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Measure your doses of sunshine….


Namaste Sunseeker!!

We are able to get our due amount of Vitamin D during these summer months easily. Vitamin D and sunshine are vital for optimal health,(essential for bone health), for all. Some of the benefits from ultraviolet sun rays are: it’s a natural sterilizer able to kill fungus and bacteria on our skin. Sunshine can boost our immune system so that it may effectively destroy disease in our cells. Besides tanning our skin too much exposure may develop damage and cancer, as well as dehydration and heat stroke. Think about timing your sun exposure times to thirty minutes within two hours of sunrise or sunset. There are differing opinions on the use of sunscreen for all complexions so do your homework and find the right formula for your summer sunshine and overall health. Ciao!



What’s the deal with Coconut Water?



I mentioned in last week’s post about staying cool during hot weather to take coconut water. We see it in all the health food stores and even supermarket chains nowadays. Why are folks buying this stuff up? Well it has quite a few benefits: it has a mega dose of potassium which is great for our hearts and blood pressure. It is low in calories and no fat or cholesterol. We see it packaged in our stores nowadays and it is a good way to keep the interior organs able to adjust to heat, so usually perspiration is lowered which is an aid in summertime. Do know the packaged products are lower in benefits than the actual tender coconuts. Most Asian produce markets and some good health food stores will carry the actual green tender/young coconut or open them to their white inner shell. If you are living in a part of the world where these tender coconuts are shipped in do try to have some as the benefits are higher. Tender coconut water is a diuretic. The palm tree root’s absorb nutrients from the soil; metabolizes and stores the nutrients in the coconut. The coconut water contains: sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, sulphur, silica, magnesium and B complex vitamins. The live tender coconut water when ingested regularly will have a noticeable clearing effect on the complexion. Do know that the vitality diminishes with transport and the longer it sits it becomes less vital. When able to find tender coconuts locally harvested do know its benefits are such that a sickly person may be fully replenished with the peak amount of electrolytes aiding their recovery to renewed health. In the USA, PepsiCo owns O.N.E. and Coca-Cola owns Zico from what I could find today online Vita Coco remains independent. That’s the Coconut Water Deal….whether you choose this, other natural products or water do stay hydrated and well, OM.


The Upside of Hanging upside down—


Namaste, Are you ready to give yourself a natural easy boost?

Try reversing the pulls of gravity which affect: our circulation, organs (including the skin),bones, spine, virtually all things get affected by gravity.  Think about how many hours each day we  sit and stand, how many hours in a year and then multiply that by how long you have being living to get a sense of the duration of gravity’s affect on all aspects.  When we have time and the season is ripe to be outdoors, look for an inclined grassy area and lie on it, on your back with your head towards the bottom of the incline/hill.  Gravity will work for you, in a smart way, reversing the affects it has such as prolapse for the organs.  Start out slowly perhaps two minutes and increase by one minute each time you practice.  Place your hands on your lower belly and observe your abdominal in and out breath until you find yourself in between the breaths, the still point, the special place of stillness.  If the sun is too bright you may choose to lie on your belly side also being aware of the breathing rhythm.  Do yourself a big favor and locate a shaded spot for this practice.  As time goes on and your remain longer it may be harmful for such a long period of sun exposure, even with sunscreen.  Remind yourself that you are in nature and that the little ants may need to cross over your ankles to get to grandmother ant’s house for dinner.  If you choose to use a bug repellent look for natural ones, like lemongrass and/or neem.  For those who are shy about being in nature, or if the weather is not cooperating you may choose to use a slant board inside or stack up the pillows while lying on the floor so that the hips are up off the floor, let the legs and knees rest on the sofa or chair.  Listen to your favorite relaxing music and breathe.  This is a modified yoga posture (modified from  Viparita Karani -Legs up the wall pose, which is great for all seasons and places.  The only difference is that the interior organs get more benefits when the hips are up for an inversion.).  When practicing for five minutes regularly any pressure on the spine may allow compressed discs between the vertebrae to regenerate.  Blood circulation to the brain is nourished boosting cognitive  abilities.  The organs begin to sigh as pressure there is released and rearranged.  The blood circulation and lymph flow begin to  reorganize and start afresh.  Remember to start for a short time and if you feel dizzy, any unconformability, ringing in the head slowly transition to lying on the back or belly  for several minutes until you feel okay again.  If you start with two minutes that is a safe range and slowly add to the time each time practicing so the body will acclimate gradually and you are not overwhelmed.  After practicing for some time and you are able to stay for twenty minutes or longer then you may reverse your energetic pattern from exhaustion to being fully rejuvenated.  For Yoginis and Yogis that are practicing asanas this simple, supported  and safe modified posture allows for more benefits due to the time able to sustain this posture  becomes longer as opposed to half – should stand.  When able to remain in postures like this for longer times more benefits are received. After you have finished your Upside down pose do lie on your back flat in savasana/relaxation pose for at least seven minutes to let all aspects harmonize.  This would be a great time to log into your journal upon completion or continue onwards in silence for a predetermined amount of time to keep the benefits as long as possible.  Happy Hanging!!!!

