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How Indian Temples Were Created – The Isha Blog

How Indian Temples Were Created – The Isha Blog

Happy New Year! There are many different ways folks celebrate the marking of a new year: some party, some clean their homes and invite family and friends to celebrate together, some attend religious programs in churches, synagogues,temples and mosques.  In this video post offered by Sadhguru and The Isha Foundation one can gain a little glimpse of the type of energy used to create Indian Temples.  India is a favorite destination for thousands of years for many of its riches.  Even today tourists flock to see the many World Heritage Sites which include Temples.  The Indian Temple is a Super Charging Station whereby one may go and sit to receive the tremendous waves of vibrations to wash over and into all aspects.  There are many Indian Temples in locales around the globe.  I keep a bucket list of Temple locations I hope to visit locally, and when traveling.  This year I hope to get back to Tennessee, where the newly installed AdiYogi Shrine/Temple has been inaugurated in 2015.  I also want to get to New Jersey where the BAPS Temple is in progress, I have visited the Akshadham BAPS Temple in Delhi, India and it would be great to have such a Temple, even if 1/100th of its original Indian parent-site.  I have previously mentioned my Temple Sister/Buddy-Nandini who always gets me to tag along for the Sai Baba Mandir(temple) in Flushing, Queens.  We always visit the Ganesh Temple two blocks away for blessings and canteen food!

If you are a yoga practitioner and have never had the experience of receiving blessings in an Indian Temple I encourage you to do so soon.  You will never be ostracized due to your ethnicity, gender, age, in fact you may be welcomed with a friendly curiosity and make some new friends easily.  Just wear clean, modest clothing and leave your shoes in the designated spaces.  OM, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti OM




Sadhguru explains how a temple is a tool to make the divine more manifestly experience-able.

Source: Why & How Indian Temples Were Created – The Isha Blog

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda – Free, Original 1946 Edition


autobiography-book-coverAutobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda – Free, Original 1946 Edition.

What a nice gift from http://www.ananda.org this free digital version of one of the most amazing autobiographies written by an Awesome Master – Paramhansa Yogananda.  Links are available to send via almost all electronic methods.  This is an important read for those who embrace Yoga, all forms, it is a lengthy read but worth every bit.  Do place it upon all your devices and read in your leisure and send to others as gifts! Happy Reading,  (just click the link below the picture)                      Namaste

Sadhguru explains about how to create a Meditative Quality….


521545_186713784801868_2062747835_nLearn How To Meditate For Beginners Online Course, Meditate Properly Benefits.

For those who aspire for the benefits of Dhyan or Raja Yoga…sitting and creating a Meditative Experience…do have a listen to Sadhguru explain…Be…Breathe…Blossom….Namaste

(please click the link below the picture here to see the YouTube video, thanks and please share with others, Namaste)