Staying healthy during the seasonal changes


As the seasons change we need to put in place aids to maintain good health.  For our diets if we can keep our systems free of acidity which means really to have an alkaline balance we may stay free of colds and other illnesses.  Do you find yourself catching colds easily and/or frequently?  Do you notice that your tongue has a grayish coating? Do you notice that you have to urinate frequently? Oftentimes when we do not have the right mineral balance we cannot hold water in our system and we might easily change that by taking Himalayan salts once in the morning and once in the evening.  Himalayan salt crystals have about 108 minerals and the table salt only has 3.  One can take a half teaspoon in warm water and drink a glassful or my preferred way is to use the Himalayan salt crystals that come in a chunk size.  I keep the chunks in a glass jar with water and keep refilling.  I use it to cook with so that I am getting it throughout the day.  This ensures that the water that I drink goes fully into hydrating my cells instead of filling the toilet.  I see many who are athletic who are walking or jogging always carrying water bottles and visiting the bathroom regularly and I wonder why they invest so much for the toilet!   Next do you notice that you are craving sugary, salty and fatty foods regularly…these are telltale signs that our systems are acidic.  Also those who have a high meat/flesh diet often promote acidosis.  There is a cycle when sugar is craved next salt is craved, notice this cycle and know you may put a stop to it easily to prevent your immune system from being depleted and unable to fight off colds, flu and viruses.  When we are ready to break the cycle we can take alkaline foods and juices such as green juices.  Green juices and foods for example are:  kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, that we may add carrot and a little apple.  Also wheatgrass juice is so packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and most importantly chlorophyll  that builds our cells to its strongest.  For those who are not vegan, meaning they take dairy and meats, try during this time to limit both dairy and meats and stay with more green vegetables and fruits.  Grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, kiwis are some of the best choices for boosting the immune system and staying balanced.  Do look for my earlier posts about Apple cider vinegar (ACV) (look for September 1st post) and I recommend Bragg products only as they are organic and the highest quality made for this kind of health regimen.  I take 3 tablespoons in warm water along with a half teaspoon of turmeric powder every morning.  This ACV regimen is one of the best ways to make sure we can stay healthy and balanced.  For those new to this I recommend that you take one teaspoon at first to get use to the taste, in 8 ounces of warm water and you could choose to cut that with grapefruit juice to help get used to the taste.  Also some may choose to add agave for a sweetener that doesn’t have the calories of honey.  Honey does have excellent healing properties if it is truly organic and raw, which means you probably won’t find it in the supermarket chains but in a health food store or farmer’s market.  As I am staying with the vegan routine I am only keeping the raw organic expensive honey for emergencies like sore throat.  Being considerate of the bees is another gentler way to co-exist, as the bee population has been plagued by human ingestion.  We have so many other natural plant-based sweeteners like agave and stevia and also moving away from the sweet craving is what the whole post is about to prevent acidity.  When we decide to face our health and make decisions to eat for our health then we can make choices that are flavorful without damaging our systems.  The ACV regimen keeps our kidneys working to optimal levels flushing out toxins so they don’t fester into illness.  Do review the earlier posts about ACV and try to use only the Bragg product.  They have a great website that is packed with volumes of information about health, recipes, inspirational articles.  I often order my products from their website as they have sales regularly.  Do know that ACV is a very inexpensive item in most  stores and one of the best values for a healthy item for your home and body.  Stay well and share this with your friends and family….if we all are healthy there will be less germs spreading!!!! Namaste


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  1. Living in New York we get to experience four seasons, which means throughout the year we are exposed to all types of weather. Going through somewhat abrupt temperature fluctuations due to global climate change especially, people have a better chance of getting sick. This could be simply someone with a weak immune system reacting to the weather change, but most people don’t know about the natural substances that could help make you healthier. There are organic foods that contain necessary vitamins, and more people should be aware of them.
    Some people unintentionally let themselves get to a point where they are unhealthy or have a weak immune system. This could be natural or from lack of vitamins and nutrients, but either way it can be improved. There are foods that can be found in the supermarket that can boost your immune system, instead of running to the doctor when you’re feeling ill. If consumed regularly, you have a better chance of preventing sickness in the future.
    Some of the items are Himalayan salt, green juices(containing certain fruits and vegetables), honey, and apple cider vinegar. All of these things are available at supermarkets, and could easily be added to someone’s diet to improve their health. I personally try to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a bit of water each day. Because of this improving my digestion, my skin and digestive system overall have also improved.

  2. This post shared some interesting tips for staying healthy particularly in the context of the cold season. I didn’t know that green vegetables were alkaline and the short list of particularly beneficial fruits will be taken to heart. I will also look into Himalayan salt and ACV to supplement my diet.

    I have been vegan for several months, and the one time I broke it, I got very sick, so I’m committed! It’s been really good and I’ve been getting through to some carnivorous friends. I also got rid of all the dairy in my mother’s house, which I felt terrible about for being so wasteful, but it had to be done. She was livid, but my family has now switched to plant-based milk, and cheese and yogurt will be next. I have been reading a lot about recent research that suggests that casein and other animal proteins actually act as oxidizing and cancer promoting, beyond carcinogenesis, and more and more is constantly being discovered about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I’m looking forward to the summer when I’ll have optimal conditions to eat, work out, and yoga right. My tongue is kind of grey… but I’m not sure any more than normal? To be honest, the one section I was dubious of in this article was the ‘invest so much in the toilet’ section. I’m sure sweating releases more toxins than urination, and I’m sure Himalayan salts will help to maintain cell hydration linearly with water ingestion, but I also love drinking a ton of water and ditching it in the bathroom continuously. At a certain point, toxins are visibly low, kidney health is I’m sure being boosted, and I get a kind of energy buzz of being so hydrated. I understand that cell hydration and water ingestion are not identical figures, but there are more benefits to the latter than simply the former. Digestion of food substances is promoted with high water intake, and neurological/emotional function is supposed to be boosted from drinking the prescribed 11+ cups of water daily. When I’m doing that, I will be hitting the bathroom frequently, but I will still be hydrated. It’s very nice living in a place with all you can drink clean water, I’m very thankful for that. Save the bees!

    • Awesome that you have moved your health practices in these directions! You may want to look at Also you can look to see if these blogs might be useful for your Mother: Oh She Glows, Vegan Richa, Sweet Potato Soul…. Purchase College NYPIRG office is doing some important work around supporting policies to support clean and safe water, you may want to check it out. Wonderful to have you sharing yoga with us this semester! Namaste

  3. I found this so informative and lovely to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of these great facts!

    I most definitely experience all of the traits that were stated such as craving sugar, not urinating properly, and staying off balanced. I found it interesting that not having the right mineral balance can lead to us not holding water in our systems which creates dehydration. I cook with Himalayan salts instead of regular thoughts but I never thought to actually put it in my water in the morning time. I have been drinking celery juice recently ( right in the morning an hour before eating my first meal) which helps with digestion. It has been such a great experience and I hope everyone reads the following link to learn more about it!

    During seasons I always tend to realize that my immune system drops so I have been taking echinacea supplements to boost my IS. I find that I always get sick during the change of seasons, and my lips become more dry. I also take calcium pills due to my lack of dairy on a day to day basis.
    I was very excited when the reading stated that drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps because I sometimes drink a bit of it 30 minutes before a meal. I also enjoy putting cayenne pepper in everything! I made teas with ginger, cayenne, lemon, and honey simply for the hydration and sweat that occurs with spice.

