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Know Your Yoga: An Introduction to the Yogic Science

Know Your Yoga: An Introduction to the Yogic Science

A comprehensive guide to get started with all things yoga. Sadhguru’s articles clarify exactly what yoga is and what it’s not, and present us with tips to get the best out of our yoga practice.

Source: Know Your Yoga: An Introduction to the Yogic Science

Yoga: Finding Ultimate Expression to Life – The Isha Blog

We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic Practices...read and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this....

We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic Practices…read and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this….

Thanks to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for sharing this wisdom….please click the link below to read the text and also watch the video…..and remember to share…..Namaskaram…OM


Sadhguru reminds us that far beyond merely bending the body, the science of yoga provides the ultimate tool for enhancing human capabilities and functioning at the highest peak of body and mind.

Source: Yoga: Finding Ultimate Expression to Life – The Isha Blog


Look out…..the Yoga Police are looking for your Selfies!



Yoga = Stirring the ingredients

Today I saw a post on FaceBook by “Uplift/Connect” an article by Brian DeGregory entitled “Is the essence of yoga being lost in the self-obsessed Instagram age?” In the section about “Please stop Yoga Selfies” he writes….”I don’t think this helps bring this beautiful and ancient practice to those who need it most.  In fact, I think it sends intimidating messages to those who might feel their bodies are not flexible or that they don’t have the perfect “yoga body” (like the way social media images portray).  It’s a big call, but I will even go as far as comparing the aspect of posting such images with the fashion companies who only use size 0 models.  It’s just not what yoga is supposed to be about.”…Yoga is for spiritual development, not for show.”

Thank you Brian DeGregory for having the understanding about real authentic Yoga and the courage to publish your views.  Many in the west are so unconnected and do not know the ancient Indian lineage or that it is one of the best gifts one culture has given to All of mankind.  As well, most are not learning authentic practices for if they would know it, they surely would be inherently bound to respect it.  I teach yoga in a variety of settings one is a New York State public college, my courses are for college credit in a liberal arts degree setting.  My young and energetic students are confused when they begin the semester arriving in what looks like beach apparel or sexy fitness outfits.  I know its not their fault as those who have commercialized Yoga to become “Americanized” have set this tone.  Oftentimes students drop my course as they cannot bare to wear modest clothing as they prefer their sexy garb.  (Don’t worry, these slots are filled in days by the other eager students on waitlists!)  What I try to get across is that this is a highly intimate and revolutionary process they are journeying on and it should not be denigrated by peering voyoueristic eyes of their classmates or passerbys.  The process is highly internal using the body as an external tool to balance the many energetic patterns within the physicality, the mental and emotional realms so they can find momentary stillness and harmony.  I have the privilege to witness this amazing process and am in awe every time and am most humbled by it! So, of course I am shocked when I see my FaceBook Friends who are students and fellow yoga practitioners posting Yoga Asana Selfies! This just pollutes and devalues their power by sharing these images.  I would so much rather they posted in text how their yoga sadhana has helped them cope with their hectic schedules, to complete their degrees with high grades, reduced their need for asthma meds, or other meds for depression, anxiety, or prevented surgery for scoliosis or back pains, or prevented them for causing bodily harm to their boss and avoided being arrested when asked to work another shift after having worked the entire weekend missing their child’s T-ball game for not even a cent more in wages!  Many are limited in their yoga journey by poorly trained yoga teachers who earn “certificates” in a couple of 16 hour workshops, or Teachers who feel their Egocentric experience supersedes that of The AdiYogi – Shiva, and Shri Patanjali, (do you think they even know who these Greats were?)  I have been fortunate to have studied in many sacred and esteemed schools and ashrams in India.  I was afforded these experiences by my private students and one super /yoga practitioner/ patron and my family.   This may be out of reach economically for yoga teachers across the board but The Isha Foundation has an Ashram/Campus in Tennessee in the USA.  At Isha, one is afforded a truly authentic classical Indian yoga immersion.  Please do check out their website: http://www.ishafoundation.org and join their mailing lists and like their Facebook pages to get daily inspirational offerings, event announcements, newsletters than have wonderful informative articles about authentic yoga.  I remain indebted to all my teachers, Gurus and especially to Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation for creating such an accessible many layered platform to spread the yogic knowledge globally.

