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Reblog comment from a New Yogini


The following is a comment from a new Yoga Practitioner who really is growing with her Sadhana/Practice… I am so proud of her (will keep her anonymous for now)….Namaste

I am truly enjoying these excerpts. Not only do they confirm what I have been observing, they are also quite informative and stir up new ideas and thought processes for me. What I found most interesting about both of these readings is how we must learn how to not hinder the mind with disciplined thought but at the same time we must concentrate on our thoughts because it is important to understand through our own experiences why it is that we find any tensions in our minds at all. I never realized how these tensions are actually violent in themselves because they are destructing the truth that we know and constructing walls of lies. I think it is important for us to see how acts of love take their course naturally when they are not thought about but it is our negative spectrum of thoughts that propel us into uncertainty. Acceptance, compassion, and open-mindedness as well as violence are built into our nature. We can latch on to either and unknowingly repeat the patterns as we go about our lives. But if we pay attention we can see how the good outweighs the bad. And we do the bad to ourselves. The only way to end this cycle of negativity is to be the change within ourselves.

While doing the Kriya this week I noticed that on days where my mind was busy I could actually feel my mind holding on to the thought and constructing it. I noticed myself finding the words to explain my feelings. As I tried to find unconscious flowing thoughts and let go of the tension that I felt in my mind, I found it even harder to release because of my concentration on concentration. I realized that when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I would suddenly be able to create the flow of thoughts and bliss that comes with the emptiness. In relation to the audio clips from this week, I have realized that while it is important to focus on our good nature, the best way to live is to be open and loving while not disciplining the mind and holding onto our thoughts to maintain continuity as we always do.



Yoga = Stirring the Ingredients = Balance


Yoga = Stirring the ingredients = Balance

Recently been wondering about how “easy” it is for yoga practitioners to get off their yogic practice path and fall into illness, sadness and/or depression.  It always surprises me how when someone new to yoga marvels about their feelings of balance and peace.  Shortly thereafter, they are equally amazed about how the experience dissipated.  True hatha yoga is about energy cultivation.  This classical hatha yoga from India is a process for the art of living well.   There are so many priorities in our world that may confuse or overwhelm us.  When we give up on ourselves we are allowing everything else to have power over us.  In fact zapping and depleting  our energy, and then what are we left with? Satsang can be translated to community for conscious exchanges and yoga classes can be our satsang.  When we have others around to help us stay on the path, to share their experiences, concerns and discoveries this all helps us in our own trust in our yoga.

One way to keep the glimmer of satsang is to keep inspirational texts close by to muse.  In this age of the internet, Youtube and blogs we can see, listen and follow those who share conscious living quite easily.  Like refreshing your computer screen these little visits refresh our outlook – inwards as well as outwards.  I found this quote from Sadhguru that helps me as a teacher see what may be happening for practitioners:

…The science of yoga essentially means this – even a little baby, if you pinch him, he will cry because he can feel his body.  But he may not be able to feel his thoughts and emotions to start with: he can just feel his body.  So the body is the first thing he feels.  The journey of yoga is to take you from the body, to different dimensions of who you are, to the ultimate core….in that sense…then you may be equipped.”

Many of us when overwhelmed lose our memory of our wellness when the “other” priorities take over.  In these depressed economic climates it is understandable that people are juggling priorities to stay protected in their work environments.  But is it worthwhile to forget ourselves and lose our personal power/ourselves?  While awaiting Sandy – the Epic Storm of our Lifetime, I have noticed so many institutions actually offering concern, guidance, and even compassion.  Banks offering forgiveness due to projected lapses due to the storm.  Businesses closing days early, cities closing public transport and roadways, colleges sending dormitory student populations home days ahead.  All this to get families together to manage the crisis as a unit, perhaps as a financial decision that does in fact allow for some family bonding.  Rather amazing that the crisis elevates institutions to compassionate legislation and executive decisions.  Do we have to wait for a crisis of an even greater magnitude for executive decisions to remind us to stay on our yogic path.  Perhaps yes?  Sadhguru commented when asked    “is 2012 the end of the world?” – What is there to worry about if the world is over, no worries he says!  Our real concerns are what to do with our problems plaguing us with the environment, poverty, famine, corruption, etc.  How easily we can be distracted from the main event!!! We can become so numb that we cannot see how our thoughts are distracting us from our real priorities to be effective in all aspects.  We rather contemplate doomsday prophecies than work on solutions to the real crises that plague us.  We are in general the type of being who lapse in our practices and fall ill or sick, time and time again.  We can become like the little baby who cries when pinched…because we ignored the information at the mental, emotional, energetic screens.

What does Sadhguru mean when he says…“then you may be equipped” ? Equipped to grow up towards: strength, health & well-being, compassion for self and others, higher creativity, mental clarity with ease, higher powers of intuition, successes in all endeavors, these follow once the equipment is in place.  The question I continually have for practitioners is are we doing hatha yoga for exercise?  When classical yoga is anaerobic not aerobic, one should not confuse the two and both activities are necessary for optimal health.  True hatha yoga is like stirring a pot of soup to mix the ingredients, to blend and marry the flavors evenly….after some time when we stop stirring the ladle in the pot the ingredients slow the revolutions until it comes to a dead stop….stillness.  Are we doing hatha yoga for energy cultivation and harmony then why stop the stirring before we are ready for a full stop?   Frankenstorm aka Sandy is stirring up lots…are we equipped to manage during the storm and equally important to handle the aftermath?  Namaste

Vibhuti, the Sacred Ash – Sadhguru – YouTube


Listen to Sadhguru talk about when we remind ourselves about our mortality it suddenly and effectively uncomplicates our lives…

Vibhuti, the Sacred Ash – Sadhguru – YouTube.

Have a listen to Sadhguru explain about the significance of Vibhuti- the Sacred Ash.  Many wear the ash on their foreheads, in the scalp or a dot at the third eye, between the eyebrows.  Learn about the energetic powers and possibilities of Vibuti/Sacred Ash.  In India it is very common to see people wearing Vibhuti, even though Sadhguru mentions it is few who understand the significance.  Here in the United States we mostly only see something similar on one day Ash Wednesday for the Catholic and some Christian communities.  If you do live near a Hindu temple one may notice folks leaving the temple adorned with Sacred Ash but it is not very common sight here in the USA.  When one does have the opportunity to partake or to even just witness another wearing the Vibhuti -Sacred Ash this talk brings about a new awareness as well respect.  Thank you Sadhguru for sharing so much knowledge for us.  OM

Nobody Can Do Meditation! | The Isha Blog


We are best at creating a meditative quality through our Yogic Practices…read and listen to Sadhguru explain more about this….

Nobody Can Do Meditation! | The Isha Blog.

Do click the link to read this post from THE ISHA BLOG: read and hear what Sadhguru has to say about what others are so freely calling meditation.  What he says has a lot to do with why so many have little or no success with their so called “meditation”.  The path that Sadhguru has designed for those who follow clearly makes a direct road to success for Peace & Wellness in his Sadhana/Practice.  We learn from Shri Patanjali that the Science of Yoga is a process of  the eight- fold steps of Astangha.  Sadhguru has truly provided the key to success for those who listen and follow his guidance.  OM

Bodhidharma | The Isha Blog


Sadhguru Founder of Isha Foundation

Bodhidharma | The Isha Blog.

Click the link to read the about the history of the connection between Yoga/Meditation in India and how it spread to the rest of Asia.  For many students who are studying Asian Philosophy and want some clarity as to the origins and spread of these practices.  Whichever path you choose for conscious development it will be right for you for that time and just keep your feet on the path….Namaste

Ways for a Glowing Skin | The Art Of Living India


Ways for a Glowing Skin | The Art Of Living India.

Do click the link below the image to review the article.  Lots of information about how to keep your complexion healthy and the connection to meditation.  Here’s to your good health!!! Namaste