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▶ The True Purpose of Yoga – Exploring the True Potential of Being Human – YouTube


378367_142581702548410_1515403467_n▶ The True Purpose of Yoga – Exploring the True Potential of Being Human – YouTube.

Do click the link below the picture to view this important video by Sadhguru, thanks to him and the Isha Foundation Volunteers for all the work they do to bring true Classical Indian Hatha Yoga to the forefront! In Gratitude on the Eve of Mahashivrathri, ready to receive the Blessings! OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM

Time keeps marching on and on….New Year brings the hopes for another 365….Can we master the Moment?


9649_425827504154081_1410478925_nMaking Sense of Time.

Wishing All good health, and confidence to Stay on the Path with Practices that lead to Peace of Mind.  Hope that more  folks find values in skills which bring the ability to know how to still everything to fully experience the awesome silences and pregnant pauses available in each and every Moment.  Do open your Gift of  conscious breathing which reveals the beautiful Present of Being fully in the Moment. Do click the link below the image to read Sadhguru’s words about bringing in the New Year ahead.  Thanks Isha Foundation for posting these valuable teachings from Sadhguru. Namaste.

Research « Inner Engineering.com


meditation-flowerResearch « Innerengineering.com.

Do check out this easy to read chart about some of the benefits documented from participants in the Isha Foundation Inner Engineering Program.  Please do share, thanks, Namaste

An Explanation about the Celebration of Navaratri by Sadhguru….Om Jai Bhairavi Devi OM….


In the United States we celebrate Mother’s Day one day a year.  When we commemorate, we remember something and by doing so to honor it, (as per the dictionary).  Some people question following certain practices fearing perhaps idolatry, going against society, being judged as different.  Perhaps by engaging in a practice it may wash us anew with awareness of what is valuable and natural.  Some just like to attend festivals and celebrations just because of the gaiety and fun.  The pantheon of global festivals helps us to appreciate the diversity of what is means to being human in this dimension.  Often we learn a little more about ourselves when we allow immersion.  From hatha yoga we know we all have both masculine and feminine energies.   In the yoga we seek to yoke together, to balance both energies regardless of our gender.  It’s strange to think now that this is such a popular celebration that begins the most popular season leading to Diwali in India, and now more than ever there is so much violence against women in villages and cities across India.  (As well, globally,violence against women continues) Maybe  changes would happen if more time was spent to explain the meaning behind the celebration instead of just attending temple for a few minutes and attending family homes to feast.   Then men who commit crimes against women may see themselves harming their own feminine vibrations.  Perhaps if all of us took some time to celebrate the sun/male and moon/female energies in a regular part of ritual/celebration we might be more respectful towards one another, our differences and our connections to the larger natural order.  We can choose to follow a certain ritual or even better take the initiative to create our own.  We can simply light a candle and reflect on the significance of what is important and those ideas we want to develop a better understanding and keep close.  Thanks Sadhguru for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us,  there is nothing better than having a living teacher to help us navigate on this often dark and confusing conscious path.  OM Jai Bhairavi Devi OM

The following is from the Isha Blog and if you want to read more please do check out: http://www.ishafoundation.org

Navaratri, the nine nights that celebrate the Divine Feminine are a time of great festivity in India. At the Isha Yoga Center, several colorful and exuberant events will be taking place throughout these nine days, and on Vijayadashami, the day after Navaratri.

On the second day of Navaratri, Sadhguru explains about tamas – the nature of the first three days of Navaratri. Accompanying the text is Sounds of Isha’s rendition of Adi Shankaracharya’s Soundarya Lahari, written in praise of Devi.

Soundarya Lahari

The Soundarya Lahari, composed by Adi Shankaracharya, is considered one of the most exquisite compositions in Sanskrit, which extols the beauty, power and grace of Devi. Soundarya Lahari literally means Wave of Beauty, and consists of two parts – Ananda Lahari or Wave of Bliss, which consists of the first 41 shlokas, and Soundarya Lahari, which consists of the remaining shlokas.

