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Sadhguru knocks it out the box again…how many Yoga Teachers/Gurus give it to you straight like this? Watch my Fav Yogi……OM


533513_175389902600923_75226043_nGuru Pournami Sathsang with Sadhguru – YouTube.

If you think you are a true Seeker I recommend you watch this YouTube.  Perhaps ask yourself “has my Yoga Teacher ever mentioned anything remotely close to this?” If not and you are intrigued you may want to get on board the Isha Foundation Liberation train by doing the online Inner Engineering course.  A good starting place is to follow the Free video about the Isha Kriya, you can find it on my blog in SEARCH, on YouTube and Isha Foundation website.  Also, checking out the Isha Foundation website for courses you may want to attend in person and preparing by watching the hundreds of videos uploaded.  Show some respect and gratitude by making donations to Isha via Google Wallet or direct to their website.  Change is going to begin with You…are you ready?  Om Shanti OM

p.s. just click the link below the pix to watch the video