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Idols in the Hindu Way of Life – Why Are They Worshipped?


Shiva as NatarajIdols in the Hindu Way of Life – Why Are They Worshipped?.

Please do click the link below the picture to read what Sadhguru writes about the Murti or idols.  Many misunderstand the murti as pagan, anti-God and Tower of Babel practices.  Sadhguru explains that when folks create a deity they are not disillusioned they are clear they as humans are making a vehicle to transform and uplift the human energetic experience as pure respect for Divinity.  Humans cannot make a God, or gods, but can learn, use and practice methods to elevate our experiences to become aligned and reach our divine birthright.  When we say we are All One, we are a part of the One the Divine.  There are many forces at play in our existence that when we are unconscious or not aware of how to keep our energies charged and aligned we become separate and apart from our own divinity.  Practicing hatha yoga, meditative kriyas, chanting, doing Japa, are a few examples of methods that help keep our systems aligned properly.  Also, allowing ourselves to be in charged sacred spaces for contemplation and use as actual Charging Stations are powerful aids.  As well, murti or idols that are significant to a person are vehicles that help lift and organize the energies, especially when rituals are practiced.  The ritual is a way to re-orient the practitioner’s mental, emotional, Auric, and physical energies.  Take the Devi as Saraswati ( who embodies woman as teacher, teacher of the arts: writing, music, scholarly studies) when one acknowledges Saraswati they align these aspects within themselves as worthwhile, powerful and a blueprint guide to elevate their own capacities.  There is a direct connection to those who allow themselves time to observe these practices and realizing successes in their own sphere, we are what we think, we become what we meditate upon.  These are some of the distinctions between Judeo-Christian worship and Indic practices, as Judeo-Christian keeps the follower separate and below in status to their notion of God.  In the Indic faiths the practitioner knows they are a part of the Divine in this life as a divine dance.  When one believes they are one with divinity the ability to aspire to success with equanimity is achievable.  Feel free to leave your ideas here in the comments section and do share this post with others.  Thank you Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for explaining the tenets of Classical Yoga with us.  Namaste to All!