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▶ Shambhavi Mahamudra, A True Miracle – Sadhguru – YouTube


582716_455134171198617_1391280848_n▶ Shambhavi Mahamudra, A True Miracle – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Isha Foundation offers an online 7 part course “Inner Engineering.”  The Shambavi Mahamudra is the SuperKriya that one is initiated into after completing the online course.  This initiation program happens at the ashram in Tennessee, USA and India.  Do click the link here to listen to Sadhguru explain about the powers of Shambavi.  Then go to the Isha Foundation website and check out the links for Inner Engineering for more information.  This is a wonderful yogic tool to tune up your energetic powers and to bring an amazing ongoing wave of peace and much more.  Thanks for taking the time to visit this blog and thanks to Isha Foundation for sharing these classical hatha yogic tools with all of us….Namaste

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube


In this YouTube Sadhguru plainly explains why it is so important to daily work on our inner peace.  He says, “creating an inner space is very important because that energy is not subject to anything else.”  He goes on to say that some people no matter how noble their work after some time of being fully engaged in that they begin to become miserable to greater or lesser degrees.  So creating and nurturing, by daily practice of some Kriya such as Isha Kriya is the key to maintain ease and success with all other aspects of our involvement in this life.   I like to use the imagery of tending to one’s own garden, planting, watering, feeding with nutrients, harvesting yields bounties of plants, flowers, vegetables, just like our inner realm.  When we take the time to nurture we are rewarded, working on our inner sacred space allows us to move with ease and everything becomes possible.  Sadhguru repeats, ” Establish who you are and then…Act…” Thank you for taking the time to read and watch this post, please do share with others especially those who may be workaholics, Namaste OM.

n.b. sadhana is sanskrit for practice…in Yoga we call our practice, Practice for conscious living.314507_186402684832978_1040794516_n

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube.

What’s a Mudra? Isha Blog explains…..The Science of Mudras…



There are hundreds of hand mudras and in our hatha yoga we use many, Om mudra, Chin mudra, are commonly known.  Thanks to the Isha Blog for writing about the science behind these hand gestures which when practiced regularly aid in our practices.  I share this with a friend in mind, Kathie, for sharing time to visit the Carmel Monastery/Temple complex.  She asked questions about the significance of mudras and being caught up in the ambience and serenity of the Temple I felt I didn’t fully respond to her inquiry.  So grateful that Kathie took time to start off my Pre-Birthday Season with my Favorite pastime, Temple Sojourns, not as worship but to allow the magnificent energies to wash over and through!  Do click the link below to read about the science of mudras….please share with your Yogini and Yogi friends, thanks and Namaste.

“The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words.”   The Buddha

The Science of Mudras.

Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  For those in the Westchester, New York area…do drop into the yoga classes at OMLINK: The Studio for Yoga Synthesis…where we practice Classical Hatha Yoga and we do include the Isha Kriya into the practice…www.omlinkyoga.net   914-761-5413

Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM

Yogini Commencement…Meet Adriana



The text below is from one student who has truly evolved this semester practicing Classical Hatha Yoga.  Her name is Adriana and she has fully allowed herself to be guided safely from her yogic expressions on the Mat and her intellectual contemplations of the meanings of the Yamas from her electronic studies and melded the experiences into mastering her inner development.  I cannot state there is an end-product as I am certain that she has truly embraced the Yogic path as she has realized the benefits on multi layers, this is now embedded into her cells.  This is how a Yogini…Awakens…Births Herself Consciously…Becomes a Beacon of Light and Refuge for her own self and others.  This happens rarely, unfortunately, but I understand why there is so much for people to shift through to get to this experience and it is not valued and rated hourly like the stock market.  For me  as a teacher who teaches with the hopes that this will happen and blossom in each I feel the Reward on so many levels because I know how difficult and rare an occurrence this is…but nontheless so grateful. As a side note last week some of my students took part in a Live African Drumming and Dancing Class at the college and Adriana was one who participated and she is also a student in this class and her Instructor commented when she noticed that Adriana also is a Yoga student she said, “Adriana is taking Yoga…MMM…she is a very Bright Young Woman!” I always tell students…our energy can be read by others who know what: composure, confidence, balance look like as it moves in and around our bodies. I say this is not the end but the beginning of many positive successes Adriana will have as she graces the planet.  Please read Adriana’s reflections below and marvel….at America’s Next Top Yogini…(broadcast on Channel Real Life! ) Smiles filled with Pride….Thanks for reading and do feel free to share….Namaste

