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Why are Consecrated Spaces so Powerful?



Keeping the ideas moving ahead about the powers of Sacred Spaces the link below the picture is audio, my reading from “The Isha Files” about the powers of Indian Temples…as you listen you may get a sense of how inclusive for all beings these Temples are as they align natural power grids between us and the planet.  There is an encyclopedic mythology that is woven through and around, but there is a true science behind the stories.  These “stories” are a way to personalize the events that are cyclical, unique, as well common to the mental, emotional and psychic energies we all experience.  The “stories” thread together the aspects that are basic to being human as well demonstrate how to use our inherent capacities to soar to higher and more Divine realms.  Think of Indian consecrated Temples as “Charging Stations” that were designed and constructed  thousands of years ago, and most of us are still trying to comprehend its meaning and are challenged by its science.  Two steps forward, three thousand backwards, half step forward, free step, oops Ego-alert then back again to zero, what a crazy game we play!  Okay, bonus points if you can name the image and its location in the picture above, you can name your number of bonus points if you win!! Namaskaram