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Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube


Sraddhulu Ranade – The Star of Auroville & Sri Aurobindo Ashram (Pondy)

This is a short video with Sraddhulu Ranade from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India discussing the life long questions about what is our purpose here?  I first heard Sraddhulu at Savitri Bhavan in Auroville in 2001 and instantly knew he is a living genius on many levels: spiritual, science, philosophy, history, math, etc.  He is a figure to follow as now the energy that cultivated him at the ashram has fallen from grace and set him outside the box…this is indeed sad but also creates a chasm for him to weld…a new possibility and with this will come some fresh and enlightening possibilities.  Of course he cannot do it alone…and I share here a glimpse of his genius…do check out more of his talks via Youtube (channel Wisdom Splendor and others).  There are many possibilities with our technologies to see we are not alone, unique and the more we share our potential for knowledge and growth the future seems brighter and brighter!

Why is Consciousness Fundamental? – YouTube.


Top 7 Myths about Yoga – Busted! | The Isha Blog


Top 7 Myths about Yoga – Busted! | The Isha Blog.

Do click the link above to read the article written by Sadhguru telling the truth about why so many in the West are confused about the real Yoga….as usual he sets it straight!!!!  The picture above is a Mega Statue of Shri Patanjali (at Sri Ram Dev’s ashram in Hardiwar that I snapped in 2007) This statue is a few stories high!  Just a small measure of the respect for Shri Patanjali.  I feel confident with Sadhguru’s worldwide scope and presence more will come to know about true Indian Classical Hatha Yoga, and it is about time.  Eternal thanks to Sadhguru !!!!

‘Listen to Sadhguru’s Story about the AdiYogi as read by Anjali Yogini’


Look what I just found on SoundCloud:

Just click the link above to listen to about Shiva the First Yogi who became the first Guru.  These stories are real Pearls for Yoginis and Yogis to understand the lineage of the Yogic Science.  With much gratitude to Sadhguru for sharing with us, bringing clarity and perspective about our focus and direction.  Namaskaram

(the pix below is of Shiva in his form as Nataraj…another story…one version told about a conversation with his partner Parvati, as an argument communicated as 1001 asanas at the Chidambaram Temple, Tamil Nadu)

Shiva as Nataraj

Listen to Sadhguru’s story about the Adiyogi read by Anjali Yogini