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New Yoga Ebook available on Kindle

My new Yoga Ebook is available on Kindle for a reasonable $2.99! The Title is “Peace In A Quiet Place,” by Julie Broglin. The Kindle App is free to download to the phone, iPad or tablet. The options for viewing more than one page on the screen works well for when you are following the Practice on your mat. The text size may be enlarged for your reading of the introductory portions. Soon to follow will be an Audible version so that once familiar with the contents my voice can guide you along seamlessly on your Mat. Of course there is a print book available also for $12.99. Your purchase is greatly appreciated and your favorable review on Amazon will help the title in rankings and become easily searchable for others. Thanks so much for your support and good wishes, Namaste 🙏🏽 Julie

p.s. please share this with your friends and family who practice Yoga, especially those new to Yoga.


Benefits of Tumeric



Thanks to a Facebook post for this image and reminder of how Tumeric is a powerful healing agent. I take one half teaspoon daily in my morning apple cider vinegar tonic drink. It’s quite an inexpensive item that can used as a healing agent in tonic drinks and used in cooking soups and veggie dishes daily. Also can be used in a homemade facial scrub regularly to brighten complexion, remove blemishes and pimples and soften skin. Here’s to your good health! Happy New Year 2013!

Shout-out to My first Yoga Teacher in Varanasi India – Dr. Tripathi



So much Gratitude for my first Yoga Teacher in India – Dr. K.M. Tripathi at Benares Hindu University for a million reasons including sharing of techniques, scientific information and yogic teaching confidence and lifelong fraternity and now for joining my blog!!