Check out my list of good reads for summer….


Namaste, just a reminder to scroll down on this page  (bottom) to see my fav books for summer reading…I am now reading Autobiography of a Yogi for I think the 50th time and it always is amazing and applicable to where I am in my own practice and understanding of what is possible….its limitless.  Feel free to share your readings and comments here. Thanks, OM

Summer Solstice and its going to be a hot one…here in the greater New York area…


Namaste and welcome to the first hours of the summer season (depending on your location)  and Summer Solstice for All!  Here are some tips for remaining cool, firstly try to think about interior areas of the body as well as exterior.  Hydration is important and some tips to enhance this are: to place cucumber slices in a water pitcher, (room temperature water is best).  Cucumber helps to cool down our tissues.  Also, lemon slices in water helps to cool the interior spaces.  Use a basin and fill with either combination cucumber or lemon and water and frequently sponge off the exterior parts of the body, then use the basin to soak your feet in.  After getting used to these cool sponge baths one may choose to strengthen the body and make it more resistant to temperature changes by taking cool showers.   This constricts the blood vessels at the surface and drives tremendous circulation to the internal organs.  By doing this the interior organs will have better oxygenation (especially if one is doing regular kriya and pranayama/breathing exercises), this also helps the body functions move to higher levels so that elimination processes may  move waste/toxins away and out of our bodies.  If you are not used to this start with the cool towels and start to lower the shower water from hot to warm and warm to cooler and cooler temperatures.  This also will save energy from making hot water and perhaps utility bills may lower during this season.  Interesting note that even during the hottest days it is always best to refrain from ice-cold drinks as the interior organs function best with warm fluids.  Our temperatures are in the range of 98.6 Fahrenheit and an ice chilled beverage is about 35 degrees that is a huge difference and shock to these organs.  Cold in the stomach constricts the blood vessels, limiting blood supply to the stomach reduces gastric juices doing their digestive work which can affect our immune system.  So to recap, use cool and cold applications on the exterior parts of the body and keep warm and room temperature fluids and foods for inside the body.

Do find the coolest place with the most shade to sit during the hottest times of the day and place the feet in a bucket/tub with cool water, put on your favorite music and just chill.  If we can understand that perspiration is a healthy natural process that allows us to release toxins that accumulate over time from our systems perhaps we can embrace the heat, as long as there are no health conditions that require precautions.  If your constitution will allow you to experience the heat try to come out of the air-conditioned spaces for a while for a free sauna. (n.b. this is also a good time for a natural facial with cucumber, avocado, turmeric powder, carrot, chickpea flour, sandalwood paste, almond oil, lavender oil-any combination will be fine mixed with a little rosewater or coconut water-keep on for at least 20  minutes and as long as you like, the longer the better.)

Doing pranayama/conscious breathing exercises, regularly allows us to have good oxygen content in our cells as well as aids in breathing well in different climates.  One of the best pranayama to do when it is hot is Sitali and there are many how-to-videos on YouTube.  It’s recommended to do a series of different pranayama daily and to add Sitali as your final one for the session followed by sitting quietly or resting/lying on the back on the cool floor or bed.  This rest time should be from 7 to 14 minutes to allow the cells to receive the benefits from the pranayama.

As many have the benefit of weather forecaster information, when it is correct, sometimes this can help us pick and choose activities that will best be suited for the temperatures.  If one chooses to experience the heat with out air conditioning and has the flexibility to choose how to spend the day-perhaps choosing to work in a cool shaded spot  while reading,working remotely via computing or attending chores.  Sitting lower towards the ground or on the ground will be the coolest place.

Do remember that experiencing extreme changes with temperatures may endanger one’s health so be cautious with yourself and check on those family, friends and neighbors who have health conditions that may be challenged by the heat wave.  Give a call and share some of the ideas mentioned and if you can take your plastic bucket and some cukes or lemons over and have a chat while they chill!!

Happy Summer Solstice Namaste!

n.b. Coconut water also helps to cool down the interior organs and tissues along with nourishing them, one of the best natural foods for us.

