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Research « Inner Engineering.com


meditation-flowerResearch « Innerengineering.com.

Do check out this easy to read chart about some of the benefits documented from participants in the Isha Foundation Inner Engineering Program.  Please do share, thanks, Namaste


Arianna Huffington: How To De-Stress With The GPS For The Soul Mobile App (VIDEO)


IMG_0618Arianna Huffington: How To De-Stress With The GPS For The Soul Mobile App (VIDEO).

Here is a very nice App to have on hand when you need help calming down, need to take a break, bored with life, need motivation, find yourself lonely…..and you can add more scenario to this list….but instead of making a list, go to the App Store and download it!  It’s Free!  It can be customized and link to other of your favorite things like your own pictures and music. You may  share it with your friends or keep it private.  I give it all thumbs and toes up!  Thanks to the Isha Foundation USA for creating such a wonderful environment and World Peace Day Program.  I had an opportunity to see, hear, learn, think and reflect on new and old ideas that resonate with qualities that are necessary to cultivate for weaving Peace into every moment, and yes that is definitely possible and not utopian.  When at the App Store, look for GPS for the Soul.

The image is the QR to download this blog to your Kindle or Kindle app on any device, and there is a small one dollar a month fee.  Happy Apping! Please share……Namaste OM

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube


In this YouTube Sadhguru plainly explains why it is so important to daily work on our inner peace.  He says, “creating an inner space is very important because that energy is not subject to anything else.”  He goes on to say that some people no matter how noble their work after some time of being fully engaged in that they begin to become miserable to greater or lesser degrees.  So creating and nurturing, by daily practice of some Kriya such as Isha Kriya is the key to maintain ease and success with all other aspects of our involvement in this life.   I like to use the imagery of tending to one’s own garden, planting, watering, feeding with nutrients, harvesting yields bounties of plants, flowers, vegetables, just like our inner realm.  When we take the time to nurture we are rewarded, working on our inner sacred space allows us to move with ease and everything becomes possible.  Sadhguru repeats, ” Establish who you are and then…Act…” Thank you for taking the time to read and watch this post, please do share with others especially those who may be workaholics, Namaste OM.

n.b. sadhana is sanskrit for practice…in Yoga we call our practice, Practice for conscious living.314507_186402684832978_1040794516_n

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube.

What’s a Mudra? Isha Blog explains…..The Science of Mudras…



There are hundreds of hand mudras and in our hatha yoga we use many, Om mudra, Chin mudra, are commonly known.  Thanks to the Isha Blog for writing about the science behind these hand gestures which when practiced regularly aid in our practices.  I share this with a friend in mind, Kathie, for sharing time to visit the Carmel Monastery/Temple complex.  She asked questions about the significance of mudras and being caught up in the ambience and serenity of the Temple I felt I didn’t fully respond to her inquiry.  So grateful that Kathie took time to start off my Pre-Birthday Season with my Favorite pastime, Temple Sojourns, not as worship but to allow the magnificent energies to wash over and through!  Do click the link below to read about the science of mudras….please share with your Yogini and Yogi friends, thanks and Namaste.

“The rule of friendship means there should be mutual sympathy between them, each supplying what the other lacks and trying to benefit the other, always using friendly and sincere words.”   The Buddha

The Science of Mudras.

An Animated Guide to Understanding about our role in Stress Reduction….Reblogged…


Thanks to Jacinta-Yoga for this fact filled video that is easy to understand and relate to.  It explains much that we already know but puts it into perspective in a concise way.  The animation shows us how helpful it is to review our relationship to the Tripe Cs: Commitment, Control and Change.  Good options are presented and this is a great video to hold in “Feel Better Toolbox.”  Perhaps a good thing to share with students….Best Wishes….Namaste.

Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  For those in the Westchester, New York area…do drop into the yoga classes at OMLINK: The Studio for Yoga Synthesis…where we practice Classical Hatha Yoga and we do include the Isha Kriya into the practice…www.omlinkyoga.net   914-761-5413

Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM

An Animated Guide to Understanding about our role in Stress Reduction….Reblogged…


Thanks to Jacinta-Yoga for this fact filled video that is easy to understand and relate to.  It explains much that we already know but puts it into perspective in a concise way.  The animation shows us how helpful it is to review our relationship to the Tripe Cs: Commitment, Control and Change.  Good options are presented and this is a great video to hold in “Feel Better Toolbox.”  Perhaps a good thing to share with students….Best Wishes….Namaste.

Yoga Love New Zealand

Stress is related to 99% of all disease and sickness!!

Are you also keen to learn more about the single most important thing you can do for your stress? Have a look and listen:


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Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube


Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube.

About AUM Chanting

Sadhguru urges us to Transform ourselves and the collective society to curtail harmful violations

In this video Sadhguru talks about what things we have allowed to corrupt our society.  It is not that those Rapists/Murderers of the young medical student in New Delhi, India were alien monsters…unfortunatley there are many others who lurk around who either have committed these and other crimes or will do so at some point when they feel the opportunity is ripe.  This kind of mindset is rampant across the globe not just in one country or city…disrespect for self and others… and people viewing others as commodities allows them to escape the moral/ethics equation.  In this video Sadhguru explains how important self-transformation is to evolve our whole global society.  Punishment is necessary for crimes but it should not be the major way in which we mold behavior.  We invest a great deal of energy and capital towards external fixes and are so fearful of exploring the interior realms of life-force.  When we understand and have the courage to explore and succeed in our own and collective transformation much will change.

