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Take Darshan with Sadhguru…


428941_142921742514406_632122103_nSadhguru’s talk at Emory University | The Isha Blog.

Thanks to the Isha Blog for posting this wonderful talk (Darshan) given earlier this month in Georgia, USA by Sadhguru.  I heard parts of this talk last month at the Tamil USA Sangam program but am grateful that it has been recorded because the content is so valuable.  Sadhguru talks so freely with humor but the ideas need to be reinforced to fully settle inside.  Please do listen while doing chores and again while intent on the video and again and again.  Please do share with others and invite others to watch along with you and have discussions about the parts that were most significant to you.  Try the little experiment that Sadhguru shares.  Be…Breathe…Blossom…..Namaste

p.s. just click the link below the picture to see the video, thanks