    I must say though, feel a bit hypocritical and a bit of humor in the fact that as I write this, I am eating a chocolate chip cookie.
    One must treat themselves sometimes though… right? 🙂

    Here are links of benefits of echinacea supplements and cayenne pepper!!



  4. This post served as a really helpful health guide. I only ever visit the doctor when I am truly sick (with a fever, a relentless cough, etc.) so I tend to just wait out the little colds or bugs by hydrating and resting. Helping to build my health to resist some of these little illnesses might help even root out the big ones. I am intrigued by the idea of using Himalayan salts versus table salt for its mineral content, and I found the part about breaking the cycle of fatty/sugary cravings with alkaline food such as cucumbers, kale, celery, etc. to make a lot of sense.

    I could really use this right now! Whenever the weather is in flux, between the seasons, I find myself getting sick. Living on campus feels like I’m festering in a pit of germs, as I find myself in close quarters with roommates or peers. I can’t control who has sneezed on my desk or who hasn’t properly washed dishes in the communal kitchen, so it is important for me to use these tips to take some sort of control over my health. Whether this is altering the grocery list to allow for more greens and less fatty/sugary foods, or making an effort to consume more minerals with Himalayan salts, getting sick is no fun for me or those around me, so it’s time to put forth effort!
    It’s also an exciting step because I love to try new things, and have never tried wheatgrass (for example.)

    I mentioned in class I am a pretty awful cook mainly because I am directionless. I walk aimlessly through the grocery store and when I try to eat healthy I buy a head of lettuce and make an underwhelming salad. I don’t use kale, spinach, or ginger often, so these ingredients can help start a recipe search to make better meals (for taste and health!) I found a site for some of the immune-boosting ingredients listed in the post!
    Might have to try the chickpea spinach salad this week…

  5. With this essay, it talks about how in the seasonal change you have to take care of yourself and the ways to take care of yourself. There isn’t much to write about this essay but here is what I do is every single day is to drink a shot of apple cider vinegar and drink tea before that. I make sure I eat fruit once each day. Last year in December I weighted 168 and now I weigh 159 and that’s all because of me working out but also eating fruits and taking a shot of apple cider vinegar each day. I try to eat healthy food but sometimes on campus, there isn’t much to eat. I try to each something big so I don’t have to eat late at night. If you don’t eat very healthy your immune system starts to mess up.

  6. I used to work at a natural food store and I heard a lot of information thrown back and forth about acidity and alkaline levels and how they affect our health in terms of illness prevention and overall wellbeing.
    Since I started taking a multivitamin in the morning i’ve noticed I don’t hit so many lows during my day. My nutrition isn’t that good because I usually grab food on the way to work or on my way back at night. It’s usually a slice of pizza or something. When I do cook, I usually make beans, kale, celery, spinach, broccoli and corn over rice. If I have some meat I’ll usually throw that in as protein. When I get a steady portion of that I usually notice a boost in my overall mood and state of mind. — I don’t usually consume Himalayan salt, but I do have a salt lamp.

    Apple cider vinegar is great when you have a sore throat. When I’m getting sick I usually drink a shot of it and then follow it up with a couple tall glasses of water. I find that it not only relieves some of my symptoms, but shortens the duration of my illness too.

    Salt Lamps

    Alkaline Diet pros and cons

  7. Good health is priceless. There are countless regiments to promote good health. I have heard of the apple cider vinegar regimen. Science does have some research to support the benefits of acetic acid in vinegar to reduce obesity and improve blood sugar and insulin levels, but overall, there is not an overwhelming endorsement for its use to promote health.

    I did enjoy your post as it is an important reminder to be mindful of our health. We each need to take responsibility for our own health as it does impact not only ourselves but others around us. As with yoga, we are reminded that we are not alone. Our actions in life can cause a rippling effect however small to everyone around us. By taking care of our own health, we take the first steps in preventing illness that can be spread to others. I think a healthy diet and good exercise is probably the most simple and effective way maintain good physical health. And by incorporating yoga practice, we can have a healthy spirit too.

  8. Georgia Cummings
    Monday Yoga 6:30-9:50

    This blog post focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through seasonal changes. A large part of doing this is through our diet. Specifically, we should strive to keep our acidity levels low. We can tell our systems are acidic through our sweet and salty cravings.

    My family and I have recently been thinking a lot about our diet and exercise habits. We decided we want to try the whole30 program. This program consists of 30 days in which we cut out any alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy, legumes form our diets. Similarly to some of the points made in this blog post, we want to learn to control our cravings and focus on what we put into our bodies.

    All of the women in my family including myself have a thyroid problem which has a number of symptoms that affect our daily functions if untreated. According to the Whole30 Program website, the diet helps some of these major symptoms such as extremely low energy and struggles with weight loss. What I want to get out of this diet is help with these symptoms and more control over what I eat and my health in general.


  9. This post was talking about ways to eat healthier. It talked about switching from normal table salt to Himalayan salt because it has more minerals, and to also try to cut dairy and meats from my diet. It talked about different foods that have the best sources of nutrients such as green juices, and other things that are good for you such as natural raw honey.
    I know I struggle with maintaining a healthy diet, never really knowing what to eat. It gets tricky on a college campus because either the fruit and vegetables aren’t good, or just aren’t there. I’ve started considering buying my own fruits at least to put in my refrigerator to have as snacks, that being healthier than what I do now. I hope to see a change in my diet, now seeing what to look out for that will be good for me and balance my diet.
    In the article “Eat Like a Yogi: A Yoga Diet Based in Ayurvedic Principles”, it was talking about a healthy diet for yogis in a little more depth, talking a lot about the vegan diet and different things you can eat. It helped understand all the different foods that can help your diet and gives more options to support the article given.

  10. Our diets aren’t even naturally close to healthy considering all of the junk foods and constantly processed foods are easier to obtain. The health of our bodies are extremely important since its constantly going through the options of everyday life. I’ve heard about pink Himalayan salt doing similar effects like regular Himalayan salt and I’ve actually been meaning to buy it. We are always hearing about how other people are dieting, becoming vegetarian or vegan for their health. We do need meat on account for protein and things, but too much of something is never good, which is why everyone needs to watch their intake of junk foods constantly. What appears good isn’t always good for us.
    Especially during when the seasons are changing into drastic temperature jumps, from Fall to winter and spring to summer, our physical health is a priority. I drink alkaline water constantly with my meals, so I’m glad I have some sort of inclusion of alkaline to balance my system. I’ve heard of including ACV into a diet, my mom has done it for months and has encouraged me to take part in it. Unfortunately these certain types of green juices and honey or other healthy products are rarely found in normal supermarkets, therefore most people don’t even pay attention to their food options. You have to go to a farmers market or organic stores for products that are proven healthy and organic enough for consumption.

