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“Uyir Nokkam” – Sounds of Isha – on SoundCloud


20120617-102628.jpgUyir Nokkam – Sounds of Isha – Ringtone by Sounds of Isha on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.


Video from: “Sadhguru Online | Yogasana – Not Just An Exercise”


take-what-you-need-editSadhguru Online | Yogasana – Not Just An Exercise.

Please click the link above to see the video from The Isha Foundation with Sadhguru explaining about Yogasana.  Thank you Sadhguru for sharing your Pearls of Wisdom and the whole Isha Foundation Family.  Namaskaram OM

The Significance of Dakshinayana (Yoga sadhana for these six months)


1477934_465678720208018_1137132598_nThe Significance of Dakshinayana.

Do click the link below the picture to read what Sadhguru explains about the how these six months time is important for the hatha yoga practitioner.  The sadhana, the practice, may change based on the season, time of day, the ability of  the practitioner but, overall during these six months there is a fundamental change that happens from being in the northern hemisphere and the effect the sun has upon everything including physical phenomenon.  Thanks again to Sadhguru for sharing his knowledge of the true science of classical Indian hatha yoga, quite different from western branding.  Namaskaram OM

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga








Please click the text below to read what Sadhguru has to share with us about how to grow in our yoga practices.

Thanks again to Isha Foundation for educating those of us who are serious about your yoga.  Namaste.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga.