Hatha Yoga – How to Deal with Physical Weak Points? – The Isha Blog

Hatha Yoga – How to Deal with Physical Weak Points? – The Isha Blog


Here’s a short article and video from Sadhguru that helps us understand that we should not be too focused on our physical limitations but rather submit totally to being in our sadhana/yoga practice.  This is so reassuring for us aging Yoginis  who are dedicated to our sadhana!  The Blessings are constant in different ways at different points in our lives.  Thanks Sadhguru for your wisdom and for sharing with us and thanks for the Isha Foundation and volunteers that deliver so much media as virtual Darshan with us.  Namaskaram.

Do click the red link below to read the article and to view a minute long video, please share freely.  OM





Sadhguru explains what can be done if parts of the body feel as if they are not cooperating.

Source: Hatha Yoga – How to Deal with Physical Weak Points? – The Isha Blog

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  1. Inhale “I am not the body”; exhale “I am not even the mind”.
    This statement is so simple and yet so difficult to accomplish. Every inhalation I have to try to visualize myself leaving my body and floating into nothingness and with each exhalation I try to stay in the nothingness and lose my mind. I have discovered for myself that the moment when I stop breathing and pause is the most crucial part of Isha Kriya for me. I try to stay in my meditative state and be present in my inner self and not begin to let my mind wonder from the task at hand.
    This step is difficult for me, but is starting to get easier with each Isha Kriya I do.

    The next step has arrived and I begin uttering the sound aaa and it feels so good to let the stress from the day out of my body. By the third aaa I find myself trying to place my aaa in the correct position as if I am giving myself a private voice lesson. I remind myself that “I am not even the mind” and to continue the drone like sound.

    I am now silent. This step of the process reminds me of a book I read for my stage techniques class called Awakening to your Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. The focus of the book is being present in the moment, I find the Isha Kriya to be a similar practice and my prior knowledge of being in the moment helps me quiet my mind.
    The Isha Kriya practice is simple and by the third step my mind feels so still.
    There are moments when I realize that my mind has become active due to lower back pain causing me to come out of my meditative state. I am usually able to adjust and come back to a state of being, but I know that I am capable of reaching a deeper state of meditation if I fix my lower back issues.

    I have started to think about Isha Kriya more often in my daily life and sometimes I even do the beginning of the exercise while I am waiting for a lesson to help me quiet my mind and help me become more present in my current state of being. I am looking forward to seeing my growth as a person from this practice.

    Cara Collins

    • Great you are bringing your Isha Kriya into your daily life! Do use a pillow or cushion, or roll a towel to support your back, if you need suggestions lets talk next in class. This is a well written essay if you keep all at this level your Journal grades will be high, Namaste

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