    • Stores like Stop and Shop carry Bragg Apple cider vinegar and even organic honey, fruits and veggies. Trader Joe’s carries affordable organic produce, keep looking for your options. Namaste

  11. This article was helpful to me, as it mentions various holistic techniques for Wellness. It is incredible that the body actually rejects water when it is out of balance. The article mentions that Himalayan salt in the morning is a good antidote for that. The article also says that those with a high flesh diet are susceptible to acidosis, and having sugar / salt cravings in a cyclic manner throughout the day.
    In my experiences, I most definitely have acidosis! Though I don’t crave salt very often, I definitely do have pervasive sugar cravings that make me want chocolate every night. I think that it has something to do with my high meat diet, which is part of why I want to go vegan. I’m going to start drinking more green smoothies, which i do love. However, I will not drink apple cider vinegar because I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it.
    Some sources I found is called The Global Healing Center, and it says that apple cider vinegar benefits those afflicted with heartburn. Though I will not be practicing apple cider vinegar, I will be recommending it to anyone afflicted.
    I practice my Isha Kriya four times a week. I practice on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I practice in my home, in my room. No one is home. I practice for the full 18 minutes to get the full effect. At this point, I know how to do it by myself.

  12. My mother is one of those women who go on facebook for all sorts of recipes, whether it be for food at home or something else, she did stumble upon the apple-cider vinegar trick. 1 part apple cider vinergar/1-2 tbs, and i think 4 parts water/8oz of water. She said it does help with weight loss and it helps you wake up (personally it tastes better with cold water) and I know some people don’t like the taste but, I’ve adjusted. Ever since I left home, I always forget to ask her to buy it for me, and I also started taking one-a-day for women, that has helped a lot too, it’s helped my hair and nails grow which is very nice.
    I try to be health conscious of what I eat and I try to balance meals, by back in my room, I have a diffuser at home (we can’t have stuff like that in college since it’s a “fire hazard”) and I always try to use citrus oil. I will admit, apple cider is great when you feel like you have no energy, let along when you feel like something might come up if you don’t feel well.
    Chicken soup helps too.
    Mackenzie Depietro, Spring 2019, Wednesday Class

  13. The Himalayan salt crystals are used to make sure that you’re hydrating your cells instead of constantly having to use the bathroom. Putting all that unnecessary junk in your system depletes and makes it hard for your body to fight off colds, flu and viruses. Green juices contain these vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that strengthen our cells. Also, Apple Cider Vinegar is another way to stay healthy and prevent you from getting colds. And keeps our kidneys functioning to optimal levels removing toxins that can result in illnesses. Honey is another example of healing properties if taken organically and raw. Natural plant based sweetness like agave and stevia help prevent the sweet craving that prevents acidity in our system.

    It’s so crazy reading this article and noticing that I do crave unhealthy foods because my system is so acidic. It’s good to know that even if I don’t drink green juices some of the fruits like grapes and cherries that I like to eat help boost my immune system and helps me stay balanced. The first time I had a green juice I didn’t like it because it wasn’t sweet. That makes me sense now because I my body was craving for that sweet taste that I am so use to.

    My doctor whenever I get sick and I have a cough or sore throat she always tells me to eat honey. She says it a way that helps soothe my throat from irritation. I might buy myself a bottle fo ACV, but I am scared of the taste, but like you said you have to start small to get use to the taste.

  14. Kache’ Mumford
    Wednesday 8:30-9:50

    “Staying healthy during the seasonal changes”

    This passage talks about healthy ways to avoid getting sick during the changes in the season. Some techniques that were mentioned that were a surprise to me were the use of grapes and strawberries as a way to improve immune system and balance. I was also interested to read the effects that warm water has. The passage states that mixing warm water with grapefruit and honey can help with sore throats and improves immune system. You can also mix apple cider vinegar with water as a way to help clean out your immune system.

    In my apartment everyone of my roommates have gotten sick. I am the only person who hasn’t gotten sick. I often get sick because I tend to over work myself which causes me to forget to take care of myself. Someday’s I am running around all day and notice at night that I haven’t eaten anything. I am now trying to put my health as more of a priority. I have been drinking orange juice and water as well as making sure my space is clean.

    The article that I read (link listed below) describe other ways to stay healthy during flu season. The article highlights the importance of a good night’s sleep as while as hydration. The article also mentions the benefits of Vitamins C and E. You can get Vitamin C from orange juice and even green peppers. The article also mentions the importance of listening to your body and knowing your limits.

  15. I loved the insight that you gave here about dealing with seasonal change and personal upkeep. I think seasonal change is something that a lot of people deal with, especially in New York where we experience every season in its brutal and extreme form. I had heard you mention that as a class we needed to try apple cider vinegar, specifically because we all seemed to suffer from extreme exhaustion. I am absolutely repulsed by the taste but Im not against cutting it with cranberry and mixing it with water; I had never heard of this before but will most certainly try it.
    I regularly drink green juice of my own creation, throwing whatever green is in my refrigerator into a blender. I really do feel like green juice is a delicious and easy way to boost up energy and your overall immune system. Around this time of the year everyone seems to get sick and I will take any boost to my immune system I can get. I had heard of turmeric benefits about two years ago and since then i’ve regularly had a cup of turmeric tea every night. Turmeric has countless benefits including its anti inflammatory agents and its possible affects on depression (not scientifically proven, only assumed and supported by personal accounts).
    The most interesting thing I found is the benefits of Himalayan salt. As an avid football fan, Id like to just point out that Tom Brady (the quarterback for the new england patriots) has been outspoken about the benefits of the pink salt, and has said regularly that him and his family enjoy sole. I had heard of its benefits cooking before but never really the in depth benefits. After reading this here I went and did some of my own research on the benefits of Himalayan salt sole and was absolutely taken aback. I promptly ordered some himalayan salt chunks and will keep you updated on my progress with drinking the salty solution. Im hoping to see the same benefits many people have written about.

    -Rebecca Hartgian

    • Can’t wait to hear about your progress when adding Himalayan salt to your cooking and water. I’d try adding grapefruit not cranberry to ACV, but if you do let me know how it tastes. Namaste

  16. The seasonal change may make us very sick and it is important to maintain our health during this time. A few examples of maintaining our health is to keep our diet free of acidity which means really to have an alkaline balance we may stay free of colds and other illnesses. When we do not have the right mineral balance, we cannot hold water in our system, and we might easily change that by taking Himalayan salts once in the morning and once in the evening. One can take a half teaspoon in warm water and drink a glassful. Another example is if you notice that you are craving sugary, salty and fatty foods that means our systems are acidic. You can drink green juices such as kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, carrot and apple, and wheatgrass.

    Another we can do is drink apple cider vinegar where we can take 3 tablespoons in warm water along with a half teaspoon of turmeric powder every morning. For those who are new in tasting the apple cider vinegar, you can take one teaspoon at first to get use to the taste, in 8 ounces of warm water and you could choose to cut that with grapefruit juice to help get used to the taste. Also, some may choose to add agave for a sweetener. You can use honey if it is truly organic and raw. The apple cider vinegar keeps our kidneys working to by flushing out toxins that lead to illness.

    Some of these examples I have heard before and some I have not. I know my mom drinks apple cider vinegar every morning for her health and I never thought of trying it. I might try it, but I do not like the smell so I’m going to use the grapefruit juice for taste. Also, I do crave lots of sweets so I should drink more green juices. I like fruit juices, but I know green is a healthier option. Also, in addition to maintaining our health we should be stress free, wear appropriate clothing, get enough sleep, and always wash our hands.

