusiasts but not by scientists. To see the scientific community starting to accept an eastern form of medicine is pretty fantastic because this is not something that is at all common. In reflecting about the video, I find it important to note how much validity comes from the scientific community starting to accept yoga as beneficial. Hopefully, with scientific validation, yoga will increase in popularity and go on to aid others.

    The personal narratives coming from the yogis that spoke in the video was beneficial for the videos message, only further emphasizing the benefits of yoga and meditation. Their emphasis on yoga’s improvements not only mentally but physically was important as well because I feel like this is new information for the public. The importance of improving issues like poor circulation and IBS with methods other than pharmaceuticals is high and this alternative form of treatment is also rarely spoken about.

    Personally, I do agree with some of their claims about yoga and meditation. As someone who regularly practices meditation, I thinks its importance should be stressed. Not only has it helped me deal with some of my own health issues, but I have become a better handler of everyday stress. I look forward to the semester and hope that yoga practices can help aid my overall wellness.

    -Rebecca Hartigan

    • What a refreshingly positive Yoga Journal entry! Well stated and be assured that your goals for your yoga will be realized and surpassed this semester. A pleasure to have someone like you in our class, Namaste!

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