The images above show above: The AdiYogi (Shiva) being consecrated in India by Sadhguru and the Isha Volunteers. Shiva is the Founding Father of All Yoga.  The next images are here to try to show a tiny glimmer of what may happen when we balance our energies in a conscious manner along with and becoming apart and no longer separate from nature.

Watch the ‘Yoga for Change’ Film at: http://www.upliftconnect.com/yoga-for-change-video.com  once on their site look for article, “Practicing Real Yoga in the Age of Selfies” you will find the video at end of the article….please share and thanks to Uplift/Connect for sharing these important views.  Namaskaram










Want to know more about the power of chanting?


550681_196108370529076_1886022677_nThe Meaning of Brahmananda Swarupa – A Consecrated Chant.

I find often in my yoga classes that folks are bashful and/or reluctant to actually utter the sounds during chanting times during the sadhana/class.  Its not that they are ready to leave but I think if they knew that they are missing such a powerful benefit for their own energies they might just start sharing their sounds to the group chanting.  I often remind participants that uttering Sanskrit words for invocation is not mumble- jumble but a known scientific fact that the sounds actually create the quality of peace with vibrations in their cells, thus a benefit.  If you click the link above this paragraph you can listen to a short video in which Sadhguru from The Isha Foundation explains about one such powerful Chant.  Below is an audio soundclip from Soundcloud that you can listen to the chant for one straight hour and notice any peaceful benefits that come your way. Thanks again to Sadhguru and the Volunteers at Isha Foundation for sharing so much media with us to be able to tap into the ancient science of classical Indian hatha yoga.  Namaskaram OM

Why An Empty Stomach is Essential for Hata Yoga Practice


take-what-you-need-editWhy An Empty Stomach is Essential for Hata Yoga Practice.

I recently read a remark from someone who was confused and thought I taught “Bikram” yoga.  I immediately responded by writing that Mr. Chatterjee’s American franchise is not at all what I practice and teach.  I am proud to teach authentic Indian hatha yoga.  But, then I realized I made an error and meant to write Mr. Choudhury.  I had thought of his cousin the famous musician Samir Chatterjee who is referred to by his beloved students and audiences as Pandit Chatterjee.  Then I thought how sad it is for teachers even with the financial status and name recognition of “Bikram” that his American students never give him praise and respect for the yoga he has them so “addicted” to.   I remember the one time meeting Mr. and Mrs Choudhury, it was with the Late Great Margo Jenni she was long time friends with them.  Mrs. Margo Jenni was a lovely beloved and cherished Yoga Teacher who was famous for many things in her long career and among them she taught the famous Delaney sisters from Westchester. (There was a wonderful Broadway play, “Having Our Say” after the award-winning book, in which she is referred to as their yoga  teacher. While reading the book and later watching the production I always wondered who their yoga teacher might be and was so surprised and grateful to one day later to meet Mrs. Jenni.  I remember being at Mrs. Jenni’s Memorial at the Ethical Society in White Plains listening to her students herald her legacy with their kind and loving words.)  I wonder if “Bikram” students ever spend anytime to learn about their founder, much less give praise, respect and honor to Mr. Choudhury.  I guess I shared all this to say that I think it equally important to honor our teachers and loved ones while they are alive in our midst and to commemorate them after they have passed on.  That is why I am proud and grateful to have come to know Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and The Isha Foundation.  For all the hard work they do to share about the science of classical Indian hatha yoga.  There is so much confusion in the west where everyone thinks they are an expert because they have taken a few classes and/or done a few days of so-called training.  How one thinks they can master thousands of years of experiences, data left in Sanskrit, and from another time and place, leaves me scratching my head.  I would never be able to say that I have a handle of mastery even if I spent the rest of my life studying in India and travelling the entire sub-continent to all the sacred sites to share something of its contribution towards the thousands year old sciences of Yoga. There is not just one Yoga there are many, but not like franchised names in the west but different paths delineated long ago by Shri Patanjali in his treatise “Hatha Yoga Pradipika.”  Shri Patanjali begins his Treatise with…..”And now Yoga….”  As in you have tried so many different methods to find happiness and found no success and now are you ready for Yoga?  And so I say here….and now for the Truth from Sadhguru about the yogic sciences.  Please do click the link below the image to read Sadhguru’s article that is important for serious yoga practitioners to understand.  Please do share with your friends in Yoga…..and leave your comments, thanks for taking the time to review this post…..remember to pay homage and respect regularly to your beloved teachers as your gratitude will be deeply received by them…..OM