About Sound-as Vibration, as Mantra and its effects


Welcome to your Omlinkblog tune-up for Well-Being!!! Before you click the link just above to listen to the post do have a read here…As many of you know I have spent a fair amount of time studying yoga in India.  I have spent time becoming certified in the classical hatha yoga sadhana that is quite different from many of the “styles” practiced in the west.  I have traveled in North and South India staying at different kinds of ashrams.  Mostly all the choices were chosen by my teacher in Benares.  I have had the privilege to access to many libraries that document the scientific research about hatha yoga and its counterpart ayurveda.  I have spent quite a few rupees making copies of texts that I found to be valuable to my understanding and teaching of the sadhana.  This is partly the reason that I had decided to start this blog to be able to coordinate my files of information that I have carried back over the years.  Also, I very much wanted to share this information to help others to see how scientific the practice (sadhana) is, as most westerners value the intellect over experience.  But my real hope is that once the science explains how the practice creates: peace, good health and well-being as a gateway to higher consciousness, yoginis and yogis will then appreciate and trust their experiences more.  This is not to say that study is not acceptable and may be enjoyed and a complement to our sadhana.  The digestion of intellectual data is slower than knowing reality from experiences.  Hopefully those who enjoy and stay with their practices will come to value and place priority onto yogic experiences.  Many of the texts I will be sharing are from the BHU library at Malaviya Kala Kendra, Lonalva and texts from the Bihar School of Yoga, (some left to me by my Yogi Sri Radhakant Jha).

So, as we practice yoga, we begin to pay attention to the sensations we feel in our bodies.  Based on our past, present and future hopes and fears, we have developed a unique relationship with our bodies.  Our body is a complex system of many different types, but it is through this body that we experience life.  We have many capacities such as sensation, healing, power, pleasure, and pain to list a few.  Whenever we start our practice of yoga is always a good time to begin for it will lift and raise our awareness towards positive realms and one finds this is limitless!  Namaste

Favorite Music for Peaceful Ambience


Here is a small sampling of artists and titles of music that can be found on iTunes:

Flute Music for Meditation by Sri Chinmoy

Invocation by Silvia Nakkach

Ten Thousand Buddhas by Osho

Garden of the Beloved by Osho

Buddha Moon by Chinmaya Dunster

Yoga on Sacred Ground by Chinmaya Dunster

Music for Deep Meditation – Chanting Om with Harmonies

Also on the Isha Foundation website: Nadha Bhramha (Sadhguru’s recorded chants!) and Sounds of Isha

Happy Listening!!! OOOOOOOMMMMMM


Not quite ready for ACV?……Try this….


Okay if you are a bit shy about trying the apple cider vinegar but do want to keep your alkalinity up, try this:

First thing in the morning before brushing your teeth – take about 4-8 ounces of warm water add liberal squeezes of lemon or lime and liberal dashes of cayenne pepper.

Try to get organic cayenne pepper and use fresh lemons or limes. However, if getting fresh produce is problematic the refrigerated lemon juice can be substituted. Doing

this on a daily basis will help to keep your digestive tract free and reduce colds and viruses, by lowering acidic levels. Remember the thing about regimens is to stick with it

and make it a daily practice to ensure that the regular introduction of the lemon and cayenne can do its work in these interior regions. This is also a great way to prevent the

throat from getting sore, especially a good thing for teachers, singers, and performers. Here’s to your good health, Namaste



About the importance of keeping our systems alkaline


Namaste, in one of the last posts mention was made about morning regimens such as taking Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV. I just wanted to share more about how this inexpensive product works wonders. I recommend the Bragg products as they are organic and high quality. When our systems become acidic from too much sugar, salt, caffeine, stress, medicines the levels of oxygen are lowered in our cells and the immune fighting powers are depressed. When we find ourselves acidic it is easy for illnesses like: sore throat, colds, flu, and allergies, Many other conditions may be reduced or eliminated when a regular daily regimen begins. The recommendation is to take 2-3 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and mix with about eight ounces of water. I use warm water, but some may choose any temperature and some add honey or stevia until they become accustomed to the taste. In about 6 weeks of daily intake morning and night one may find conditions such as: acne, artery plaque, high toxic levels, hunger cravings for salty and sugary foods, dull complexion, rashes and itchy scalp and athlete’s foot, reversing! For those over 50 the creaky bones become less as it helps removes crystals and toxins from joints, and tissues. Some may find the taste a bit strong in the beginning. Hopefully by learning about caring for the body at the cellular level one begins to appreciate what substances help to keep the energy at its highest. When the cells are fully oxygenated cancers and virus cannot survive and are eliminated naturally. The Bragg company hosts a website with a wealth of information as well as products may be ordered safely there. Health food stores also carry some of the products and usually ACV is available. It is a challenge to make changes and it is good to try putting a new regimen in place just temporarily. Once the benefits are realized and felt it is very easy to understand it better as it is then a positive experience. We learn and understand best from real experiences. The ACV is very inexpensive trial and perhaps just take two weeks to see if any noticeable changes occur. The only side effect for some is just getting used to the taste, and perhaps the taste buds will adjust to relish things that do our bodies good over other seductive flavors with little or no benefits. Here’s to your good health OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Namaste