  17. This post is definitely what I needed to read. I urinate very frequently and also usually want to eat fatty foods. I also find myself having a cold more frequently than other people so recently I have been trying to improve my diet in healthier ways by cutting out meat and eating more green vegetables. I always attested frequent urination to drinking large amounts of water, but after reading this post I’m surprised to find out that it is actually caused by an imbalance on minerals which can limit how well the body can hold water. I will definitely look into obtaining Himalayan crystals because all this time I did not know that my body was not using all of the water I drink to hydrate. Hydration is very important, and I try my best to always stay on top of my hydration. However, I do want to get more into juicing. I eat a fair share of kale, and I think it would be beneficial to me if perhaps every morning I made a green juice with kale, carrots, and other vegetables. As much as the weather and temperatures fluctuate in New York, taking in a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system is essential. Eating organically is always something to strive towards as well, because non organic produce is often sprayed with chemicals and insecticides which certainly do not belong in the body. The food we eat plays a crucial role in determining health, in addition to resting properly and exercising as well.

  18. I found this article very helpful. I am personally going through stages of learning about different diets and meal prepping I can do to live a healthier lifestyle. Two years ago I practiced being vegan, but cutting a lot of products off all at once was very hard for me. I started to get a lot of cravings and made not so healthy decisions anyway. Every year during lent, I take fifty days before Easter to become vegetarian. Even changing the salt I use from regular salt, sea salt and himalayan salt like the article mentioned is a very good antidote. I have started weight training this year and it’s going really well, but my goals include gaining muscle which means I have to eat more. I am relying more on eating potatoes, beans, rice and sticking to a pescatarian meal plan. After the lenten season I will slowly add meats to my diet. This article was overall a helpful source. I realized how many more recipes I can try to practice and put into my meal prepping routine.

    Kathy Mathews
    Wednesday 8:30 am Yoga Class

  19. I find it very difficult to remain healthy at a constant rate. On the one hand, I acknowledge that exercising, eating healthier(which includes not only healthier options but portioned meals), and the correct amount of sleep and that accomplishing all of this is easier once you actually plan. I also realize that results are not as expedient as some may hope and often feeling or looking better comes with time and patience, not with force of will. Whether social anxieties or plain laziness is to blame, these realizations do little in actually aiding in the commitment. I tend to give myself slack or even eschew physical responsibility altogether as a selfish result of my personality, and even that realization does little to commit.

    Perhaps this lack of determination to stay healthy is a result of laziness or deeper psychological issues, but more likely it is a society that does not promote spiritual wellness along with physical wellness. There is little connection between feeling good and being good. As the article above seems to be getting across, the tools and information to become spiritually healthy and physically healthy are there, we as individuals must learn to use them properly.

  20. This post was immensely informative and needed. I think it is only appropriate when one begins a body infused practice to also be aware of our dietary practices as well. I also find myself getting frustrated when “trying to be healthy” because I do crave a lot of sugar during the day, which obviously is not a good thing because my body is very acidic and has no balance, therefore my immune system is very susceptible to getting sick. It’s a hard thing to let sugar go completely, but this post suggests many ways to keep a balance for my acidic. One thing that could help me is by taking Himalayan salt crystals that have about 108 salt minerals and putting it in water. Another thing that might help, that I have heard can solve the same problem, is using a tablespoon of olive oil and putting it in water and drinking a glass every morning. I also think that making green juices are also important to keep a balanced diet, it is definitely something I’ve been trying to do for some time now. Another thing, that was mentioned was honey and berries that could help with my sugar problem; honey being a good substitution for sugar and berries for a having sugary taste as well. I do eat [lenty of berries in my diet, which is something I should continue doing. I am also excited to try the apple vinegar, I have previously heard good healthy things about using the apple vinegar. One of the biggest problems, in terms of my health, is my need for sugar and my body always being acidic which is shown by my pimples and even the inflammation of my excema.

  21. This was a very informative essay. Thank you for sharing! I’ll be honest and say it is very difficult for me to break my cycle when it comes to eating meat. I have been eating meat my whole life and my father is from Uruguay and they are known for their meats. For the past couple of months, I told my boyfriend that we needed to change out eating habits because I feel myself getting sick and just feeling like I have no energy to do anything. For the past 2 years, I also feel myself getting really bad allergies when the seasons change and I have never been like that – not sure if that has anything to do with the lack of vitamins I am taking. For the most part, I think my eating habits are good. I do not have a problem eating but we started changing it a little. We always do taco Tuesdays but instead we use cauliflower as the meat and its delicious. We are starting to go towards the organic stuff and substituting meats with veggies. We haven’t completely took it out of routine but we are trying. We also do almond milk instead of regular.
    The ACV was something that my boyfriend has always done and he tried getting me to do it but I never tried it with the warm water. He just takes it like a shot and that was too much for me but I will start to try it with the grapefruit juice. Fruits is something that I eat everyday so that’s good. My boyfriend still thinks I’m missing vitamins and thinks I should start taking some – if you have any recommendations please let me know!

    Monday 630pm

  22. Oh no… this writing was not exactly what I wanted to hear! I only eat sugary or salty food. I know its bad but I can’t help it, love my sugar and salt! I definitely try to eat everything in moderation, but I come from a cheese family and there is also a lot of meat happening on a regular basis. It is interesting to me, however, that one is actually meant to consume salt so long as the salt is quality (which mine is). There are so many dietary misconceptions and I enjoy when some of these are dispelled.
    Moving forward I definitely would like to challenge myself dietarily. I want to eat more vegetables and fruits and rely less on meats, fatty foods, and sugar. I really have noticed and understand that sugar is an especially addictive substance which is easy to grow dependent on from very little consumption. It can be discouraging when it seems sugar is in virtually all foods. It can also be discouraging when the majority of health foods and healthy products are on the more costly side.

  23. This post is filled with tips to stay healthy. These are tips that can be used year-round as a daily routine. It focuses on diet and how the subtances we put into our body can affect us in different ways. I prevoiusly knew that our bodies had a natural alkaline PH, but I didn’t know that an acidic imbalance can cause related health issues, such as more frequent colds, a grayish coating on the tongue, or frequent urination. Additionally, improper mineral balance can also cause cravings for sugary, salty, and fatty foods. If your body does not have the correct mineral balance, our ability to hold water in our systems is hindered. This can be assisted with the use of Himalayan salt, which contains 105 more minerals than table salt does. Ingesting Himalayan salt in water can help the hydration go to your cells and perform it’s maximum befenits. This can also result in less-frequent urination, as your body is absorbing and using more water than it normally would. Those who have a high meat/flesh content in their diet may also be at risk for acidosis. This post also discusses the benefits of apple cider vinegar, green foods and juices, immune-boosting fruits, and sugar substitutes that are easier on the environment and your body.
    After reading this article, I feel as though I can relate a lot of my health issued to my diet being too acidic. This is not something that you hear often, and most diets are focused on banning fats or carbs. This is because most diet plans out there are focused on weight loss, instead of other health problems that exist. Although this is not a full-fledged diet to follow, there are still many helpful tips. Being a college student, I find that my meal intake is pretty restricted. Even though I have a kitchen in my apartment, that doesn’t mean I’m always able to feed myself with the proper nutrients my body requires. This is due to time restrictions as well as budget restrictions, as many healthy foods are more expensive. However, I will definitely be taking actions that are in my capability to try and change my diet so that my body is less acidic.

