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Sarvesham swastir bhavantu by Tina Turner


Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu, Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu, Sarvesham Poornam Bhavantu, Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

Translates to English: May there be happiness in all, May there be peace in all, May there be completeness in all, May there be success in all, OM, Peace, Peace Peace, OM

Thank you, Tina Turner, for recording this sacred chant and I send prayers for your own healing and for us all to be at peace while we heal, live, take actions for ourselves and make compassionate and kind deeds for others and as we transition. Namaste


Happy Holidays To All!!!! Grateful: A Love Song to the World | KarmaTube


IMG_0720Grateful: A Love Song to the World | KarmaTube.

On the Eve of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving in the USA wishing all joyful celebrations with loved ones and friends.  Just click the link below the picture to watch this upbeat and inspiring video that evokes Oneness and Gratitude.  OM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM.

▶ Shambhavi Mahamudra, A True Miracle – Sadhguru – YouTube


582716_455134171198617_1391280848_n▶ Shambhavi Mahamudra, A True Miracle – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Isha Foundation offers an online 7 part course “Inner Engineering.”  The Shambavi Mahamudra is the SuperKriya that one is initiated into after completing the online course.  This initiation program happens at the ashram in Tennessee, USA and India.  Do click the link here to listen to Sadhguru explain about the powers of Shambavi.  Then go to the Isha Foundation website and check out the links for Inner Engineering for more information.  This is a wonderful yogic tool to tune up your energetic powers and to bring an amazing ongoing wave of peace and much more.  Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog and thanks to Isha Foundation for sharing these classical hatha yogic tools with all of us….Namaste

Happy Diwali…..What’s the Significance of this Indian Festival?



Asato Ma Sat Gamaya Tamaso Ma, Jyotir Gamaya Mrityor Ma, Amritam Gayama, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM

We recite this invocation at every yoga sadhana: Take us from the unreal, to the real, take us from darkness to Light, Take us from death to immortality.  This is from the ancient Brihadaranyak Upanishad, 1.3.28….

This reference about darkness and light relates to ignorance and knowledge.  Ignorance, like darkness obscures true understanding.  The remedy for darkness is light, and the remedy for ignorance  is knowledge of one’s own true nature, our Divine Spirit.

The cultural significance is this festival is a way to enjoy and celebrate our Spiritual Birth, our Second Birth.  Diwali celebrations take place all over the whole subcontinent of India, from north to south, east to west, from different religions from Hindu, Sikh to Jain and Christian, including Muslim as it is an agrarian harvest celebration and the business of farming includes all who consume.  The festival spreads over five days, historically marked the end of the harvest season and beginning of the winter season.  Farmers give thanks for their bounty and wealth.  Lakshmi is the deity associated with wealth and is celebrated to bring continued good fortune for families.

Diwali, (spelled differently depending on the state and religious background) means lighting diyas (small clay vessels filled with oil and lit with cotton wicks).  These lights are arranged in huge arrays in beautiful patterns like the rangoli drawings (like the background pictures on this homepage.  The picture just above this text has tea light candles as any candle may be used and fire crackers are often lighted to celebrate the spark of our inner light.

The Yogic and Spiritual significance celebrates the realization of our own inner Light.  Honoring, Atman, the pure, infinite and eternal Divine Energy which can be awakened in all people.  This celebration of victory of good over evil signifies the victory of self-knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness.  The awareness that we are much more than our physical body, but an infinite, ever-present Spirit.  Every year people celebrate their birthday and Diwali celebrates their second birth…the Spiritual Awakening…our Inner Light…the true reality for All.

I read this as a post on Facebook…“Auditions are being held for you to be yourself…Apply within.”

May you choose to wake up and realize your Inner Light!  HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!!!!!

Hari OM Tat Sat OM

The seven chakras and their significance | The Isha Blog


The seven chakras and their significance | The Isha Blog.

I guess it’s because of the Yoga media hype that so many have heard the word chakras.  This media has given a heightened mystical twist about the chakras and so many students, especially those new to the practice are so fast to ask about how they can know and experience their chakras.   These are the same students who do not regularly show up for classes, are easily distracted and make excuses, fall ill over and over again.  It is so amazing that the media can trick us into believing that we can “own” and master a phenomenon, which does not exist on the physical plane.  Why would someone think they can access such an advanced stage of awareness when they have not yet decided to engage themselves regularly on the physical plane?  To access experiences that grow cumulatively we must invest and dedicate ourselves on a regular basis.  Just like the steam from boiling water evaporates leaving cooler temperatures when the fire dies down, our energies lose their vibration in a similar way.   Only when we seek an authentic hatha yoga with the support and guidance of an experienced teacher will we be able to access the more subtle aspects of awareness.  But hey, with so many distractions that we can easily become engaged in and possibly addicted to…who needs awareness…especially at the cost of having to divide our time or worse divert our time away from our distractions.   Mediocrity is the norm nowadays and with it comes lower vitality until it ebbs away and morphs into illnesses from anxiety, nervous disorders, disease in various forms.  The easy solution for many becomes medication that may give acceptable results along with toxic buildup.  Why is it so hard to choose to make time to create ease, wellness and pleasantness for ourselves? Why is it so easy to ask the hard questions rather than sit and apply the easy practices that create Joy?  Witness the silly monkey brain, jumping all around, never staying still for long.  Witness the carrot and stick behavior we take part in: we can follow our job description in  a routine fashion for days, months, years because it brings the pay check and benefits.  In other areas of our lives we cannot easily follow regimes, why?  Bottom line….doing the Isha Kriya is easy….practicing hatha yoga is easy…..knowing your chakras is hard….but the only way to get there is to make a commitment to staying on the path with your daily practices.   Let’s start where it is easy and possible to gain mastery.  Maybe you may experience the powers from the chakras, maybe not, but you will surely know pleasantness if you stay with your practices.  When we choose to become conscious we choose reality and I choose to keep on the path with my practices.  I wish that you too may choose to stay on your path with your practices daily….OM


Our Bodies are 72% Water…Are you aware of how much water you really need to ingest to remain healthy?


images-1 BottledWaterThe Power of Water – Isha USA Blog | Be, Breathe, Blossom | Isha USA Blog | Be, Breathe, Blossom.

