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Want to know more about the power of chanting?


550681_196108370529076_1886022677_nThe Meaning of Brahmananda Swarupa – A Consecrated Chant.

I find often in my yoga classes that folks are bashful and/or reluctant to actually utter the sounds during chanting times during the sadhana/class.  Its not that they are ready to leave but I think if they knew that they are missing such a powerful benefit for their own energies they might just start sharing their sounds to the group chanting.  I often remind participants that uttering Sanskrit words for invocation is not mumble- jumble but a known scientific fact that the sounds actually create the quality of peace with vibrations in their cells, thus a benefit.  If you click the link above this paragraph you can listen to a short video in which Sadhguru from The Isha Foundation explains about one such powerful Chant.  Below is an audio soundclip from Soundcloud that you can listen to the chant for one straight hour and notice any peaceful benefits that come your way. Thanks again to Sadhguru and the Volunteers at Isha Foundation for sharing so much media with us to be able to tap into the ancient science of classical Indian hatha yoga.  Namaskaram OM


Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube


Sraddhulu Ranade – The Star of Auroville & Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Pondy)

This is a short video with Sraddhulu Ranade from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India discussing the life long questions about what is our purpose here?  I first heard Sraddhulu at Savitri Bhavan in Auroville in 2001 and instantly knew he is a living genius on many levels: spiritual, science, philosophy, history, math, etc.  He is a figure to follow as now the energy that cultivated him at the ashram has fallen from grace and set him outside the box…this is indeed sad but also creates a chasm for him to weld…a new possibility and with this will come some fresh and enlightening possibilities.  Of course he cannot do it alone…and I share here a glimpse of his genius…do check out more of his talks via Youtube (channel Wisdom Splendor and others).  There are many possibilities with our technologies to see we are not alone, unique and the more we share our potential for knowledge and growth the future seems brighter and brighter!

Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube.

Vibhuti, the Sacred Ash – Sadhguru – YouTube


Listen to Sadhguru talk about when we remind ourselves about our mortality it suddenly and effectively uncomplicates our lives…

Vibhuti, the Sacred Ash – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Have a listen to Sadhguru explain about the significance of Vibhuti- the Sacred Ash.  Many wear the ash on their foreheads, in the scalp or a dot at the third eye, between the eyebrows.  Learn about the energetic powers and possibilities of Vibuti/Sacred Ash.  In India it is very common to see people wearing Vibhuti, even though Sadhguru mentions it is few who understand the significance.  Here in the United States we mostly only see something similar on one day Ash Wednesday for the Catholic and some Christian communities.  If you do live near a Hindu temple one may notice folks leaving the temple adorned with Sacred Ash but it is not very common sight here in the USA.  When one does have the opportunity to partake or to even just witness another wearing the Vibhuti -Sacred Ash this talk brings about a new awareness as well respect.  Thank you Sadhguru for sharing so much knowledge for us.  OM