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▶ Yamaraj – Drink and Get Driven – YouTube


yamraj_low▶ Yamaraj – Drink and Get Driven – YouTube.

Please be safe this New Year’s Eve and appoint a designated driver….please share this short video with others…..Stay Safe and Well for 2014! Namaste


Time keeps marching on and on….New Year brings the hopes for another 365….Can we master the Moment?


9649_425827504154081_1410478925_nMaking Sense of Time.

Wishing All good health, and confidence to Stay on the Path with Practices that lead to Peace of Mind.  Hope that more  folks find values in skills which bring the ability to know how to still everything to fully experience the awesome silences and pregnant pauses available in each and every Moment.  Do open your Gift of  conscious breathing which reveals the beautiful Present of Being fully in the Moment. Do click the link below the image to read Sadhguru’s words about bringing in the New Year ahead.  Thanks Isha Foundation for posting these valuable teachings from Sadhguru. Namaste.

DIY Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe…. Be Merry Merry and Warm…..OM


IMG_6788-682x1024Edible Giving: Easy, DIY Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix.

Here’s a great easy, vegan hot coco recipe to keep you warm this winter and an easy home-made gift idea to share too!  Thanks to Choosing Raw Blog for sharing this with us all.  Merry Merry OM!

Nelson Mandela & the Bhagavad Gita


202013-12-07-12-3320Nelson Mandela & the Bhagavad Gita.

Please do click the link below the Picture of Nelson Mandela sitting alongside the Bhagavad Gita.  ISKCON was a place that Mandela often visited in South Africa, (International Society for Krishna Consciousness), many know the group as the Hari Krishna folks who used to dance and chant in airports.  I have visited and stayed in a couple of ISKCON centers and they truly do offer safe refuge.  The Hari Krishna Centers in Delhi, Mumbai and Banglalore are majestically beautiful and offer solace for visitors.  Mandela chose to develop into a remarkable person and we all may choose similarly.  There are many gates leading towards elevating our minds, emotions, perspectives and when we decide to seek out these pathways we can decide which resonates best with our spirit.  I have read many translations of the Bhagavad Gita, referred to sometimes just as The Gita and I find Eknath Easwaran’s translation and commentary on each verse to be a treasure trove.  Easwaran lived in the USA for a long time as a Professor at UCLA.  He also founded The Blue Mountain Center where he offered meditation courses.  His long experiences with students and seekers from different walks of life in America gave him an extra edge to be able to explain the core meaning from The Gita so that westerners could easily grasp the messages.  Along with Easwaran’s own special messages and experiences I really value this collection of three volumes and try to re-read it at least once a year.  My Guruji the Late Shri Radha Kant Jha always said every Yogi should try to read The Gita at least once a year and he professed to have read it over 1000 times.  So trying to be a good yogini I try my best and refer my students to take up at least the first volume, “The End of Sorrows” by Eknath Easwaran.  I hope you may join the ranks of Nelson Mandela and so many known and unknown folks who have opened the pages of The Bhagavad Gita….here’s to your good reading….Hari Krishna Hari Madiba…Hari Ram….Hari YOU….Hari  me….Hari Hari…Hari OM

(n.b. Thanks Lalitji for posting about this – you are my Favorite Virtual Teacher! Namaste)

Seeds of Light | KarmaTube


1477934_465678720208018_1137132598_nSeeds of Light | KarmaTube.

Reflecting upon the life of the Divine Hero- Nelson Mandela who said: “Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.”  One of the best ways to pay tribute to the loving memory for those who have gone before us is to continue to create acts of love and kindness.  I found this inspiring video on one of my favorite sites, KarmaTube and thought it would be a good example of the work that others are doing to bring about positive changes for others.   We may choose to continue good acts in gratitude and respect for Mandela, our own family members, ourselves, let’s keep paying it forward.  We can choose to donate our time and/or funds and there are so many foundations, services, organizations and  services in our local neighborhoods, and global villages.    Namaste translates roughly as I honor the spirit of Oneness as I realize the Divine in me is the same energy that moves in all beings, OM