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Follow along with the video guide for the Yoga Practice, it’s your companion to the Ebook and Hardcover, “At Peace In A Quiet Place “

Follow along with the video guide for the Yoga Practice, it’s your companion to the Ebook and Hardcover, “At Peace In A Quiet Place “


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The Upside of Hanging upside down—


Namaste, Are you ready to give yourself a natural easy boost?

Try reversing the pulls of gravity which affect: our circulation, organs (including the skin),bones, spine, virtually all things get affected by gravity.  Think about how many hours each day we  sit and stand, how many hours in a year and then multiply that by how long you have being living to get a sense of the duration of gravity’s affect on all aspects.  When we have time and the season is ripe to be outdoors, look for an inclined grassy area and lie on it, on your back with your head towards the bottom of the incline/hill.  Gravity will work for you, in a smart way, reversing the affects it has such as prolapse for the organs.  Start out slowly perhaps two minutes and increase by one minute each time you practice.  Place your hands on your lower belly and observe your abdominal in and out breath until you find yourself in between the breaths, the still point, the special place of stillness.  If the sun is too bright you may choose to lie on your belly side also being aware of the breathing rhythm.  Do yourself a big favor and locate a shaded spot for this practice.  As time goes on and your remain longer it may be harmful for such a long period of sun exposure, even with sunscreen.  Remind yourself that you are in nature and that the little ants may need to cross over your ankles to get to grandmother ant’s house for dinner.  If you choose to use a bug repellent look for natural ones, like lemongrass and/or neem.  For those who are shy about being in nature, or if the weather is not cooperating you may choose to use a slant board inside or stack up the pillows while lying on the floor so that the hips are up off the floor, let the legs and knees rest on the sofa or chair.  Listen to your favorite relaxing music and breathe.  This is a modified yoga posture (modified from  Viparita Karani -Legs up the wall pose, which is great for all seasons and places.  The only difference is that the interior organs get more benefits when the hips are up for an inversion.).  When practicing for five minutes regularly any pressure on the spine may allow compressed discs between the vertebrae to regenerate.  Blood circulation to the brain is nourished boosting cognitive  abilities.  The organs begin to sigh as pressure there is released and rearranged.  The blood circulation and lymph flow begin to  reorganize and start afresh.  Remember to start for a short time and if you feel dizzy, any unconformability, ringing in the head slowly transition to lying on the back or belly  for several minutes until you feel okay again.  If you start with two minutes that is a safe range and slowly add to the time each time practicing so the body will acclimate gradually and you are not overwhelmed.  After practicing for some time and you are able to stay for twenty minutes or longer then you may reverse your energetic pattern from exhaustion to being fully rejuvenated.  For Yoginis and Yogis that are practicing asanas this simple, supported  and safe modified posture allows for more benefits due to the time able to sustain this posture  becomes longer as opposed to half – should stand.  When able to remain in postures like this for longer times more benefits are received. After you have finished your Upside down pose do lie on your back flat in savasana/relaxation pose for at least seven minutes to let all aspects harmonize.  This would be a great time to log into your journal upon completion or continue onwards in silence for a predetermined amount of time to keep the benefits as long as possible.  Happy Hanging!!!!