  24. This reading was about how to stay healthy as the seasons are changing. Our systems can be easily unbalanced and can cause us to become ill. A couple of remedies were suggested throughout the article. The first being if we have Himalayan salt crystals in the morning and evenings it can help balance out the minerals that we have in our bodies. Himalayan salt contains 108 minerals which is a lot more than just the 3 that are in regular table salt. Realizing when we are craving different foods can indicate to us what our systems are like. When craving sugary, salty and fatty foods this is a sign to us that our systems are acidic which prevents us from being able to fight off colds and other viruses. A way to help prevent this from happening is by having different juices. Some examples would be kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, carrot, and apple juices. These all help our systems to be healthier. Apparently as well if you have less dairy and meats you won’t get sick as much. There was a wide range of ideas to help keep our bodies in check during the changing seasons.
    Staying healthy is a big deal during this time of year going into the wintertime. It’s almost flu season and it’s important that we do all that we can to keep ourselves healthy so we can keep living our lives without having the interruption of being sick. I knew previously before reading this if we have more natural juices it can help our systems stay healthy. In the wintertime my family always has plenty of fruit around so we can make our own juices to keep ourselves healthy. The one fact I didn’t know prior was about the Himalayan salt. I didn’t realize how much this salt could benefit us especially help prevent us from getting ill.
    I found an article about more ways that we can help stay healthy. The first point is about eating green foods. Adjusting your diet can help you build up your immune system. Vegetables are a good source for your body because they help take away the toxins that are in our bodies. Another way for us to stay healthy is by being active. By taking walks or going to the gym we can keep our bodies healthy and will allow us to feel and look younger for a long time while also helping our body stay healthy. Another great way to help our bodies feel better is if we get enough sleep. If we are well rested, we are able to preform better. Sleep can also help with restoring the immune system and hormonal balances in our bodies. Another way we can help ourselves is by not poisoning ourselves with drugs or alcohol. People who stay away from these things have a healthier body and have less of a chance if getting really ill. The last way to help our bodies is by making sure we are eating enough foods. To be specific, making sure we get enough of the right foods for our body.

    -Charlotte Johansen


  25. Remaining healthy as a young adult is difficult. Whether you are a college student, or trying to eat off of the small wage that you get from your first ever adult job, it’s hard. Especially if you dietary limitations. While a lot of the advice this post gives can be very helpful, it is not always possible in the current lives we lead. That said, we can always remember it for the future when we are more financially stable and are in environments where these resources are possible to obtain. For example, the post mentioned a lot of fruits and vegetables that are good for you to have in your diet. This is really helpful info and I do my best to keep as much of that as possible in my diet. Unfortunately, that is mostly only possible for me when I am home with my family during the summer and able to obtain these foods frequently. The college dining options rarely offer fruit. And what they do offer is often not fresh at all, which is just bad for you. I certainly eat a lot better when I am at home and have access to a grocery store, and with my parents paying for the family groceries.

    This post also talked a lot about the regulation of sugars in our diet, and that we should cut them out wherever possible. I’ve taken many food science classes over the course of my public education and learned that we do need some sugars. The trick is to eat less added sugars. People who are very active and exercise a lot also need a moderated amount of sugar in their diet because they need to burn far more calories than the average person. Some natural sugars, like plant sugars, honey (which, when locally sourced, can actually be good for bees), and natural sugars from fruits are good to have in your life, as long as you are careful with them and keep it in check.

    I absolutely agree that getting foods that are less processed and more organic is better (both for you and the environment), but it is unsustainable as a college student. These products tend to be more expensive because they are healthier for you, better quality, and are actually harder to produce in mass amounts. Hopefully, I will be able to add some of these things to my life when I have more money, time, and resources, but for now, I am unable to do many of these practices (except for the apple cider vinegar. I can do that one).

    • Perhaps you could try to get some frozen fruits for smoothies and ask your family to mail you a little fruit every two weeks or monthly, I hope you can at least start the ACV regimen for your health, Namaste

  26. Majlinda Novaj
    Honors Yoga Journal #4
    Staying Healthy during the Seasonal Changes
    As the colder season is approaching, we must focus on being healthy especially since colds and viruses usually spread during this time. There are many different ways of staying healthy such as eating healthy foods. Healthy foods and drinks such as kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, and kiwis are amazing for the Immune System. As the text says, another great product is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). ACV helps keep the body balanced and free of any toxicity. Himalayan salt crystals are also another product that can be put in water or used in cooking. These crystals have about 108 minerals and the table salt only has 3 and it is very healthy for you. Clearly there’s a big difference in the minerals you’re getting out of himalayan salt vs. regular salt!
    While reading this text, ACV stood out to me especially because I read a lot of things about it being very healthy so I recently bought it and have been planning to use it more frequently. As of now I’ve used it twice and it has a strong taste. When I do use it, I put in 1-2 tsps of it into 8oz of room temperature water in a glass. I still haven’t gotten used to the taste but I hold my nose when I sip it. In the case of fruits and vegetables, I always eat them because they provide natural sugars and vitamins. On a daily basis, I have about 1 ½ or 2 cups of fruit daily and 2 or 2 ½ cups of vegetables. I start with my fruit intake in the morning and I have my vegetables in the afternoon/early evening. One thing that I will keep in mind from reading this text is also trying Turmeric and drinking it along with ACV.
    Apple Cider Vinegar is known as something that “Can Kill Many Types of Harmful Bacteria” It also is “High in Acetic Acid, With Potent Biological Effects” as stated by Since ACV can kill many types of bacteria it is clear that is one thing that can be used to keep oneself from catching diseases or having an acidic balance. gives a list of the many foods that are alkaline and very healthy. For example, “Apples/cider, apricots, avocados, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, carob, cherries, currants, dates, figs, grapes, grapefruit, guavas, kumquats, lemons, limes, loquats, mangos, nectarines, olives, oranges, papayas, passion fruit, peaches” and for Vegetables, “Alfalfa sprouts, artichokes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, green, lima, wax, string beans, beets, broccoli, cabbages, carrots, celery, cauliflower, chard, chicory, corn, cucumber, dill, dulse, eggplant, endive, escarole, garlic” In this list, there are many different fruits and veggies that were also pointed out in the Staying Healthy text. These are foods that create balance in the body and strengthen the Immune System.

  27. Jordan Reynolds

    The reading touches on a lot of important parts about remaining healthy as the seasons change. The author states that a lot of illness is brought about because of poor diet and high acidity within the body. There are few things one can do to address the acidity in their bodies such as cutting out unnatural sugars as well as salty foods. By adjusting one’s diet to vegetables and fruits they can actively avoid regularly getting sick. On top of changing the foods one consumes, they can use Himalayan salt in their water twice a day to ensure that their cells are absorbing the water that they intake.

    I have definitely heard of sugars, salts and meat being bad for one’s personal health. My mother would tell me about how she adheres to a more alkaline diet to maintain her health. Personally, I would love to try to stick to a better overall diet, but I have to admit that I don’t always know the right questions to ask. I found it interesting when reading about how using Himalayan salt once in the morning and evening with your water can help you to use the restroom less as well as restore your cells.

    I looked up ways to have a more alkaline diet through and I found some interesting things. Many people have misconceptions about salt and how it is bad for you and your blood pressure, but it is all about maintaining the proper balance. There is a vast difference between table salt, which has been stripped of its nutrients, and sea salt. Proper use of the right kind of salt can provide benefits for the brain, heart, blood and cells.

