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ReBlog from Isha Foundation: The path to success – 5 tips for success beyond a success mantra


The path to success – 5 tips for success beyond a success mantra.

Do click the link above to read these tips for success the thorough yogic way! Thanks Isha Foundation for publishing wonderful articles, videos and more to help us stay on the Path….NamasteIMG_0782


ReBlog: Balance you life and yoga practice with Sthira and Sukha « Jacinta-Yoga


Balance you life and yoga practice with Sthira and Sukha « Jacinta-Yoga.

This is an important read for all Yoginis and Yogis who practice Hatha Yoga. Thanks to Blogger Jacinta Yoga for writing such an important article. This is about the subtle and most crucial elements of the hatha yoga practice that differentiate the practice from exercise and that many who are new to the practice often miss. Often those who practice the “new American yoga’ tend to morph the practice into a “workout” because these essential awarenesses are not woven into the practice. I really do appreciate Jacinta Yoga for staying within the graces of authentic Indian Hatha Yoga…for somethings ring true in their core form. Indian classical hatha yoga is not a product that is in need of modernization, it is an exact amazing scientific gift for human transformation. If I had seven hundred years more to explore all I could learn from this authentic science it would not be enough.  Sadhguru reminds us that there are over 84,000 asanas not because we should do all but for all the different personalities that exist…we are then guided by our teachers who design the particular yoga mix that is best for us.    However, the simple basics as reminded to us in this Post are most helpful. Rock steady Yoginis and Yogis – Namaste

p.s. do click the first underlined link above to read the article from Jacinta-Yoga.


Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube


Delhi Gang Rape – Sadhguru Speaks – YouTube.

About AUM Chanting

Sadhguru urges us to Transform ourselves and the collective society to curtail harmful violations

In this video Sadhguru talks about what things we have allowed to corrupt our society.  It is not that those Rapists/Murderers of the young medical student in New Delhi, India were alien monsters…unfortunatley there are many others who lurk around who either have committed these and other crimes or will do so at some point when they feel the opportunity is ripe.  This kind of mindset is rampant across the globe not just in one country or city…disrespect for self and others… and people viewing others as commodities allows them to escape the moral/ethics equation.  In this video Sadhguru explains how important self-transformation is to evolve our whole global society.  Punishment is necessary for crimes but it should not be the major way in which we mold behavior.  We invest a great deal of energy and capital towards external fixes and are so fearful of exploring the interior realms of life-force.  When we understand and have the courage to explore and succeed in our own and collective transformation much will change.

The reality is that most have little understanding for the value of making time for their own transformation as a daily ritual.  He shares that for most people they can always find excuses for not making time for their own daily meditation…something else is always more important.  Therefore, in reality for most their yoga and meditation is just another form of entertainment that they add to their lives…like movie going, dining out, partying.  When we decide to make a true commitment to our own transformation and send a ripple throughout our own communities sharing these practices and validating them until these practices are fully embraced and cherished…then we will see a shift towards…humans evolving into Divine Beings.  Namaste

powaqqatsi – life in transformation


powaqqatsi – life in transformation.

Thanks to blogger Palomino 72 as I am re-blogging this Vimeo video of a 1988 documentary by Godfrey Reggio.  It is the second film in a Qatsi trilogy.  Powaqqatsi is a Hopi word meaning “parasitic way of life” or “life in transition.”  There is no dialogue and laced with a IMG_0772Philip Glass soundtrack.  The film focuses on the diversity of lifestyle between different parts of the world.  Other themes that run throughout are: beginnings,endings and transitions as well as progress and change.  This is a long film (99 minutes) and perhaps you may download it to a screen that is suitable for your viewing.  Perhaps let it be a backdrop for a gathering and notice how different folks respond and how it may influence conversations and thoughts.  The other two films in this trilogy are: Koyaanisqatsi and Naqoyqatsi.  Just click the link above to see the Vimeo video.  (It may be possible to watch this via Youtube, but I couldn’t find one that has the entire film).  Bonne Anne, Happy New Year 2013! OM