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Why An Empty Stomach is Essential for Hata Yoga Practice


take-what-you-need-editWhy An Empty Stomach is Essential for Hata Yoga Practice.

I recently read a remark from someone who was confused and thought I taught “Bikram” yoga.  I immediately responded by writing that Mr. Chatterjee’s American franchise is not at all what I practice and teach.  I am proud to teach authentic Indian hatha yoga.  But, then I realized I made an error and meant to write Mr. Choudhury.  I had thought of his cousin the famous musician Samir Chatterjee who is referred to by his beloved students and audiences as Pandit Chatterjee.  Then I thought how sad it is for teachers even with the financial status and name recognition of “Bikram” that his American students never give him praise and respect for the yoga he has them so “addicted” to.   I remember the one time meeting Mr. and Mrs Choudhury, it was with the Late Great Margo Jenni she was long time friends with them.  Mrs. Margo Jenni was a lovely beloved and cherished Yoga Teacher who was famous for many things in her long career and among them she taught the famous Delaney sisters from Westchester. (There was a wonderful Broadway play, “Having Our Say” after the award-winning book, in which she is referred to as their yoga  teacher. While reading the book and later watching the production I always wondered who their yoga teacher might be and was so surprised and grateful to one day later to meet Mrs. Jenni.  I remember being at Mrs. Jenni’s Memorial at the Ethical Society in White Plains listening to her students herald her legacy with their kind and loving words.)  I wonder if “Bikram” students ever spend anytime to learn about their founder, much less give praise, respect and honor to Mr. Choudhury.  I guess I shared all this to say that I think it equally important to honor our teachers and loved ones while they are alive in our midst and to commemorate them after they have passed on.  That is why I am proud and grateful to have come to know Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and The Isha Foundation.  For all the hard work they do to share about the science of classical Indian hatha yoga.  There is so much confusion in the west where everyone thinks they are an expert because they have taken a few classes and/or done a few days of so-called training.  How one thinks they can master thousands of years of experiences, data left in Sanskrit, and from another time and place, leaves me scratching my head.  I would never be able to say that I have a handle of mastery even if I spent the rest of my life studying in India and travelling the entire sub-continent to all the sacred sites to share something of its contribution towards the thousands year old sciences of Yoga. There is not just one Yoga there are many, but not like franchised names in the west but different paths delineated long ago by Shri Patanjali in his treatise “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.”  Shri Patanjali begins his Treatise with…..”And now Yoga….”  As in you have tried so many different methods to find happiness and found no success and now are you ready for Yoga?  And so I say here….and now for the Truth from Sadhguru about the yogic sciences.  Please do click the link below the image to read Sadhguru’s article that is important for serious yoga practitioners to understand.  Please do share with your friends in Yoga…..and leave your comments, thanks for taking the time to review this post…..remember to pay homage and respect regularly to your beloved teachers as your gratitude will be deeply received by them…..OM