A while back while in an Isha Yoga workshop I watched a video in which Sadhguru explained about our bodies need for water.  He joked about how surprised he was to see so many Americans walking around carrying water bottles and drinking all day long, he said in India when temperatures are often close to or over 100 degrees you never see folks carrying water and drinking like in America.  This really jolted me to be true….I myself don’t carry water while at home in the USA or when in India, even while riding a bicycle at mid-day in India I never felt dehydrated.  As a Yoga Teacher my studio’s rest room is in another part of the property and often participants are leaving during  the class to go to use the facilities.  I have tried to explain that one should not ingest food and drinks at least 2 or more hours prior to class to leave the digestive process dormant for yoga practice.  I have explained about using Himalayan sea salt to help keep the body properly hydrated but still there are those who come to class with their water bottles and those who apparently have gulped water all along right up to walking in class.  Another important thing that Sadhguru explained was about how disruptive leaving the yoga class is to a participant, previously I was concerned about disruption to the entire group and just wanted the individual to feel comfortable to relieve their system at the restroom.  All of this got me to think again about how conditioned western folks are and how they are “educated” by the corporations who only concern is grabbing their dollars at the cost of their overall health and wellbeing.  Several years ago there was some disturbing news that many foreign nationals had wrangled the rights to many major USA communities/towns/cities/regional water utility contracts.  Around the same time the commercialization of bottled water sprang up and Americans were strongly advised to ingest at least 8 glasses of water per day…another industry driven “quasi-health” campaign?

Back to the basics…Water does provide for the necessary exchange for nutrients to reach our cells and for waste to leave via our elimination processes, but what’s the truth about the needed daily amounts? Just recently The institute for Medicine in the USA published this….”the vast majority of healthy people adequately meet their hydration needs by letting thirst be their guide.”  (Please do click the link to see a short video with Sadhguru and Ed Begley Jr. talking about this subject a few months ago in the USA.)  Many have been brain washed to believe they must always hold a water bottle in their hand all day long to ingest enough water.  Hence sales of chic designer water bottles, bottle carriers and artisanal Waters from France to Fiji.  For those who eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies (9-15 servings per day) they are getting lots of water as these foods are high in water content.  In the video I watched in the workshop Sadhguru explained a bit about the science behind what happens to the body when ingesting too much water, and I can say I witness some of these imbalances (including unexplained allergies and more)  my students who are always sharing proudly about how much they drink water.  The Medical field is usually careful about what they share so as to avoid legal battles, so we may have to wait for a longer time to know the upside of this change of advice and its negative implications and havoc this trend has placed on so many who were just trying to take care of their health by buying and drinking water.  At the safe side, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Professor of Medicine/Renal, Electrolyte and Hypertension Division at the University of Pennsylvania stated, “…if anything drinking too much water can slightly impair the ability of the kidneys to filter blood.  The only people who should drink excess water are those who have had kidney stones.”   I also want to add for nursing mothers like my Daughter-in-Law, Alyson who is nursing our Grandson Rowan, drinking water and herbal teas are necessary as you are sharing your supply with the Baby, so keep drinking up while nursing.  As well, other conditions that one may be advised by their doctors to keep to a certain regime.

I think many who are aware about taking care of our Mothership Earth, that plastic water bottles are just damaging the planet and I recommend getting a water filter and a copper vessel.  In the link there is print information and in the video Sadhguru explains about what happens to the energy of our water as it moves in pipes to our sinks.  Once again, Sadhguru brings us back to think about the most subtle and extremely important points about energy consumption and how it affects our energetic levels.  Another instance of modernization hazards, convenience of having sophisticated piping to bring water into the home vs. having to carry it from the well to the kitchen, but something beneficial was there when we had to do this.  Perhaps now we can understand about how useful the time  may be as our water is filtered and is stored allowing for the molecules to re-establish a harmonious level. Please do click the link below the image to see the information compiled by IshaUSA and the video, thanks again to Isha Foundation for preparing this really important information.  Thanks for reading this post and please do share it with others, here’s to your good health, Namaste, OM!

Hungry For Change Free WorldWide Online Screening


IMG_0748Hungry For Change Free WorldWide Online Screening.

Please click the link above to register to view the Free online Film “ Hungry for Change” it only available for ten days until March 31st, 2013. Share it freely with family and friends, especially those living with disease, and illnesses.  It may just get those who haven’t asked the important questions about the food corporations that they “trust” with their lives.  Thought provoking and packed with data, as well as recipes, detox methods and ways to take action for better health and healing.  Do know this is about meat-free, and dairy-free regimens that allow for healthy, disease free lifestyles.  Do have the courage to watch it and discuss with those who you care about, even if you are not ready to make changes today, at least start a conversation with yourself today. Wishing you the best in health, Namaste

2012 in review


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 8,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 14 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Benefits of Tumeric



Thanks to a Facebook post for this image and reminder of how Tumeric is a powerful healing agent. I take one half teaspoon daily in my morning apple cider vinegar tonic drink. It’s quite an inexpensive item that can used as a healing agent in tonic drinks and used in cooking soups and veggie dishes daily. Also can be used in a homemade facial scrub regularly to brighten complexion, remove blemishes and pimples and soften skin. Here’s to your good health! Happy New Year 2013!