The reality is that most have little understanding for the value of making time for their own transformation as a daily ritual.  He shares that for most people they can always find excuses for not making time for their own daily meditation…something else is always more important.  Therefore, in reality for most their yoga and meditation is just another form of entertainment that they add to their lives…like movie going, dining out, partying.  When we decide to make a true commitment to our own transformation and send a ripple throughout our own communities sharing these practices and validating them until these practices are fully embraced and cherished…then we will see a shift towards…humans evolving into Divine Beings.  Namaste

Yoga = Stirring the Ingredients = Balance


Yoga = Stirring the ingredients = Balance

Recently been wondering about how “easy” it is for yoga practitioners to get off their yogic practice path and fall into illness, sadness and/or depression.  It always surprises me how when someone new to yoga marvels about their feelings of balance and peace.  Shortly thereafter, they are equally amazed about how the experience dissipated.  True hatha yoga is about energy cultivation.  This classical hatha yoga from India is a process for the art of living well.   There are so many priorities in our world that may confuse or overwhelm us.  When we give up on ourselves we are allowing everything else to have power over us.  In fact zapping and depleting  our energy, and then what are we left with? Satsang can be translated to community for conscious exchanges and yoga classes can be our satsang.  When we have others around to help us stay on the path, to share their experiences, concerns and discoveries this all helps us in our own trust in our yoga.

One way to keep the glimmer of satsang is to keep inspirational texts close by to muse.  In this age of the internet, Youtube and blogs we can see, listen and follow those who share conscious living quite easily.  Like refreshing your computer screen these little visits refresh our outlook – inwards as well as outwards.  I found this quote from Sadhguru that helps me as a teacher see what may be happening for practitioners:

…The science of yoga essentially means this – even a little baby, if you pinch him, he will cry because he can feel his body.  But he may not be able to feel his thoughts and emotions to start with: he can just feel his body.  So the body is the first thing he feels.  The journey of yoga is to take you from the body, to different dimensions of who you are, to the ultimate core….in that sense…then you may be equipped.”

Many of us when overwhelmed lose our memory of our wellness when the “other” priorities take over.  In these depressed economic climates it is understandable that people are juggling priorities to stay protected in their work environments.  But is it worthwhile to forget ourselves and lose our personal power/ourselves?  While awaiting Sandy – the Epic Storm of our Lifetime, I have noticed so many institutions actually offering concern, guidance, and even compassion.  Banks offering forgiveness due to projected lapses due to the storm.  Businesses closing days early, cities closing public transport and roadways, colleges sending dormitory student populations home days ahead.  All this to get families together to manage the crisis as a unit, perhaps as a financial decision that does in fact allow for some family bonding.  Rather amazing that the crisis elevates institutions to compassionate legislation and executive decisions.  Do we have to wait for a crisis of an even greater magnitude for executive decisions to remind us to stay on our yogic path.  Perhaps yes?  Sadhguru commented when asked    “is 2012 the end of the world?” – What is there to worry about if the world is over, no worries he says!  Our real concerns are what to do with our problems plaguing us with the environment, poverty, famine, corruption, etc.  How easily we can be distracted from the main event!!! We can become so numb that we cannot see how our thoughts are distracting us from our real priorities to be effective in all aspects.  We rather contemplate doomsday prophecies than work on solutions to the real crises that plague us.  We are in general the type of being who lapse in our practices and fall ill or sick, time and time again.  We can become like the little baby who cries when pinched…because we ignored the information at the mental, emotional, energetic screens.

What does Sadhguru mean when he says…“then you may be equipped” ? Equipped to grow up towards: strength, health & well-being, compassion for self and others, higher creativity, mental clarity with ease, higher powers of intuition, successes in all endeavors, these follow once the equipment is in place.  The question I continually have for practitioners is are we doing hatha yoga for exercise?  When classical yoga is anaerobic not aerobic, one should not confuse the two and both activities are necessary for optimal health.  True hatha yoga is like stirring a pot of soup to mix the ingredients, to blend and marry the flavors evenly….after some time when we stop stirring the ladle in the pot the ingredients slow the revolutions until it comes to a dead stop….stillness.  Are we doing hatha yoga for energy cultivation and harmony then why stop the stirring before we are ready for a full stop?   Frankenstorm aka Sandy is stirring up lots…are we equipped to manage during the storm and equally important to handle the aftermath?  Namaste

Nobody Can Do Meditation! | The Isha Blog


We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic Practices…read and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this….

Nobody Can Do Meditation! | The Isha Blog.

Do click the link to read this post from THE ISHA BLOG: read and hear what Sadhguru has to say about what others are so freely calling meditation.  What he says has a lot to do with why so many have little or no success with their so called “meditation”.  The path that Sadhguru has designed for those who follow clearly makes a direct road to success for Peace & Wellness in his Sadhana/Practice.  We learn from Shri Patanjali that the Science of Yoga is a process of  the eight- fold steps of Astangha.  Sadhguru has truly provided the key to success for those who listen and follow his guidance.  OM