The vlogs this week made me contemplate about time. How we divide it into past, present and future and how we attach ourselves to certain memories and things we experience and see or hear. We hold ourselves to certain standards of beauty and sexuality that we forget to live in the moment. When we expect to repeat a moment of pleasure, we imagine it as it happened before and hold standards for the times to follow and close ourselves to spontaneity. Each moment has it place and time, and what I thought about is the uniqueness of that moment that made me remember those moments that happened and taught me and helped me to experiences different things. But it is unfair of myself to expect them to happen the same way every time, because it the beauty of mystery and trust in life itself that makes life worth so much. What I really enjoyed about the reading Bramacharia was that it compared sexual pleasure to the beauty of nature, such as the sunset. It really made me understand how desire to repeat pleasure limits our ability to perceive what surrounds us and how it affects our senses. In nature things constantly change, there can be no attachment because there is no continuity and we obtain pleasure from watching the differences in species and plants that grow, or the way the sun rises and set each day, it is always different. The media set up scenarios around us telling us that we will arrive at pleasure by repeating what we see by buying, or wearing or doing things, and that way we will be accepted and indulge in the ever-present sexual pleasure. It always sells us security and promises of “needing” things to be greater. I have many long distance relationships, one with my boyfriend and other ones with my family in south america, and I have learned that there is a difference between trust and commitment and dependence. We you commit to a relationship you bring care and love and respect, and its mutual. It hinders both when you begin to depend on the other because you lose yourself and there is no longer a way for the people involved to grow, learn from each other and help each other. The attachment I had at first prevented me to see the opportunities to grow individually I had in front of me, I thought I need to be with them always but that only created pain and sadness. But slowly I finally understood that being physically away form the people I cherish has taught me and helped me grow to understand it is healthy to embrace each moment, that way enjoy the time I have to spend with those I love. These readings really spoke about issues in our media and society, and for me on a very personal level that brought a lot of thoughts and I hope to keep working on them, to accomplish living in the moment and live fruitful life I can share.
I have practiced the Isha Kryia a couple of time this week, it has helped me deal with the stress of the end of the semester I feel coming and helped me to sleep better. When Im stressed I can’t sleep, and then I can’t concentrate, so this really has been a great thing to do to help me stay on track with the things I have to do.

Reblog comment from a New Yogini


The following is a comment from a new Yoga Practitioner who really is growing with her Sadhana/Practice… I am so proud of her (will keep her anonymous for now)….Namaste

I am truly enjoying these excerpts. Not only do they confirm what I have been observing, they are also quite informative and stir up new ideas and thought processes for me. What I found most interesting about both of these readings is how we must learn how to not hinder the mind with disciplined thought but at the same time we must concentrate on our thoughts because it is important to understand through our own experiences why it is that we find any tensions in our minds at all. I never realized how these tensions are actually violent in themselves because they are destructing the truth that we know and constructing walls of lies. I think it is important for us to see how acts of love take their course naturally when they are not thought about but it is our negative spectrum of thoughts that propel us into uncertainty. Acceptance, compassion, and open-mindedness as well as violence are built into our nature. We can latch on to either and unknowingly repeat the patterns as we go about our lives. But if we pay attention we can see how the good outweighs the bad. And we do the bad to ourselves. The only way to end this cycle of negativity is to be the change within ourselves.

While doing the Kriya this week I noticed that on days where my mind was busy I could actually feel my mind holding on to the thought and constructing it. I noticed myself finding the words to explain my feelings. As I tried to find unconscious flowing thoughts and let go of the tension that I felt in my mind, I found it even harder to release because of my concentration on concentration. I realized that when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I would suddenly be able to create the flow of thoughts and bliss that comes with the emptiness. In relation to the audio clips from this week, I have realized that while it is important to focus on our good nature, the best way to live is to be open and loving while not disciplining the mind and holding onto our thoughts to maintain continuity as we always do.


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM

Listen Up – about how important is cultivating Joy in our lives!!!!


“Joy will not happen if you change the Content of your life, it will only happen if you change the Context of your life.” Sadhguru

Namaste, Please do click the link above to listen to what Sadhguru has to share with us about Joy (I am reading from Sadhguru’s writings in this audio clip).  For so much our lives we spend time waiting to acquire what we think will give us Joy: a degree, a job, a spouse, a car, a home, etc.  However, we are using so much energy that will be futile as what we need is within us.  All we have to do is to cultivate a garden filled with Joyfulness that streams from our insides outwards.  The seeds of this Joy Garden are strewn each time we practice yoga, kriya meditation and all mindful activities.  If we do create such a life filled with Joyfulness we can roll easy over the bumps in the road that are always going to show up from time to time.  Instead of only being happy when things are positive, we can be the positive constant spark.  As we mature we get a sense of this life that is full of dualities:old and young, male and female, negative and positive, and we learn that this is just the nature of our existence.  We can choose to not associate our outlook on the roll of the dice but to be constantly filled with positive energy and Joy!! This will be our refuge – for ourselves and others will seek this oasis of Joy we cultivate.  Feel free to share about the ways in which you choose to cultivate Joy in your daily life here.  Keep the seeds of Joy aplenty!!!!   OM Shanti OM

Listen about how to Prepare for Doing the Kriya




Do click the text above to listen to some tips on preparing to do your kriya for positive outcome.  Remember that as we progress in our yoga sadhana/practice our bodies become strong and capable for sitting, to be still and then we can begin to develop an awareness of ourselves.  Why is this so valuable? Well there are many reasons and some basic ones are: success with self-control, and acquiring self-knowledge (knowing what is real from experiences).  When we allow ourselves these experiences we begin to distinguish the different parts of the many components of ourselves.  We have thoughts, feelings, impulses as well as a consciousness.  As we experiment with these different aspects and move between them we get a sense that we can be much more than the limits of our mind and body.  We can be within the confines of the body, as well as shift to…

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