  28. It is imperative as the seasons change that we maintain good health through out the year. Although we may fall to seasonal sickness or allergies, there are many ways that we can keep ourselves illness free.

    For example, one can take a half teaspoon in warm water and drink a glassful or my preferred way is to use the Himalayan salt crystals that come in a chunk size. Green juices and foods for example are: kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, that we may add carrot and a little apple. Also wheatgrass juice is so packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and most importantly chlorophyll that builds our cells to its strongest. For those who are not vegan, meaning they take dairy and meats, can limit both dairy and meats and stay with more green vegetables and fruits. Grapes, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, cranberries, oranges, kiwis are known for boosting the immune system.

    These tips given can boost your immune system and maintain health. Following this will cause the likelihood of sickness slim to none.

  29. Natalie Morrow

    The article about staying healthy during seasonal changes discusses ways to make sure your body is getting all the right nutrients and retaining the right amount of water. It is important to have the right mineral balance so that our body can hold the water it needs and it won’t just be urinated out. Replacing table salt with Himalayan salt crystals can achieve this because they contain 108 minerals whereas table salt contains three. If one is craving sugary, salty, or fatty foods it means that their system is acidic. They should increase alkaline foods, fruits, and vegetables to counteract this. Apple cider vinegar is also very helpful because it is good as removing toxins from the kidneys. Organic, raw honey also has several benefits. The article about not drinking water while practicing yoga discusses the harmful effects of drinking water and going to the bathroom during yoga practice. Drinking water to cool down can cause a cold, it is best to cool down through shavasana. All liquids should be expelled from the body through the form of sweat – this is more pure than urine. Sweat should be expelled from the top of the head. Bodily sweat should be rubbed back into the body to create kavacha or a cocoon of energy. Kavacha will generate ushna and pranic energy to fight against hot/cold weather, hunger, and thirst. Slowly, through this practice, the body will grow beyond physical compulsions.

    This is very useful information, especially with the outbreaks of COVID 19 happening around the world. I used to drink water during yoga but had no idea the harmful effects it can have on the practice – I will try to stop myself and just go into shavasana. I’m wondering if it’s harmful to drink after yoga. Is there a specific amount of time that I should wait to drink? I will also probably invest in a bottle of apple cider vinegar to drink daily. It is very important to take care of yourself during this time. Daily yoga mixed with these diet modifications will help me to stay healthy.

    These tips remind me of an article I was reading about apple cider vinegar the other day. Below is the hyperlink:
    It lists the proven benefits of apple cider vinegar. It also looks at theories that have less evidence to back them up. The article does say, like all things, to take it in moderation.

    • Well stated and supported. I would try to wait 30 minutes at least after yoga to drink water. Especially if one is following the practice of hydration everyday. But if you are parched and extremely thirsty do drink to quench your thirst. Namaste

  30. Kristina Gallo 3/14/2020
    Yoga Journal Assignment #5

    Staying Healthy during seasonal changes & About drinking water while doing yoga:
    For this journal, we read about how to keep ourselves and our bodies healthy during these changing seasons. Especially during this time where allergy season is upon us and this virus has taken over, I think this is extremely relevant and helpful. This passage asks us questions about what we find ourselves doing throughout the day. I did not realize prior to this reading that Himilayan salt crystals have about 108 minerals that are all good for our body. And it’s as simple as adding it to our water or using it to cook with. I’ve heard about Himilayan salts before but I had no idea the many benefits one can receive just by using it on a daily basis.
    The next question to ask ourselves is in regard to if we crave sugary, salty, or fatty foods regularly. For this question, my answer was a big fat yes! And I didnt realize it was from my system being acidic. The fix to this is making green juices or eating the things that would go into green juices such as spinach or kale. I will definitely be incorporating those things more to help my body be as strong as it can be for fighting off colds or viruses. This post also recommends replacing the meat and dairy in my diet with more fruits and vegetables, and although that is a relivetally basic thing to do, I had no idea it would stop all of my cravings.
    Boosting your immune system during these times is key, so adding fruits, veggies, and even adding apple cider vinegar or turmeric powder to things could help with keeping your immune system as sharp as possible. These two things are not fabulous to the taste buds when you first start using them, but this post recommends adding grapefruit or agave to help with the taste, two of my favorite things.
    “When we decide to face our health and make decisions to eat for our health then we can make choices that are flavorful without damaging our systems.” This quote is very powerful from the reading, simply because when people think of changing their diet, they automatically assume they have to eat or do things that are unpleasant, and they don’t want to “put themselves through that”. In reality, it’s just a matter of finding what’s good and nutritious for your body and creating yummy, healthy alternatives to the things we eat everyday. Keeping yourself healthy and taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your mind and soul, as these three things usually go together. We must protect ourselves from the viruses that play a role in our lives and in the world in general, and to keep ourselves strong so nothing seriously impacts us.
    As for drinking water during our yoga practice, this simple thing has a great impact on us. During yoga, we are building up our ushna in the body. But, if you drink cold water, your ushna will fall, making it easier for us to get sick. Ideally, the water in our body will come out through our sweat when practicing yoga, and this creates a certain aura or strength for the body. Yoga is about using our body to its maximum strength and benefit, and something as simple as water could easily impact or ruin everything we have worked so hard to build inside of us.

  31. Chloe Lin
    Monday 6:30 PM Class

    During seasonal changes, your body will have a weaker immune system and you are more prone to eat food that is more acidic for you body like sugary or salty cravings. If you stop eating these kinds of food your immune system will improve. Natural ingredients can assist your body to be healthier and increase your immune system to fight off bacteria and germs. Himalayan salts contain about 108 minerals. Drinking two glasses of water with the mixture of the salt with warm water can easily replenish your body with the minerals and stay hydrated. Green vegetables including kale, spanichm celery, cucumber, and ginger can improve your diet and your immune system. Honey, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric powder is a great natural way to cleanse the insides of your body also with a healing purpose.

    Drinking cold water will wash away the right amount of energy and you can catch a cold immediately. If you do yoga the right way, your body will use the energy to evaporate through the form of sweat rather than pee it out because the level of purification is much higher when the waste water comes out as sweat. After sweating, your clothes should embrace it and soak it back up to allow the energy staying within you which is known as the kavacha. The ultimate goal for yoga is to practice to reduce the compulsions gradually so one day you’re not just doing yoga since there is no distractions between you and your body.

    Due to the pandemic CoronaVirus, my levels of stress have risen which allows me to practice my Isha Kriya more often to reduce the level of stress. I have practiced five times this week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I feel more stress free and relax after the practices. I usually either do the practice in the morning or right when I am going to bed. This helps me ease into sleep or welcome a nice new day.