According to legend, the composition was bestowed to Adi Shankara by Devi, and was then destroyed by Nandi, leaving Adi Shankara to rewrite the divine gift again. Here is Sounds of Isha’s rendition of this powerful composition.

The Nature of Tamas

Sadhguru explains the quality of tamas, which is the nature of the first three days of Navaratri.

Sadhguru: In yoga, all the qualities of the world have been identified as three basic gunas: tamas, rajas, and sattva. Tamas literally means inertia. Rajas means activity. Sattva is the breaking of boundaries. The first three days of Navaratri are tamas, where the goddess is fierce, like Durga and Kali. Tamas is the nature of the Earth, and she is the one who gives birth. The gestation period that we spend in the womb is tamas. It is a state which is almost like hibernation, but we are growing. So tamas is the nature of the Earth and of your birth. You are sitting on the earth. You must just learn to simply be one with her. You are anyway a part of her. When she wishes she throws you out, when she wishes she sucks you back.

It is very important that you are constantly reminded of the nature of your body. Right now, you are a mound of earth prancing around. When the earth decides to suck you in, you just become a small mound.

In the ashram I always tell people, no matter what work you are doing,every day you must stick your fingers into the earth at least for an hour. Do something with the garden. This will build a natural bodily memory in you that you are mortal. Your body will know that it is not permanent. That realization in the body is extremely important for one to keep his focus on his spiritual pursuit. The more urgent the realization becomes, the stronger the spiritual sense becomes.

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube


In this YouTube Sadhguru plainly explains why it is so important to daily work on our inner peace.  He says, “creating an inner space is very important because that energy is not subject to anything else.”  He goes on to say that some people no matter how noble their work after some time of being fully engaged in that they begin to become miserable to greater or lesser degrees.  So creating and nurturing, by daily practice of some Kriya such as Isha Kriya is the key to maintain ease and success with all other aspects of our involvement in this life.   I like to use the imagery of tending to one’s own garden, planting, watering, feeding with nutrients, harvesting yields bounties of plants, flowers, vegetables, just like our inner realm.  When we take the time to nurture we are rewarded, working on our inner sacred space allows us to move with ease and everything becomes possible.  Sadhguru repeats, ” Establish who you are and then…Act…” Thank you for taking the time to read and watch this post, please do share with others especially those who may be workaholics, Namaste OM.

n.b. sadhana is sanskrit for practice…in Yoga we call our practice, Practice for conscious living.314507_186402684832978_1040794516_n

▶ Can Work be Used as Sadhana? – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Isha Inner Engineering Online


Isha Inner Engineering Online.

Please do click the link above to learn more about experiencing Isha’s Inner Engineering program, available online at your pace and times.

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Sadhguru knocks it out the box again…how many Yoga Teachers/Gurus give it to you straight like this? Watch my Fav Yogi……OM


533513_175389902600923_75226043_nGuru Pournami Sathsang with Sadhguru – YouTube.

If you think you are a true Seeker I recommend you watch this YouTube.  Perhaps ask yourself “has my Yoga Teacher ever mentioned anything remotely close to this?” If not and you are intrigued you may want to get on board the Isha Foundation Liberation train by doing the online Inner Engineering course.  A good starting place is to follow the Free video about the Isha Kriya, you can find it on my blog in SEARCH, on YouTube and Isha Foundation website.  Also, checking out the Isha Foundation website for courses you may want to attend in person and preparing by watching the hundreds of videos uploaded.  Show some respect and gratitude by making donations to Isha via Google Wallet or direct to their website.  Change is going to begin with You…are you ready?  Om Shanti OM

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Once again Sadhguru shares his Mastery as A Living Master & Teacher….


imagesSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Kashi – YouTube.

