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KarmaTube: Interfaith Amigos


KarmaTube: Interfaith Amigos.

On the occasion of the Jewish New Year and the Hindu Ganesha Chautri and Hope for all of us humans to evolve in such a way that we can truly embrace one another as ONE…please do view this video, share it and discuss with others, thanks. OM

[do click the link below the artwork to view the video]

Have a Listen: “About Kashi not the cereal the ancient city of Varanasi”


Look what I just found on SoundCloud:

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Ten Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy on a Vegan Diet | The Vegan RD


Ten Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy on a Vegan Diet | The Vegan RD.

Here is a great resource about Veganism.  Click the link below the picture and get loads of information about the Vegan Diet.  For those curious try just to have one day per week for a vegan diet.  Then if your experience is neutral or positive then you may want to try to have a VEGAN WEEKEND!!! A great way to lighten up your system and to boost your immune system.  For those already Vegan my favorite website is:     there are recipes and a wealth of information.  It is organized and run by my favorite Dr. Nandita Shah from Auroville, India and hope when she comes to USA next time to host a cooking jam session with her!!! Stay healthy, Namaste

This is Mani Raman Chaitanya


Mani Raman Chaitanya is a very gifted and powerful but gentle Yogi.  He is a Master Teacher for Sivananda Worldwide. I met him in Kerala a few years back at Sivananda, Neyyar Dam ashram.  I have stayed in touch with him over the years as he travels worldwide giving Yoga Programs, often visiting the USA.  Once when he was in New York he gave a Yoga Darshan for a few of my students!!  He is a very rare jewel as he has listened to his spirit and heart and stayed on the Path of Yoga as a Monk.  The trend in India is very much like everywhere in the world nowadays for young people and it is not easy choosing to be a monk in India.  From his family and contemporaries no one understood except his mother why he chose this path.  I am so grateful and proud that he has the courage, insight, direction and more to know how he can best serve humanity.  He is extremely dynamic in his own yoga, very loving and gentle with his students, as well very eager to learn new things from everyone, all elements for a great teacher.  I feel so gifted to have met him during these early years of his mastery as I will be able to watch with Joy as he matures in his mastery.  I think it has been four years or more that he has dedicated a gift of property from a devotee to be an orphanage in Tamil Nadu!!! I cannot imagine what things are in the pipeline for and from Mani.  There are miracles happening all the time and Mani is one living breathing Yogi Miracle!!!! Long Healthy Joyful Life to Mani for all of us to keep being inspired and blessed.  Om Shanti OM

Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube


Introduction to Isha Kriya – Free Guided Meditation with Sadhguru – YouTube.

Please click the link below the picture to follow the YouTube video about learning how to do the Isha Kriya.  Here’s to your Peace of Mind and Wellness. OM

“What foods are alkaline foods”


“What foods are alkaline foods”.

The link above has a great chart which displays acid and alkaline foods.  It is for a “green supplement product” but the chart is accurate.  For those living in dormitories or meal plans with little options choosing healthy foods, supplements can be a life saver.   An option is to make smoothies with a blender, (which are pretty inexpensive to purchase, ask for as a gift, find in thrift shops).   Almond, Soy, Hemp, Coconut Milks make a great base, supplement powders may be added (however not essential) along with 3-4 pitted dates, one half or whole banana (frozen or regular), berries, pineapple….fresh herbs like basil,  if you shy away from green veggies add  them here as they get nicely disguised into the yummy flavors..give it a whirl and voila!!!  Here’s to your good health…let your taste buds have an epiphany so that they may evolve to enjoy the tastes of foods that supercharge your immune system…then you will have a win-win regimen.  Namaste

Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube


Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must] – YouTube.

The artwork is a print by one of my favorite artists Alkananda Mukerji.  The link above this text is for a YouTube video that is quite informative about the science behind Sanskrit mantras.  A lot of information is there about the Sacred  Gayatri  Mantra.  I share this to hopefully influence those new to yoga and mantra to understand what an amazing benefit it is to partake and utter the mantras.  Some westerners feel that it is an afront to their religious beliefs but it is definitely not that but a support for life to move on in a supported manner irrespective of religious background.  There are so many languages and dialects in India that depending on who is doing the translation it may vary widely.  As I have studied in a few  schools in various states in India I have synthesized the Gayatri into the following: We invoke the energies of the heavens, stars, planets, suns, moons, stars, earth and atmosphere to be fully infused within and around us during our sadhana (yoga practice as when I most share this with other participants.)  Gayatri may be invoked at any time or place, the more the better!  Don’t be shy, utter the mantras, lift up and shine, Namaste

n.b. Share here your different translations of Gayatri Mantra in the comment section below,  and would love to read your different versions about Gayatri the goddess married to the Sun-God, thanks!