  32. This entry talked strongly about ways on how we can make sure we stay healthy during times of seasonal illness or sickness. There are various ways of taking medicine, washing hands, using hand sanitizer, maintaining a good diet and doing yoga. When living in New York, countless germs are flying in the air or lying on any surfaces with millions of people walking around especially with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Instead of worrying if we will get infected; we should stop worrying and take care of ourselves from eating better, workout and just living a better life.
    People tend to just assume they have a weak immune system, which some people do, but many could be lacking the correct vitamins and nutrients in their bodies. There are a lot of foods that you can get at your local supermarket to boost up your immune system instead of going straight to the doctor. Items that are great for this are Himalayan salt, green juices (containing certain fruits and vegetables), honey, apple cider vinegar, and many more. Everyone gets exposed to any sickness in our society, but it is up to our body and ourselves on how we control sickness from taking care of ourselves.
    Overall, this article had various helpful tips on how to survive the seasonal sickness period and expanded my knowledge. Furthermore, I would recommend more people reading this article for less sickness to happen to anyone in our society. Also, our health is priceless from us making sure we are. In my perspective eating good and exercising is the most helpful way of keeping safe during this time of need. Your actions of how you take care of yourself can affect others and your life.

  33. As we all know, everyone gets sick, especially around this time of year. Due to this we must always remember to stay healthy and hygienic to protect our wellbeing as well as others around us. This year it is especially important to keep clean because of the global virus that is circulating. There is a plethora of different ways to ensure your health and cleanliness.

    It’s always good to eat fruits and veggies. These kinds of all natural foods will keep you strong and healthy. Cut soda and grease out of your diet and try to focus on eating more nutritious foods. Limiting dairy is helpful, as well as staying away from fast food. Fruits can help boost your immune system, as well as vegetables. There are also plenty of herbal teas and such that will help. I like yogurt as a snack as well.

    At this time in the world it is vital that we always wash our hands and keep distance from others, as well as eat and drink healthy. Take showers frequently, drink smoothies, excorisize, and make sure you feel good. Sickness has a much more difficult time breaking down healthy immune systems.

  34. David White
    Professor Broglin
    15 March 2020
    Journal #5: Staying Health and limiting Water during Yoga Asana.
    This reading revolves around the regiments and discipline needed for sustaining a healthy lifestyle through dietary changes, substitutes and restrictions. Remaining healthy during the changing seasons provides an innumerable amount of benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. This is most easily achieved through a balance of stress, exercise, sleep, diet, and overall management in day to day life. Now is a pivotal time to utilize health regiments as a new virus is present in our daily lives. Some of the suggestions in this reading consisted of ways to counteract the imbalance of minerals in our system. This can be achieved through ingesting Himalayan salt crystals once in the morning and once in the evening in some way, shape, or form. Doing this will give someone longevity when it comes to water being retained by the body. A key cycle that is easily noticeable and is a giveaway to an acidic system is craving sugar, salt, or fat related foods. This cycle can be broken through certain foods like kale, spinach, celery, and other green foods which contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and chlorophyll which helps build our cells. All of these regiments as well as drinking Apple cider vinegar are easy alternatives for creating a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately if we are all healthy, fewer germs will spread, and now is a critical time to be implementing these practices.
    Samat prana is the energy that is in charge of maintaining the warmth of the body. In other words, the Ushna. The Ushna can be disturbed and inertia will be introduced into the body when water is involved. There are many reasons as to why drinking water during the practice of Yoga will diminish the full benefits it offers. This includes the balance of physical compulsions. If someone drinks water during their practice, there compulsion to relieve hydration/ use the facilities will be brought into a present field of motive. Whereas the abstinence of such external interferences will provide results through a clear mind, undisturbed by any external factors. This is especially relevant when it comes to the practice of Yoga Asanas. When moving through the cycles of the Asana, sweat should be the result of performing these postures. In other words this is the ‘waste water’ which will not disturb one’s practice as it would when using the bathroom.
    I found that these suggested regiments and advice to follow during the Yoga Asana to be incredibly versatile and helpful. I believe that if I start to implement Himalayan salt into my diet, my body and mind will become free of extra stress. This includes dehydration leading to thirst, disturbances from everyday life by relieving waste, and retaining more water into my body thus boosting my immune system. This in turn will decrease the likelihood of catching a flu or virus. The same goes for adding more greens and apple cider vinegar into my regiment. I have also come to realize that I drank water during my yoga practice in the past. I compared the results of those sessions to the ones where I had no water and saw significant results concerning that I was more alert, aware, and energetic after practicing yoga with no water.
    Before attempting this practice I conducted some research on whether or not Himalayan salt was truly safe as a dietary regiment. I had doubts regarding this due to my learned misconception of salt being unsafe for the body over time. This is mostly true regarding table salt. Below is a link discussing three major benefits when introducing this salt into your diet. I plan on starting this regiment later this week.

    • A very well written and supported essay. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion and being receptive to implementing new and valuable health regimes. Stay safe and healthy, Namaste

  35. This reading talks about how to stay healthy as the season changes, and also the importance of hydration to your everyday health. It also talks about very specific food regimens you can follow to keep pH levels and mineral intake balanced in your body. It then goes on to discuss drinking ACV every day to strengthen your immune system. I think it is especially important to pay attention to these practices amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Something that stuck out to me with this reading is when it started talking about the use of apple cider vinegar, and also mixing hat with tumeric. Just recently, my mom came home from work with apple cider vinegar and a bottle of turmeric tonic, and challenged us to start drinking some of this every morning before we started our day. While the taste is extremely jarring at first, you start to get used to it. Over the weeks it becomes easier and easier to drink and the results you get in the health of your immune system is worth the taste anyway. I will continue to use the mix of turmeric tonic and ACV, and plan on adding agave to change the flavor.

    A source that is related to this post is an article by called “15 Fruits that Boost Your Immune System” The fruits listed include tumeric, and also kiwis, both of which are mentioned in the reading. One food included in this list that surprised me is shellfish. The article says that the amount of zinc in shellfish is really important to our immune systems and often is overlooked.

    Source: foods-that-boost-the-immune-system

    Nicole Laing
    Yoga Spring 2020
    (Wednesdays 8:30-11:50)

  36. Fatima Lua
    Wednesday 8:30am
    Journal entry #5

    After reading this post on “Staying healthy during the seasonal changes” it gave me some input on things I didn’t really know about. I have a very unique diet; I don’t really eat meat and try to refrain from dairy. I wouldn’t consider myself a vegan nor a vegetarian because I do consume certain things that wouldn’t be considered vegan and vegetarian. But I do find that much of what people consume on a day to day basis is highly acidic and not good for one’s body. I do try to incorporate a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits in my diet; however, it sometimes is difficult. I find myself wanting things that I know aren’t healthy or good for me but for the most part stick to what I know is good for me.
    With this post I also enjoyed how you incorporated some of your daily practices. My mom is very much into things that are good for you and had mention a few benefits with Apple Cider Vinegar but now that you had mentioned it and that you include turmeric powder in it, I might give a shot. The fact that the Apple Cider vinegar regimen could keep your kidneys working on optimal levels and flushing out toxins so they don’t fester into illness is definitely something I didn’t know. I know that it also helps regulate blood sugar and is good for overall digestive health, the website mentions it as well so I figured I should include that in this entry too. I feel that a lot of issues people have are due to things we put into our bodies and then affects certain organs or make us ill, so if we have something that can potentially flush toxins, why not give it a shot.
    “Why you shouldn’t drink water while practicing Yoga” definitely helped me understand why you told us to refrain from drinking water while practicing. I didn’t know you could become more susceptible to allergic conditions, excess mucus, etc. I do understand why we don’t drink water and use the bathroom during practice time now and that is because we are trying to work out the water in the form of sweat. I found all of this very interesting to me, I didn’t really know at first why this was something we shouldn’t be doing but now I fully get it. I also enjoyed this little quote from the reading, “The idea is to reduce the compulsions gradually so that one day, if you sit, you become yoga – you are not just practicing yoga. To become yoga means that your level of perception is such that there is no distinction between you and the universe.” I definitely want to get to a level where yoga takes shape within me. I know it will with time and practice but I am willing to do it especially if its beneficial for my life.

