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  1. I’m a firm advocate for passivity in the midst of confrontation or hostility, I personally dread the idea of self indulging and engaging in violent acts, or abiding with false pretenses and intentions–however, I like any human being, have sinned in these regards. I really appreciate these guidelines towards achieving spirituality; inner peace. As I continue to enter the world of internalized existence, struggling along the way but making great headway, I have reflected on my persona and thankfully am avoiding stealing, indulgence, and possessiveness. The rewards of relinquishment our cynicism, our hatred, and our tepidity grant us with serenity and calmness. Even this weekend while I lay in head quaking at the meddlesome hands of my illness, steady breathing and a comprehension of my wretched state of being in the present, the consciousness of my susceptibility to sickness, actually helped dumb the pain down. Acceptance for our relative states; the foretelling that life will be difficult and the constant flux “of the universe” will generate obtrusiveness en route to our goals actually places us in a sane mindset, a spiritual inclination that life truly has its ups and downs. We shouldn’t CHOOSE to suffer and dwell in our complains and dissatisfaction about the lacking gifts we receive, the “lucky breaks.” Overall this week, I practiced Isha Kriya consciously at least five times, coughing occasionally but with eyes closed and my breathing at a steady pace. I strive mostly to learn Ishvara Pranidhan, because with divine energy I would simultaneously acquire contentment as well as purity. I’ve had an unconscious appeal towards Anthropology, living in the modern era, makes it all the more difficult to achieve such spiritual practices when we are corrupted by eroticism, technology (distraction), and depreciation for spirituality. I am aware of the positives that come from such practices and I wish to uncover these nuances organically and not through force or artificiality. Isha Kriya is the the firm ground for the rest of Yoga and quite frankly, practical living.

    Cedric Bluman

    • Okay Cedric. Do know the practices are building blocks and need to be explored when ready to focus in the order prescribed. Not Ny idea but from 6000 years ago prescribed by Shrill Patanjali

    • Cedric, when you have energy do look back to last week’s entry from your purchase email and make your comments to keep up to date and rest up nicely, the Kriya should help boost your healing as well, Namaste

    • When change occurs it truly comes from within, we can do all these things and really not understand the meaning of the true self unless you conscience is clear of all the negativity. Life is too short, responsibility and resolution is key. When understanding any type of ritualistic continual practice it will satisfy some part of our body, mind and soul. Love is the key that unlocks everything, Cedric, if you allow yourself to be free, just be and love. Your illness will progressively get better, and a strong belief in yourself. You know this, be you. That’s all we awake people know how to do. Love, cherish and embrace every moment and person. Don’t dwell on what could have been, if you were well. Dwell on the realization, love is real and it comes from within. We can have all the tools/skill sets we want but without self love and respect, we become “stuck”. Keep it going, glad this works for you.

  2. Moneace Smith

    Doing the Isha Kriya has been completely worth it for my body and mind to become one and the more often i practice the Isha Kriya the more I become connected and profit through my body this sense of oneness and pushing the boundaries that i have built for my body.

    • Moneace, the post to review was entitled “About the Practice of Yama & Niyama dated 7/26, when you can please review and comment with more investment as a college student to earn a satisfactory final grade, thanks

  3. These recipes look really lovely and approachable. I often prepare vegan meals for myself, but I don’t really have the time or resources to go vegetarian or vegan right now. My schedule is really chaotic and I always cave in spite of my best intentions. Maybe after I graduate I will have to time to at least keep myself vegetarian/vegan for most of my meals.

  4. I thought this blog was helpful and assigned to me in a very convenient time. I have been trying to convert my lifestyle into a vegan one but having a little trouble knowing how to do that and still maintain a nutritious diet. Reading the recipes allowed me to have my own ideas on meals I could have and things I could do to sustain myself in a healthy, moral manner. Becoming vegan is my biggest goal as of now and it has been very important to me for quite some time now. I always thought the vegan lifestyle was so creative because of how anything could be made vegan. I think people that come up with good vegan meal ideas are very creative and think outside of the box of the normal commercial meals most people are so used to eating. I also thought the utilization of sweet potatoes in most of the recipes was interesting as well.

    • Louise, wonderful that you are vegan and found this post of value, but it wasn’t the one chosen for the assignment…check back for the correct title and date…you may also like to look up “Olenko’s Kitchen” she is a Purchase Graduate who has been a long time student of mine who now has published an amazing Vegan cookbook, best wishes.

  5. I adored this website. As a vegan, it is very difficult to find recipes that do not seem challenging. The recipes I read all seemed to be not exceedingly difficult and all appeared to be colorful and fun! I also appreciated the raw vegan recipes included here. I am not on the raw diet but I appreciate the inclusion of fun recipes that one who subscribes to that method of living would be able to easily make. My favorite recipe that i read was the one listed for Vegan Macaroni and Cheese. It’s very difficult to find good macaroni and cheese recipes as a vegan, and it’s disheartening because that is one of my favorite dishes! This recipe had many ingredients but was not overly complicated in it’s instructions.
    I find that being vegan relates to yoga and generally healthy living quite a bit. It’s benefits on yourself as well as the environmental benefits are plentiful. For me, my body has reacted positively to the vegan diet. I used to experience frequent stomachaches due to an apparent lactose allergy and now because I do not consume milk they have completely subsided. Becoming vegan has improved my well being very much. I of course understand that veganism is not for everyone and that not everybody wants to be vegan. Many people have health issues that prevent them from being able to become vegan, such as a need for milk and animal based products. Some people simply have no desire to become vegan, and I absolutely understand it!

    • Michelle, wonderful that you are vegan and appreciated this post…but it wasn’t on your assignment list, check out the date and look for the correct title….but continue to look around the blog for interesting posts whenever you like…OM

  6. Acceptance of our relative states; the foretelling that life will be difficult will generate negativity a spiritual inclination that life truly has its ups and downs. We shouldn’t actively choose to suffer and dwell in our dissatisfaction of life. We have to seek out our ow happiness and be active in our lives.

    Overall this week, I practiced Isha Kriya consciously at least five times, I tried to keep my breathing as steady as possible but I have a bit of a cold lingering.

    -Rosie Evans

  7. Thank you so much for providing us with this awesome resource. It has great recipes that seem to be very delicious, I would love to try and cook some of these up in the future. I’m going on to 3 years of being vegetarian and I’m trying to transition into being vegan. However i’ve found difficulty letting go of cheese and other milk based products, finding the right tasting substitutions isn’t too easy. But I did find a nice vegan cheese over the weekend, with this I was able to up cook one of my first entirely vegan meals, which consisted of rigatoni pasta (egg free) and tomato sauce topped with dairy free mozzarella, with a side of asparagus. I see now how veganism correlates with practicing the Ahimsa because you are being non violent to animals as well as our own bodies. Which was the main reasons why I gave up meat to begin with so i guess you can say i’m on the right path.

    • Please check the email for this assignment and match the date to proper title, sometime there may be more than one post on a date. When you re-submit the correct essay you will get credit.

  8. I’m not a vegan but one thing I like and noticed about this website is that there are many recipes to try that are easy and cheap. If you would consider being a vegan this website is very helpful. If I were to be vegan my favorite dish would probably be Vegan chicken and waffles.

    One thing I noticed about my yoga practice and my Isha Kirya is that I’ve become calmer and my chest is not as congested as before.

    Shavell Fernandez
    Wed 8:30

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