I have been blessed to be able to study in Varanasi, the Science of Hatha Yoga, Classical Indian Hatha Yoga at Benares Hindu University, BHU.  From long before I arrived in Benares I had longed to go there.  I never questioned where this longing originated or why.  When events began to fall into place I could sense the blessing coming together as droplets.  Once en route it was a journey filled with mystery from the first encounters on the airplane to leaving the night train at Varanasi station at 2 AM.  Constantly bombarded with life as I never could imagine but with full acceptance and an absolute understanding that was immediate all at once.  For many years I continued my studies in Varanasi for six-week durations with my Beloved Teacher Dr. K. M. Tripathi, his Family, his BHU, and I felt at ease with being captured in this manner.  But I could never explain anything in my language,  or any other manner of communication about the magical aspect of my  experiences.  Yes, I could transmit from my studies, the Classical Yoga I was being trained to teach, but not much beyond that it was a more valuable, enriching yogic study far different from my USA training.  This training in Indian Classical Hatha Yoga is what has made me very confident of my teaching not with any arrogance but with respect for receiving a tremendous Blessing that I am obligated to share.

For many who I tried to convince to visit some were able to find their own enchantment others were sickened with overwhelment.  I once was able to see one of my favorite authors, Rohinton Mistry,  arrive on the same plane to the small airport outside the city and the car I was in actually was on the road behind his car.  At once I knew it was his  first time arriving in the City of Lights as I recognized the signals with his head turning in every direction with amazement, this he confirmed at a Book Reading that a colleague/friend of mine arranged at a Haveli on the Ganga banks.  I have written here about Kashi before, mentioned some of the Great Thinkers and Writers who also had difficulty explaining about its Magic and Significance.  Finally now, Sadhguru and Isha Foundation has created the first comprehensive short take-away video explaining the Science behind the City of Light, Varanasi, Benares, India! This is very significant and extremely valuable for all of us who are on the Path of Conscious Living.  Do not be dismayed if the names are difficult, that there are deities, gods and goddesses, there is a whole complete science about this as a launchpad towards becoming the Best We Can Reach, take-away what you can and let a seed be set for future watering and growth.  Some are mentioning about the cosmos going retrograde, know there are a zillion other things happening that are amazing and you are a part of everything, it’s a matter of where you choose to set your focus, I choose Gratefulness to All my Teachers from my Mommy & my family, Dr. Tripathi, Sri Radha Kant Jha & others, onwards to Sadhguru and the entire Isha Foundation, Namaste

n.b. Just click the link below the pix to see the video, thanks

P.S. Important mentions to Dr. Alakananda Mukerji and her Late Father, Dr. Rajendra Nath Mukerji for helping to arrange for the introductions for my studies at Benares Hindu University, Varanasi, India.

Can You handle Your Own Technology as well as your smartphone?


252659_10151347105354146_1178155134_nThe End of Suffering – Sadhguru – YouTube.

The video posted here is from The Isha Foundation and is a short Darshan, talk, by Sadhguru.  A question was asked, “How do we end suffering?” Sadhguru responds with his useful comparisons to technology usage.  We know and are very interested in learning quickly how to get our new phones and tablets up and running with the latest applications, but are at a real loss when knowing how to take care of ourselves.  He notes that those with below average intellects suffer less, similar to animals who have much less suffering than humans.  Those who are in the Intellect Domain are existing at SUFFERING CAPITAL! When one knows how to rise above intellect they are Buddhas!  For shortcuts people have invented and continue to invent methods to dull the intellect: binge eating, drinking, physical pleasures, chemical substances, all to avoid the consequences of suffering. However, these inventions never remove the actual cause for suffering it is always there when the binge is over.  Of course, he brings us to Yoga, as Patanjali says, “…And now Yoga…” as after you’ve tried all these other things just see how Yoga will sustain Joy.  Once a Yoga practitioner chooses to stay on the Path and cultivates the science of the yogic tools they may experience Joy.  How one sustains Joy is when they stay on the Path with the Yoga Practices…cultivation for knowing how to live well with ongoing health, peace and joy, what an App! Just click the link below Sadhguru’s picture to view his talk – Darshan, and please share with others and stay well, Namaste!

Become like Pleasant Music – YouTube


20120705-202153.jpgBecome like Pleasant Music – YouTube.

Do click the link above to see what Sadhguru has to say about how to become pleasant…..OOOOOOMMMMMMM