    “The Real Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar | Health.Com.” Accessed March 17, 2020.

  37. This article discusses how seasonal changes effect the strength of our immune system. We can help keep our immune system strong by implementing healthy habits and a healthier diet. Some of the examples given in this article include changing out table salt for Himalayan salt, drinking apple cider vinegar, and eating more vegetables. Another thing discussed is how you should stop giving in to the cycle of craving sweet and then salty foods one after another by implementing these healthy tips.
    I think today more than ever, with this seemingly never ending virus spreading, are these tips helpful. I my whole life have been a picky eater, and only recently have really started eating more vegetables (me and fruits have always been okay!) especially spinach. Recently I’ve been having strawberry banana spinach smoothies in place of a less healthy dessert.
    Something that Ive been considering adding into my diet and routine is the apple cider vinegar. I had a friend in high school that was very into a daily workout of martial arts and she often drake apple cider vinegar, which at the time I thought seemed really gross. Recently my mother has taken up drinking it to strengthen her immune system with this virus going around.

  38. This post talks about many ways to stay healthy as the seasons change, but also how to implement healthier food habits throughout the entire year. A few ways to do this include drinking water infused with Himalayan salt crystals, making green juices that incorporate foods like kale, wheatgrass, and cucumber, limiting dairy and meat products in order to boost the immune system through healthy fruits, and implementing the apple cider vinegar regimen into one’s diet.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for about 7 years now, so most of my diet already consists of mainly vegetables and fruits, which has proved to be very helpful for my immune system. It will be a bit harder to remain healthy during social distancing and quarantine, as my family is much less likely to go to the store and get fresh food now. This will be a very difficult change, but I think I’m going to try to start the apple cider vinegar regimen in order to compensate for the lack of fresh food that I will be eating these new few weeks. Hopefully I can maintain my health through other means besides my diet, like practicing yoga and going on walks and runs, which should also help the feelings of cabin fever and isolation that are already starting to hit.

    This article ( discusses options for what kinds of food may be most helpful during quarantine, and it actually does mention vegetables and fruits that have longer shelf lives, which I didn’t know about.

  39. This post is definitely what I needed to read today. Since being home, I have been eating so much better and less throughout the day than at school and I believe it is because at home, I am making my own food and can put whatever healthy ingredients I want in the meal I prepare, and my body definitely feels better from it.
    I often crave candy and before reading this text, I did not know cravings could be seasonal, let alone affect your immune system. I have noticed that when I eat a salad with kale or spinach or something with fruit instead of eggs and bacon for breakfast my energy levels go up. Although eggs are a good source of protein, there are so many nutrients in fruits and vegetables that will boost your immune system. I just thought it was a common thing to get sick during the winter time because its cold out, not specifically during a seasonal change where there are cravings for food that weaken the immune system.
    One thing that stuck out to me in this passage, was that there is a physical aspect as well, how you treat your mind is just as important as how well you treat your body by eating healthy good foods. Your mind needs to be clear and one thing that can weaken the immune system is stress. I have definitely gotten sick from being too stressed before and that is really unhealthy for the body as well as taking a toll on the mind. I believe that yoga does help me feel less stressed and my immune system has been stronger since practicing.

    Chloe Gaget

  40. Going on with the reading i read Himalayan salt…. this is nuts because I was actually at my parents house tonight and I go mom what is this pink salt? She tells me all about it and its benefits.. and here I am reading it noted as well by my instructor. It felt good because I love occurrences like that in my life, it’s always for a reason. Now its on my shopping list on the fridge…
    I do not drink soda unless its ginger-ale just to digest something that is not sitting well with me. Fruits, are my life. I love fruits. My momma always said your body will respond to what you feed it. It will feel like whatever you eat. Fruits and veggies were the norm for my family and honestly my momma always said she never really had any issues with me or any of my siblings with that.
    Oooo apple cider vinegar, My mother swears by this stuff, that and cinnamon. To be honest, i had done it for a portion of my life but I have stopped it. Yet thinking about it– it was out of pure laziness from my busyness. I began to work earlier and longer days with school and I started to shift from this healthy lifestyle my mom really did provide to me as i was raised, I took this class to give myself the balance of earning a gym credit but also making it helpful to my everyday life. I will say this always, balance is key. i truly need to change a few unbalancing things I place in my stomach in regards to certain foods. Great blog post! Great eye re-opener!

    -Josette Cappucci @8:30 on Wed

  41. Isabella Bullock

    The first article went over the importance of staying healthy while practicing yoga. The article goes over ways to keep oneself healthy, one of the ways being ingesting Himalayan salts regularly. By consuming a teaspoon of Himalayan salts regularly, one is actually being hydrated by the water they drink instead of it solely going to waste as it travels through the body. By doing this, it helps fight off the flu, coughs and other colds, because it is making your body healthier. The article also goes into the different cycles our body goes through during its craving periods. There is a cycle for when both salt and sugar are craved, but by breaking this cycle, one is actually becoming healthier and we can break it by ingesting alkaline foods and juices that build our bodies up. The article also goes into the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, turmeric powder, grapefruit juice, and honey. By taking steps to better what we eat, we are flushing out our toxins, so they don’t lead to illnesses and keeping our bodies healthy.
    In the text, Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water While Practicing Yoga, it goes over the importance of consistency when practicing yoga and the negative effects of breaking during yoga and specifically drinking water during yoga. The article goes over how one should not drink water during the asanas, because it could make one more susceptible to allergies and excess mucus. Drinking water can also affect where you sweat in your body, as it is important to sweat through your head, but drinking water can make you sweat throughout your body. After reading the article, I understand the importance of drinking water after yoga, because of all of the negative side effects of drinking it during.
    I found the information in these articles very informative for they both show how what one consumes affects their everyday life and practices in yoga. After reading the articles, I feel urged to consume healthier foods to better take care of my own body, so I don’t become sick and all around have a healthier body.

  42. Brian Halliday
    Staying healthy and hydrated is the most important thing to do during these crazy times. Being well nourished is the key to all of this. Eating good foods like our fruits and vegetables and taking our vitamins among many other things is very important for these. Just the basics of drinking enough water throughout the day and eating enough servings of all our important food groups go a long way.
    Obviously before reading this article, I knew the basic ways of staying healthy through food and drink but I didn’t realize how much there is that goes into it. I had no idea Himalayan salt had so many extra minerals in it and I had no idea about the bodies acidity. I do notice myself craving sweets a lot of the time, I do refrain for the most part, but it is interesting to know where it comes from. I consider myself a healthy eater, I don’t usually go for the processed, fatty, high in sugar foods (maybe the occasional chip or two), but I definitely could use more fruits and vegetables.
    Staying well nourished during this time with a pandemic is huge to staying healthy. It is a very challenging thing to accomplish being stuck at home all day, but with a little motivation to work on it, I hope to make my healthy eating habits even healthier.

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